The best advice how to make eyebrows thicker - All the secrets and beauty recipes

  • Mar 09, 2018
How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-7 To make the face look harmonious, you need to know how to make the eyebrows thicker. Thin strings are no longer in fashion

The question "how to make the eyebrows thicker" was surely asked by every second woman. Let's open the veil of the basic receptions, recipes and subtleties for improvement of appearance and expressiveness of eyebrows.

How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker trend of recent years in favor natural eyebrows, pushing the tattooing and fine adjustment by the wayside


  • 1 Fashion eyebrows - a fairy tale or reality?
  • 2 Beauty Secrets eyebrows with oils
  • 3 creams to restore the hair follicles
  • 4 Strengthening the growth of eyebrows using herbs
  • 5 Massage eyebrows - as a hair growth stimulant
  • 6 Tattoo in aid of thin eyebrows
  • 7 How to make the eyebrows thicker with the help of cosmetics
  • 8 General recommendations for eyebrow thickness
  • 9 Small makeup tricks

Fashionable eyebrows - a fairy tale or a reality?

Fashion is a whimsical teenage girl with a changeable mood, complex character and unpredictable behavior. It dictates styles, directions, tasks, choices and sets the tone for a multitude of spheres. Cosmetology here occupies one of the main places, since the face is the canvas of the skilled artist-make-up artist, and the eyebrows are the most important tool for creating the image.

The elegance and thickness of the eyebrows gives a special expression to the person. The trend of the last years is their naturalness, pushing away the tattoo and fine correction to the second plans. Owners of luxurious, thick eyebrows enough with the help of tweezers give the hairs above the eyes the desired shape and width. Another female half of humanity was less fortunate: a tool to remove unwanted hair changed the paint and a pencil for the eyebrows.

What should a woman do if her hair grows out of the eyebrows? How to make the eyebrows more colorful, thick and broad?

How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-2 For owners of luxurious, thick eyebrows enough with tweezers to give the hairs above the eyes the desired shape and width

Advice! Regular plucking of hair on the eyebrows provides a stable baldness. Therefore, to begin with, it is necessary to stop the removal of hairs on this site, and to get rid of only those that grow outside the common line. This is the first step to growing your eyebrows.

Secrets of eyebrow beauty with

The appearance of eyebrows and let them look like modern models of glossy magazines allow modern care products to be improved.

Regular use of various eyebrow masks allows to achieve maximum effect. Cosmetic oils with growth-promoting properties will come to the aid of the beautiful half of humanity:

  • Castor;
  • grape seed oil;
  • burdock;
  • coconut;
  • is an olive;
  • jojoba oil.

Make a mix: mix castor and burdock oil in a 1: 1 ratio, soak the mixture with a cotton disc and apply to the eyebrows for 20 minutes. Strengthen the effect of the mask can be, covering his face with a towel. After the procedure, wash with warm water.

How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-3 Regular use of various eyebrow masks allows to achieve maximum effect. Cosmetic oils possessing hair growth stimulating properties

will come to the aid of the beautiful half of humanity. The protective mask of coconut and olive oil heated on a water bath is the key to the captivating beauty of the eyebrows. Under their influence, hair follicles are strengthened, the vegetation on the eyebrows is activated.

Grape seed oil, in cooperation with jojoba oil, will nourish the eyebrows with useful substances, make them thicker and darker. And additives in the form of aromatic oils from orange, grapefruit or rosemary will bring a note of tropical sweetness.

Tip! Eyebrow masks should be applied in the direction of hair growth with light, rubbing movements.

Creams for hair follicle regeneration

Stimulation of the growth and strengthening of the hair follicles is facilitated by the use of vegetable-derived creams. They can easily be prepared at home:

  1. Lanolin cream in a volume of 10 g mixed with linseed oil.
  2. Add to the resulting mixture 1/2 ampoule of pharmacy aloe.
  3. Mash the mass with two fingers and apply to the eyebrows.
  4. Leave to act for 20 minutes.
  5. Thoroughly remove with tonic or face lotion.
How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-6 The stimulation of growth and strengthening of hair follicles is facilitated by the use of vegetable creams

And another oil and vitamin prescription, highly recommended by makeup artists of beauty salons to enhance the thickness of eyebrows:

  1. Mix lanolin cream and castor oil 10 g each.
  2. In the composition, add 10 drops of vitamins A and E.
  3. The resulting product is rubbed into the eyebrows for a 20-minute action.
  4. Remove tonic residues after completion of the procedure.

An excellent tool for moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening - henna. This product of plant origin contains in its composition hair growth activating substances, and the strength of the naturalness of henna allows its frequent use. These factors pleased the fair sex representatives, many of whom decided on henna.

Tip! If you use the device to restore the eyebrows systematically, rather than on a case-by-case basis, the result will be, as they say, obvious. Achieve deserved results can only be due to painstaking work on the eyebrows.

Strengthening the growth of eyebrows with herbs

There are a few tricks how to make eyebrows much thicker without make-up at home. Assistants in this business are various tinctures from all kinds of herbs:

  • calendula;
  • chamomile;
  • burdock leaves;
  • sage.
How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-8 The beneficial effects of infusions of herbs on hair follicles are estimated by trichologists and eyebrows at its true value

Herbs have always been considered a universal health promotion tool. The beneficial effect of their influence on the hair follicles is appreciated by trichologists and eyebrows. Recipes for making tinctures are simple and effective. To do this, you need only pharmacy dry preparations of herbs and vodka.

To stimulate hair growth, you should prepare a mixture of vodka and any of the listed herbs in a proportion of 10: 1.Insist in a warm, sheltered from the light for 2 weeks. Strain through a sieve or gauze and apply to the eyebrows with cotton pads soaked in tincture. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes. Alternate repetitions every other day.

Tip! An alternative to tinctures can be cosmetic oils, mixed 1: 1 with vodka. In this case, you do not need to wait for the medium to stand, but apply the compress immediately after manufacturing.

Eyebrow massage - as a hair growth stimulator

To improve the nutrition of the hair follicles will promote eyebrow zone massage. It is necessary to increase blood flow and stimulate the nerve endings of the follicles. In addition, the massage of the superciliary arches helps to relieve fatigue and tension from the eyes. Here, the assistants will be creams and oils, as mentioned above.

How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-4 To improve hair follicle nutrition will promote eyebrow zone massage

The actions are as simple as and useful:

  • You should start with light pats with the fingertips of the eyebrow zone, moving from the bridge of the nose to the temples.
  • The following movements - pinching and pulling the skin of the superciliary arches.
  • The final part - stroking in the direction of hair growth.

The massage is helped by combing the eyebrows with the use of oils to activate hair growth. A special comb for the eyebrows( at worst - a hard toothbrush) it is necessary to smooth the hairs in two directions: from the nose to the temple and vice versa. Brush the comb for 2-3 minutes.

The massage and combing procedures together give a tremendous effect. Half an hour later, the eyebrows look well-groomed and healthy.

Advice! During the washing of the head, performing massage movements of the hair surface of the skin, do not forget about the eyebrows. This positively affects the dynamics of hair growth.

How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-1 Massage can be combined with the application of nutrient oils or creams

Tattoo to help thin Brovko

If the question is "how to make a beautiful bushy eyebrows?" Is taken literally, the master brovisty beauty salons will answer in a practical embodiment.

At your service - a permanent tattoo, able to create a new image of the eyebrows. Professionals of their business will be offered two ways:

  • Feathering is a very popular method that involves the introduction of pigment under the skin into the space between the hairs. The background is formed. Eyebrows look bulky.
  • The hair method is more complicated and laborious. Here, the technique of drawing each hair is used.

There are several advantages of tattooing with natural eyebrows. Starting with the fact that this procedure helps to solve the problem of asymmetry of the eyebrows and make them visually thicker, and ending with a change in the contour of the eyebrow.

How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-5 If eyebrows can not grow, come to the aid tattoo

But realize the metamorphosis from the eyebrows, resorting to the technique of tattooing, is subject not to all. There are categories of persons to whom this process is contraindicated:

  • carriers of hepatitis and HIV infections;
  • diabetics;
  • patients with epilepsy;
  • ladies with poor blood coagulability;
  • cancer patients;
  • suffering from dermatitis, vitiligo and psoriasis;
  • persons with moles or birthmarks in the eyebrow;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • persons with broncho-pulmonary diseases.

Tip! It should be borne in mind that initially the color of the eyebrows after the tattoo is saturated. Over time, it will fade and look natural.

How to make eyebrows thicker with the help of cosmetics

Today, the market for cosmetic products is full of different care products. Sometimes the owner of eyebrows with sparse hairs suffices several weeks of intense exposure to this or that remedy, as eyebrows stretch in breadth, and their density is noticeably added.

  • Activators of hair growth on a hormonal basis. This trend drugs, which contain analogues of hormones - prostaglandins and biopeptides - cause follicles to wake up and become more active in growth. They are available to a wide range of buyers in cosmetic shops and specialized Internet resources.
  • Emulsions and gels based on amino acids, keratin and glucosamine. They are complex preparations containing growth stimulants. Their use implies strict dosage and following the specified time( Rogaine Extra Strength - includes minoxidil, fighting with alopecia, treatment lasting for longer than 3 months).
How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-1 Sometimes the owner of eyebrows with sparse hairs suffices several weeks of intense exposure to a particular remedy, as the eyebrows stretch in breadth, and their density is noticeably added.
  • Serum for eyebrows. Require regular use. Hormones they contain, in their composition but includes peptides and acid causing increased activity of the hair follicles and waking "dormant" follicles( Adonia BrowRevive - organic drug, LiBrow - does not contain chemical components).
  • Balms for strength and growth of hair on the eyebrows( Foltene - it includes extracts of plant origin, restoring follicles).

Tip! Xalatan - a medical product for the treatment of glaucoma - enhances the growth of eyebrows, as it contains a stimulating link latanoprost.

General recommendations for eyebrow densities

If nature does not endow individual women with "sable brows", then it is not worth waiting for a miracle from home and cosmetic means. Sometimes it is enough to observe the basic rules of care and to pay attention to the eyebrows at least once a day, as a result will not keep you waiting.

  • Do not forget about regular combing of the eyebrows and massage, strengthening the blood flow.
  • Do not use eyebrow dyes containing chemicals. Their harmful effects on hair have been repeatedly confirmed.
  • Minimize the use of eyebrow cosmetics. Do not forget about the timely removal of all kinds of gels, carcasses, shadows from the hair, to give the eyebrows a rest and get a portion of fresh air.
  • Start eating healthy food. Refusal of smoked products, spicy food, a variety of cheesecakes and cakes, adherence to the diet regime affects not only the appearance of the eyebrows, but also on the body as a whole.
How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-11 To grow beautiful eyebrows, you need to pay attention to their care

Some sources advise to shave eyebrows so that they grow strong and thick. As an example, shaving babies is given. Perhaps this "stress for the eyebrows" and will be for someone the limit of dreams, but do not need to discount the further inadequacy of hair growth in this area. It's not a fact that the shaving eyebrows will become thicker, but the thickness of the individual hair will now increase. Probably a change in the growth trajectory.

Tip! Adding vitamin B to the diet will help strengthen hair. It is in sufficient quantities found in peanuts, garlic, fish, pomegranate, wheat, chicken and other products.

Small make-up tricks

Stylists-eyebrows share small secrets of make-up that visually widen the arch of the eyebrows:

  • The edge of the eyebrow, located at the temple, must be significantly narrower than the opposite;
  • using shadows and mascara for eyebrows, close to the color of the hair, will give an image of naturalness;
  • carefully sharpened pencil to draw accurately in the lumens of eyebrows;
  • feathering will help smooth out uneven transitions.
How-to-do-eyebrow-thicker-12 You can correct the shape and thickness of eyebrows with special pencils and shadows

Advice! After retouching with a pencil, you can drop the gel on the eyebrow brush to shine and give the hairs a healthy look.

The eyes are a mirror of the soul, and the eyebrows serve as a beautiful frame. But in pursuit of fashion, we do not attach importance to how harmoniously the fashion trends of eyebrows on our face will be combined. After all, what suits one, is not at all glued to the other. Therefore, before you tackle the tweezers or decide on a trendy tattoo, think about whether it will fit your image.

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