The smell of feces in the child: fetid and sharp, unpleasant and strong, putrid

  • Mar 16, 2018
Smell of feces in the child
  • Why is it so important?
  • What should it be like?
    • Acid
    • Fetid sharp, strong
    • Putrid, unpleasant

Noticing changes in different parameters of the child's chair, parents can respond to the disease in time and help the baby to cope with the malaise more quickly. One of the characteristics of feces, with which you can see that something is wrong with the baby, is the smell of the stool. How is it normal and how can it change with diseases?

Why is it so important?

The smell of calories is given to the food decay products that the child used, his appearance is due to the presence of indole, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, methane and scatol. Knowing how to smell the feces of the baby is normal, it will be easier for parents to determine if something unpleasant has happened with the digestive processes in the small tummy.

The baby in the diaper - the smell of stool Always evaluate a child's chair - an indicator of the state of his digestive system

What should it be normal?

The first stool that babies give out immediately after birth( meconium) has no smell. You can only find out if you've crumbled a crumb if you look into the diaper. But already from the third day of life, the feces of the baby begin to change, acquiring color and smell, depending on the type of feeding.

Children who are breastfed are normally sour. In infants on artificial feeding, it is sharper. In this case, the presence of putrefactive odor in the feces of artificial children is considered the norm. In older children, it is not sharp.

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Sensitive odors


Acidic odor acquisition of a child's feces is characteristic of fermentation dyspepsia. It manifests itself in diarrhea, rumbling in the abdomen, swelling. Also, it is expressed in liquefied greenish feces, similar to foam, can tell parents and a doctor that the baby has problems with the assimilation of milk sugar.

Sour smell of feces in the baby Sour odor of a feces in a child is usually accompanied by diarrhea

Fetal sharp, strong

This feces smell can acquire in case of problems with the pancreas( if its function is broken due to pancreatitis) and with hypersecretion of the large intestine.

It is unpleasant for a baby, who was started to feed complementary foods containing gluten, may be a symptom of celiac disease. Also, stinking stool may be a manifestation of problems with the entry of bile into the intestines caused by cholecystitis.

Putrid, unpleasant

Its presence may indicate:

  • Kolite.
  • Putrefactive dyspepsia.
  • Disorders of motor function of the intestine.
  • Disrupted digestion of food in the stomach.
  • Dysbiosis.