• Jul 04, 2018

Mikozolone analogues:

Mikozolone manual:


Richter Gedeon Ltd, Hungary

Active substances Mikozolona:

Miconazole, mazipredon.

Form of release Mikozolona:

Ointment for 15 g in tubes.

To whom is Mikozolone shown?

Skin and nail diseases caused by nidermatophytes( Trichophyton rubrum, mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum, etc.) or fungi of the genus Candida( Candida albicans, C. tropicalis, C.pseudotropicalis, C. krusei and others), which are accompanied by severe inflammation and itching,as well as mycosis of nails and skin with superinfection by gram-positive bacteria, mycotic eczema, diaper rash, interdigital mycoses, nail fungal infections, mycoses of the external auditory canal, including those with eczema.

How to use Mikozolone?

Ointment Mikozolon is used externally.

Skin lesion: ointment is applied to the affected skin 1-2 times a day.

Nail damage: ointment is applied to the affected areas of the nail and the area of ​​the matrix 1-2 times a day, including under the bandage. Nail trimmed as short as possible. Treatment continues after the rejection of the affected nail until complete recovery.

Lesion of external auditory meatus: gauze turunda, impregnated with Mycosolone, is injected into the external ear canal 2 times a day until complete recovery.

In case of a reaction of hypersensitivity, irritation, atrophy of the skin, general action, it is necessary to stop treatment.

Should be used with extreme caution on closed folds.

For skin infections in the absence of signs of improvement, after several weeks of treatment, another drug should be started.

In childhood, during pregnancy and in women breastfeeding, Mikozolon is used under the supervision of a doctor.

The preparation does not contaminate the skin, it is easily removed from the laundry when washing.

Side effects of Mikozolone.

In some cases, with individual intolerance, there may be a burning sensation and redness of the skin, the development of contact dermatitis. With increased sensitivity to isoconazole, thioconazole, oxyconazole, a cross allergy may occur. With prolonged use, the appearance of telangiectasias, the development of skin atrophy. With prolonged use on large surfaces, especially in children, it is possible to develop systemic effects characteristic of GCS.Absorption of miconazole is clinically insignificant.

Who is contraindicated Mikozolon?

Skin tuberculosis, herpetic and other viral infections, chicken pox, smallpox. Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as to isoconazole, thioconazole, oxyconazole.

Interaction of Mikozolone.

Not installed. Overdose of Mikozolone.
Not checked.