Cascade on medium and long hair

  • Jun 03, 2018

Hairstyles made in the form of a cascade were in great demand at all times. Still, because it is with their help you can give the hair volume and texture. Moreover, cutting a cascade on medium hair allows you to create a lot of different styling and every day to change the appearance.

Advantages of cascading haircuts

You ask, what is the cascade different from other haircuts? To answer this question, you need to describe the main advantages of this hairstyle. They are in front of you:

  • The cascade gives the hair the right volume, which is sure to be appreciated by the owners of thin and rare hair;
  • Thick and very heavy strands, this haircut will give lightness and airiness, which can be achieved through thinning;
  • The cascade can erase a few years, so it is often chosen by those who have already turned 30;
  • If you dream about changes, but are afraid of radical decisions, stop on the cascade;
  • This hairstyle will cost without a long and complicated styling, and this is a direct saving of
    precious minutes;
  • Haircut cascade for long hair looks no worse than a short or medium length;
  • Hair, trimmed in several layers, always looks fresh and beautiful;
  • Such a haircut involves many simple styling options;
  • He perfectly hides rough features, broad cheekbones and round cheeks;
  • This haircut can be made even at home, but we'll talk about this a little later.


Who is the right haircut?

Cascading haircuts are universal, as they fit literally to any face shape:

  • Narrow and slightly elongated - such a face will make the haircut a bit wider;
  • Round - you should stop on an elongated cascade with locks that frame the chin and cheeks. The volume in the cheekbone area should be avoided, it will make the face more complete;
  • Inverted triangle or heart - in this case the volume is concentrated down, and the steps are cut out just below the cheek line;
  • Square - the main volume should be in the crown zone, there are no steps in the face area.

As for the structure, there are also no restrictions, only small nuances. Cascade looks great on straight hair of medium length, the beauty of which emphasizes toning or coloring. If the strands also curl, you run the risk of becoming a beauty queen!

Variations on the theme of cascading hairstyles

A cascade can consist of two or more layers. Strands can be of different lengths, starting from 6-7 cm. Nowadays such types of cascade are very popular:

The frozen cascade - a haircut with small steps located in the lower part. She looks great on women with the right facial features.

Hairstyle cascading to long hair photo

Hairstyle cascading to medium hair photo

Double cascade - is a stratification of strands with a separate separation of each layer. The cutting levels are cut all over the head, including the top of the head. This kind is suitable for girls with thin and thin hair.

Double cascade photo

The graduated cascade is a universal type, which differs in location of the tips above each other.

Graduirovannyy kaskad

Ragged cascade - its main feature is the multistage strands. In more simple language, the master cuts hair along the entire length, using a different thickness and periodicity.

Ragged cascade

Cascade with bang - straight, graduated or oblique. When choosing a bang, you need to take into account the shape of the face:

  • Thick and straight bangs from the very top - the choice of girls with prominent fore and wide cheekbones. In this case, she will visually make the face already;
  • Long oblique fringe - suitable for "squares" and "circles".However, you can safely leave your forehead open;
  • Straight bangs, which are separated from the main head of hair, are suitable for almost everyone and perfectly emphasizes the characteristic haircut;
  • Graduated bangs - hide the high forehead;
  • Aerial thinned bangs - will make the heavy chin a little softer.

Cascade with bangs( 1)

Cascade with bangs( 2)

Cascade with bangs( 3)

Cascade with bangs( 4)

How do I cut myself?

A cascade of medium length strands is very easy, and with certain tools and basic skills you can cut your hair at home. There are several techniques for this, but only one is suitable for home use.

You will need:

  • Professional straight scissors;
  • Elastic band;
  • Professional scissors for thinning;
  • Comb with a thin tip and frequent prongs;
  • Ordinary comb or brush.

How to:

  1. My head or moisten strands of clean water.
  2. We need to brush our hair thoroughly.
  3. We collect all the hair in the tail. The location of the tail depends on the desired result - the higher it is, the higher the cascade layers begin.
  4. Carefully comb our tail with a comb.
  5. From below measure the desired length and pinch it between the fingers.
  6. We cut hair in small movements with an oblique diagonal cut. Remember that the length of wet hair is always a little more, and dry strands immediately jump for a couple of centimeters. Therefore, it is better to cut a little less than overdo it.
  7. Remove the gum.
  8. We pack it with a hairdryer.

Important! Carefully inspect the final version of their work - in the cascade there should not be sloppy and protruding hairs.

How to style cascading haircuts?

The main thing in the cascade is the volume and the tips of the strands, so all your efforts should be directed to them. We bring to your attention the option of styling, which will make your haircut stylish, strict and playful.

A stylish cascade for medium hair is a haircut for all occasions. Experiment with its shape and create a new image every day.