Tonal cream Maybelin - Variety of products, testimonials

  • Mar 09, 2018
Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_09 The mass market class, Meibelin, according to reviews, is able to perfectly smooth out small irregularities and even look after the skin.

The mass market class, Maybelin, is said to be capable of smoothly smoothing small irregularities andEven care for the skin. In this article, we will give a detailed description of each of the Maybelline New York masking facilities.

Tonal-cream-mebeline-responses_07 Maybelline New York presents a wide range of quality and inexpensive cosmetics


  • 1 Assortment of tonal means "Meybelin"
  • 2 Matting creams
  • 3 Persistence 24 hours
  • 4 Light coating
  • 5 Perfect tone
  • 6 Tonal foundation Dream Satin Fluid
  • 7 Apply tonal basis correctly
  • 8 Feedback from users

Assortment of tonalMeans "Meybelin"

Any tonal agent should be selected not only by the shade, but also by the characteristics of the skin. The official website of the manufacturer provides several types of masking defects in creams, including:

  • matting creams for oily skin with special additives to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and narrowing the pores;
  • products with a persistent effect of 24 hours for fresh make-up for the whole day;
    creams with a light coating and a loose texture for daily use;
  • means "perfect tone": thanks to special pigments are able to "adjust" to the skin color.

The Maybelline New York range also includes Blemish Balm( BB) foundation creams. This phrase can be translated as "cream from imperfections."In addition to the tonal basis, the composition of such products includes special regulating, bleaching and UV-protective substances.

Tip! To properly choose a shade, you need to apply a small amount of foundation to the lower part of the face or the inside of the wrist. Ideally, its color should completely merge with the color of the skin. The reddish tint will mean that the cream is dark. If the skin in the application site becomes gray, this means that the product is too light for your skin.

Matiring creams

This kind of cosmetics with matting effect is used mainly by women up to 25 years. With the help of such products, you can get a smooth and smooth skin without visible greasy sheen. Often such adsorbent fibers, kaolin or witch hazel are absorbed into such creams, absorbing excess subcutaneous fat.

Maybelline offers young ladies with problem skin two types of matting toners:

Superstay Better Skin seven shades, improving the skin condition;With regular application, redness and pigmentation, characteristic of oily and combination skin, gradually decrease;Contains vitamins C and B5, as well as zinc, copper and magnesium.

Price: 454 р.

Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_08 This product contains vitamins C and B5, as well as zinc, copper and magnesium

Dream Matte Mousse : special matting mousse with a light texture for everyday use;Providing a velvet matte coating of the skin;Is provided in six shades.

Price: 462 р.

Tonal-cream-mebeline-responses_05 Dream Matte Mousse: special matting mousse with a light texture for everyday use

Tip! The most natural creams are yellowish scales. Toning means with a pink or grayish shade in daylight is better not to use - they will look unnatural.

24 hour stability

To look in any situation "for 100", Maybelline suggests using special tonal tools that can provide a more lasting effect during the day. According to the manufacturer, they are able to withstand up to 200 touches and 1 thousand drops of liquid. After applying the "Meibelin 24 hour" foundation, you can not be afraid to use the phone - the applied product will stick to the skin. Such creams

implemented in two types, and eight colors:

Superstoyky Superstay 24 h Microflex formula with a special protection from adverse weather conditions;The "Meibelin Super Stey" toning cream does not require corrections throughout the day due to special "pigments of freshness".

Price: 480 р.

Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_01 Superstoyky Superstay 24 h Microflex specially formulated for protection against inclement weather resistant

Affinitone 24 h , does not clog pores, resistant even to heat and moisture;Has 8 shades.

Price: 453 р.

Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_04 Persistent Affinitone 24 h, non-clogging pores, resistant even to heat and high humidity

Tip! Any tan is washed off over time. Therefore, lovers of solarium and solar baths better to acquire several tubes of cream of different shades at once and mix them in the necessary proportion.

Light coating

If for oily porous skin you need a thicker and more saturated composition, then, in the absence of problems, you can choose a cream with a lighter texture and a light coating. Foundations for everyday use Maybelline offers three options:

  • as a spray for fixing make-up Superstay 24 hours : this new product is easily applied from the spray to the skin on top of any make-up and prevents it from spreading even in the event of contact with the face of rain or snow;The price of this magic means - 472 p. ;
Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_03 Spray for fixing makeup Superstay 24 h
  • tonal basis Dream Fresh BB for toning and skin care "Instant radiance";Provided in 3 very light colors;Combines the properties of a moisturizing and tonal remedy;You can use it even as an ordinary day;Cost of "Meibelin Dream Fresh" foundation is 431 р.;
Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_12 Dream Fresh BB combines the dampening properties and tone means
  • same light moisturizing foundation Dream Pure BB has hue 2 and comprises salicylic acid for narrowing and purification of pores;Its price is 430 r.
Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_10 Moisturizing base Dream Pure BB

Advice! Even if you know the tone of your skin, keep in mind that in the winter it slightly fades, and in the summer sunbathes even when walking along the street. Consider also that on different types of skin, the foundation is looked at differently. For example, on a greasy basis, it will look more dark.

Perfect tone

A high-quality foundation is capable of adapting to the skin, while guaranteeing an impeccable and natural color. Maybelline has developed a special formula by which foundation "Meybelin perfect tone" makes the skin smooth and natural:

Affinitone : guarantees not only the tonal effect, but also moisturizes the skin;The composition includes vitamin E and argan oil, which has a rejuvenating effect;Has a wide enough range of shades: from ivory to dark beige.

Price: 402 р.

Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_06 Affinitone: guarantees not only a tonal effect, but also moisturizes the skin

Advice! When choosing a cream to apply a tonal to the top of the palm for checking the tone, as many do, it's not worth it. The skin in this place is always darker than on the face. Apply it on the wrist, in the area of ​​the cheekbones or earlobe. Dream Satin Fluid

Another innovation in the field of cosmetology from Maybelline is the foundation fluid «Fluid Maybelin».This is a light version of the usual cream, which has a particularly delicate airy velvety structure, thanks to which the skin does not clog and remains tender and natural.

Conventional tonal products have a greasy basis. The basis of such a fluid, intended for daily care, is a special gel that undergoes the degreasing procedure.

Tonal-cream-mebeline-reviews_02 This lightweight version of the usual cream with a particularly delicate airy velvety structure, thanks to which the skin does not clog and retains the tenderness and naturalness of the

. Despite the lightness and weightlessness, Dream Satin Fluid cream can hide small irregularities and defects, filling it with a healthy shineAnd a gentle glow. It is designed for light skin and is available in eight shades: from light to dark beige. Reviews of the "Meibelin Satin" foundation are often the most enthusiastic.

Price: 454 р.

Tip! You can achieve a darker shade of foundation by adding a couple of drops of self-tan.

Apply tonal basis correctly

The correct masking cosmetic product is not visible on the skin. It should only level out its own complexion and give it a fresh and healthier appearance.

Before applying a tonal basis, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and applied to it a small layer of any day cream. Dense masking cream is better spread over the skin with the help of finely porous sponge. The liquid can be applied simply with the fingertips:

  • is applied a foundation cream always from the center of the face to the periphery, neatly, without stretching the skin;
  • is first applied to the back of the nose, then to the chin and forehead;
  • on the nose the cream is shaded along the wings of the nostrils, on the forehead - from the center to the temples, on the chin - from its center to the very corners of the lips;
  • in the eye area, it is first applied to the areas under the eyebrows and rubbed against the outer corners of the eyes;
  • after distribution, it is necessary to carefully shade its boundaries near the neck, side of the face and along the hair growth line;Leaving sharp boundaries unacceptable.

Large skin defects and circles under the eyes are best masked using sticks. They have a more dense consistency and are actively saturated with pigments. However, it is not recommended to apply the entire surface even with too problematic skin - the face will look unnatural and become a mask.

For the spring-summer period it is better to choose tonal funds with UV protection. In winter it is better to use creams with more than usual fat content.

Tonal cream Maybelin Before applying a tonal basis, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and applied to it with a small layer of any day cream

. It is recommended for women of age to use foundation creams with a minimum content of pigments. Even with too noticeable age changes and pigment spots on dry and thin skin, unfortunately, the dense cream will be too noticeable.

It is very important that when choosing a tonal basis, the lighting in the room is natural. Incandescent lamps can give the skin unwanted yellowness.

Tip! If you bought the cream a little darker than required, do not get discouraged. It can be used to correct the shape of the face and combine with blush.

User reviews

Daria, 22 years old: Spray for fixing cosmetics has never been used before, and the Maybelline SuperStay24 tool acquired randomly( the seller persuaded).He really can protect makeup from spreading. Naturally, the fixed cosmetics at the same time should also be of high quality. The only thing is that the spray must be sprayed a few centimeters from the face to lie evenly.

Angelina, 31: Something super-resistant Superstay 24 h is not particularly super-resistant. Yes, it does not feel on the skin and looks good. But a little sweated - and all flowed. However, always before tonalko I put or render on a skin a basis. Maybe that's why it spreads quickly. But I will not take this remedy any more. Maxfactor somehow used to.

Anna, 17 years old: What would I do without the mousse-wizard Dream Matte Mousse, I do not even know. My skin is problematic, so it was very difficult to hide the greasy shine before. The only thing - girls, if you take this remedy, be sure to apply some moisturizing cream before it, otherwise it will be noticeable even that peeling, which you did not pay attention to before. Apparently, Dream Matte Mousse slightly drains the skin.

Katerina, 26 years old: She bought Affinitone 24 hours before her birthday( although I always only use Dream Fresh BB so that I can immediately take care of my skin).Legged Affiniton is smooth, the color is good. For everyday use will not work, but for such cases just right.

Tatiana, 34 years old: Superstay Better Skin. He does not hide anything. All the flaws on the face. I will not take more.

Irina, 26 years old: I have a light skin without any problems, so "Fluid Maybelin", in principle, suits me. It is really light, with a small defect completely conceals. But there is no matting effect in it, so I additionally use a compact powder.

Svetlana, 19 years old: Superstay Better Skin took a light beige. But with a shade, unfortunately, I did not guess. I had to mix with the cream of another company. Maybe that's why the effect is not very good. The skin shone again in the evening.

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