Stylish Large Women's Handbags( 50 pics) - What are the different types and where to buy?

  • Mar 09, 2018
Big-bags-female-photo_( 42) There are many kinds of large women's bags, you need to choose the one that will please you

This bag should be comfortable, that is, it is large enough. So leave ridikyulchiki fan of retro style and go to the store for more practical thing. There are many kinds of large women's bags, but that's where to buy one that will last a long time, and was roomy, and at the same time it did not hang over your shoulder. Let's consider this question in more detail.

So, let's go.

Big-bags-female-photo_( 40) This bag should be comfortable, that is quite roomy
Large-bags-female-photo_( 39) Large bag - a huge number of cases and responsibilities
Big-bags-female-photo_( 50) Things prefer only vigorous women achievers track and behind the house, and the children, and on the career "betweenDeed "to do, and also between the case, the marigolds in order to lead and the hairstyle of the hairs to the hairs build


  • 1 Ode to the big women's handbag
  • 2 How many bags do you have in haderobe? Doing an audit
  • 3 Trendy trends
  • 4 Attention! Let's talk about the combination of colors and decoration
  • 5 What we wear big bags?
  • 6 Where to buy?
  • 7 And finally, some more tips

Ode to the big women's handbag

The bag is a very "talking" accessory in our wardrobe. It's a character. A large bag is a huge number of cases and duties. Therefore, such things are preferred only by vigorous women who have time to follow both the house, children, and work "between business" to do, and also between the business, marigolds in order to bring hair and hair to the hairline to build. And take away from them at least half of the cases, and, no matter how they sometimes complain about the workload, then they will die out and get bored.

Big-bags-female-photo_-35 You need to choose a roomy, handy bag, but it's such a facade that its dimensions are skimmed
Big-bags-female-photo_( 34) But so that you can throw a bundle of business papers in it and take
Big-bags-female-photo_( 16) with you on a date To suit different styles of
Big-bags-female-photo_( 17) And with any clothes combined with a bang

Therefore, today we will "look" for a woman's handbag for just such a lady. A roomy, comfortable, but such a fancier that visually its dimensions are concealed. But that it could and throw a stack of business papers and on a date with a grab. And look like this, as always, stunningly.

Tip! It's up to you to decide what size to choose for this or that bag. After all, the bag type hobo bag - volume and daily - are, unfortunately, not all. Girls of small stature should still choose at least a medium size.

How many handbags in your wardrobe? Doing an audit

How many do you need to have at all? We answer. Bad - uncomfortable, impractical and inconspicuous - not one. Good bags - as much as you want. Under the color of shoes, dresses or just because one more liked. Though a hundred. But at least four or five exactly:

Big-bags-female-photo_( 45) In your wardrobe, there must certainly be a medium-sized handbag on the chain: simply because it looks very feminine
Big-bags-female-photo_( 11) Get classic black and beige for all occasions;You can still gray, blue, brown or bard, these colors are also considered classic
Big-bags-female-photo_( i) The model with a bright print diversifies your wardrobe
  • for the release: evening clutch( yes, in the wardrobe even a super-busy modern woman, it must also be mandatory);
  • classic black and beige for all occasions;You can still gray, blue, brown or bard, these colors are also considered a classic;
  • bright monophonic( or better still a few), they perfectly match with dark things and are able to revive them;
  • medium sized handbag on a chain: just because it looks very feminine;
  • on the long handle: to at least sometimes walk around the city and get distracted from business;
  • Vintage: if you like this style;
  • color summer( or at least a couple);
  • and of course, one or two large, everyday and incredibly convenient.
Big-bags-female-photo_( 8) Note the vintage: if you like this style
Big-bags-female-photo_( 7) Must be a model for work and business meetings
Large-bags-female-photo_( 6) Model for trips to nature and recreation
Big-bags-female-photo_( 1) And also a bag for everyday affairs

Advice! For tall girls, rounded bags are more suitable - elongated shapes will be extended even more.

Now look into the wardrobe of the stars. What classical models are relevant in 2017?

Still, as well, that in the trend today simplicity, brevity and convenience. But even in the most practical classic models are always present all kinds, including non-standard texture, color and shape, the original fasteners and other nice for coins women:

  • Keyt Blanshett, as well as in his time, and Zhaklin Kennedi, adores his hobo(Hobo - the bag of the tramp) from Gucci: soft, capacious, has the shape of a crescent, a single wide short handle in it is the continuation of the bag itself;such models, there are other stars Cross, Theron, Berry et al.;
Big-bags-female-photo_( 46) The hobo bag looks like a vagabond's bag, looks expensive and stylish
  • Taylor Swift prefers to wander around the world with a fairly large bright orange "postman's bag"( in English the name of the cut sounds like a messenger bag) with two straps, throughShoulder length and short, and one buckle( although in the bag of the postman they can be two);Since there are few "bloat" in this model, it is suitable for anyone alongside;By the way, with a similar bag, but already black, Emma Roberst does not part;
Big-bags-female-photo_( 1) postman bag already come into fashion circles
  • Dzhessika Bil as the previous stellar person, he is a fan of messenger bag;but the colors of her favorite leopard handbag, and the bags razmerchik average;But if you pay attention to her wardrobe, then you can understand that it enlivens with the help of such a bright accessory basic gray, blue and black colors of clothes;
Big-bags-female-photo_( 37) Messenger bag - comfortable and stylish
  • Andzhelina Dzholi rarely parted with the black model bags dome( dome type) by Ralfa Lorena: large with semioval riding, tight, two handles and yellow locks and accessories;
Big-bags-female-photo_( 3) Bag-cupola( dome type) combines well with both the business style of clothing, as well as with kezhual
  • Kathy Hill prefer style shopper( shopper): its red soft and very roomy bag is more suitable for shopping tours;
Big-bags-female-photo_( 2) The model shopper is soft and very roomy, great for shopping trips
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: the owner of the cut model is a weekend: fairly thick and stiff, reminiscent of an inverted barrel of tender gray;
Large-bags-female-photo_( 26) vikender bag for short trips, outdoor activities, because it fit everything you need
  • Kristen Dunst, as well as Miranda Kerr prefer more style daffl: in the form of their bags are like the soldiers' knapsacks, softThey do not have rigid parts, therefore they are a kind of a compromise between a backpack and a usual bag;More suited to fans of sports style.
Big-bags-female-photo_( 10) Duffle models are suited to sports style fans

Tip! A large women's bag must have at least 2 departments. Otherwise, it will be necessary to constantly remove from it things to the very bottom in order to find the right one. Plus it should have pockets for the phone and small items( keys, handkerchief, chewing gum, etc.).

Trendy trends

In the "fashion" fashion this year, two major events. The first is the strengthening of the positions of quilted and blown a la duet down products that perfectly match with three-dimensional things. Another novelty are bags, completely repeating the patterns and texture of the clothes. Often, when they are made, exactly the same materials are used.

Large-bags-female-photo_( 5) Today in fashion handbags, repeats the pattern and texture of clothes. Often in their manufacture are used exactly the same materials
Big-bags-female-photo_( 14) 2017 once again opens up a whole range of models, decorated with all sorts of pendants, fringe and tassels
Big-bags-female-photo_( 2) large number of locks, rivets and other accessories handy

2017 once again opens up a whole range of models, Decorated with all kinds of pendants, fringes and brushes. And the season without fringe is unlikely to be ideal - in fact it occupied today a special place. It can be present not only on monophonic, but also products with complex ornaments. The fringe has managed to migrate this year even to men's bags. Walk along the podiums and continue to ethnica, and boho-chic.

Classic clutches and bags are modified, becoming more rigid. They can be made from materials of the most unusual texture. Decorated with floral prints, appliqués, paintings and embroideries, today they are real works of art.

Big-bags-female-photo_( 15) Most novelties-2017 for lovers of large bags will surely appeal to the soul
Big-bags-female-photo_( 38) Stylists paid a lot of attention to bag-bags of duffle type, as well as slings and satchels
Big-bags-female-photo_( 23) Backpacks also remain in the trend

Most new products-2017 to big loversHandbags are sure to please. After all, a lot of attention stylists paid to bags-bags like duffle, as well as slings and setshells. School satchel satchels are so convenient. Naturally, they are more solid than children's, and can be performed both from dense textiles and natural leather. Another easy kind of backpack is already known slings:( Sling): from backpacks they differ only in that they have one, but wide handle.

From fur designers have also learned to create real masterpieces. He has long been a frequent guest not only in the collections of shoes, but in all sorts of accessories. Agree, the winter voluminous bag of fluffy fur looks unusually cozy.

Large-bags-female-photo_( 22) School satchel satchels are so convenient!
Big-bags-female-photo_( 21) Naturally, they are more solid than children, and may be carried out from the dense textiles, and genuine leather
Big-bags-female-photo_( 4) Suitable as a romantic image and business style

Tip! The bag, like clothes, should be tried on. Is the strap suitable for you?(The bag should not be below the waist line).Do the accessories do not cling to the surrounding objects? Throw a couple of things in it and walk a couple of steps. You should be as comfortable with her as possible.

Attention! Let's talk about the combination of colors and decoration

reason it is considered that the scheme "color bag - color obuvki" in 2017 is still valid. But, thanks to the stylists, this rule has long been outdated. Who ever said that a gray suit, red boats and a black bag - this is not comme il faut? But these are classic colors. And if the color of shoes will differ from the bag for a couple of tones? Fortunately, modern fashion allows this. The same as full contrast. Therefore, we take this note as well.

Big-bags-female-photo_-1 For a long time it is not necessary to choose a handbag for the color of shoes
Big-bags-female-photo_( 51) Style Boho entered the baggy fashion
Big-bags-female-photo_( 49) Brown is considered a classic on a par with the black

. Of course, we will combine only the trend colors: brown-orange, violet, Shades of green and bright blue shades. In fashion, and remain so beloved by many women's golden tones. The novelty of this season is rainbow striped products. For example, very sunny bags with a combination of orange, bright yellow and muted yellow.

In addition to bright colors and classics, designers offer to use the restrained luxury of handbags of pastel colors. However, in the pastel tones a new trend has appeared - they become more succulent and saturated. In the trend:

  • lavender pastel;
  • spicy mustard( a mixture of yellow and mustard);
  • "river bank"( something in between blue and blue);
  • piercing gray Sharkskin;
  • coral and olive;
  • for summer, you can also choose a new shade of pink: it is something middle between the shade of a dusty rose and juicy cream.
Large-bags-female-photo_( 48) Trendy color "riverbank"( something in between blue and blue)
Big-bags-female-photo_( 47) The glued texture of the bags is very relevant
Big-bags-female-photo_( 44) The main thing is that the bag is suitable for you

Advice! The image, aged only in one color, looks dull and tasteless. Be sure to dilute it with 1-2 shades. What will we wear big bags with?

Fans of the classics can sleep peacefully - black and beige colors are unlikely to ever leave the catwalks. After all, they can be combined with almost any outfits. But, besides colors, the shape of the handbag is also of great importance.

A spacious bag-briefcase, a simple and elegant travel bag or a capacious "postman" is perfectly combined with the official dress code. Naturally, this accessory of a successful woman should be made of quality leather.

Large-bags-female-photo_( 41) For everyday life, a bag-shaped bag with a bottom in the form of a circle or oval is more appropriate.
Big-bags-female-photo_( 43) The messenger bag is combined with the style of the Boso
Large-bags-female-photo_( 36) with denim style it is also possible to afford a very voluminous bag

.Clutches. A large noble bag of classic or saturated colors is perfectly combined with large decorations and shoes on the platform.

For everyday life, a bag model with a bottom in the form of a circle or oval is more suitable. For style casual - most that. With jeans style, you can also afford a very voluminous bag of juicy colors: red, white, pink or raspberry.

In the arsenal of any woman must be present and a classic bag of rigid construction. After all, it is universal and can help out in many situations. That it could easily be combined with any outfit, finishes and accessories in it should be at a minimum.

Large-bags-female-photo_( 32) Large size bag perfectly combined with long summer dress
Big-bags-female-photo_( 31) Many women choose bulk bags for their capacity
Big-bags-female-photo_( 30) Classics lovers can sleep peacefully - black and beige colors are unlikely to ever leave the podiums

Advice! If you are small, but have long dreamed of a big bag, choose a model with a handle of a sub-line stretched in length. Such a product will seem less voluminous. Where to buy?

Of course, models of well-known brands look, say, very good. But they also stand. Therefore, if you do not plan such expenditure, do not buy imitation. Better find a lesser known, but a real and high-quality brand.

Kaple has quite good designer bags, Bryan Atwood, Keith Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Longchamp models, etc. are more expensive( from $ 140). You can order high-quality bags on well-known American or European sites:

  • Nordstrom. Com
  • and others
Big-bags-female-photo_( 29) Lightweight leopard dress and bag of hobo
Big-bags-female-photo_( 28) Wide flared jeans combined with classic model of the bag
Big-bags-female-photo_( 27) The bag-barrel fits the style of the keypad

Tip! To the girl "with forms" it is not necessary to stop on shapeless models. It is better to buy a hard bag with clear lines - it will help to "assemble" the image together.

And finally, some more tips

  • cheap and quality things do not happen;
  • save better on something else: a cheap bag can completely "kill" any image;
  • is not ashamed and sniff the bag when shopping, real leather should not smell of chemistry;
Big-bags-female-photo_( 25) Remember: cheap and quality things do not happen
Large-bags-female-photo_( 24) Save better on something else: a cheap bag can completely "kill" any image of
Big-bags-female-photo_( 19) Do not be ashamed and sniff the bag when buying, real leather should not smell chemistry
  • if you do not want to spend money on leather or suede, get a textile or fabric model, because leatherette, believe me, is too evident, and it is easy to crack in the frost and in the heat;
  • winter clothes are more voluminous, so the bag for this period is chosen more;
  • white and pink - the colors are only summer, and the other light colors are more suitable for the spring-summer period;
  • not in a hurry with the choice, the bag, just like the shoes, should be loved;
  • if you did not find the model that immediately lit up in the heart, it's better to postpone the purchase;
Big-bags-female-photo_( 18) If you do not want to spend money on leather or suede, get a textile or fabric model, because leatherette, believe me, is too striking, and in the cold and in the heat easily crack
Big-bags-female-photo_( 13) Winter clothes are more voluminous, thereforeBag for this period is chosen more
Big-bags-female-photo_( 12) Take your time with the choice, the bag, just like the shoes, should be your favorite
  • suede thing will require careful care, do not take it for everyday wear;
  • quality lining - half a bag, imagine how you will look, revealing it in public.

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