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  • Mar 09, 2018
Sting-best-songs_08 Extraordinary talent wins Sting, whose best songs are known to several generations of music lovers

Studying the history of music, extraordinary talent wins Sting, whose best songs are known to several generations of music lovers. The musician has something to learn: his perseverance and faith in people gives hope for a bright future.
The real name of the singer is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. He was born on October 2, 1951 in the north of England and was an ordinary boy who studied at a Catholic school and attended piano lessons. His first guitar he received at 10 years old and since then has become inseparable with music.

Sting-best-songs_09 Sting notes that Jimi Hendrix had a significant influence on his musical taste and becoming a musician. He listened to his music as a boy, was fond of jazz, which was strange for that time.


  • 1 History of the creative way of Sting
  • 2 Discography of Sting
  • 3 What caused the popularity of the song "Shape of My Heart»
  • 4 most popular songs of Sting
  • 5 Interesting facts about the singer

History creative way Sting

History Gordon Sumner's famous formationSting deserves respect. His creative career began in 1974 and continues today. The musician touches on important topics for humanity and believes that the world should be governed by love, not war. Music helps to live and forget about problems, but nobody needs a weapon. If you get rid of it, people will become kinder and causeless killings will cease.

Sting notes that Jimi Hendrix had a significant influence on his musical taste and becoming a musician. He listened to his music as a boy, was fond of jazz, which is strange for that time.

By education, Sting was a teacher and it was during the period of teaching that he realized his own self. He began to play with little-known jazz collectives. It was during the game in one of them( Phoenix Jazzmen) that Gordon turned into Sting.

Sting's nickname means "sting".The nickname went from the singer's favorite sweater to the black and yellow band, which associated him with hard-working insects.

In 1977 Sting met with Stuart Copeland, and this event is turning in the life of the singer. It is with the participation in the group The Police begins the flowering of creativity. After all, he is included in the hall of fame rock'n'roll and awarded with Grammy Awards.

Sting-best-songs_12 Sting's nickname means "sting".The nickname went from the singer's favorite sweater to the black and yellow band that associated him with the industrious insect

In 1986, the singer realizes his importance, and he decides to start a solo career that gave him world recognition. He returned to the group The Police once in 2003.But five years later the collective disintegrated repeatedly and finally.

Interesting! Sting claims not to be nostalgic because he does not like to do the same thing. This is one of the secrets of its development. Constantly to achieve new heights - that's what it means to live.

Discography of Sting

Standing Sting's career has borne fruit already with the release of the first disc called The Dream of the Blue Turtles. He became platinum thanks to the single of the album Russians. The song became extremely relevant during the Cold War between the US and the USSR.The lines "the Russians also love their children" are relevant today. By the way, in the single he used the melody of the Russian composer Prokofiev from the suite "Lieutenant Kizhe".

The next no less popular album is Nothing Like The Sun .He came out in 1987 and immediately took first place in the music ratings. To the creation of the album the singer drew the notorious Mersalis, Andy Summers, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. The most popular song is They Dance Alone, because its theme at that time was the most relevant( dedicated to the victims of repression in Chile).

Sting-best-songs_11 Alubom Brand New Day of 1999 became three times platinum in the USA and once in the UK

Mature composer Sting becomes after the loss of parents, in honor of whom and released a new album The Soul Cages .Autobiographical album is released in 1991.The single was rightfully placed on the fifth place in the rating of Billboard magazine.

The next collection of songs finally presented the world to the singer from a new perspective: Ten Summoner`s Tales .Hits "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You" and "Fields of Gold" appear in the album Summoner`s Tales. It also includes two new songs "When We Dance" and "This Cowboy Song".

Slightly weaker than previous albums was the Mercury Falling , but the fans were satisfied. The main track "Brand New Day" became a hit and was placed on the 13th place of the British musical ratings. The album even received two awards in the US.

In 1999, the new drive Brand New Day came out, which became three times platinum in the US and once in the UK.

On the day of the catastrophe on September 11, 2001, a new album All This Time was released, which was distinguished by modesty. The live album was helped to record musicians McBride and Rebello, well known in the world of jazz.

Sting-best-songs_ for the song «Send Your Love» singer received a Grammy

Impressed by what happened on this date, Sting has revised its attitude towards music, and in 2003 released a new CD Sacred Love .He is impregnated with pain for people and general misunderstanding, but still claims that everyone will be saved by love. The next "Grammy" award the singer receives for the song "Send Your Love".

In 2006 the world introduced a new disc Song from the Labyrinth .

In 2009 there was a gold album for the US If ON a Winter's Night .

On July 13, 2010, Symphonicities was released.

The first studio album for the last 10 years was released in 2013 under the name The Last Ship .

In 2015, the joint work of Sting with Mylene Farmer showed the world the single "Stolen Car".This is a cover for the song, which he himself released in 2003 from the album Sacred Love.

In 2016, the musician delighted the fans with the promise that on 11 November a new disc 57th &9 th , named after two streets that intersect along the way near Sting to the recording studio.

Interesting! Sting is an example of peacefulness. He is against firearms, because he considers him totem. It was created in order to do terrible things. That's why the singer never held a gun in his life.

Sting-best-songs_03 In 2016, the musician delighted the fans with the promise that on November 11, a new disc, 57th &9 th, called on the two streets that intersect the path of Sting to the recording studio

What caused the popularity of the song «Shape of My Heart»

most famous song Sting considered «Shape of My Heart»( «Silhouette my heart").People who do not know English are genuinely surprised when they learn that the song is not really about love. Although the name and leads to thoughts about romance.

The song gained wide popularity due to the fact that it was used in the cult film "Leon" from Luc Besson. Lyrical music makes people even cry with callous hearts in the final episode, when they kill the main character, a girl gives a flower a new life by transplanting it from the pot into the ground.

The singer himself explains the meaning of the song, as a delight from the card player. He does not strive for victory, but enjoys playing and tries all the time to understand fate and its patterns. The profound philosophical meaning is that the mask of a poker player never changes. He bluffs and in life, trying to deceive fate.

Sting-best-songs_14 most famous song is considered Sting Shape of My Heart, it was played in the film by Luc Besson Leon

Fans of Sting finds its meaning in the track, tying him with a romantic relationship. Between the lines they hear a secret meaning about the relationship with his wife and mistress. Some trace the thread that leads to the truthfulness of the tarot cards. The third category of fans claims that "Shape of My Heart" is written about the spy of British intelligence.

All songs of Sting are pleased with the variety of speech, the knowledge of stylistic figures and their use. In this case, the refrain is saturated with homonyms, where the musician compares card suits with objects. He associates worms with hearts, which is not strange. However, the peaks are cold weapons, and the clubs are like batons. The edges of diamonds are similar to diamonds.

In foreign charts "Shape of My Heart" was not very popular and took 57th place. But in Russia the song is still a real hit.

Sting-best-songs_07 In foreign charts Shape of My Heart was not very popular and took 57th place. But in Russia, the song is still a hit

most popular songs of Sting

Over the years of hard work, Sting has dozens of popular songs that are not heard unless deaf. We made a rating of the ten points, although it can be supplemented by other hits musician:

  1. ranks first song «Englishman in New York» .It can be said that this is an autobiographical song, since Sting achieved popularity not only in his native England, but throughout the world. However, he did not change his beliefs, but remained the same as he was. So it is sung about the main character of the song.
  2. In second place is located on the right track «Shape of My Heart» , which hundreds of thousands of people know by heart.
  3. The song is closed by the song "Fields of Gold" .The track is simple, uncomplicated. Bagpipes and guitar combined with vocals create a melancholic atmosphere, but it is worthy of an ovation.

    Sting-best-songs_02 Englishman in New York - it is an autobiographical song, because Sting won popularity not only in his native England, but all over the world

  4. famous song, which brings together people of different races, nationalities, religions, social status - «Desert Rose ».Sting recalls that all people live on the same Earth and do not deserve cruelty from each other.
  5. The song «Fragile» helps to get rid of depression. It helps to forget about troubles and to believe in the best.
  6. The sixth place in the rating is the song "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You" .It conveys the individual style of Sting as best as possible. Strong text and the same music conquers the hearts of listeners and adds admirers to the army of fans of the musician.
  7. Reasoning about eternal problems in this romance "Mad About You" .Love occupies an important place in the organization of the world. Without it, it is difficult to live and meaningless. Only feelings return to life and make a person a Man. The beautiful text is supplemented by the sounds of a violin and measured background music.

    Sting-best-songs_04 song If I Ever Lose My Faith In You transmit as well as possible individual style of Sting

  8. eighth place ranking goes to the song «When We Dance» .The musician pays tribute to the music and its place in people's lives. It gives strength to struggle, helps to forget about vanity. The whole melody is sustained at one calm pace, but the track is really remembered.
  9. Studying the work of Sting, you can not miss the song "Russians" .She played a key role in the development of the musician. The singer calls people to goodness and peace, pointing out that weapons are created for evil and war. And you need to destroy it for a quiet life. He remembers the children who are not guilty of anything.
  10. Pleasant easy song "Seven Days" closes the top ten of Sting's best songs. It is simple and positive. It evokes pleasant feelings, a smile and joy.

Tip! To add the impression of Sting's work, you need to listen to the songs that the whole world recognized. They will help to understand the soul of the musician and will anchor him in the heart of everyone.

Sting-best-songs_ pleasant light Seven Days closes the top ten songs of Sting

Interesting facts about the singer

Sting lives to the fullest. He uses all his power, creative and mental abilities. It is an inexhaustible resource for moving forward. During the years of life, facts that interest his fans, music lovers and simply educated people have accumulated. They share it with us:

  • at Sting six children;
  • actor founded the Rainforest Foundation Fund, so Brazilian drevesnitsu named in his honor: Dendropsophus stingi;
  • pseudonym Gordon previously belonged to the wrestler Steve Borden, after which he was bought out by the singer;
  • for health maintenance, Sting ran over the years 8 kilometers every morning;
  • in 1995, the artist accuses the accountant of stealing income, for which they put him in jail for six years;
Sting-best-songs_13 Musician financially supported the young director Gaya Richi, and so was a cameo of his father Eddie in well-known movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels»
  • in Hollywood Walk of Fame is a star Sting for his great contribution to the world of music;
  • musician has financially supported the young director Gaya Richi and therefore got a cameo Eddie's father in well-known movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels";
  • proceeds from the charity album Song for Japan are transferred to the Japanese aid fund after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011;
  • Sting himself prepares wine, which is highly appreciated by experts;
  • in 1993, Sting recorded a single «All for Love», along with Adams and Stewart, then it becomes the soundtrack to "The Three Musketeers" movie.
  • singer recommends treating yoga with respect, as it helps to meditate. He compares this state with writing a song, when each line goes through the soul. This requires a certain level of purity of consciousness.
Sting-best-songs_10 The singer recommends treating yoga with respect, as it helps to meditate. He compares this state with writing a song, when each line goes through the soul.

Sting has succeeded in painstaking work. He did not bring anything on a silver platter. Only a belief in one's own strength, an endless love of music and self-giving is the secret of success.

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