Fashionable matte lipstick Nix - Benefits, reviews, prices

  • Mar 09, 2018
Lipstick-nicks-matte-reviews_( 2) Lipstick Nyx matte - one of the best offers of the manufacturer

Lipstick Nyx matte is one of the best offers of the manufacturer. The relevance of the texture in 2017 beats all the indicators. Therefore, consider the advantages and disadvantages of coverage, we will study real user feedback and learn how to choose the right tone depending on your appearance. The official website offered five collections of liquid and ordinary matte lipsticks from Nyx. Let's analyze each of them.

Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 7) Matte lipstick this year is incredibly topical

Lipstick matte: user reviews

Velvet matte lipstick

Matte lipstick Velvet matte lipstick is offered in 12 differentColors:

  • 01 disorderly - an extraordinary purple tint perfectly suits bright personalities who like to stand out from the crowd. Color is popular among representatives of subcultures.
  • 02 beach casual gives the lips a unique corduroy velvet cover. Initially, the cream texture gives matte effect in just a minute. Its color reminds of a beach rest on clean sand.
  • 03 unicorn fur is a delicate pink shade that perfectly suits young girls. Choose it for a date.
  • 04 midnight muse gives the girl a midnight charm, turning it into a real muse for poets and people of creative professions. Deep blue color looks extraordinary and provocative.
  • 05 volcano awakens the imagination and recalls the present eruption of volcanic lava. If you are an expressive emotional person, this lipstick is made for you.
  • 06 soft femme emphasizes the tenderness and softness of the image. These lips and crave the romantic kiss of the fairy prince.
  • 07 miami nights turns every evening into real wild Mayam nights with fun and adventure. A bright pink shade perfectly suits the representatives of cold color.
Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 1) Matte lipsticks Knicks help to reveal the character and emphasize the beauty of the lips
  • 08 duchess gives the image the charm and grandeur of this duchess. A warm brown shade gives the lips a deep, deep shade.
  • 09 violet voltage is literally translated as "violet voltage".Suitable for creative individuals with a positive outlook on life.
  • 10 effervescent is a shade reminiscent of the color of sizzling champagne. Enchants and attracts men.
  • 11 blood love is a bright red color that looks sexy and inviting.
  • 12 charmed fascinates with its naturalness, emphasizing the perfect contour of the lips.

As we see, matte lipsticks from Knicks help to reveal the character and emphasize the beauty of the lips. On the official website of the representative Nyks in Russia, the price is 640 rubles for one bottle.

Tip! Before applying a matte lipstick, use a moisturizer or lip primer. You can combine with a contour pencil, but without it, Knicks make up perfectly.

Matte lipstick

The Matte lipstick line consists of 45 shades of matte lipstick. All of them give the lips well-groomed and smooth. The skin does not dry, but the color stays firm throughout the day.

Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 10) Lipsticks from this collection do not roll off the contour, easy to apply and beautiful in a variety of shades

To choose the best shade for yourself, in specialized stores you can buy branded cosmetics. They are enough for several times use, but they will be the decisive factor for choosing a shade.

The line of colors contains rich shades of pink, fresh colors, brown, beige, red, violet. Suitable for women and girls of different ages and social status.

Users note that lipsticks from the collection do not roll off the contour, simple in application and beautiful in a variety of shades. They are easy to shade and can be worn all day. Plus, also, that the cosmetics gives the lips extra volume, which makes them even more seductive.

Price of the product: 520 rubles.

Lipstick-nicks-matte-reviews_( i) Matte lipstick line has 45 shades of matt lipsticks

Advice! It is useful to treat the skin gud with bees, carnauba and candelilla wax, vitamin E. After similar masks the skin will become smooth and smooth.

Soft matte lip cream

The Soft matte lip cream collection contains 34 shades of matte liquid cream lipstick. The advantage of such cosmetics in the simplicity and uniformity of application. It's enough to just brush your lips and distribute the color. After 2-3 minutes, the creamy mass is absorbed and transformed into a matte coating.
Convenient applicator allows you to economize on lipstick.

The soft matte lip cream collection includes pastel colors, bright pink, red shades and even rich blue. Therefore even extraordinary creative persons will find themselves cosmetics to taste.

Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 11) The collection Soft matte lip cream contains 34 shades of matt liquid cream lipstick

The series presents 34 shades: the name of each is a geographical point on the world map. Each color best describes this or that country, the capital, the island. Feel the mood of each city.

Price of the product: 590 rubles.

Tip! Do not apply a matte lipstick to the weather-beaten lips, because such a coating emphasizes the unevenness of the surface.

Full throttle lipstick

Full throttle lipstick is an ultra-pigmented matte lipstick, which perfectly holds for a long time on the lips. Do not slip and do not rub off. The advantage of the product is that the lipstick is not sticky, does not dry the lips and makes them velvety.

The collection has 12 colors:

  • 01 con artist is a deep brown shade suitable for both blondes and brunettes.
  • 02 lethal kiss is a bright and suggestive shade of pink. Such saturated lips desire men, so the chance for a passionate kiss is increased.
  • 03 kiss the dust is characterized by light coating, which gives the image a mystery.
  • 04 firestorm resembles a shade of bright flames. Perfect for evening make-up. Note that with a rich shade of the lips, the eyes should not stand out, otherwise the battle color will be called.
  • 05 trickster - the pink color of a voluptuous liar. These lips are ready for vivid impressions.
Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 6) Full throttle lipstick is an ultra-pigmented matte lipstick that perfectly holds for a long time on the lips of
  • 06 night crawler is great for evening make-up. Attracts the attention of men and hints at the willingness to dialogue.
  • 07 sidekick - light brown shade, emphasizing the naturalness of the girl. For evening make-up, use a black pencil to make your eyes look great.
  • 08 up the bass The suits the rock divas and liberated young ladies. Bright red has always been in vogue. It can be combined with a versatile little black dress, and your perfect image will delight those around you.
  • 09 jolt - a beautiful orange shade, perfectly suited in the spring season. Refreshes and rejuvenates the face.
  • 10 locked - a dark shade of pink bewitching and beckoning. In combination with a matte texture it becomes an excellent option for everyday use.
  • 11 loaded - the color of the brown fertile ground underscores the beauty and depth of the brown eyes. In combination with blond curls, an incredibly original contrast is obtained. Brunettes the shade the doctor himself attributed.
  • 12 sandman is characterized by a brown saturation that resembles wet sand. Suitable for green-eyed beauties.

Full throttle lipstick, thanks to pigmentation, evenly lays on the lips and has the most lasting effect. Price of lipstick - 590 rubles.

Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 5) Full throttle lipstick thanks to pigmentation evenly lays on the lips and has the most durable effect

Advice! To matt lipstick gave saturation to the lips, apply it in two layers, between which treat the surface with a thin layer of powder.

Lip lingerie

In all tones, lipstick Lip lingerie is presented. It is suitable for completing any image and visiting even a solemn event. Since naturalness is in fashion today - all the tones of the lipstick suggested by Nykes are incredibly relevant.

The collection has 12 non-standard colors:

  • The price of each color is 640 rubles.

    Lipstick-nicks-matte-reviews_( 2) In fresh colors, lipstick Lip lingerie is presented. It is suitable for completing any image and visiting even the solemn event

    Please note that the nude shades should be as close to the natural shade of the lips. It is not enough to choose a beige shade. He can hide the lip contour and turn you into a faceless mannequin. Each tube of lipstick should be checked for yourself, so that it gives the lips a more juicy and expressive hue.

    Tip! To make the matte lipstick look fresh, moisten your lips with your favorite balm or coconut, almond oil before applying.

    Lipstick Knicks matte: user reviews

    From the review of matte lipsticks from Nyx, it can be seen that every girl can find her shade. But is the brand's product so good? Let's find out from the owners of cosmetics.

    Irina Vitalevna, 46 years old: I choose for myself matte lipstick Velvet matte lipstick bright red color. What do I like about it? It is not imprinted on teeth, does not stick, remains in its original form even after dinner. For me it is very important, as often you have to eat at the workplace. Yes, and I like my husband very much, I feel welcome every day even at my 46th birthday.

    Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 3) In a variety of shades of lipsticks, it's easy to pick up your favorite

    Natasha, 23 years old: I appreciate the natural beauty, so I choose nude shades of lipstick. When I first bought cosmetics from Nyx, I was ecstatic. The lips do not stick together, the color does not roll down and remains saturated until the end of the day. If a pencil draw a contour, you can do without such a fashionable hyaluronic acid. A matte texture Lip lingerie is my dream.

    Veronica, 19 years old: As soon as matte lipsticks became fashionable, I caught fire with them and tried a huge number of different options. I have about 10 tubes in the collection, but they are nothing compared to the Full throttle lipstick of Nyx. Classmates envy me, and the guys are constantly called on a date. My sponges look well-groomed and incredibly tempting. By the way, even after passionate kisses, the coating remains saturated and uniform .

    Lyudmila Ivanovna, 40 years: I like Matte lipstick at the price, convenient tube and a variety of shades. My collection already has 5 different matte colors from the Knicks. Well, what, I should look great in any situation. What I like is that lipstick lasts long on the lips and moisturizes them, so it is suitable even for the winter season.

    Darina, 26 years old: My husband was very worried that I use makeup during pregnancy. But I do not belong to fanatical mummies, and I understand that my future depends on my attractiveness. Or the husband will find the well-groomed girl, and me will throw with the small child, or I in all ways will remain for it seductive. So I went for a little women's trick: I bought one of Lip Lingerie's lipsticks. Darling noticed only the natural beauty of my lips and never found out about my gratitude to the manufacturer.

    Tatiana, 32 years old: I used to be skeptical about matte lipsticks and chose gloss. He beautifully shines in the sun and makes his lips seductive, I thought. But my friend gave me a cream-lipstick Soft matte lip cream. Now I think that this kind of coverage really makes my lips desirable. In this many thanks to the naturalness of the coating and the velvety texture of the .

    Ekaterina, 35 years old: Matte lipstick lipstick has become my choice, as it keeps on the lips all day. After work, I can safely go to a cafe for dinner, without worrying for its appearance.

    Lipstick-nicks-matt-reviews_( 4) All the tones presented in the Knicks, very fashionable this year

    Tip! To the skin of the lips does not crack and look well-groomed, periodically peel the lips. It will be done in the salon professionally. But you can put the candied honey on your lips and slowly massage them. The effect is not worse.

    In conclusion, we should add that the company Nyx produces quality cosmetics, taking care of your health and beauty.

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