Fashionable women's jeans. With what to wear white jeans

  • Mar 16, 2018

Jeans - this is the element of a modern wardrobe, without which no girlfriend will manage. This is a universal clothing, which is suitable for almost any occasion. The universality of jeans is also in the fact that they are combined with almost everything. You can choose for yourself daring and mischievous jeans or strict and conservative. Jeans perfectly match shoes with heels, sneakers, sneakers, boots, etc. Jeans can become the highlight of your image and give you convenience and practicality in sock. Correctly chosen model of jeans will undoubtedly emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide all the flaws and shortcomings, visually make unnoticed extra pounds. In the correct style of trousers, absolutely all the details of sewing and finishing play - the height of the waist, the size and location of the pockets, the presence or absence of rubbing, and their location, the shape of the pants, etc., play a role. In this article we will talk not just about fashionable jeans, namely - about white jeans for women. Consider the options for an external image with such jeans, a combination of colors, combining with shoes, etc. After all, white jeans - this is the basic element of the wardrobe of almost every fashionista. White color is suitable for every person. He refreshes the image, makes it a little festive and brings colors to the everyday wardrobe. In the article also we will talk about who, maybe, white jeans will not fit and in what cases.


Varieties of fashionable white jeans

Jeans, like in lovee trousers have different styles and fashions. Some of them can be worn exclusively during their free time, becauseThey belong more to "street" fashion, and other versions of white jeans can be successfully combined with business jackets, jackets and carry them to work. What are the options for white jeans for girls? Let's look at some photos and find out about it.

Trendy narrow white jeans

Narrow jeans, or jeans, skinnels, perfectly emphasize the slenderness of your legs, tk. They fit like a second skin. It's not difficult to guess that if your legs are not close to perfection, then this option is not for you. Otherwise, you will only emphasize the volumes.


Narrow jeans can be combined with a fitted top, but on condition that the figure allows you. These jeans look great and with lengthened jackets, jackets, "loose" T-shirts, T-shirts with a train. White color is successfully combined with almost all colors. In the summer, tight jeans can be worn with open sandals, high-heeled shoes. If you choose a sporty style in clothes, then white jeans must necessarily be in your wardrobe. They look good with both sneakers and sneakers. In the colder months of the year, boldly combine white jeans with a narrow cut with beautiful boots or boots.

Trendy truncated white jeans

The truncated white jeans are present in almost every girl in the summer wardrobe. These jeans emphasize not only your slenderness, but also the elegance of your ankle especially. When choosing shoes for such jeans, be very careful. Shoes should be "invisible" on the foot, for example, flesh-colored, maximally open. If you choose a dark version of the shoe, it will significantly shorten your legs and definitely not give you slenderness.


One more variant of footwear under the truncated white jeans are footwear of white color. These can be shoes with high heels, and sports shoes in white.

Fashion flared white jeans

Jeans flare by default fit any shape and are able to transform it beyond recognition for the better. And the white color of these jeans will add an image of brightness and unusualness. Scattered jeans - this is the most "shapely" style of jeans. But some make a mistake and are afraid to wear such jeans, so as not to seem ridiculous and funny. And this is very in vain!Клёш is a fashionable tendency of last years. Many designers use such jeans in their shows.


If you want to purchase just such white jeans, be sure to adhere to the following rules:

  • if you have a very slim figure, do not choose too wide a flap. This will only weight your figure and not add elegance;
  • if you want to hide full knees, then choose jeans, where the flap will begin just above the knees;
  • very carefully refer to the length of such jeans. If you choose not enough long jeans, when walking, they will grow ugly upwards, and your image will seem ridiculous and ridiculous. The length of jeans-klesh must end 1-2cm from the floor line, i.e. Practically close the heel;
  • carefully choose and plant such jeans. White denim jeans with a low waist not only have long been out of fashion, but also make your appearance vulgar and strange. Better give preference to the classic landing line or overpriced.

Trendy ragged white jeans

Ragged jeans in white are a fairly bright element of the wardrobe. Afford yourself such jeans can a girl not only with a good figure, but also the girl who will feel relaxed and at ease in such clothes. After all, no matter how beautiful clothes are, if it brings you a feeling of discomfort and stiffness, all of its beauty will quickly evaporate. Ragged jeans - this is an incredibly fashionable trend for several years now. Dressing these jeans, you emphasize your insolence and, to some extent, courage. Not everyone dares to put on too "leaky" pants, being afraid of excessive attention. Remember, the more "holes" on your jeans, the less there should be other bright accents in your image. Ragged jeans - this in itself is a very bright element of the image and heavier it with additional elements( deep neckline, open back, bright bag or shoes) you risk appear ridiculous.


Fashionable white jeans-boyfriends

The jeans-boyfriends are another permanent "resident" in the women's closet for the last few years. Covers magazines and variegated ultra-fashionable images with such jeans. They should not be just blue or blue. Buy a pair of white boyfriend jeans and a huge number of fashionable images for the summer you are provided. Ironically, these jeans must be able to wear correctly. Boyfriends have a rather rough, "manly", shapeless appearance. Therefore, in order not to lose your femininity and fragility, you need to carefully choose the upper part of the clothes for such jeans. Let it be light, feminine blouses of flowing material, shirts of delicate colors, t-shirts, slightly opening shoulders, etc.


With what footwear the fashionable white jeans are combined

With fashionable white jeans absolutely any shoes are combined. It all depends on the shape and style of the jeans: wide, narrowed, straight, shortened, torn, etc.

  • High-heeled shoes. A high heel always slim a woman and makes her taller. Classic boats on the hairpin can be combined with white jeans. Suitable also for sandals with a high and stable heel. You can choose a sufficiently bright color for shoes or stay on a beige-solid.


  • White sneakers or sneakers. Jeans perfectly match with sports shoes. You can choose classic white jeans-pipes or shortened jeans. White color will add gloss and unusualness to your sporty image and will certainly attract attention.


  • Half boots and ankle boots. Some girls think that white jeans are an element of an exclusively summer wardrobe. But this statement can be argued. And this is proved by numerous fashion shows, where designers successfully combine white jeans with high boots, half boots and ankle boots. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing the color of shoes, which should harmonize with all the elements of clothing.


  • Shoes are black and white jeans. The combination of white and black is a classic that can be applied to white jeans, which can be combined not only with the black top, but also with black shoes. The main thing, do not be afraid to experiment and do not be afraid to seem ridiculous. Carefully designed accessories and all elements of your image will necessarily create your unique style. It is better to refrain from the combination of black shoes, white jeans and black top. This will only divide your figure into three parts and make you visually lower. It is better to choose in addition to black shoes a black bag, hat or gloves. Well, and wear black shoes with white jeans can afford a young lady of very tall stature with long and slender legs, tk. The dark bottom necessarily takes away several centimeters from growth.


  • Ballet flats. Ballet flats are a favorite for many women shoes for the summer season. Sometimes you want to relax from high heels and feel relaxed. Ballet flats look great with white jeans. You can not limit yourself exclusively white for ballet. Summer is a time of bright colors, and ballet shoes of the most iridescent colors will be quite appropriate. White color and remarkable in that it has the property to combine with almost all colors and shades.

Fashionable women's jeans: what images can be created with white jeans

White jeans - this is the real base for your wardrobe. On this blank sheet you can draw absolutely any image that you have to taste. White jeans are combined not only with a variety of colors, but with a variety of fabrics and textures, with a variety of shoes. Look at the photo, how many images can be made with one white jeans. This is a real "masthead" for every fashionista!


  • To create a summer wardrobe using white jeans, you will need one pair of jeans and a few top clothes. For example, one of these sets can be everyone's favorite tandem of white jeans and "vests".It can be a black and white strip and blue and white. In any case, you will get a marine, fresh and vivid image. You can use both shortened t-shirts and long striped tunics.


  • White jeans perfectly match with the turquoise color, the color of the sea wave. To achieve the creation of a stylish image, choose soft and flowing fabrics for the upper part of clothing, feminine styles. If you complete the image with a stylish cardigan or jacket, then such a set is ideal for evening, solemn events. Do not aim for a variety of colors in clothes. Let it be 2-3 colors that match each other, and then your image will be whole and concise.



  • If you want to create an image of an elegant lady, then stop on the narrow and short white jeans. Combining them with high-heeled shoes and lengthened jackets, summer coats and cardigans of delicate flowers, you will surely achieve this effect.


  • Torn white jeans perfectly match with sports shoes. To make the image more feminine, add a stylish headdress, a T-shirt to the tone of jeans and a light summer cardigan.


  • To create fashionable autumn and spring images, white jeans also fit. They fit well with knitted things, voluminous scarves and woolen coats.


  • The white color of the jeans looks great with light gray things, beige things. Use to create a table autumn images soft, muffled, calm and monochrome colors. White jeans can also be combined with high boots. For such an image you will need a narrowed-in jeans.


  • White can be worn with a black leather short jacket or a jacket-plait. The gentle and pure color of the jeans will contrast with the rocker and daring top, creating a unique image. Black and white colors always look like a winning ensemble in clothes.


  • If you want to create a very bright and eye-catching image, then stop on the combination of white and white. At first glance, a boring set in one color, in life it does not seem that way. White color has always been the color of purity and innocence. Of course, this combination of things is not entirely practical and is not suitable for every day. But this is an excellent option for a walk on a hot day in the summer park.

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  • Another way to wear white jeans is to combine them with the top of the red. It can be a loose tunic, a light silk shirt or a blouse. Bright and juicy red color perfectly blends with white and white.


  • White jeans can be combined with clothing from jeans of a different color. For example, blue or blue. They do not contradict each other, but, on the contrary, they form a successful ensemble.



  • The combination of white jeans and military style clothing is also a very advantageous option. You will underscore your uncommonness, brilliance and courage. Such seemingly incompatible in style things look together very organically and fashionably.

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  • If you are tired of the usual everyday outfits, then experiment with a combination of white jeans and jockey boots. This image assumes the presence of a sweater with a dull neckline, tight and tight trousers. Classic "jockey" style is created with the help of trousers of brown, gray, burgundy shades. But you can bring your "zest" in this style, than necessarily conquer others.


If you do not know what to wear white jeans, then simply look through the fashion magazines or see the shows of famous designers. So you will certainly learn the idea of ​​combining white jeans with other things to create stylish images. Do not be afraid to experiment! White jeans, though not quite practical, but they are very refreshing everyday everyday images.