Permitted foods and diet for acute pancreatitis

  • Jun 25, 2018

Pancreatitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the pancreas, with its inherent pathologies and symptoms.

This is interesting! Doctors in ancient Greece called the pancreas "pancreas", which is why the name pancreatitis came about.

In the process of acute inflammation, the enzymes produced by the gland do not act, as expected, in the duodenum, but remain in the pan itselfCrease( pancreas), destroying it. Therefore, toxins produced in this process often enter the bloodstream of .There is acute and chronic pancreatitis.

Acute and chronic pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is urgent, it quickly( acute) develops and quickly undergoes appropriate treatment, special attention in its treatment is given to the diet of .

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The chronic form of pancreatitis appears, usually as a result of an already acute acute illness, if the diet for acute adult pancreatitis has not been followed, and all the directions of the treating physician. Let's consider in more detail acute and chronically pancreatitis.

Symptoms of acute pancreatitis

The main cause of acute pancreatitis is the development of impassability of the pancreatic duct.

symptoms manifestations of acute pancreatitis are :

  1. Pain in predominantly left hypochondrium( sometimes that gives in the right upper quadrant), usually appearing after drinking techniques and heavy, fried food, as a rule, in acute pancreatitis, the pain appearssuddenly;
  2. Nausea, occasional vomiting;

  3. Lowering the tone of blood vessels - vascular collapse;
  4. Elevated temperature;
  5. Hyperamilazuria( increased level of amylase in the urine);
  6. Loss of appetite;
  7. Feeling of raspiraniya in the abdomen;
  8. Liquid stool, which is a consequence of digestive disorders;
  9. Pale skin;
  10. Strain of the lower left subcostal wall of the abdomen.

Complete rest is shown in acute pancreatitis. The patient must be given a bed rest, put a cold on the pancreas, which slows down the negative processes in it, and in part allows you to numb the symptoms.


This is important! In case of suspicion of the disease and the appearance of characteristic pains, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist. The diagnosis of acute pancreatitis is 2% of urgent patients with acute abdominal pain. The death rate from this disease reaches 40% of .

In acute pancreatitis, a prerequisite for treatment is adherence to a strict diet.

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Chronic pancreatitis Symptoms

manifestations of chronic forms of pancreatitis is similar to the symptoms of acute course of the disease. The difference is that pain in chronic pancreatitis is not as pronounced as with acute .For this type of inflammation are characterized by changing intense and subside pain periods.


recommended the same diet during exacerbation of chronic forms of pancreatitis, as well as in acute pancreatitis adult, you can enter it from the first day of aggravation, but necessary to consult with your doctor .During the remission of chronic pancreatitis, a second variant of the fifth diet is introduced.

Complications of chronic pancreatitis can be bleeding, development of cancer tumors, diabetes mellitus, liver pathologies.

Which diet is suitable for acute pancreatitis

In acute pancreatitis in adults, after a recommended fasting period, which the patient usually spends in the hospital, it is necessary to follow a diet.
In this form of pancreatitis patients are shown a strict diet number 5 , its first version, subsequently, gradually changing, to the second version of this diet.

Diet No. 5 is given to the patient approximately on the second or fourth day after the attack. Food with this diet is taken in small portions about 5 or 6 times a day. Additional meals, between basic meals, are not allowed.

It is necessary to adhere to the first variant of diet No. 5 for at least seven days. Its main goal is to reduce the external secretory function of the pancreas with the most sparing regimen for the digestive system.

Diet number 5

For the first variant of the fifth diet, , all products must be served in a warm puree .Under this link you can find out about the most healthy breakfasts for proper nutrition.

The second variant of the diet also supports a gentle effect on the gastrointestinal tract and reduces the reflex excitability of the biliary gland. During the second variant of the fifth diet, along with steam dishes, meals are introduced in baked and stewed.

The pure state of food gradually turns into the usual( pieces, plastics, pieces), and a thorough chewing of food is required. The thermal state of the dishes remains warm .

The diet prescribed for acute pancreatitis in adults includes light vegan puree soups, lean meat and fish varieties in boiled form, low-fat home-made curds and dishes based on it, bread stale in the form of crackers, semi-tangled, grinded cereals.

It is necessary to completely abandon the products that can provoke additional production of enzymes of the pancreas( pancreas) - fatty, fried, as well as alcohol-containing products.

To adhere to diet number 5, doctors recommend doctors for a fairly long period, which can last up to eight months, and even after the end of , it is necessary to follow the principles of proper nutrition .Premature, hasty refusal of a diet threatens the overflow of the disease into a chronic form.

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As develop acute pancreatitis

develops acute pancreatitis due to the activation of enzymes, due to which the damaged body tissue structure - pancreas. The development of this condition contributes to excessive excitation of the secretory function of the gland, changes in the composition( increase in viscosity), and outflow of pancreatic juice.

In the process of such pathologies, probably partial self-digestion of the pancreas( pancreas).


The disease is developing very rapidly and dangerously with the same instant development of complications with the possibility of complete necrosis of the gland.
Several different causes contribute to the onset or appearance of this pathology.

What are the causes of pancreatitis

usually considered to be a consequence of copious libations of alcohol and consumption of fatty and fried foods. At risk are full people 30 - 60 years old and people with alcohol dependence .But the range of causes caused by this disease is much broader.

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So, causes symptoms of acute pancreatitis are:

  • Accepting alcoholic beverages - up to 40% of all cases of acute pancreatitis are caused precisely by this cause;
  • Gallstones - this causes up to 20% of diseases;
  • Incorrect nutrition - addiction to fatty and fried, hot and smoked can have a negative effect, resulting in this dangerous disease;
  • The effect of medications on the organ( pancreas) - tetracycline, metranidozole and some antitumor drugs;
  • Diseases of the endocrine system( may appear due to hyperfunction of the parathyroid glands);
  • infections( herpes, mycoplasma, sepsis, dysentery), acting on the pancreas from the overflow in purulent necrosis, can also cause acute pancreatitis;
  • Injuries to the abdomen.

Which foods are prohibited during the exacerbation

During sparing pancreas diet number 5 some types of products are not allowed to eat. In addition to the categorical rejection of alcohol, fried and fat .Dishes that irritate mucous membranes, as well as hard-to-digest products, are completely excluded from the ration.

During the diet in acute pancreatitis, for therapeutic purposes for adult patients is recommended to drink plenty , including mineral water, but it must be remembered that the use of gas-containing beverages banned .Mineral water should be free of gases( Smirnovskaya, Borzhomi, Slavic).

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It's important to know! When treating pancreatitis strictly prohibited products such as pastries, acute( garlic, onions, peppers), vinegar, fried, fat, canned food, mushrooms, meats, nourishing fatty bouillons, marinades .

Specialist opinion: will hunger help with acute form

A hunger strike with acute pancreatitis is indicated for two or four days. It allows you to greatly facilitate the course of the disease. Its main goal is providing complete rest and relaxation to the pancreas .


Therefore, a temporary refusal to eat or treat with hunger, literally, helps save a patient's life. Specialists unequivocally declare that hunger strike in the acute form of pancreatitis is simply necessary .

PhD Eliseev Aleksandr Gennadevich, a doctor - a gastroenterologist, believes that temporary fasting is justified, and that the main focus of conservative treatment of acute pancreatitis adult is mandatory dieting, at the end of the fasting period.

Alexander Barvinsky, a physician-therapist, specialist in curative fasting, holds the opinion, like many other doctors, that sensible starvation is always useful. Unloading therapy refers to the generally accepted medical methods.

Timing of fasting is selected individually and fluctuate from 2 to 7 days. But therapeutic fasting must necessarily include both a period of hunger and a sparing period of getting out of it - a diet.


It's important to remember! A hunger-strike is to be conducted, in acute form of pancreatitis, in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor. At the same time necessarily abundant drink( decoction of hips, weak tea, mineral still water).When treating acute pancreatitis, during fasting, to eliminate the intoxication of the body, it is desirable to apply drip feed glucose intravenously .

Thus, a diet for pancreatitis is an integral, if not to say, essential part of therapy. Compliance with it is very important for a positive outcome of treatment. It should be remembered that violation of the doctor's recommendations can lead to more serious consequences - a chronic form of this disease .

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