50 Ideas to Make Smokies Ice for the Brown Eyes - Step-by-step Photo Makeup

  • Mar 09, 2018
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_26 Smokey ice for brown eyes will emphasize your beauty and give a look to the riddle

Make-up smoky eyes means smoky eyes. This kind of makeup has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Women give him preference, because this makeup emphasizes all the subtleties and lines of the eyes. A special technique is presented by the gypsy ice for brown eyes. It is necessary to choose a color palette and correctly apply cosmetics.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_37 main secret of this technique is to gradually apply makeup and carefully shade all transitions between shades and lines
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_32 Technique Smokey ice is considered a classic, she appeared in the 20-30 year
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_16 She became the first used for brunettes to create a spectacular image of the fatalWomen

The main secret of this technique is to gradually apply cosmetics, as well as carefully blend all the transitions and lines between the shades.


  • 1 makeup Features
  • 2 rules create Smokey Eyes for brown eyes
  • 3 Choosing cosmetics
  • 4 Creating makeup steps
  • 5 Choice
  • 6 palette of silver in front
  • 7 bronze
  • 8 Unusual green
  • 9 Saturated blue tint
  • 10 Extravagant purple
  • 11 Features evening makeup
  • 12 Features daytime makeup
  • 13 Advices from professionals

Features of make-up

Technique of fig-ice is considered a classic, it appeared in 20-30 years. It was first used for brunettes to create a spectacular image of a femme fatale. This make-up was carried out only in black tones, and now there is a variety of possible shades.

There are a large number of options, for example, an evening or afternoon apple ice for brown eyes. In the photo you can see interesting solutions.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_04 This makeup before carried out only in black colors, but now there is a variety of possible
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_05 shades At the heart of this technology is shading shadows and pencil on
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_61 layers has the effect of haze, which allows you to make the eyes more deep and mysterious

shading shadows lies at the heart of this technology andPencil on layers. This produces a haze effect, which makes the eyes deeper and more mysterious.

This kind of makeup is worthy of the following features:

  • The eyelashes in the upper eyelid have the darkest shadows.
  • The eyes are framed by a bright stroke. In this case, a bright and clear line is drawn.
  • You need to create a haze effect around the eyes.
  • Closer to the eyebrows of the shadows are chosen more and more light. In this case, the transitions must be nullified. They should be properly retouched.
  • Eyelashes should be stained with mascara until thick.

Tip! Cold appearance looks great with silver, gray-blue, dark olive and gray-green. Owners warm type of appearance may use pink and purple tones, and dark purple and warm shades of blue.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_09 The eyelashes in the upper eyelid have the darkest shadows
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_10 The eyes are framed by a bright stroke. This involves a bright and clear line
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_11 Eyelashes should stain ink to a thick state

rules create Smokey Eyes for brown eyes Makeup Smokey

ice is suitable for almost every shade of brown eyes, from light brown to black.

To properly execute it at home, it is recommended that you observe the following rules:

  • The face should not shine with a greasy sheen. It is necessary to use loose powder and matting wipes.
  • Different pimples and redness should not distract attention from beautiful eyes. The skin tone should be perfectly aligned. Do not forget about the masking of blue bags under the eyes.
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_01 The face should not shine with a greasy shine. It is necessary to use friable powder and matting wipes
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_02 For evening make-up you need to choose persistent and water-resistant cosmetics
  • For such a bright makeup is not suitable for eye-catching lipstick. It is better to use a shine or lipstick of a natural shade.
  • For evening make-up, you need to pick up persistent and waterproof cosmetics.

Tip! For brown-eyed girls, mascara for any color is suitable: blue, brown, black or eggplant.

The choice of cosmetics

Before you start makeup, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and cosmetics at hand. It is necessary to prepare:

  • Special corrector for the area under the eyes.
  • Suitable foundation cream.
  • Soft pencil of dark shades.
  • Mascara with three-dimensional effect.
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_62 For perfect makeup, quality cosmetics
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_08 is important. Shadows should be at least three shades. The lightest should be a mother-of-pearl
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_12 Do not forget to tidy up and eyebrow
  • Pencil and eyebrow shadow.
  • Shadows should be at least three shades. The lightest should be pearly.
  • Various brushes.

Tip! The main brush should be fluffy, made from natural nap and round. With its help you can create a smooth transition between colors.

Make-up creation step by step

Make-up of the smoke ice for brown eyes is applied in several ways. Step-by-step photo allows you to view in detail all the nuances of make-up.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_13 Step-by-step instructions for applying make-up to the ice gob

Techniques differ in the application of eyeliner. In one case, the make-up begins with its application, and in the second it terminates.

The application scheme consists of the following steps:

  • The tone of the skin is equalized, while the foundation is spread over the eyelids.
  • Eyes are drawn using a pencil. The arrow to the outer corner of the eye is wider. Then the lines blend well.
  • The darkest tone of the shadows is applied to most of the upper eyelid. It covers the area from the eyelashes to the moving part and to the outer corner.
  • Then shadows of the transition shade are distributed. The border between the two colors blurs.
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_22 Smokey ice step by step
  • Light shadows are distributed. They cover the inner corner of the eye, as well as the area under the eyebrows. Borders are also shaded.
  • Eyelashes stain in several layers, especially well it is necessary to paint in external corners of eyes.
  • Completes the image of a shine or lipstick neutral shade.
  • Dark tones are applied with tassels of flat shape. Light shadows are applied along the contours of the previous shadows.

Tip! Before applying make-up, you need to prepare a face. For this, the skin is cleaned with a special remedy. Then toning and moisturizing are performed. For an even tone of the skin surface, a foundation is used.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_43 The main secret of the haze effect is a good shading
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_42 For brown eyes of dark color it is necessary to pick up shadows of average saturation. This gray, lilac and milky-brown tones
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_41 The combination of shadows and lipsticks of a single shade

Choosing the

palette When deciding how to make an ice gyro for brown eyes, you need to take into account the shades of this color.

For brown eyes of dark color it is necessary to pick up shadows of average saturation. These are gray, purple and milky-brown tones.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_38 deciding how to make Smokey Eyes for brown eyes, you need to take into account the nuances of color
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_36 A hazel eyes do not overload dark colorings
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_34 Brown eyes when creating a smokey ice allow the use of a sufficiently broad range of colors

shadows many shades suitable for ordinary brown eyes. A light brown eyes should not be overloaded with dark colors. Purple, lilac shades, and also the color of champagne are suitable for walnut eyes.

Brown eyes when creating a blue-eyed apple allow you to apply a fairly wide range of colors of shadows.

Tip! In addition, you should pay attention to eyelashes. An excellent solution will be curling cilia forceps. This will visually increase the size of the eyes and give the look of openness.

Silver in front of

For evening makeup, you can use silvery shadows. Cold overflows are combined with warm brown eyes. You can choose both platinum and metallic shades.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_29 For evening makeup, you can use silvery shadows. Cold overflows are combined with a warm karim eye color
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_40 With turn-based photos, the smokey ice is much easier to recreate.
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_14 You can pick up both platinum and metallic shades

With this, silver can highlight dark circles under the eyes more.

Tip! With such an unusual make-up looks creamy lipstick caramel tone. To the lips looked natural for a long time, you need to get the first layer of lipstick soaked with a napkin. Then another layer is applied. To create a clear contour, the lips can be circled in pencil before the distribution of the primary color.

Bronze Reflection

Looks fine with an ice tongue with bronze shadows. Yellow-orange color palette will especially go to girls with light brown and rusty eyes. You can also use copper, dark bronze and golden shades.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_21 Looks great smokey ice with bronze
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_20 shadows can also be used copper, dark bronze and golden shades

Tip! In order to emphasize the mystery and depth of the eyes, it is worth trying to apply glitter, metallic pigments, glitter and even artificial eyelashes.

Unusual green

Shadows greenish hues perfectly highlight the natural brightness of the brown eyes. This option is worth trying when creating an evening image. Dark eyes in a green frame look especially mysterious and mysterious.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_27 Shades of greenish shades perfectly emphasize the natural brightness of the brown eyes

Tip! It is important to correctly apply blush. In this case, light strokes are applied on the cheekbones, chin and, if necessary, on the outer contours of the forehead area.

Rich blue shade

The blue color is suitable for chocolate eyes. In this case, different shades of this color can be used: from sky-blue to turquoise.

Correctly selected shades are favorably shaded by the blue.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_49 Make-up blue-tinted ice-blue icicle for
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_50 Make-up blue-tinted ice-cream for brown eyes. Step 1-4
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_51 Make-up of the blue apple for blue eyes. Step 5-8
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_52 Makeup of the blue ice-blue apple for brown eyes. Step 9

Tip! Shadows are matched only matt. If as the main ones are used purple, blue or green shadows, then to them are selected light shades: golden, beige and white.

Extravagant purple violet shade better than other colors highlight the warmth of brown eyes. The shades of violet of different saturation can be used both in the evening and in the daytime make-up.

Tip! Girls with dark skin can use a more colorful make-up. You can choose a combination of podvodki purple and podvodki the same key. Blue shades can be used as intermediate shadows. And light shades are selected from coral and pinkish shades.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_44 Make-up of the smoked ice in purple tones for the brown eyes
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_45 Make-up of the smoked ice in purple for the brown eyes. Step 1-4
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_46 Make-up of the smoked ice in purple for the brown eyes. Step 5-8

Features of the evening makeup

Smokey ice for dark eyes and hair should include black arrows. An excellent addition will be warm shades of shadows. These can be claret or brown shadows.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_47 Step-by-step instruction for applying evening make-up
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_48 Step-by-step instruction for applying evening make-up

In evening make-up, you can use bright elements: rhinestones or sequins.
This variant is performed as follows:

  • Shadows of light shade are applied to the entire surface of the eye, from the eyelashes and to the eyebrows.
  • A special tassel with beveled bristles is drawn by the shadows of the line along the growth of the eyelashes. The same line is drawn on the crease of the mobile age.
  • All made lines should be well shaded with a round brush.
  • The arrows are drawn by eyeliner or a special contour pencil.
  • Eyelashes stain several layers.
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_35 Tomnoe and mysterious look
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_31 Interesting makeup of a blue apple in purple tones

Tip! Accuracy and accuracy are necessary in the distribution of shadows. Excess shadows need to be brushed off using a fan-type brush. The area under the eyes should be slightly powdered, which prevents contamination from shattering shadows.

Features of day makeup

A woman needs to look great not only on holidays, but also on ordinary everyday life. This will help the day's apple ice for the brown eyes. He will emphasize the depth and bottomlessness of the eyes. This option is suitable not only for brunettes and brown-haired women, but also for blondes.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_30 Light and delicate gypsy ice on the day
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_25 Step-by-step photo of the ice fig in bronze shades
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_63 In the afternoon, instead of a black pencil, it is better to use a brown

. When applying a day-time make-up, certain features should be taken into account. Instead of a black pencil it is better to use brown. The thickness of the line is adjusted depending on the shape of the eyes. The eyes of a small size will correct a thin line of dark shades. If the eyes are Asian type, then eyelashes and a mobile eyelid are brought. Thick lines are great for big eyes.

When creating a daily makeup, it is worthwhile to study the recommendations of experienced make-up artists:

  • The lines of eyelash growth are drawn with a contour pencil. It is distributed over the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Shadows of dark tones are applied using a brush. They should not be triturated, but a little like - to drive into the pods.
  • The shading of the upper shadow line is produced.
  • Shadows of lighter tones are applied and then shaded. The most light tones are distributed under the sub-scopic area.
  • In the lower eyelid, a smooth transition occurs at the very eyelashes from a dark shade to a light one.
  • Eyelashes stain ink.
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_18 Eyes of a small size will correct the thin line of the dark shade of the shades
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_15 Too dark shades are best left for the evening

Tip! If the skin is light, light gray or steel shades are chosen as light colors and the basis for the eyes. If the skin is dark-skinned, then you can try a coral or pinkish smoky effect.

Tips from professionals

Smokey Ice perfectly solves the problem of impending age. It allows you to visually lift the eyelid and make a more open look. To create a similar make-up, a line along the eyelids is also drawn, which should be well-shaded. Shadows of light tones are superimposed on the middle of the century and the inner corner of the eye. Shadows of average saturation are distributed on the lower part of the dying eyelid. Dark tones are distributed in the outer corner, on the lower part of the sagging eyelid and on its middle. Eyelashes should be especially thick.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_39 Smokey Ice perfectly solves the problem of impending age. It allows you to visually raise the eyelid and make a more open look
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_33 Smokey ice in pearlescent universal shades

embodiment considered smoky black ice. It is suitable for any shape and color of the eyes. With his help, a traditional image of a vampian woman is created. In this case, only three components are used: shadows of black color, ink and the same color pencil.

skin tone should be particularly smooth and clean With this type of makeup.
order transitions do not get sharp, use a special brush.
Brown make-up can be attributed to the daily, since it is based on coffee, and flesh tones. It is recommended for brunettes and swarthy girls. If the skin is too white, then the effect of tired eyes may appear.

Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_28 A universal option is considered to be black ice gypsy. It is suitable for any shape and color
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_24 Smoky eye makeup brown-eyed girls help to create a seductive and sophisticated image
Smoki-ajs-dlja-karih-glaz-foto_23 Makeup Smokey Eyes - a sure way to create an image of vamp

smoky makeup brown-eyed girls help to create a seductive and refined look. Correct implementation of make-up and selection of high-quality decorative cosmetics will allow to make their own inimitable and unforgettable Smokey Eyes for brown eyes.

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