• Jul 04, 2018


Corrective and cleanser for oily and problematic skin. It clears blocked pores and relieves inflammation.

Based on serious dermatological examination means is designed to act simultaneously on two types of skin imperfections when mixed acne:

  • expressed local inflammation
  • clogged and enlarged pores

first Lab La Roche-Posay developed a formula that combines 4 dermatological active ingredient in one productFor complex treatment of oily problem skin.

Niacinamide ( Niacinamide) is an active biological form of vitamin B3.

Reduces the production of mediators of the inflammatory process and neutralizes the action of irritating factors in order to contain the development of inflammation.

Piroctone olamine ( piroctone olamine) is an antibacterial active ingredient recognized for its powerful effect on P.acnes. It also has an antifungal effect on P.ovale, a yeast fungus that increases the potential harmful effects of P. acnes.

LHATM ( lipo-hydroxy acid) is a powerful keratolytic active ingredient, which has the sole interaction with the epidermis. Penetrates into the stratum corneum to achieve directional, accurate and pokletochnoy micro-exfoliation. By eliminating dead cells, LHATM clears the pore-blocked pores.

New linoleic acid is a natural component of sebum( cutaneous fat).

In patients with acne, a deficiency of linoleic acid is observed up to 35%;The relationship between this deficiency of linoleic acid and the broken keratinization of the sebaceous hair channel was clearly defined. For the first time, this active ingredient is combined with an exclusive and patented directed technology in order to act directly inside the pore and prevent its clogging. Since

skin prone to acne, is fragile and prone to redness, these active ingredients are combined with a soothing, anti-thermal La Roche-Posay.

A pleasant and melting texture to ensure excellent compliance with the fatty skin problems.

Innovative refreshing and non-greasy texture matting moisturizing cream gel.

24-hour moisturizing effect.

Matting effect for neutralizing greasy gloss. High score 324 consumers who pre-acquainted with him * in consumer testing, perfumed flavor EFFACLAR DUO with light and refreshing citrus notes also contributes to the attractiveness of the texture, which is easy to get used to.

not contain alcohol
Contains Contains
dyes parabenok
does not contain oily components