Second-hand, what is it?- Dear things for a penny!

  • Mar 09, 2018
Second-hand-what-it_( 5) Second-hand - a great opportunity to save money on basic things in the wardrobe

Ten years ago, many of our compatriots were wondering: second-hand, what is it? Entering one of these stores and being surprised at the low prices, people bought things with trunks. But what was disappointing most of them when the seller has informed them that the clothes have someone wearing. ..

Second-hand-what-it_( 11) In Europe and America have long been related to second-hand absolutely adequate, but the opinion of many Russians still remains consistentlynegative


  • 1 What is this "second hand"?
  • 2 Interesting features
  • 3 What is sold in second-hand?
  • 4 Who comes in second hand?
  • 5 Recommendations regarding the selection of clothing
  • 6 handling things bought in second-hand

What is this "second hand"?

All modern consumers are divided into two groups: the first with admiration looking at countless hangers priceless trophy for a penny, the other half in disgust wince at the mere sight of the sign store such things.

In Europe and America for a long time belong to the second-hand absolutely adequately, but the opinion of many Russians is still invariably negative. In their opinion, in such places only dirty, low-quality and cheap clothes are sold. But, despite such a large number of negative reviews, second-hand stores grow like mushrooms after the rain. Let's see if it's worth to make purchases in such outlets, what you need to pay attention to, and how to understand if such a value is appropriate.

Second-hand-what-it_( 6) In second-hand, collections of previous seasons are sold, they are no longer of special value for the fashion world

Interesting features

Second-hand is often confused with vintage clothing stores. Indeed, there is much in common between them, and sometimes it is very difficult to determine the line. But the so-called vintage are things that have been popular in the past centuries. In order for a thing to pass into this rank, it must exist for a minimum of 30 years. There is another nuance - the outfit should reflect the fashion trends of its time. Second-hand also sells outfits of collections of previous seasons, and they do not represent a special value for the fashion world. Usually these things are meant for use in everyday life.

Second-hand is also easily confused with a commission store. Here, evening and solemn outfits, wedding dresses and men's tuxedos are sold more often. The products of the commission are supplied by ordinary citizens of our country, the store sells them and pays the client a certain percentage.

There are also stock shops, which are also often confused with second-hand. But here we are talking about new things that large clothing manufacturers could not realize.

Second-hand-what-it_( 7) Such stores sell clothes, shoes, accessories, home textiles

What is sold in second hand?

I must say that such stores are a great way to find standing clothes for a nominal fee. Sometimes the quality of items sold in them is much higher than in conventional boutiques and showrooms. Here are a few facts about shops selling second-hand things:

  • More than half of the buyers are looking for basic stuff here, and only a minority of people sent here in search of a truly unique and original outfits. Here you can find an unusual jacket of acid color, dresses of 60-70 years, and clothes of brand companies from past collections.
  • Things to mass market does not always offer unbeatable quality, and outfits from second-hand sometimes serve their masters or one year.
  • now only in these stores you can find old jeans from Levi's originally from Belgium and England, things from Lacost and Burberry. These outfits will always have the perfect cut and unique quality, which these manufacturers with a world-famous name differ.
  • Dresses that were worn 20-30 years ago, gradually return to fashion, or rather, return to such styles. This means that such things can be worn now.
  • Do not worry about potential infection with fungus or weed. Before the outfits are hung on store racks, they are treated with a disinfectant gas.
Second-hand-what-it_( 1) now only in these stores you can find old jeans from Levi's originally from Belgium and England, things from Lacost and Burberry
  • times on pick-me jacket you can find spots, and that things often hang crumpled, and say nothing. But after fumigation, do not be afraid of dangerous viruses. Just wash the purchase, as you do with new things.
  • It's hard to say who wore these things before you, the story is silent about it. But, perhaps, the most squeamish will be pleased with the idea that clothes come to Russia mainly from the countries of near and far abroad.

Who comes in second hand?

Among the visitors of the shops you can meet different people. Some come here from hopelessness and extreme poverty, lacking the means to buy new clothes, while others simply want to save money, others come here in the hope of finding something really worthwhile, something that can not be bought in the usual show-room. The latter category includes those who prefer to create their own style, and not blindly follow the latest fashion trends.

In the era of mass market development, people are accustomed to the patterns and mass production of the same type of clothing. But among us there are those who want to stand out from the crowd, emphasize their individuality and unique style. Often second-hand clothing can be found in foreign brands that are not sold in Russia, for which modern "dudes" are hunted.

In these stores come and those who are looking for these vintage products. Of course, if you can try hard, you can find in countless outfits and what belongs to the category "retro".

Second-hand-what-it_( 10) Many come here in the hope of finding something really worthwhile, something that can not be bought in the normal showroom

Older people coming in second-hand, are looking for cheap stuff kind of natural materials. Still among the elderly people there are those who, for a lot of money 30-40 years ago, bought the deficit "clothes" of the brand Adidas or Levi's in the USSR.

Those who, as it is now fashionable to say, in the "theme".Second-hand is the ideal place to look for these outfits. The result of one such outing may be a bright jacket of the 90s, which, perhaps, was worn by an American or a Brazilian.

Recommendations for choosing clothes

If you are gathered in spirit and still decide to drop all doubts and go to second-hand, first get rid of negative thoughts and all kinds of prejudices. We are ready to give a number of valuable tips that will help you, as a beginner, to buy in the store a really high-quality and original thing.

  1. Be prepared to try on every thing you like. Usually in such stores it is difficult to find two identical products, and before buying you need to make sure that the outfit suits you.
  2. Strong fans of second-hand have long learned how to filter out unnecessary and find valuable. But a newcomer in such diversity is very difficult to understand, therefore, during the first hike near you should be present girlfriends who are better versed in fashion and have an exquisite taste.
  3. Do not rush to buy everything. Low cost of outfits can bribe any hunter for everything cheap, and in a fit you can collect a large number of things. During the journey home, excitement will subside, and, having returned to your native kitchen, you can be very disappointed in buying. Meanwhile, clothes can not be returned to the store.
Second-hand-what-it_( 3) During the first march beside you must be present girlfriend, who is best versed in fashion and have a refined taste, and are guided in open spaces Secondat

By the way, in some stores of second-hand sale and new things that onceFound their owners, but were never put on. Here are a few signs that the outfit was not worn by anyone:

  • The label on the inside of the clothing should be untouched. Clear letters and signs indicate that the thing has never been erased.
  • Note the seams near the lightning, the back side of the trousers and skirts. With prolonged use of the attire at the seams appear trunks and scrapes, which itself indicates that the thing was worn once.
  • New clothes do not have characteristic for used things scuffs underarms, stretched knees and elbows.

If you still found a number of features inherent in worn clothes, but still decided to make a purchase, carefully inspect the fabric for stains. Sometimes a bright pattern and intricate ornaments divert attention and conceal pollution, so for a productive search, it's best to turn the outfit inside out.

The main thing that you should do every time you find an interesting model is to conduct a close inspection. Do not be lazy to examine every detail of the style. Sometimes, any abrasion or insignificant damage to the tissue can dramatically change the opinion of the dress, and, having discovered such a nuisance at home, the thing is likely to be thrown into the trash.

If you like all kinds of skirts and dresses, second-hand will seem to you a paradise oasis. These things are usually short-lived and infrequent, and that is why their quality does not suffer. You will only have to choose the right style and go to the cashier.

Second-hand-what-it-2 If you like all kinds of skirts and dresses, second-hand will seem to you a paradise oasis. These things are usually short-lived and infrequent, but because their quality does not suffer

in second-hand, you can find a lot of things made of expensive cashmere or tweed. Do not rush to buy stretched sweaters and sweaters of incredible size, in any similar store you can find quality models that need only be cleaned from the formed coils.

handling things bought in second-hand

To get rid of odors dip bought clothes in a solution of ammonia and water. In a container with 5 liters, pour 20 ml. Alcohol. For things larger dilute 100 ml. Composition in 10 liters of water. If the product is made of natural materials, 30 minutes is enough, to remove smells from synthetics it will take up to 6 hours. After carrying out of procedure extend things with a powder and hang out them on fresh air.

If you bought something for a small child, the first acquaintance with the thing should be short. After contact with clothing, check the baby's skin for allergic rashes.

Second-hand-what-it_( i) To get rid of odors dip bought clothes in a solution of ammonia and water

Shopping second-hand is often a lifeline for those who are not able to update the wardrobe in the usual boutiques. This is a great way to save for those whose budget is severely limited by unnecessary spending on other needs.

In sekond-hend not only things are collected for the everyday wardrobe. In a heap of textiles you can choose really worthwhile and high-quality outfits with a world-wide name. By the way, for those who like to make an exclusive purchase at a low price, there are specialized branded second-hand. These things are sent from around the world, allowing fashionistas to buy colorful clothes from the collections of famous designers of the past.

Do not get scared of clothes from these stores. Yes, sometimes their condition is alarming, and the rumpled cloth hiding scrapes, but in all the variety you are sure to find a dress, to restore the appearance of which it is necessary to have on hand only a washing machine and iron.

Many people disdainfully refer to other people's things, believing that clothes are stored parasites and fungus. It's a delusion. Before entering the store, orders are processed, so the risk of infection is minimal.

Second-hand-what-it_( 4) For those who like to make an exclusive purchase at a low price, there are specialized branded second-hand

separate point is to provide online shopping second-hand. I must say that to buy goods on the expanses of the World Wide Web should be treated with caution. Sometimes unscrupulous owners of such resources go to all sorts of tricks. It is difficult to determine the state of a thing from a photo, as it is difficult to return it to a store after purchase.

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