Correct sculpting of a face of any shape - Step-by-step photos

  • Mar 09, 2018
Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 4) sculpting facial helps to emphasize strengths and hide flaws with makeup

Today it comes to sculpting the face, photo step by step, we present below. How to emphasize the dignity with the help of cosmetics, professional make-up artists know. Models on the covers of glossy magazines cause envy, because they are considered the standards of beauty. But in fact, not many know that it is the correction of the face that makes them desirable.

Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 10) Correction of the face shape is in the correct basis for evening make-up. The play of light and shadows helps to make the face visually thinner, and the cheek and chin lines are softer.


  • 1 How to choose makeup for face sculpting
  • 2 Step-by-step correction instruction
  • 3 Color correction by face shape
  • 4 hides the flaws round face
  • 5 What to do with a full face?
  • 6 work through each zone separately

How to choose cosmetics for facial sculpting

Correction of the face is the correct basis for evening makeup. The play of light and shadows helps to make the face visually thinner, and the lines of cheekbones and chin are softer. Sculpturing is inappropriate in daylight. Thanks to cosmetics, women of fashion create the illusion of an ideal oval shape, emphasize cheekbones and give the nose an attraction.

Sculpting the face is performed using tonal stems. The main thing is that highlighter, bronzer or palette powder should be of good quality and not slip in a short time.

The choice of cosmetics for face correction depends on the type of sculpting. They are distinguished by two:

  • Dry is used for daytime make-up. Brush blush, powder and shadows.
  • Fat assumes the use of dense creams and tonal bases that are appropriate to use in the evening. The method requires attention to detail and concentration, since improper feathering of lines will lead to failure.

To maximize the natural bend of the face, the main thing is to choose the right shades. Manufacturers of cosmetics offer users palettes with a choice of colors. With their help you can finish your own impeccable make-up yourself. The main difficulty remains in thorough shading.

Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( i) Before & After sculpting

Recommendations makeup artists on the selection of pallets

  • not purchase the mosaic, in which there are red and orange shades. They give the skin artificiality;
  • matte funds look better on the skin than the correctors with shimmer or pearlescent shine;
  • a dark corrector in the pallet should be 2-3 shades darker than the skin;
  • large retro-reflective particles in the highlighter are inappropriate;The
  • highlighter should give the skin radiance, so it should be 1-2 shades lighter than the skin.

In professional cosmetic lines, you can find special kits for contouring. They are expensive, but the quality is completely justified. These sets include 3-8 shades. Bright eliminate excessive shine, and dark give the effect of sunburn. To get the desired color shades can be mixed together. As part of the remedy for the person can be nutritional vitamins and antioxidants( this is written on the package).

When choosing a blush for sculpting, it is important to remember that their application completes the make-up. You can overload the image if the texture of the blush is too dense. Matte funds are the best choice in perfect make-up.

Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 7) In professional cosmetic lines, you can find special kits for contouring. They are expensive, but the quality is completely justified

Advice! Thoroughly shade all the lines so that transitions are not visible. The main purpose of sculpting is to create the ideal natural contours of the face. Overloading with cosmetics leads to the effect of a puppet mask, which is not welcome.

Step by step instructions


To achieve a positive effect and make an independent correction of the face, it is important to adhere to the order of applying cosmetics to certain areas of the skin of the face.

Making a line of cheekbones, it is necessary to draw the cheeks as much as possible. Bronzer is applied below the most prominent line so that the darkest area is near the ear. The cheek remains bright. Hailer is distinguished by a zone above the cheekbone.

Bronzer darkens the hair growth line, the contour of the face and the second chin( if any).

Eyebrows from both sides are processed by haylayterom. Get rid of the impending age can be, if you select a thin strip of the zone above the eyebrow.

The hilayter also lightens the middle of the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the area under the eyes( if there are bruises).

Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 12) To achieve a positive effect and make an independent correction of the face, it is important to adhere to the order of applying cosmetics to certain areas of the skin of the face.

Daytime contouring begins with the treatment of the forehead. A dark corrector identifies the temporal zones and the hair growth line. A bright highlighter is applied with a vertical stroke to the center of the forehead. The key area of ​​the face is the area of ​​the cheekbones. A dark corrector is applied from the ear to the mouth with a brush( on the zone of the cavity formed after retraction of the cheeks).A bone or a light hailer is treated with a powder.

Evening sculpting is more intense than the daytime and is performed step by step:

  • Eyebrow and eye makeup.
  • On the area under the eyes, above the cheekbones, upper lip and between the eyebrows is applied a light concealer.
  • The wings of the nose, whiskey, cheekbones and the line along the jaw are treated with a layer of dark corrector.
  • The contour lines should be used to smooth out the lines, starting with light lines.
  • Fastens the contour with a transparent matting powder and a thin layer of blush.

Tip! Mimic wrinkles are visually reduced with the help of a hailer, which is applied to their depth and carefully shaded.

Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 11) The photo shows lines for applying cosmetics

Color correction by face shape

Harmonically, the shape of the face can be harmonized only if correctly defined. In total, make-up artists distinguish seven types:

  • The oval face is considered the standard of beauty, so its adjustment should be minimal. To make bright accents, you can highlight the light center of the face, and the area of ​​the cheekbones processed with a dark corrector.
  • An extended face, similar to a rectangle, needs to soften the corners and maximize the shape to the oval. The wide forehead and jaw lines are corrected by a voice-frequency cream. To expand the narrow face, you should highlight the area of ​​cheekbones with blush.
  • The square shape is characterized by equal proportions of the length and width of the face. It is necessary to darken the lines under the lower jaw, and soften the contours with a dark corrector.
  • The round shape of the face tapers due to dark tones along the contour. Blush are applied by the type of a triangle. The inverted triangle or heart-shaped shape needs to soften the chin in a dark tone. The purpose of sculpting is to balance the upper zone with the lower one. Darkening of the chin in this case should be done as carefully as possible, so as not to narrow it more strongly. The situation saves a bright flare haylaytera.
Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 8) Harmonially correct the shape of the face can only be determined if it is correctly defined
  • The shape of the rhombus needs to be adjusted in the widest part of the face by entering the temporal zone. The forehead and chin are brightened. In the form of a triangle, blush is applied.
  • The trapezoid or pear-shaped form should be mitigated by the narrowing of the lower chin zone. A dark corrector is spread out along the sides of cheekbones and cheeks, a light accent is added to the forehead. In the form of a triangle, blush is applied.
  • The wearers of too thin and narrow face makeup artists recommend to apply hailer horizontal strokes. Then it will visually expand and look more attractive.

Tip! Before applying a bronzer or highlighter, shake off the brush to avoid overdoing cosmetic means.

Hide the shortcomings of a round face

More often than not, round-faced girls resort to sculpture. Optionally, the wearer is overweight, but a wide forehead and a weakly-expressed chin are not enough for anyone. Therefore, when color correction is important to achieve the effect of reducing cheeks and lengthening the face.

Dark powder is applied to the side surface of cheeks and cheekbones, angles of the lower jaw. Blush should be applied in the shape of an inverted triangle, with a directed apex toward the mouth.

The wide face of the highlighter is applied with vertical strokes. The center of the chin, the bridge of the nose, the forehead and the areas around the eyebrows and eyes are clarified.

For the ideal sculpting of a round face, it is important to follow the rules:

  • Dodge the areas that you need to hide with a dark corrector. It is applied to the cheekbones, nose and contour of the face.
  • Pay attention to the neck. The facialized face looks disharmoniously in tandem with a natural neck. A dark corrector will save the situation.
Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 3) Round contour contouring step by step
Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 2) Contouring a round face step by step. Step 1-4
Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 5) Contouring a round face step by step. Step 5-8

Tip! Darken the wings of the nose and brighten the bridge of the nose to make the nose thin.

What to do with a full face?

The appearance of Slavic girls and Asian women is characterized by a broad face. Therefore, recommendations for visual reduction of width and underlining of relief are not only suitable for full women. Also with the help of sculpting, skin defects are masked.

For make-up of a full or wide face, you need to buy a light and dark foundation, powder or cream blush, concealer, proofreader, neutral hailer, bronzer without "reddish", transparent powder. Do not forget about eye makeup and lipstick.

If you use cream textures for applying cosmetics, you will need sponges and brushes for your face. To apply powder, you need a rounded beveled brush.

Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 13) When sculpting a full face, it is necessary to visually draw an oval and everything behind it is covered with dark means. The main work will take place inside the osal

Cream textures can make the face contouring yourself if you follow the instructions:

  • Moisten the face and prepare before processing.
  • Moisten in water sponge, squeeze it well and apply a thin layer of light base.
  • Hide defects with the corrector, and disguise the circles under the eyes with the concealer.
  • Darken the contours of the face with a tonal tool, shade lines.
  • For visual narrowing of the cheeks, it is necessary to draw an oblique strip in a dark tone over the hollow, which is formed due to retraction of the cheeks. The line is shaded toward the temples with slight movements of the hand or fingers.
  • Gently spread the blush on the cheeks of the cheeks. Do not put them close to the wings of the nose, so as not to expand it more visually.
  • To narrow a large nose with a highlighter, darkening the wings with a dark shade.
  • At the top of the cheekbones, evenly distribute the cream hailer.
  • Complete make-up correction for the eyes.
Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 14) Contour lines for full round face

Full face correction is a real salvation for full girls. Make-up retains its individual characteristics and makes it attractive without surgery. In order not to overdo it with cosmetics, make-up artists recommend the first time to visit the salon. This will allow you to see the features of full face sculpting.

Tip! Avoid rough dark shooters, vulgar bright shadows and unevenly applied lipstick to visually not age your face.

We study each zone separately

For successful sculpting of the face, you need to know the nuances of the design of each zone:

  • For the expressiveness of the cheekbones, they need to be darkened. The technique does not suit the owner of a narrow face, but suitable for chubby girls. It is necessary to draw a visual line that begins at the corners of the lips and ends near the top of the ear. Under it, from above, apply a dark foundation to visually make the cheekbones higher. The second line is drawn from the wings of the nose to the corners of the eyes from the outside. The tonal cream is applied between the lines.
  • Darkening of the forehead and hair line is necessary if nature has endowed with a high forehead and thinning hair in this zone. A dark corrector is applied to the whiskey and along the hair growth line. Tone cream should be selected in a tone of natural skin tone.
  • Dulling the areas around the eyes visually increases them. For the desired effect, first set the forehead.
  • The chin line is corrected by darkening the neck and below the bridge of the nose.
  • Correction tools shade from top to bottom.
Sculpture-faces-photo-step-by-step_( 6) To successfully sculpting the face, you need to know the nuances of design each zone

nose treatment - a separate stage in sculpting faces:

  • To narrow nose need to strike a lighter tone on the back and nose, and dark wings.
  • To visually reduce the nose, a light tone is processed back and nose, and the dark tip of the nose.
  • To hide a large nose it is possible by means of a voice-frequency cream on 0,5 tones is more dark.

If you learn how to handle each zone separately, you will get the perfect make-up of the face.

Tip! Correcting facial bronzer or highlighter, treat the skin with powder and tonal basis before starting the procedure. To calculate the exact amount of the sculpting tool, train on your hand.

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