Fashionable pedicure design 2017 - News and Trends( 50 pics)

  • Mar 09, 2018
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 22) main guidance in the design of pedicure in 2017 will remain the idea of ​​simplicity and naturalness

main guidance in the design of pedicure 2017( photo news can be found in the article) will be the idea of ​​simplicity and naturalness. Dark colors( gray, black, red, blue, metallic, etc.) will dominate, as well as in manicure, along with pastel shades.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 5) Bright green manicure brings back memories of spring and the first grass
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 2) Lift yourself up great beauty nail-art
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 3) This year will be dominated by dark colors, along with pastel shades

soft September weather yet allow fashionistas pampered open shoes, and hence the opportunity to decorate theirMarigolds with sequins, sequins, stones and other decor. Velvet season will keep for some time urgency beach sea motifs leaving summer.


  • 1 Pedicure gel-varnish
  • 2 Fashionable hits
  • 3 Or maybe shellac?
  • 4 Fashion trends in pedicure design by shellac
  • 5 French pedicure: simple and tasteful
  • 6 Popular pedicure styles in French style
  • 7 A bit about other fashionable pedicure designs
  • 8 Lunar pedicure
  • 9 Metal pedicure
  • 10 Glass pedicure

Pedicure with gel varnish

One of the popular techniques of nail-Art throughout the seasons of 2017, including in the fall, continues to be a pedicure with the use of gel-varnish, the design of which is full of novelties( photo).Women of fashion

interesting: applying rules

  • gel varnish Before applying the gel varnish nails to the desired shape, the cuticle is removed. Then the uppermost layer is removed from the nails. Nail plates are cleaned of dust residues, degreased.
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 4) Before applying gel-varnish, the desired shape is given to the nails, the cuticle
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 10) is removed. The uppermost layer is then removed from the nails. Nail plates are cleaned of dust residues, degreased
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 52) the next step is carried out coating directly gel lacquer in three layers: base gel colored gel varnish and finish-gel
  • the next step is carried out coating directly gel lacquer in three layers: base gelColored gel-varnish and finish-gel. The application of gel-varnish on the nails is accompanied by mandatory drying of each layer in the UV lamp for about 2 minutes or in the LED unit for about 30 seconds.

Tip! Try to apply all the components as thin as possible to give the pedicure an elegant look. A colored gel is applied in one layer, if there is a desire to give it a translucent appearance, or two or three layers for a more saturated kind. But the layers should be as thin as possible.

Fashionable hits

The decoration of the pedicure with gel-varnish this year is rich and varied. The new autumn season changes the palette of the actual colors. Now this:

  • gray,
  • black,
  • blue,
  • brown,
  • silver,
  • red,
  • pastel colors and shades.
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 18) combination of black and white - the eternal classic
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 13) Blue and white - a variation on the theme of the sea
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 12) Blue color varnish Pedicure relevant in this year

The combination of these colors will create a unique, colorful design pedicure.

Uniform coloring will always remain in the trend. It is universal in nature, suitable for different life situations and outfits.

Very much in harmony with the strict, restrained style of its owner, and will also be more than ever in the period of tranquility and gradual falling asleep of nature, the departure of its variegated colors until the next summer season.

Geometric ornament will continue to keep its popularity in the next season of 2017.Figures can be depicted as on the nails of only the thumbs, and on all the fingers in general. According to the recommendations of stylists, the width of the nail plate must be taken into account.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 53) Rainbow on the fingers
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 11) Multicolored coating and smile on the thumb
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 25) Uniform coloring will always remain in the trend. It is universal in nature, suitable for different life situations and dresses

Gradient pedicure( ombre) is also very popular among nail design options. He repeats the trend of a similar manicure. Its basic trends will be:

  • transition of color from the first finger to the last;
  • the transition of colors within the nail of one finger - horizontally, vertically.

Creating drawings - another fashionable motif in the design of nails with gel-lacquer. This is, first of all, an abstraction - a mosaic, dots, blots, spots. Also popular are thematic drawings. So, during the velvet season, marine motifs and, undoubtedly, golden autumn motifs will still be in demand.

The New Year's Eve will make all kinds of snowflakes and stars a reality.

Tip! Be sure to wait until the gel-varnish has dried completely to avoid deterioration of the coating. Especially now this is relevant in connection with the approach of the autumn-winter season and the appearance in everyday life of closed shoes.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 7) Marine drawings
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 8) Gentle patterns
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 15) Most often the pattern is applied to the thumbnail of the thumb. There is more room for creativity here.

Or maybe shellac?

The design of a pedicure with the help of shellac( photo) in this year 2017 was supplemented with many interesting novelties. Shellac, as a mixture of gel with varnish, is very widely used today in the field of nail art. It is characterized by quality as a gel( wear resistance), and varnish( color, gloss).Also this coating is absolutely harmless to health.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 54) Shellac, as a mixture of gel with lacquer, is very widely used today in the sphere of nail art
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 43) Pedicure shellac traditionally provides for the preliminary preparation of the feet, and after the transition is already directly to work with the nails
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 35). Before coating the shellac, the nail surface is treated and degreased. The cuticle is removed, and the necessary form is given to the nails.


Pedicure shellac traditionally provides preliminary preparation of the feet, and after the transition is already directly to work with the nails. Before applying shellac coating, the surface of the nails is treated, degreased. The cuticle is removed, and the necessary form is given to the nails.

Tip! Experts in the field of nail art do not recommend giving nails to the toes round shapes, because this is the form of the root cause of ingrown nails. Therefore, the optimal option for a pedicure is straight straight nails.

After preliminary preparation, a base is applied on the nails, which is dried in a UV lamp. Further marigolds are covered directly with a color coating - shellac, which is also dried similarly to the first layer. After the final drying of the pedicure with shellac fixed top layer, which also need drying under UV radiation.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 55) After this preconditioning is applied onto nails base which is dried in the UV lamp
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 34) Further marigold color coating directly covered - with shellac, which is also similar to the first layer is dried
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 32) After final drying pedicure shellac fixed top layer, which also need to be dried by UVRadiation

Tip! You can cover with shellac nails in two layers, that visually helps make them stronger and thicker.

Fashion trends in design pedicure shellac

The design of the shellac pedicure can be carried out by:

  • single-color staining;
  • decoration of painted nails pattern;
  • decoration with the help of such elements as rhinestones, sequins, stones.

Shellacs have a rich palette of colors. Pedicure at any time of the year, according to stylists, will be actual striking design, designed in various shades of metallic, red, blue, black, and pastel shades that are particularly relevant during all seasons in 2017.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 37) shellac
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 36) have a rich palette of colors for a pedicure at any time of the year, according to stylists approval, will be actual striking design
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 30) Figures in pedicure shellac applied to the color coat, for fixing the top layer

typical pedicure with shellac to the beach - it's multi-colored nails. This trend in 2017 should take note of those who did not have time to soak up the beach in the summer, and decided to catch up in September velvet season - 2017.

Figures in pedicure shellac applied to the color coat, for fixing the top layer. Fashion trends in pedicure in this respect repeat the features of the decor in manicure: lines and stripes, geometric ornaments, dots and specks.

The velvet season in September 2017 will still give an opportunity to decorate marigolds in the beach style, using marine themes.

The use of bright decor elements - rhinestones, stones - in pedicure should be moderate, limited to one or two nails on each leg, in order to avoid inaccuracy and ridiculous appearance. Such decor, as well as drawings, is attached to the colored layer of shellac with the help of glue, and then covered with a top layer. Such decor will remain relevant during the warm September weather, when still in use will be open shoes.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 27) monophonic coloration shellac
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 25) Bright marigold-berries
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 21) Using bright decor elements - rhinestones, stones - in the pedicure should be moderate, limited to one or two nails on each foot, to avoid messy and absurd appearance

Tip! Do not forget to dry the marigolds under UV light in the lamp after applying not only each layer of shellac, but also drawings and decor elements.

Ensure that each next coat is applied only after the final drying of the previous one. Adhere to these rules, and you will get the desired effect from the pedicure shellac - bright, bulky, visually thickened, strong nails.

French pedicure: simple and tasteful

actively used not only in manicure, pedicure but also in design, all well-known technique jacket that pleased with original novelties warm season - 2017( photo).This technique of nail art has for a long time been in the leading position in the fashion world, expanding the range of its variations - from a classic jacket to the use of different colors of decorative varnish, rhinestones, sequins for the decoration of marigolds.2017 is also the period in which the French pedicure is on the wave of popularity.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 39) actively used not only manicures, but also in the pedicure design, all well-known technique jacket
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 38) This technique nail art has for a long period is a leader in the fashion world, expanding the range of its variations - from the classic jacket to use different colors of decorative lacquer, rhinestones, sequins for decoration marigold
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 44) 2017 - it is also the period in which the French pedicure is the wave of popularity

Probably, the main reason for such a demand for French remains a pedicureits versatility. After all, it is very difficult and tedious for some busy women to correctly choose the color of the nails to each shoe and along. And the jacket has a unique ability to match any life event, weather, season, shoes. The French pedicure gives grace to the female legs, looks gently and neatly. In 2017, the most popular such varieties of French pedicure:

  • classic;
  • color;
  • with rhinestones;
  • with pictures.

Tip! For French pedicure stylists advise slightly to grow nails, but no more than 2 mm, because the length beyond this will look ridiculous. But this is not necessary, since the white line - "smile" is able to visually extend the nail.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 2) The main reason for this popularity of the French pedicure remains its versatility
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 6) French has a unique ability to match any life event, weather, season, shoes
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 1) French pedicure gives grace to female legs, looks gently and neatly

Popular pedicure style in French style

Classic French coat in pedicure, As for manicure, provides the design of the nail plate with the nuanced shades of decorative nail polish - pale pink, different shades of bzhevogo - as close to the natural color of the nail. After that, the tip is traditionally marked with a white "smile".After the drying of these layers, the whole nail is covered with a fixing layer.

Tip! "Smile" in the French pedicure should be narrow - about 1-2 mm, unlike the manicure, where there is a wide field of possibilities for experiments with the thickness of the white tip.

The color jacket is made using the same technology as the classic one. Only for the design of nails are used a variety of colors of decorative varnish. In this case, you can experiment not only with the color scale for the "smile" line, but also for covering the main part of the nail plate. In 2017, the trend is a combination of black lacquer with different bright colors, as well as different pastel shades with each other.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 42) The color jacket is made using the same technology as the classic one. Only for clearance claw uses various color decorative lacquer
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 55) can experiment with not only the color gamut for the line "smile", but also to cover the main part of the nail plate
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 33) smile line made of glitter

French pedicure with crystals and also looks Glitter original. There are many options for decorating the nail with these decor elements: along the entire length of the "smile", between the white tip and the main color of the nail plate, the placement of several rhinestones on the basic background of the nail, etc.

The French patterned jacket is made using special stencils or with the help ofFine cyst for nail art. Popular among lovers of beautiful pedicure use geometric, floral motifs, strips and lines, etc.

Advice! If you decide to decorate a French pedicure with pictures or large stones and rhinestones, it is important not to overdo it with the decor: to give a tenderness and a neat appearance to a pedicure, it is better to decorate a pair of marigolds, for example, thumbnails.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 29) French with a pattern of lines smiles
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 23) Striped jacket

little about other fashionable designs pedicure

Other very popular nail design techniques in pedicure stand in 2017 is similar to the known art manicure and novelties( photo).Among them are pedicure:

  • lunar;
  • metal;
  • glass. Such
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 49) pedicure easy to perform and independently
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 56) Solid coating - the best option for beginners in nail design
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 57) New Moon pedicure pedicure

pedicure peculiarity of this kind lies in the fact that the hole of the nail plate is colored lacquer color different from the basic color of the nail. The hue of the hole can be more dark or light, compared with the color of the main part of the nail plate. The most common are the colors used to stain the wells with lunar pedicure:

  • white;
  • silver or gold;
  • black;
  • red.

The well can also have a variety of shapes: semi-circular, triangular.

Tip! The shape of the socket must match the shape and size of the nail plate. The triangular well will best look at an elongated, narrower nail plate, the semicircle is a more versatile shape.


Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 46) pedicure Pedicure using rhinestones
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 45) Neat flowers on the big toes
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 41) Marine theme pedicure indispensable in

holiday season is especially popular in the season 2017 - will be a metal pedicure, all the more so metallic - it is one of the trendy colors of the new season. The most common ways to make the nails metallic color:

  • using foil;
  • painting with metallic varnish.

Foil is one of the available materials for the design of metal nails. It should be applied to a transparent lacquer or glue, and top to cover with a top layer. But the characteristic of this method is that due to the presence of the upper metal coating masthead nails do not shine, but rather have a matte effect.

Tip! For glossy metal pedicure, special nail varnishes are used - golden or silver.

Glass pedicure

advantage of "Glass Nail" is that they have a huge palette of performance options, which is practically impossible to repeat. Therefore, the pedicure "broken glass", like a similar manicure, is the most unique nail design.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 31) advantage of gel varnish and shillaka that they stick on nails up to three weeks
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 26) Winter patterns
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 24)
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 21) Funny nail design variant moon manicure pedicure

For registration, "broken glass" used special holographic labels, foil, cellophane mirror.

Tip! It is recommended to decorate "glass nails" with gel-varnish, so that the pedicure lasts longer.

pieces of foil, cellophane, film, prepared in advance, via rods are laid directly on the second layer of gel varnish in the dried UV lamp only one minute. Visually, their location should resemble glass fragments. After performing this procedure, we send the marigolds to dry under UV radiation. Above the nails are covered with a traditionally fastening top layer.

Thus, the pedicure of the 2017 season is primarily marked by a change in the color palette used to decorate the marigold. Insanely cheerful, colorful and bright colors give way to a darker, cooler and more reserved tone.

Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 20) Graphic Design
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 17) Pedicure marbled - very stylish
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 16) Small bright spots
Fashion-design-pedicure-photo-novelties_( 14) main condition in a beautiful pedicure - groomed feet

also change the trend in the design drawings on the nails: beach theme for some time, can serve until the end of the velvet season. In their place, after that, more restrained drawings - geometry, abstraction, and soon - New Year and Winter motives will come. Closed shoes can also limit the use of certain decorative elements.

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