The best camera of the year 2017 for the amateur - Top 10 cameras

  • Mar 09, 2018
Best-camera-for-amateur_05 In 2016 appeared on the market a lot of camera models in connection with the competition between giants manufacturer markedly deteriorated, and the answer to the question - what is the best camera for an amateur in 2016, is now ambiguous

In 2016 appeared on the market a lot of camera models, In this regard, the competition between the giants-manufacturers has become noticeably aggravated, and the answer to the question - what is the best camera for the amateur of 2017, now is ambiguous. In order not to yield to other brands, leading companies constantly increase the technical parameters of their offspring and improve them. You can see more impressive sets of numbers and letters in the description of characteristics, but for an inexperienced user the purchase of such a camera often turns into a lottery.

Best-camera-for-amateur_02 order not to give way to other brands, leading companies are constantly increasing the technical parameters of their creations and improve their

It would seem that the choice is huge, but how not to get lost among this diversity and choose the option worthy of attention? Let's consider further.


  • 1 Features choice: what to look for
  • 2 How to start purchasing the camera
  • 3 Classification of digital cameras
  • 4 Best Camera: ranking10 models

Features choice: what to look for

most rational way out will be the application of knowledge of people who already have practical experience. The article will consider the best representatives of the market, while using the expert opinions of expert practitioners.

Minimum parameters

For a good modern camera, a number of minimum characteristics have been created:

  • Resolution - & gt; = 10 Mp;
  • Matrix - & gt; = 2/3 ";
  • ISO parameter -> = 100;
  • Focus - 24 * 85;
  • ZUM more than 3х.

Tip! Of course, the above figures only play a relative role: 20 Mp in the case of a small matrix will lead to a worse result than 10 Mp with a large matrix. It depends on the sensitivity to light, the image quality of the image will depend on how skillful the master uses the device.

Best-camera-for-amateur_07 camera must meet the minimum required specifications

How to start purchasing the camera

Buying conventional apparatus

first - what you should pay attention to - the purpose of acquisition and use of the camera. The purpose can be different, and this need to be taken into account, since the universal model( for everything and at once) does not actually exist.

Tip! to occasionally treat yourself and friends photo shoot during a picnic, not necessarily drag with expensive professional-grade mirror device, it suffices to take an ordinary bar of soap or a quality smartphone with a good camera.

Professional cameras

If there are goals and tasks of a professional nature, then the requirements for the technique are slightly higher and depend on the genre in which the shooting takes place.

  • To shoot a short report, take a few photos, you need to take a more expensive device with high performance;
  • If you plan to shoot a landscape - it is important to select the maximum settings for clarity and color depth settings;
  • For portraits it is worthwhile to ensure high quality color transfer and good blurring in the background;
  • For close-up photography, it is important to focus on an object that is closely located.
Best-camera-for-amateur_11 Purpose cameras may be different, and this must be taken into account as a universal model( for all at once) does not actually exist

Of course, each of the features can not be implemented in the same cell, designed to solve only one orOther tasks.

Classification of digital cameras

The main criteria for an objective assessment of the quality and performance of technology - the physical size of the matrix. Traditionally, its measurement is carried out in mm or inches, it is due to this parameter is the effect on the quality parameters of the photo:

  • color rendering features;
  • indicator of noise level;
  • dynamic range.

Good quality is demonstrated by the technician during the shooting even in case of poor lighting. Based on the size parameter of the matrix, the cameras are divided into classes.

Amateur models for beginners

This category includes the majority of digital digital cameras, which cost up to 15,000 rubles. By all the characteristics of the "insides" of these elements, the techniques can be compared to each other, "on paper" always look impressive. A significant disadvantage of these devices is the insufficient physical size of the matrix, which is 1/2 ".If you add a large resolution to this parameter, in general, the technique can be considered equipped with a number of shortcomings.

  • Lower ISO sensitivity;
  • degraded image quality with reduced illumination;
  • occurrence of digital noise;
  • noticeable deterioration of sharpness and color rendition;
  • is a narrow sphere of application of the received images;
  • no background blur option;
  • "flat" view of the image without the possibility of transferring the volume.

Despite the complex of defects, "soap box" can be a good option in the absence of your creative tasks and the existence of a minimal goal. The model is inexpensive, and for better quality it is worth giving preference to a model equipped with an increased multiplicity.

Professional models for photographers

Even non-professionals prefer expensive soap devices to soap boxes. For less than 20,000 rubles, such models can not be found. But their advantages over the previous class are obvious.

Best-camera-for-amateur_16 The main criterion for an objective assessment of the quality and performance of the equipment is the physical size of the matrix
  • A large number of options, including blurring of the background;
  • decent quality of images;
  • large size matrix;
  • excellent color rendering;
  • hypersensitivity.

Consider some good models among representatives of each class to understand the range of the market and be able to navigate in it.

The best cameras: a rating of 10 models

All considered models will "rise" on a price list - from the cheapest variants to more expensive models.

Canon Digital IXUS 160

The model is one of the most budgetary in the market, in this regard has won tremendous popularity.

Product specifications:

  • Matrix - 20.5 Mp;
  • The physical size is 1/2. 3 '';
  • ZUM - 8 times;
  • Parameter ISO - 100-1600;
  • Automation - present.
Best-camera-for-amateur_03 The camera will be the best solution for novice users

After pressing the power button, the shutter quickly fires. The camera will be the best solution for beginners. The average cost of the product is 10-14 thousand rubles.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830

The size of the matrix - 20.5 megapixels. The device has a lens with a large focus distance ZOOM 8. Automatic focusing is often a blunder, which significantly spoils the overall picture of the image, but due to the initial level of this camera, such defects can be forgiven. The cost of the model is about 12 000 rubles.

Best-camera-for-amateur_14 Automatic focusing often has blunders, which significantly spoils the overall picture of the image, but due to the initial level of this camera, such defects can be forgiven

Nikon Cool pix L430

This camera is the most affordable of the super-zoom category. It features the possibility of a 28-fold increase and a decent focal length. Despite such indicators, there are problems in use, since the matrix with the rest of the characteristics is not easy to manage. The price category is attractive for the ordinary buyer: to become the owner of the Nikon Cool pix L430, you will have to pay 12-14 thousand rubles.

Best-camera-for-amateur_08 This camera is the most affordable of the super-zoom category

Important to know! In the same price category, by the way, got a Canon Power Shot SX410 IS device, which shares with the model in question an honorable third place. Ideal for both options for day shooting.

Sony Cyber ​​Shot DSC-H300

The model has a 35x zoom and good speed for this category. Makes 8 frames in one second. The maximum of ISO declared by the manufacturer is 3200, which does not allow to make a decent shot, but on the ISO400 parameter the image is very impressive. The model costs more than its predecessors, the price is 17-18 thousand rubles.

Best-camera-for-amateur_12 The model has a 35x zoom and good speed for this category

Nikon Cool pix P610

This is a premium camera, which has a decent shooting quality. The peculiarity of the model is that at a standard matrix size of 2/3 "the developers were able to limit the resolution to 16 Mp, which made it possible to make a significant increase 60 times. The functionality of the device is at a high level, the set of options impresses the average user.

  • Ability to carry out manual settings;
  • connection to the Internet via WI-FI;
  • increase the speed of shooting - 7 frames per second;
  • automatic focus on objects;
  • other "chips", characteristic of expensive equipment.
Best-camera-for-amateur_09 Functionality of the device is at a high level, the set of options impresses the average user

The cost is from 25 thousand rubles , but the quality of shooting and advanced functionality of the model will just like it.

Canon Power Shot SX60

This model belongs to an even higher price category, but still deserves special attention and respect. Ambiguous solution was the use of a 65-fold zoom with a small matrix size, but the presence of a quality stabilizer copes with the solution of the situation. You can select a small indicator of the range of the focus distance and the ability to shoot video in HDR mode. The cost of the camera is from 23 000 rubles.

Best-camera-for-amateur_04 It is possible to single out a small indicator of the range of the focus distance and the possibility of shooting video in the HDR mode.


The following models have an average price category, you can see an exception to the rule in the form of budget options, for example, an exquisite cameraOlympus Tough TG-850 HS.A protected camera equipped with a turntable and the ability to shoot video in Full HD format, allows users to enjoy high-quality images. For this price, which makes 15,000 rubles from , more advanced models are not offered on the domestic market. The technique is the best option for working in extremely extreme conditions.


Despite the general manufacturer, this option is identical to the previous model, but it is much more expensive - order is 27 000 rubles .The camera is equipped with extensive functionality, among the additional options can be divided into several pleasant moments.

  • Optimum indicator of aperture - F2.0;
  • the ability to quickly turn on and focus;
  • maintaining RAW mode;
  • the ability to connect to the Internet;
  • balancing of white in manual mode;
  • high format video recording - HDR;
  • other useful and relevant functions.
Best-camera-for-amateur_15 camera is equipped with extensive functionality

model ideal for any environment, including for use with the whole family.

Sony Cyber ​​Shot DSC-TX30

model is interesting for its price has ultra-thin body( 1.5 cm) and is suitable for use underwater. When manufacturing the camera, a CMOS-size matrix was used, with a resolution of 18.9 Mp, an optimal result is obtained, in particular, under water. In addition, the model is equipped with high rates of luminosity and a good range of focus distances. The picture can be shot in Full HD mode, which makes the model preferable among many users. For this device you will have to pay the order of 25 000 rubles .

Best-camera-for-amateur_13 model is equipped with high levels of luminosity and a good range of focus distances

Fujifilm X100T

sensor of this model is called X-trans, measure permits - 16.3 megapixel, there are a number of additional options.

  • Filter for primary color solutions;
  • automatic focus sensors;
  • high level of focusing;
  • decent color rendering;
  • fixation of the focus distance 35 mm;
  • electronic rangefinder;
  • Affordable price - 28 000 rubles ;
  • abundance of control systems.
Best-camera-for-amateur_06 functional this model allows you to break out her leaders in our ranking

All models have their own characteristics. Knowing, for some parameters, and how to choose a camera, you do not get lost in the variety of proposed and will be able to buy a truly useful product.

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