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  • Mar 09, 2018
Carcasses-vivien-clogs-responses_07 Cosmetics Vivienne Sabo presented the budget line of exquisite decorative tools that have gained popularity among many of the girls for a good effect, and affordable price

Cosmetics Vivienne Sabo presented the budget line of exquisite decorative tools that have gained popularity among many of the girls for a good effect, and affordable price, andMascara Vivien Sabo is no exception. The brand is based in France, and, despite its recent appearance in the market, it has hit shoppers.

Carcasses-vivien-clogs-reviews basic idea of ​​the brand is based on the possibility of creating a refined French style with an inexpensive product


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product Features

basic idea of ​​the brand is based on the possibility of creating a refined French style with an inexpensive product. During the work the original product names are used, the gloss elements can be traced in the product vial. A single line of design that creates a sense of luxury, as a result, for a ridiculous money, a fair sex representative can count on getting a chic product - stylish and high-quality. Thanks to the design of the vials of the products, despite the contradictory opinions about them from the representatives of the fair sex, the brand becomes recognizable, and each of its models is a journey into the world of beauty and luxury.

The original ideas of designers and product developers are embodied in the forms of brushes, substance compounds. Despite the use of innovative techniques during the manufacture of the product, the brand has not been able to become famous for serious discoveries and revolutions. Unfortunately, the characteristic feature of all models of this manufacturer is not in the best composition, in which there are harmful and dangerous additives, including petrochemical products.

But, despite this, they do not adversely affect the eyes and do not damage the vision function. There were no complaints from customers of the product. On the quality and progressive product innovations can be found on the official website of the company.

Carcasses-vivien-clogs-reviews The original designs of the designers and developers of the product are embodied in the forms of the brush, the substance

Assortment positions of the eyelash formulations

The assortment of fixers and color adjusters from the Vivienne Sabo brand is represented by several popular models that have gained popularity on the market. Consider the rating of the best model positions of this brand, compare their cost and get acquainted with the reviews of customers.

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret

Model "Cabaret" is a real opportunity to be in the past, say, in Paris, the 30-ies, when the theater became popular in Montmartre. Truly the formula of carcass is a masterpiece of the company. We have already said that every manufacturer has a hit that can be done best, this particular model is a hit of the manufacturer Vivienne Sabo. Thanks to a special composition, your eyelashes will be visible from afar, and the equipment of the product with a flexible plastic brush allows creating an original volume for just a couple of frauds.

Mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret, like red lipstick, as well as stylish clothes, hardly once "out of fashion", and this is not surprising. After all, the model is literally designed to give cilia a special volume, thanks to the fashion trends applied by the company. Innovative designs and ideas borrowed from other companies, allowed the manufacturer to show the light of special product with an improved design, interesting composition, progressive formula and a special brush.


Model Vivienne Sabo Cabaret equipped natural waxes, to help provided beskhlopotnoe applying mascara to the eyelashes, they enveloping components are extended and attain significantly greater volume. High quality oils are attached to the wax, which not only feed the eyelashes, but also provide them with high-quality care. Such results are the result of the laborious work of the company's laboratory, since it is problematic to make a high-quality connection of wax and oils.

Carcasses-vivien-clogs-reviews Model Vivienne Sabo Cabaret has a natural wax, thus ensuring a beskhlopotnoe applying mascara on the lashes, they are enveloping components lengthen and take on a much larger volume of


At first glance, this design element has no features comparedWith brushes of other products. The fact is that they are still available. Thanks to the use of progressive developments in design, brushes perfectly cope not only with the option of creating volume, but also with quality combing of eyelashes. The modern model of the plastic brush is equipped with a narrow tip, which accurately and concisely distributes the funds along the hard-to-reach corners of the eye. The plastic is made of high-quality raw materials with an elastic form, so the villi are fitted with a snug fit and provide color throughout the entire length. Thanks to the short bristles, the products are provided with the creation of an additional volume.

Advantages of

The virtues of Vivienne Sabo Cabaret are plentiful. The product can with dignity occupy the best positions in ratings and have relevance to the sought-after means for eye make-up. The image can be created in the likeness of the situation: it is perfect for an evening out and for everyday make-up for work. Natural or Hollywood make-up, classic or avant-garde - all this will be achieved if you use the best mascara. In addition, the product offers users a lot of advantages.

  • Increased color saturation;
  • Easy to apply in hard-to-reach places;
  • No spreading and rolling down on the eyes;
  • Do not glue the hairs even in the case of many applications;
  • After drying, the product holds firmly to the eyes.


They are immaterial.

  • Some girls marked a too liquid consistency;
  • For many, the brush is too small and unusual;
  • If there is a surplus, lumps appear on the eyelashes;
  • Buy mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret can not be everywhere.

Price: from 285 to 310 rubles.

Mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Prime

This is another brilliant representative of the model line that deserves special attention and respect. Considering the reviews of numerous girls, we can conclude that, like any other brand product, this element has its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Resistance to humid environments;
  • Easy application;
  • Affordable price;
  • No lumps.


  • eyelashes stick together;
  • You need to apply a lot of money for the volume.
Carcasses-vivien-clogs-reviews Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Prime resistant to moisture, is applied without lumps

Despite this, the weaknesses are irrelevant, and the product is in demand among the girls. The features that Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premier conceals in itself lie in a convenient brush, ease of use, interesting design of the bottle, special composition.

Price: 350 rubles.

Tip! Before you buy this or that mascara, look at its brush on the probes, which should be offered in the store. This will determine the relevance of the product for your case.

Vivienne Sabo Femme Fatale

This product can safely be called an analog of expensive brands - Maybelline, L'OREAL, MAX Factor. This is evidenced by the reviews of beauties who tried this unique product and noted its clear advantage in the form of affordable cost. The fact is that many brands make good products, but their price is too expensive for many girls. As for this particular model, it perfectly copes with its functions and ensures proper volume, elongation. If you consider the features of Vivienne Sabo Femme Fatale, you can note a few nuances:

  • Easy application and flushing;
  • Branch of hairs;
  • Optimal composition and consistency;
  • Successfully made brush;
  • Original design of the bottle.
Carcasses-vivien-clogs-feedbacks05 Vivienne Sabo Femme Fatale is characterized by a good structure and texture

Thus, ink Vivienne Sabo Femme Fatale is an excellent option for those who wish for ridiculous money to recreate the French chic.

Price: 300 rubles.

Ink Modeler

This model extends the eyelashes well and even slightly twists them. There are no lumps, and eyelashes themselves look quite original and natural. The composition is excellent in the eyes, by evening it does not stick together and does not leave dark circles under the eyes.

Price: from 250 rubles to 300 rubles.

Carcasses-vivien-clogs-reviews_01 This model is well lengthens lashes and even a little of their curls


Similarly, the previous model, this contributes to a lengthening mascara eyelashes and a small twisting them. In addition, it copes with the separation of eyelashes and creates an effect of naturalness. By evening, tears in their eyes and ugly black circles under them are absent.

Price: 300 rubles.

Carcasses-vivien-clogs-reviews Mascara copes with the separation of eyelashes and creates the effect of naturalness

Mascara Brow Vivienne Sabo

addition to traditional mascara brand, is also available on products for eyebrows care and improvement. Of course, this is not the first brand in which this product was released, but using the idea is very successful, if you believe the reviews of the enchanted girls. Currently, only one model is represented in the range of Vivien Sabo brand, but it is possible that the range will be replenished with useful analogs. Considering the number of positive responses about the product, we can conclude about its superiority over the notorious Cabaret model. Among the features of the fixing gel, several nuances can also be noted:

  • liquid consistency;
  • is not suitable for hard eyebrows;
  • color is not noticeable;
  • specific unpleasant odor.

Price: 250-300 rubles.

Carcasses-vivien-clogs-reviews06 Mascara Brow designed for stacking unruly hairs

Tip! Girls who left feedback on the product, recommend buying it yourself and try it on yourself, only after that make certain conclusions.

user reviews

Irina: use three models of the carcass from the ranking. I can say that I was most impressed with the Vivienne Sabo Femme Fatale model, because it best fits on my eyelashes and perfectly separates even small hairs. I liked that the brush is made of quality material, it has an ideal shape. The consistency of mascara is the most suitable for me. In any case, you can not immediately choose, you need to try different options until you find your own.

Tatiana: I bought several times Vivienne Sabo Femme Cabaret. I would not say that it completely replaces the expensive products sold in L'Etoile, for example, but for a budget option in case of emergency - it is quite suitable.

Katerina: I liked the Mascara Modeler. I thoroughly approach the choice of this cosmetic remedy, so I could not help paying attention to the "Modelist" due to the ideal brush. In general, each type of eyelash is designed for its own mascara, and, as they say, until you try it, you will not understand what is right for you.

Olga: I love the entire line of Vivienne Sabo. Since the moment when the carcasses of the company appeared on the market, I actively began to exploit them and tried everything that I could. Most of all pleased with the low price.

Elena: Magic gave effect mascara Vivienne Sabo Femme Fatale, which I use for over a year. The price, design, composition and brush are my favorites.

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