Jojoba oil - Properties and application for face, hair, body

  • Mar 09, 2018
Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_-10 Jojoba oil is ideal for face, body and hair care.

Jojoba oil, the properties and uses of which are described in this article, is ideal for face, body and hair care. Thanks to its rich composition, this oil, sometimes called "Gold of the Desert", will help solve many problems, while saving on expensive waste products! How to use oil for your own beauty? The answer you will learn from this article.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 1) The composition of the oil is unique: in terms of its chemical composition, it is considered a plant wax almost identical to the spermaceti


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  • 2 What problems can Jojoba oil solve?
  • 3 Skin Cleansing
  • 4 Magic tool for eyelash
  • 5 Facial Skin Care
  • 6 Anti-Aging
  • 7 mask to combat inflammation
  • 8 tool for damaged hair
  • 9 Oil cellulite
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Jojoba refers to base oils category. The composition of the oil is unique: in terms of its chemical composition, it is considered a plant wax, almost identical to spermaceti. The oil includes:

  • antioxidants,
  • vitamins,
  • saturated acids,
  • collagen.

96% oil consists of ceramides, so it is exceptionally resistant to heat and oxidation. Ceramides are proteins that help moisturize the skin and restore its protective barrier.

Tip! You can store the oil for years, but it will not lose its useful properties. It is best to store the oil in a cold place in a sealed container.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 11) 96% oil consists of ceramides, so it is exceptionally resistant to heating and oxidation

What problems can help solve jojoba oil?

Oil can be used to solve the following problems:

  • withering skin that has lost elasticity and elasticity;
  • dry skin;
  • wrinkles. Especially effective is the oil to eliminate small wrinkles around the eyes;
  • acne;
  • colloid scars. Of course, it will not be possible to remove old scars, however, as prevention of their appearance, oil will become an ideal remedy;
  • prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy and sudden changes in body weight;
  • skin hypersensitivity;
  • dermatitis;
  • sunburn;
  • softening of hardened skin areas, for example, on elbows or on the heels;Fragility and cross section of hair;
  • ;
  • joint disease;
  • flabbiness of the skin around the neck.
Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 4) Oil helps fight many cosmetic problems

Tip! Jojoba is perfect for taking care of any type of skin. However, if the skin is oily and prone to the appearance of the gums, it is not recommended to apply oil in its pure form: it must be mixed with moisturizing and nutritious creams.

Skin cleansing

It may seem paradoxical, but jojoba helps to clean the skin of dirt and makeup. In this case, unlike the usual cosmetics, it will not clog pores or dry the skin, gently moisturizing it and protecting it from all sorts of aggressive environmental influences. If you remove the makeup from the eyes with jojoba oil, you prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles around the eyes.

How to apply the tool? It's very simple: soak a cotton pad in it and gently rub the face, moving along the massage lines. It is very important not to rub the skin, especially around the eyes. Just attach the disc to your eyes for a few seconds: after that, mascara, shadows and eyeliner can be removed without any effort.

Advice! If your skin is prone to dryness, after the make-up remover you can not remove the residual oil. Owners of oily skin should wash with cool water. However, in the winter of washing can be dispensed from freezing temperatures the skin becomes dehydrated, and jojoba help to prevent it drying out and nurture valuable substances.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 8) If you remove eye makeup using jojoba oil, you can prevent the appearance of fine lines around the eyes

Magic tool for eyelash

If you have short blond eyelashes, you can use this unique natural remedy for strengthening and growth. Use oil for this purpose is extremely simple: apply a small amount of it on the eyelashes at night. However, it is necessary to be careful: if there is irritation in the eyes, it is better to refuse such a procedure.

Thanks to this method, eyelashes will quickly grow, becoming darker and thicker at the same time. Many girls even claim to be able to give up carcass due to this simple remedy!

Tip! applied to the eyelashes natural remedy was convenient, pour it into an empty tube from the carcass with a plastic syringe without needle .

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_-3 If you have short blond eyelashes, you can use this unique natural remedy for strengthening and growth

Facial Skin Care

If you use oil regularly, your skin will be long lasting shine and elasticity. To do this is very simple: apply a small amount on the face, neck and décolleté instead of the cream. By the way, jojoba oil is absorbed quickly enough, therefore, there will be no fatty film on the face that hinders gas exchange. In addition, you do not get stained bed linens. Surplus means, which the skin has not absorbed, should be soaked with a paper napkin.

By the way, if you regularly use oil, you can get rid of both excessive dryness of the skin and its fat content. Dry skin means will nourish and protect against external influences, and to owners of oily skin it will help reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands. The product will help to maintain youth for a long time due to the presence in the composition of a high concentration of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant.

Tip! For maintenance to become even more effective, you can add a few drops of any essential oil to the base jojoba oil. It is necessary to be careful: essential oils can cause severe allergies and even burn the skin. Therefore, before using such a home remedy, be sure to test on a small area of ​​the skin, for example, at the elbow bend.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 5) If you regularly use the oil, you can get rid of both the excessive dryness of the skin and of its fat content


In order to conduct effective home routine that will prevent premature skin aging, you will need two tablespoonsJojoba, a couple drops of patchouli oil, as well as one teaspoon of flaxseed oil. Mix all listed components in non-metallic containers and apply on face. The mask should be on the skin of the face and neck for a quarter of an hour. After the procedure, wipe the skin with a tissue.

If you do the mask two or three times a week, you will quickly notice that the wrinkles are smoothed out, and the face oval becomes clearer. You will quickly notice the effect of jojoba oil: the properties and application for the face of this remedy are truly miraculous. Women who regularly use this method note that their skin has become the same as it was at the age of twenty.

Tip! Apply the mask with special brushes: this will make the procedure not only more hygienic, but also pleasant. In addition, the brush will help to make a soft, delicate facial massage and improve blood circulation.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 2) Jojoba oil helps restore youth

your skin mask to combat inflammation

If the skin is covered with all kinds of rashes and inflammations, usually it is a violation of the work of any body system and you need to see a doctor who will find out the root cause of the cosmetic defect that bothers you. However, there are means that can get rid of rashes and return the skin a beautiful, healthy appearance. One of these tools is a mask based on jojoba.

To perform the procedure, you will need:

  • a tablespoon of jojoba;
  • two drops of tea tree oil, which is a powerful natural antiseptic;
  • one drop of lavender essential oil.

This mask should not be applied to the entire face: it is enough to lubricate the inflammation and the rash with a cotton swab. The mask suppresses the growth of bacteria, nourishes the skin and helps accelerate the regeneration process. Do the procedure you need a couple of times a day, you can apply the product at night.

Jojoba oil, the properties and uses of which are described above for the skin, is practically a universal tool that does not have contraindications! Thanks to the oil, you can save on the expensive means and services of a cosmetologist.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( i) The mask with jojoba oil suppresses the growth of bacteria, nourishes the skin and accelerates the regeneration process

Advice! If you are not prone to allergic reactions, you can try to apply tea tree oil in its pure form. This should be done very carefully: essential oils can cause skin burns.

Remedy for damaged hair

Jojoba oil, whose properties and applications are described in a number of books on cosmetology, will help you get rid of problems, for example, from excessive dryness and fragility of your curls. Also, the regular use of such masks is an excellent method to prevent the cross-section of hair ends. Especially this method is useful for girls who regularly dye their hair and make hot styling.

The oil can be applied to the hair in an un-diluted form or mixed with essential oils. Essential oils need to add two or three drops: this will help get rid of the fatty hair. If the scalp is too dry and you have dandruff, you can do without essential oils. An excellent effect gives a mask, which includes equal parts of jojoba and burdock oil.

Apply the mask for the entire length of the hair, warm the head with a cellophane cap and a towel. You can wash off the mask after a couple of hours. In case your hair is damaged sufficiently strongly, you can leave the mask on all night.
You can accelerate the growth of hair by rubbing jojoba oil into the scalp for 10-15 minutes before bathing. Oil will nourish the roots of hair and help quickly become the owner of luxurious long curls.

Jojoba oil-properties-and-application_( 7) The oil can be applied to the hair in un-diluted form or mixed with essential oils

Advice! Oil masks are hard enough to wash off hair. Buy a special cleansing shampoo or add some baking soda to your regular shampoo.

Cellulite oil

Based on jojoba essential oil, the properties and uses of which are described in this article, it is possible to make an excellent tool for anti-cellulite massage. Take five tablespoons of butter, and mix them with essential oils of citrus( orange, grapefruit or mandarin).After that, massage the problem areas with the help of hands or special massagers.

This tool not only helps get rid of cellulite, but also makes the skin more smooth and supple. In addition, you will receive an aromatherapy session that will cheer you up and give you cheerfulness.

Tip! To get rid of cellulite, you can prepare a scrub based on ground coffee and jojoba. Mix the ground coffee with shower gel to get a homogeneous mass, having the consistency of fatty sour cream. After that, enter into the mixture two to three tablespoons of jojoba. In the shower, apply self-made scrub to problem areas, massage them thoroughly and rinse with cool water. After the procedure, any suitable cream is applied to the skin.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 6) On the basis of essential oil jojoba can be made an excellent tool for anti-cellulite massage

Dry lip skin treatment

If during the cold season the skin of your lips crack and peel off strongly, you will need to resort to the next method. Every evening, rub the jojoba oil into the skin of your lips, to which a few drops of essential oil of rose are added. Oil can be applied and undiluted form: this means will not become less effective.

Based on jojoba oil, you can make an excellent lip scrub. Add a little jojoba oil in the sugar to make a thick slurry. Massage your lips and rinse with warm water.

Tip! Men can also use jojoba oil. If you have dry sensitive skin, apply after shave oil: this will help to make the skin smooth and supple.


Now you know the features of jojoba oil, properties and applications. Feedback will help you make sure that this tool really works for 100%.

Tatiana: During pregnancy, stretch marks appeared on the abdomen. Expensive means did not work, read that you can use natural resources. I put oil on my stomach every night. And after birth, no stretching.

Oil-jojoba-properties-and-application_( 12) oil can be used to moisten the lips

Elena: suffer from dry skin. Creams, even the most expensive, gave a short-term result. Has started to use jojoba oil in the pure state: simply put or rendered before a dream. The skin quickly became elastic and elastic, and I forgot about the dryness forever.

Olga: When my son was 14, he developed acne. I read in one article that you can apply jojoba oil with tea tree oil on inflammation. As a result, the pimples quickly came to naught. I recommend all teenagers who are faced with age-related problems.

Catherine: We use jojoba oil as a family. We put a daughter on the face in the winter before going out, my husband uses after shaving, I make masks on the basis of this oil. Cheap, efficient and simple!

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