What antibiotics can I take during pregnancy?

  • Mar 09, 2018
  • requires to give the possibility of to recover from the body after the disease. The best option is from 3 to 6 months .During this period of time, the antibiotic will be completely removed from the body of the woman, and the liver will be freed from accumulated elements;
  • if pregnancy occurred after taking medications, then this should be told to your gynecologist .
  • He will certainly conduct a full examination and appoint a set of restorative procedures to strengthen the woman's body.

    When antibiotics are a necessity for a pregnant woman

    There is a group of people who have chronic diseases that worsen during a sharp decrease in immunity. Pregnancy can activate diseases in chronic forms of , so some of them require a systematic course of antibiotics.

    In medicine, there are cases when women during the entire pregnancy took such drugs and gave birth to a healthy baby.

    What antibiotics can be taken during pregnancy

    What antibiotics can I take during pregnancy?

    Admission of an antibiotic, like biseptol

    , during pregnancy is strictly prohibited

    The onset of fetal formation has strict limitations to the use of antibiotics. The most dangerous drugs are the penicillin group. They can cause abnormal fetal development, various pathological changes in the vital organs of the toddler .

    In rare cases, when treatment of the disease is impossible without the penicillin group , then physicians can offer a pregnancy termination .

    Most often in the first trimester uses antibiotics of the group of cephalosporins .Drugs for topical treatment can also be offered, which reduces the effect of their components on the fetus inside.

    In the second trimester of , such drugs are dangerous, but they can not influence the formation of the fetus. Therefore, some groups can be used in treatment, but only after a detailed examination by an specialist.

    In the third trimester, a doctor can compare the risk of taking antibiotics and the result that a woman will receive.

    If it has complicated forms of chronic disease or has received serious viral or bacterial diseases requiring immediate administration of the drugs, a cesarean section may be suggested.

    What you need to know about a future mother about antibiotics

    Each group of drugs is a threat to the development of the baby, the formation of his internal organs, the nervous system, the brain. Unfortunately, cases of serious pathologies in a newborn are recorded, whose mother took these drugs.

    When choosing which antibiotics you can take during pregnancy, the doctor should tell you about all the risks and possible effects of this medication on the baby .The following help will help every mother to know about the risks that can be caused by taking antibiotics:

    • Tetracycline group. Rapidly accumulates in the placenta and for a long time influences the formation of the liver, bone system, teeth of .
    • Biseptol and its analogs. Strictly contraindicated in pregnancy. In all cases, it causes the development of heart defects, disorders in the nervous system.
    • What antibiotics can I take during pregnancy?

      Exclusively, the physician determines the appropriateness of prescribing antibiotics in pregnancy.

      • Levomycetin. May interfere with the formation of the nervous system, affect the functioning of the fetal bone marrow.
      • Furagin. Fully stops the development of the fetus , most often miscarriages are fixed.
      • The most safe among all drugs is penicillin .
      • It can be recommended to for women at any gestation period of , if its use is fully justified.

        How to take antibiotic pregnant

        Doctors offer a certain algorithm, which can reduce the risk of side effects from taking antibiotics:

        • is recommended only by a doctor;
        • dosage of the preparation should be only that prescribed by the physician ;
        • any drug you need to take at the same time after eating ;
        • it is impossible to drink several medications at the same time, even if they are prescribed by a doctor.
        • The choice of antibiotics that can be taken during pregnancy is a complex and responsible decision that only the doctor should take, and the expectant mother must weigh the pros and cons so that the baby is born healthy and strong.

          Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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Pregnancy of a woman is a special condition, when every minute requires special responsibility for the life of the child and her. How can I not harm myself?

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What antibiotics can I take during pregnancy? Will there be a threat to the health of women and the future baby from such drugs?

Reading the instructions for the use of most antibiotics, you meet the phrase: "forbidden to pregnant women."

But in life there are situations when such drugs are necessary for a woman to be treated.

The course of antibiotics before the future conception of

What antibiotics can I take during pregnancy?

What antibiotics can be taken during pregnancy

A large number of women will say that antibiotics were taken shortly before pregnancy. The gynecologist immediately says that the expectant mother is at risk of miscarriage. Specialists give advice to women who do not use contraceptives, but have been treated with the antibiotic of any type and group: