The most fashionable coloring of 2017: 8 main trends

  • Jun 03, 2018

Does the Soul Need Change? Start with your own hairstyle! To refresh the shade of hair, a little to be transformed and become more confident in yourself trends of the season. It remains only to find out what exactly will be fashionable hair coloring in 2017?

Splashshits - sunlight in the hair

One of the latest novelties in the coloring of strands, which in the new season will become super popular. Splashlights completely repeats the overflow of sunlight flare, entangled in the hair and illuminating them with light.

The technique involves the use of shades of a yellow color palette - gold, copper, bronze, straw, orange, sand, etc. Repeat it is almost impossible - the effect of the daylight can only be created by the master.



Bronzing - stylish 3D-coloring

Fashionable hair coloring of the year 2017 offers all the girls an incredibly complex way of dyeing hair. At the same time, three shades are taken in the bronzing, but the end result looks very natural. Its main task is to make

a natural volume. With the help of 3D-bronze, even a rare head of hair looks magnificent and voluminous.

This technique is suitable for any color strands, but on blonde ladies it is much more effective.





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Ombre-sombra - gradient on your strands

Techniques of ombre and somre can not be called a novelty. This is the classic of the genre that has appeared to forever remain in the hairdresser's art. Coloring of these types is based on the combination of two or more shades of the same color or a completely different palette. The difference is only in the boundaries. If the ombre assumes a sharp contrast transition, the borders of the somre are not conspicuous, but smoothly flow from one tone to another.

Techniques are universal - suitable for different lengths from short to long. Age here is also not important. With regard to laying, it can any - smooth, curly, wavy and even finely curled. You can make a tail, a bunch, braid a light pigtail or dissolve strands - everything looks just fine!

And the last moment is the colors. Season 2017 offers a very wide palette. In the trend, cold blond, pastel pink, copper, burgundy, wheaten, shallow black.

Ombre on dark brown hair( 1)



Staining with ombre at home( 2)

Staining ombre at home( 1)


Ombre on dark blond hair( 3)

Ombre on fair-haired medium hair( 1)

Classical highlighting

Beautiful highlights are built on a combination of light tones alternating with each other. In the new fashion season, a natural palette with a difference of one or two tones from the natural color has replaced the glossiness. Ideally, the result is bound to resemble a slightly burnt strand. It is acceptable to use platinum and muted strawberry paints. Melting can be done both on short hair, and on medium or long.



Balaža - natural tone

This is one of the most fashionable hair colors of the 2017 season! With the technique of balayage, you can mix two tones of the same color. As a result, we get a natural haircut, burned in the sun.






Chateau - Californian highlights

The main feature of the stables is its versatility. The technique looks great both on medium hair and on a long spit. Hair color is not very important, though, on dark hair the transition is more noticeable. The Chateau echoes the classic highlights and looks like your hair has never touched a brush.




Screen staining - bright, bold, unusual

Young brave individuals who are not afraid of experimenting with style, we recommend to look at the technique of the stencil. Drawing drawings and various prints( geometric or animal) will not allow you to go unnoticed in the crowd. For all its unusualness, stencil staining remains natural. But, of course, your master should be a professional.



Ronze - hot hit of the season

This technique was created especially for redheads. It is a mixture of chestnut shades and warm light tones. Ronze will make strands shine and will please with the smooth transition of color.




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Olor melting - melting of color

In this fashionable version, you can not do without bright colors and iridescent strands of hair! Soft and smooth overflow fills the head of hear with the radiance of mother of pearl and precious opals - it looks incredible! The effect of melting the color is so bright and beautiful that you can not even think about some complex hairstyles - there will be enough negligent styling.


To make your hair shiny and silky, you need an effective mask. For more details, see the video:

As you can see, the naturalness in the fashionable coloring of the strands of the 2017 season is the highlight. Remember about it when you make your choice. Successful transformations to you!