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  • Mar 09, 2018
Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_09 Tone Cream Max Factor is incredibly popular among women over 80 years

Tone Cream Max Factor is incredibly popular among women for over 80 years. After all, Maximilian Factorovich, in fact, invented this tool, for the first time in 1936, instead of offering a rough and crumbling theatrical makeup, he proposed using liquid composition on a gel basis. Today, Max Factor produces mainly dense textures with a persistent effect and hypoallergenic tonal products.

Voice-frequency-cream-max-factor-feedback06 Today, Max Factor produces mainly dense textures with a firm effect and hypoallergenic tonal remedies


  • 1 Miracle Touch
  • 2 Face color 3 in 1
  • 4 Lasting Performance
  • 5 Miracle Match
  • 6 Pan Stik
  • 7 Smooth Effect
  • 8 Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 secprotective serum
  • 9 Colour Correcting Cream with a corrector
  • 10 Reviews potrebitelnits

Miracle Touch

Cream powder Miracle Touch liquid has the consistency of cream. To the touch it seems rather dense, but after shading on the skin this feeling completely disappears. Coverage is ultrathin, and the skin beneath it shines. For ease of application, the kit includes a sponge applicator.

Due to the special melting formula, this agent is very evenly distributed over the skin, creating a fairly smooth and even coating. It is designed specifically for uneven and porous skin and contains a tiny wax suspension. Due

Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_10 singular melting agent of formula is very evenly distributed over the skin, creating a sufficiently smooth and even coating

Max Factor initially issued the cream mousse only 4 colors. Today, on the official website, it is realized in 12 shades from No. 30 Porcelain( porcelain) to No. 90 Toffee( for the color of toffee) for tanned skin.

Price: from 670 to 699 rubles.

Tip! In order not to make a mistake in choosing the right shade, you can purchase several probes and check their homes under natural light.

Color Adapt

Surprisingly, this cream is able to completely "adjust" to the skin color. Few people think that our skin in different areas of the face has different shades. This means by means of a special formula helps to create an ideal natural coating. At the same time, the "Max Factor Color Adapter" tone cream does not hide the skin color, but, on the contrary, it emphasizes its benefits.

Cream Powder Color Adept:

  • absolutely does not clog pores;
  • does not hide the natural shine of the skin and does not dry it;
  • does not contain oil and can be used by women with sensitive skin.
Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_08 This cream is able to fully "adjust" under color

means Colour Adapt packaged in the original tube of blue, white and cream color in 6 shades: from number 40 Creamy Ivory( ivory) to number 75 Golden( Golden).Tube has a special pump, thanks to which the cream is consumed sparingly.

Price: from 530 to 740 rubles.

Tip! Makeup brush is able to spread the corrective agent over the skin with a very thin layer. If a more dense coating is required, it is better to use a sponge.

Facefinity 3 in 1

This tool is able to mask even serious skin imperfections. After all, it combines in itself:

  • resistance to primer( basis for make-up, evening the skin);
  • correction properties of concealer( corrector, masking means);
    tonal basis.

Facefinity 3 in 1 has a long lasting effect and allows you to keep the effect of smooth, velvety skin all day long. It is available in 8 colors: from No. 35 Pearl Beige( pearl beige) to No. 77 Soft Honey( soft honey).

Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_04 Facefinity 3 in 1 has a long-lasting effect and allows you to keep the effect of smooth velvety skin throughout the day.

A sufficiently large bottle of "Max Factor 3 in 1" tonal cream has a very convenient dispenser. And it can be regulated. When you turn to the right, it opens. Close the dispenser, limiting the intake of cream, you can turn left. Since the container is made of transparent glass, it is very convenient to monitor the consumption of the product.

Price: from 570 to 655 rubles.

Tip! The price of masking cosmetics depends not only on the manufacturer's "unwinding", but also on the availability of additional components: a tightening silicone, substances that can retain moisture, nourish the skin and protect it from exposure to harmful factors.

Lasting Performance

Superfast foundation "Max Factor Lasting Performance" in black-and-beige plastic tube has already become a legend:

  • after application it no longer needs to be corrected, because it lasts long enough - the manufacturer guarantees its durability for 8 hours;
  • such a foundation is not afraid of touch, leaves no traces on clothes and prints on the phone;
  • it does not clog pores;
  • is perfectly shaded;
  • does not dry the skin;
  • is lightweight, almost weightless, the cream does not lose its main function - it corrects imperfections perfectly;
  • you can use this tonal remedy even for women with sensitive skin.
Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_07 This base is not afraid of touch, leaves no trace on clothes and prints on the phone

The cover of the package is easily unscrewed and snaps shut when closed. The tube is equipped with an elongated spout with a small hole for dispensing the cream. The product is available in 6 shades: from No. 100 Fair( light) to No. 109 Natural Bronze( natural bronze).

Price: from 547 to 670 rubles.

Tip! If the tone is chosen correctly, the cream should just disappear in the eyes on the skin, merging with its color.

Miracle Match

Colored glass in a glass tube with dispenser Miracle Match guarantees its owners impeccable and moisture-saturated skin and does not require additional base application. The remedy is better for women or girls with a dry or normal skin. For those who have oily skin, it is better to apply it on the matting base or additionally use powder.

The "Max Factor Mirakl" tonal cream tube is decorated in golden-black tones and is equipped with a dosage pump with regulation of the amount of cream and protection against accidental leakage. The design of the bottle in many ways resembles the design of the Facefinty tuba.

Tonal-cream-max-factor-responses_05 The tonal cream in a glass tube with a Miracle Match dispenser guarantees its owners an impeccable and moisture-saturated skin and does not require additional application of the

basis. On properties, it is also very similar to Facefinity 3 in 1. Perhaps, "Miracle" is only slightly softer and more tender than its colleague. The cream is liquid enough, but does not spread and maintains its density. Unlike matte Facefinity, it contains special particles that give the skin radiance.

Although Max Factor produces this product in 18 shades from Crystal Beige( crystal beige) and Warm Almond( warm almond) to Suntan( tan), in Russia they are sold only 6.

Price: 549-865 р.

Pan Stik

Pencil Pen Stick , designed to hide visible flaws, spots or redness on the face - an integral part of women's handbag many women of fashion:

  • it is applied only on a tonal basis;
  • has an increased amount of coloring pigments;
  • has a dense creamy texture, which is easily and quickly distributed over the skin;
  • is able to smooth even small wrinkles;
  • has 6 shades: from No. 12 True Beige( true beige) to No. 96 Bisque Ivory( porcelain ivory).
Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_11 Pencil Pan Stik designed to hide noticeable flaws, blemishes or redness on the face

Packed in a blue and gold designer tube with a stick applicator, compact and light, it takes a little space even in a small handbag clutch. Therefore, you can correct their face even on the run.

Price: 455 rub.

Tip! To facilitate the distribution of Pan Stik, which has a dense consistency, it is necessary to apply it to the fingertips and slightly to rub them. The warmed up cream podtaet, and to distribute it or him on a skin becomes easier.

Smooth Effect

In translation this phrase means "smooth effect".The soft foundation of this "Max Factor" foundation, according to reviews, is able to level the tone and hide the small flaws, without heavier skin. Smooth Effect has a liquid texture and is easily distributed.

Its manufacturer guarantees after application:

  • natural complexion;
  • no mask effect;
  • is an ideal foundation for make-up.
Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_01 Use this tool can and owners of the most sensitive and dry skin as an everyday basis for the makeup

Use this tool can and owners of the most sensitive and dry skin as an everyday basis for make-up. You can find it by its characteristic packaging with a crossed purple line on a black and beige background.

Of the eight tones, the brightest is No. 40 Porcelain( porcelain).Owners of swarthy skin can be advised shade No. 80 Bronze( bronze).

Price: from 673 to 930 rubles.

Tip! The tonal cream for everyday use can be applied as a sponge or a special brush, or with pads of fingers. Means of a more dense structure is better to distribute using finely porous sponge.

Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 with protective serum

The composition of this tone means from Max Factor includes a special serum from SPF 15, which guarantees protection from sunlight. Index "15" indicates that the cream is able to protect even from sunburn for 75 minutes. If necessary, it can be re-applied. In addition to the tonal basis, it contains special moisturizers, which help maintain the skin in perfect condition.

Tonal-cream-max-factor-reviews_02 The composition of tonal resources of the Max Factor includes a special serum with SPF 15 provides protection against the sun's rays

Available 8 colors allows you to select the most appropriate: tone number 35 Pearl Beige( pearl) is more appropriate light-skinned women. Tint 80 Bronze( bronze) is best chosen by a tanned or swarthy lady.

Price: from 540 to 650 rubles.

Tip! Pigment spots, acne and severe redness better hide using concealer( corrector) from Max Factor. Apply it after the tonal basis.

Colour Correcting Cream with corrector

attractive soft black packaging with gold letters hides a high-quality tonal base with softening and moisturizing additives:

  • abbreviation CC( on the tube it is framed as a large golden letters) means that the cream has an additional correction of the red or yellowShades of skin;
  • thanks to a light formula, the skin after the coating looks absolutely natural;
  • administration of glycerin gives additional moisturizing and makes the face smooth and radiant;
  • cream has an average density and not a greasy consistency.
Face cream Max Factor Thanks to the light formula, the skin after the coating looks absolutely natural

Cream Color Correcting is available in 6 colors from No. 30 light( light) to No. 85 bronze( bronze).

Price: 550-790 rub.

Tip! If there are no moisturizers in the tonal base, apply any day cream to the face before applying it. This is especially important in the presence of dry problem skin. It is extremely important to correctly choose a remedy for tonal basis. Use of too nutritious and fatty creams with poor absorbency is unacceptable. The tonal base from it will roll down and be poorly distributed over the skin.

Reviews of consumers

Angelina, 19 years old: The tonal tool picked up a long time and finally decided to stop on the Miracle Touch. This mousse to lie perfectly plus delicious smells of almonds. The skin after it looks natural. The only drawback - the cream in the box is not enough.

Galina, 27 years old: Max The factor is very tight, and I did not particularly like it. The skin after it looks somehow unnatural. In my opinion, it can be used only with too problematic skin, when there is no other way out.

Lera, 23: Miracle Touch for my oily skin came up perfectly. This is one of the best tonal tools in my collection. For me, 650 rubles, which I gave for him, is a considerable sum. But this cream is worth the money.

Olga, 29 years old: The cover of the Color Adept well is very uncomfortable. Redness can cover them, but there are no cyanotic spots from old acne. For too problematic skin in the kit, you will need to buy a corrector. To avoid visible peeling, it is required to apply it on a moistened base. I put a solid four for lying still and looking natural.

Lydia, 33 years old: My fair skin suffers too much from the sun, so Ageless Elixir with protective serum is just a salvation for me. This is the best creams I could find for such money. Plus it evenes and moisturizes perfectly.

Angelina, 16 years old: For my oily skin Ageless Elixir did not fit. The first couple of hours were fine, and then spread. It's a pity, the color of it is natural, pimples the spots well, and the face does not look like a mask.

Olga, 17 years old: Color Adapt does not clog the skin. The face after application remains the same natural. For half a year now, I'm 40 Creamy Ivory - my favorite cream. However, I do not use it every day, but only in the evening.

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