Barcelona from a bird's eye view( 50 photos) - The best views of the city

  • Mar 09, 2018
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo See how Barcelona looks like from a bird's eye view - expensive is

Barcelona is one of the best destinations for cognitive travel and relaxing holidays. See how Barcelona looks from a bird's eye view - it's worth a lot. This ancient city in Spain is filled with interesting architecture. Medieval buildings are located next to the Gothic structures, and the winding streets contrast with the strict geometry of the quarters of the New District.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_18 Port building and footbridge
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Barcelona is considered a modern business city, but it has a virtually untouched historical center, where you can see the buildings and sculptures of the Baroque, Gothic and Modernist style
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_01. Fantastic views of the city open from observation platforms.
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo. Evening lights of Barcelona headed byWith the Agbar tower
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_08 Medieval buildings are located next to the Gothic structures, and the winding streets contrast with the strict geometry of the blocks of the New Area
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_17 city Geometry


  • 1 Travel to Barcelona
  • 2 Top attractions
  • 3 La Rambla
  • 4 Sagrada Familia
  • 5 Gothic Quarter and Cathedral
  • 6 Famous home
  • 7 Great Park Guell
  • 8 famous aquarium
  • 9 Unique museum
  • 10 Montjuic
  • 11 beautiful monastery
  • 12 Where to go with the kids?

Travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is considered a modern business city, but it has an almost untouched historical center, where you can see the buildings and sculptures of the Baroque, Gothic and modernist style.

Travelers love this city, thanks to the long beach season. In the center is the famous beach of Barceloneta.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_20 Plaza Catalunya is astounding with its dimensions
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo View from Montjuic Hill
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_16 Highest point of Barcelona - Tibidabo Mountain

Barcelona is one of Spain's largest cities. It is located on the Mediterranean coast. The city is famous for its mild climate, richest architecture and many kilometers of beaches.

City museums deserve special attention. In the city there are many galleries and exhibition complexes. At the same time, beach holidays can be combined with viewing masterpieces.

Tip! In the vicinity of Barcelona there are two airports: El Prat and Girona. From El Prat to the city center can be reached by train. This is a budget option. You can also take a bus.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Embankment and port
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo So desolate the main beach of Barcelona is only at dawn
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Bird's eye view of Sagrada Familia

The best sights of

The main values ​​of Barcelona are the creations of the great architect Gaudi. To get a full idea of ​​them, it is worth to visit the following four objects:

  • Sagrada Familia is a cathedral of rare beauty.
  • Park of Guell.
  • Casa Batlló.
  • The structure of Mila.
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_11 On Mount Tibidabo is the Temple of the Sacred Heart with a statue of Jesus Christ that embraces the whole world
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo View from the park of Güell to the city
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Plaza Catalunya

The city hosts many exciting events, and museums organize open days. Some museum complexes can be visited absolutely free of charge, but you need to know the time of your visit:

  • On the first Monday of the month you can see the free science museum.
  • The center of the modern culture of Barcelona can be visited on Sunday from 3 pm to 8 pm.
  • The Picasso Museum will have free admission on the first Sunday of the month.
  • The Palace of the Guell is open for free on the first Sunday of the month, as well as on May 8 and April 23.
  • Free entrance is always in the palace complex of Wirreyn.

The old districts are considered an adornment of the city, it is the Gothic quarter with the La Rambla alley.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Every night near the Art Museum begins a free show of dancing and singing fountains
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_06 This is one of the most romantic places in the evening city

In Barcelona, ​​tourists can see the spectacular event. These include a parade of gigantic figures. The city has the largest aquarium in Spain and even in Europe.

Tip! Many travelers are advised to visit the evening of Flamenco. In this case, you need to purchase tickets in advance. It is believed to return to Barcelona you need to drink a sip of water from the Canaletes spring, which is located at the end of La Rambla.

Boulevard La Rambla

You can start a tour of the city from the Rambla promenade, which starts from the Columbus Monument in the Old Port. On the boulevard there are street dancers, actors and artists. On the site of the boulevard in ancient times, the river flowed. Currently, this is reminiscent of wavy lines on the tile.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo city inspection can start with pleasure Ramblas, which originates from the Columbus monument in the Old Port
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo In place of the boulevard in the old days a river. Currently it resemble wavy line on the tile
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo-12 street length of 1.2 km, it lasts from the district of Raval, Gothic Quarter

street view remained unchanged from the 18 th century.

On the boulevard is worth a visit:

  • Palace of Guell.
  • Pedestrian bridge.
  • Fountain of Canalas.
  • Opera House.
  • Joan Miró's mosaic.
  • The Boqueria market.

Tip! If you go to the city in September, then you can get to the merry street festival La Merce. This holiday is dedicated to the patron saint of the city, who rescued him from locusts. There are theatrical performances on the square, and music plays everywhere.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo La Rambla - one of the busiest streets of the city
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo here first thing in the whole flock of visitors to Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

One of the famous landmarks is considered Catholic church of the Sagrada Familia. This is the architectural creation of Antonio Gaudi, which was erected over a century and a half. The facade of the composition is filled with scenes of the life of Christ. The building is supported by pillars of a quaint shape. The construction of the cathedral was discontinued in 2008, as the architects stated that each block of the temple required accurate and costly computer processing. But the construction of this object is planned to continue.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo One of the famous landmarks is considered a Catholic church Sagrada Familia
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo This architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, which is being built more than half a century
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_04 From what point or look at the city, the Sagrada Familia will always be the center of attention

On campus you can visit the museum and climb the tower.

Tip! It is worth visiting the Agbar Tower, which is lit by a multitude of lights in the dark.

Be prepared for the fact that at the entrance to the temple you will see a huge queue. Every day thousands of tourists try to get to Sagrada. Let the queue length do not scare you. A maximum of 45 minutes you will already be inside.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Construction of the cathedral was discontinued in 2008, as the architects stated that each block of the temple require accurate and expensive computer processing
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo But the construction of this facility is planned to continue
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Sagrada Familia in

Gothic Quarter and Cathedral

the oldest attractions of Barcelona is attributed Gothic Quarter. It is famous for merchant buildings, churches, medieval streets and colossal architectural objects. A quarter was built on the ruined Roman buildings.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo the oldest attractions of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is attributed
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo It is famous merchant buildings, churches, medieval streets and huge variety of architectural objects

areas located in the territory. This is the square of the King, Sao Jaume, St. Jacob, Royal and Piazza Sosny. From the old buildings you can see the museum complex of Frederic Mares, Roman columns, a large number of ancient temples and the famous Cathedral. This temple is made in the Gothic style as far back as the 15th century. The building is decorated with exquisite details - slender columns, towers - spiers and a magnificent "rosette".From the dome offers an excellent view of the city.

Tip! Barcelona is not considered an absolutely safe place, so you need to closely monitor your things. The backpack should not be worn behind your back, especially in the subway. Do not wear a camera around your neck, as in the crowd it can be ripped off. Special vigilance should be shown at the airport and railway stations.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Cathedral is Gothic in the 15th century
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo These streets were selected as the real scenery for the movie Perfume


house in the city center you can see a unique architectural landmark. This is Gaudí's house, which is called Cassa Mila. The structure does not have a single corner. In the building there are no bearing walls and supports, it rests on columns in Gaudi style. Partitions can be rearranged wherever they like. In addition, the building provides a brilliant ventilation. Cashier Mila has no corner. The building has no load-bearing walls and pillars, it rests only on the columns

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Cass Mila inside

Casa Batllo is considered to be yet another architectural masterpiece. It is translated as a house of bones. Its balconies are made in the shape of a skull, and the columns look like bones.
The house is also equipped with technologies that were unique for their time. The luminous flux and ventilation are designed so that the rooms are always fresh and light.

Remarkable is the facade with contrasting ceramic lining and interior room, furnished with furniture designed by Gaudí.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Casa Batllo is considered another architectural masterpiece. It is translated as the house of bones

Another unusual house was designed by the architect Joseph Puige. It's called a house with spikes. The structure was erected in the era of modernism and differs from the Gaudi style.

The name of the house was due to the towers on which the spiers are located. The building is characterized by a hexagonal shape and contains elements of European Gothic.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Another unusual house was designed by architect Joseph Puige. It's called a house with spikes

Tip! The highest mountain is Tibidabo. It has an observation deck and an amusement park. To get to it you need to go on the Blue tram, and then transfer to the funicular.

The magnificent park Güell

The park was created in 1914 by the architect Gaudi. It is executed in fairy-tale style and occupies an area of ​​15 hectares. It houses the house of the great architect, who has now become a museum. And the house of Güell is a municipal school.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo gingerbread house at the entrance to Güell
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Park Park is in the fairy-tale style and covers an area of ​​15 hectares
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo famous long bench in
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_05 Park Park is worth a visit for tourists with

children in the park should look fabulous houses, grand staircase in the mosaic salamander, undulating mosaicA bench in a hundred columns and a central square.

Tip! The park is located on a mountain where you can see a famous statue of a lizard. At the highest point of the hill there is an observation deck.

Famous Aquarium

In Barcelona you can see the famous aquarium, which is also the center of the study of fauna in the Mediterranean. The exposition consists of different tropical systems. You can watch the inhabitants of the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, and also see small aquariums with small marine inhabitants.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_03 aquarium tunnel You can watch the inhabitants of the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, and see small aquariums with small marine inhabitants.

. You can stroll along the long tunnel of the aquarium, and see how sharks swim overhead.

Tip! The Boquería market is located next to the entrance to the Ramblas. Here you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables, meat, as well as snacks or freshly squeezed juices.

Unique museums

The original paintings of the great artist are exhibited in the Picasso Museum. In the halls of the museum you can see more than three thousand works of the artist and his friend Sabartes. In addition, the museum presents an exhibition of ceramics, which was made by the widow of Picasso.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo The original paintings of the great artist

are exhibited in the Picasso Museum. The museum often hosts various temporary exhibitions. Exhibited and paintings of other artists who contributed to the development of art in the city.

Collections are located in five giant mansions that were built in the 13th century.

Another interesting museum of the city is the Egyptian Museum. The basis of the exhibition is a private collection of the famous archaeologist and Egyptologist Jordi Clos.
The collections number more than 600 exhibits. These are various sarcophagi, things of the pharaohs, objects of cult life and amulets with papyri. Also on the territory of the museum complex there is a scientific library, in which more than 5 thousand volumes are stored.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Another interesting museum of the city is the Egyptian Museum. The basis of the exhibition is a private collection of the famous archaeologist and Egyptologist Jordi Clos

Council! It is not recommended to visit the capital of Catalonia in August. At this time there is no rain, and the temperature can rise above forty degrees.


One of the popular attractions is Montjuïc Hill. Its height is 173 meters. It is famous for its observation deck with beautiful panoramic views.

On its territory you can see a dancing and singing fountain, which shimmers with a variety of colors.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo One of the popular attractions is the hill of Montjuic. Its height is 173 meters. It is known for a viewing platform with beautiful panoramic views
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Cable car leading to the
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo hill Upper fountain complex starts from the Museum of Arts
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_02 The main fountain of the

complex On the hill there is the Spanish village, which is an architectural museum. In it you can see a copy of the gate of the city of Avila and other unusual buildings. Nearby is the sports palace and the stadium, which were erected for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Tip! In Barcelona, ​​it is worth finding an institution where they perform a real Catalan rumba. This is a spectacular dance that was brought from the Island of Liberty, and then modified by local gypsies.

Beautiful monasteries

In the vicinity of the city you can visit the monastery of San Miguel del Faya. It is a structure carved into a rock. Its walls and roof consist of a rock. At present the monastery is a unique monument with grottoes, caves and waterfalls.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Monastery of San Miguel del Fay

Montserrat Monastery is also located far from Barcelona. It is visited not only by pilgrims, but also by fans of thrills. You can visit the top of the mountain and make a wish at the statue of the Madonna. The construction of the temple began after the statue of the Madonna was found in the cave in 880.After the Napoleonic Wars, the temple was destroyed. Currently, on the territory of the restored church there is a museum with the works of Caravaggio and Salvador Dali.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_19 Monastery of Montserrat
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_15 Funicular to the monastery

Tip! The funicular lifts uphill. And you can reach the monastery of Montserrat by train.

Where to go with the children?

The main part of the attractions that can be of interest to children, is concentrated in the city.

It is worth to visit the following amazing places:

  • Aquarium with a famous tunnel.
  • The Columbus statue, which you can climb on an elevator.
  • On the Boulevard de la Rambla, you should visit the Wax Museum and live sculptures near the Drazanes metro station.
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Fountain show will amaze children and adults
  • Next to the aquarium is an unusual IMAX cinema.
  • The Port-Montjuïc cable car starts from Barceloneta beach.
  • Near the port there is a zoo where you can see wild animals and dolphin shows.
  • It is worth to visit the park of Ciutadella, where there is a castle of three dragons and a zoological museum.
  • On the mountain of Montjuïc you can see the castle and the surrounding cannon.
  • The museum of science can attract the interest of the child. Here there is a laboratory where you can check the laws of physics with your own hands.
  • You can visit the museum of the Barcelona football club, which is located at the famous Camp Nou stadium.

Tip! Architectural monuments do not cause much interest in children, but some structures such as Sagrada Familia or Gaudí houses can be very popular. For children there are special audio guides.

Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Stadium Camp Nou
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo_07 Sunset at the port
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Evening Barcelona
Barcelona-from-height-bird-flight-photo Lights of the embankment

A variety of attractions will allow you to spend time with interest and benefit in Barcelona. In addition, the city is intended for travel by the whole family. Choosing the best attractions will make the trip fabulous and unforgettable. Of course, to inspect them all will not work even for a week. But who said that you can come here only once?

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