Self-Contouring Facial - Step-by-step instruction with photo

  • Mar 09, 2018
Contouring-face-step-instruction-photo_( 12) If you want to learn how to do facial contouring - this article is for you

In this article, we described in detail all the secrets of facial contouring with step by step directions and photos. After all, this kind of make-up is today an indisputable trend and causes genuine interest in the fair sex.

Contouring-face-step-by-step instructions-photo_( 5) Even if you are completely satisfied with your face, using this technique, you can make it even more expressive and bring almost to perfection


  • 1 What contouring?
  • 2 How does it work?
  • 3 What cosmetics and tools will be needed?
  • 4 Milestones contouring
  • 5 Basic error sculpting
  • 6 contouring oval face
  • 7 sculpting round face
  • 8 sculpting triangular face
  • 9 KonturingRectangular or square face
  • 10 How to remove circles under the eyes?

What is contouring?

Even if you are completely satisfied with your face, with the help of this technique you can make it even more expressive and bring almost to the ideal. Contouring is true salvation and the presence of any defects:. Asymmetry, wide or conversely too narrow nose, excessively protruding parts etc.

Very often, this technique is called a sculptural makeup. After all, it really is based on artistic techniques, in which to emphasize certain traits or, on the contrary, veiling defects on the skin in a certain order, more dark and light shades of tonal means - light and shadow are applied.

Make-up artists divide this method of applying make-up into two main types:

  • model: brighter, evening;
  • Casual: used in the daytime.

In the latter case, color transitions should be slightly noticeable. They should flow very easily and smoothly into other shades. The outlines should be outlined as gently as possible.

Face correction can be performed only with the help of powder and blush( dry contouring), and through fatty creams. The first method is lightweight and is more suitable for smoothing small deficiencies.

Contouring-face-step-by-step instructions-photo_( 11) Those who have mastered this technique perfectly, every day can thereby magically transform its appearance

sculpting products containing fat basis, should be carried out with maximum caution - otherwise face a mask. However, those who mastered this technique perfectly, can transform their appearance every day in the most magical way.

Tip! To ensure the correctness of the selection of a shade, apply tonal remedies only at the maximum( ideally natural) illumination. Otherwise, the effect can be directly opposite to the desired one.

How does it work?

Art In the art of using the shadows and light and shade( by simulating illumination brighter till almost imperceptible) artists have long created a very realistic three-dimensional images. Hollywood makeup artists, who first decided to use this method in the technique of make-up, certainly made it a real revolution. Today, without any photoshop and plastic surgeon with the help of cosmetics alone, in many cases it is possible to achieve simply stunning results.

As well as when drawing on canvas, applying to the skin textures of different composition and color shades allows you to create on the face the visibility of light and shadows, through which the face acquires a different shape. Very often such a 3D-technique resorted if there is non-standard appearance: too high forehead, too wide or elongated nose, triangular, square, round face, etc.

Contouring-face-step-by-step instruction-photo_( i) contouring steps for various forms

Tip! Do not worry if the first time you have something will not work. After all, "drawing" on the face is not so easy as it seems. Choose your free time, carefully examine your face in front of the mirror, "remembering" the look where you should put shadows and light, and without haste proceed to a thorough drawing. Over time, this kind of makeup will take you only a couple of minutes.

What kind of cosmetics and tools will be needed?

For the correction of the face shape, you can purchase a ready-made set( pallet) in the tone of your skin. Depending on the purpose, it can include from 2 to 10, and sometimes even up to 20 shades and textures of tonal means, most often hyllaters and powders. If the pallet was not acquired, you can do with the usual tonal means. We will need:

  • cream base( primer);
  • cosmetics in skin tone;
  • foundation cream for a couple of tones is darker than your own skin;
  • highlighter: a tool that incorporates light-reflecting particles, with it we will highlight( highlight) and add glare or hide certain areas, for example, small wrinkles;It should be just a little lighter than the skin;
  • powder for a couple of shades darker than the main cream;
  • blusher.
Contouring-face-step-by-step instructions-photo_( 3) For the correction of the face shape, you can purchase a ready-made set( pallet) in the tone of your skin

In addition to the cosmetics itself, we will use the following types of tools:

  • wide brush for the base;
  • brush for sculpting with slightly tapered pile;
  • a flat-top brush for applying crumbly cosmetics, unlike a kabuki( a short, slightly rounded edge of a brush with a thick pile), its cut must
  • be absolutely flat;
  • brush for blush.

Advice! Do not try to impose makeup without a foundation - the tonal base will lie less evenly and quickly crumble. In addition, such a primer will allow decorative cosmetics to acquire more natural and rich shades.

Basic stages of contouring

Let's consider in detail how to properly sculpt individual areas of a face:

  • after application, each of the products must be thoroughly shaded;
  • in the forehead area correctors are applied only along the hair growth line;
  • areas in the area of ​​the temples are always covered with a darker shade;The center of the forehead becomes light;
  • cheekbones are a key area, so they must be emphasized;
  • between the ear and the mouth is a small cavity on which it is necessary to apply the darkest corrector;To find this place, swipe it with your finger or slightly pull your cheeks;
  • light powder in the area of ​​the cheekbones is distributed slightly higher on the protruding zone;
  • to balance the dark color, the corrector must be applied to the chin zone in the center and sides;This will make the outline of the person more clear and expressive;
  • the same corrector is distributed perpendicular movements of the hand and from the bottom of the chin to the neck;
  • to adjust the width of the nose can be by applying a darker cream on his wings, and a light highlighter - on the back;
  • if you shade a small dark point on the tip of your nose, it will look a little shorter.
Contouring-face-step-instruction-photo_( 7) Facial contouring - step-by-step instruction. Step 1-4
Contouring-face-step-instruction-photo_( 8) Face contouring - step by step instruction. Step 5-8
Contouring-face-step-by-step instructions-photo_( 2) Facial contouring - step by step instruction. Step 9

Tip! To make your makeup look natural, use only a matt corrector or bronzer without a shimmer( sequins) or mother-of-pearl.

Basic sculpting errors

We list the most common contouring errors:

  • The classic theory of make-up says that for this make-up you need to use powder for a couple of tones darker than your own skin. But somehow some women think that the darker, the better. After all, for some reason they produce cosmetic means of dark, almost brown hues? However, for girls of the Slavic type, they are not intended.
  • Since we need to get shadows on the face, and not yellow-red divorces, you should never buy orange or yellow tonal remedies.
  • The corrector should be neither red, nor gray, but only gray-brown.
  • In winter, we should forget about bronzers - they are more suitable for creating the effect of a small sunburn.
  • Apply only a thin layer of powder and never rub it into the skin. Otherwise, you will destroy the tonal layer, which makes the make-up look untidy.
  • The area around the forehead, mouth and nose, which quickly begins to shine, must be treated more thoroughly with powder.
  • Sometimes the resulting shade looks perfectly in front, but on the side it looks like an unnatural dark spot. Periodically turn to the mirror in half a turn and look through the result.

Advice! For any kind of makeup, one should not choose a powder with large particles - it will lie unevenly and blurry with difficulty.

Contouring of the oval face

In principle, this type of face does not require much correction. He only needs to give a bump and expressiveness. Here is a brief step-by-step instruction on contouring the oval face( see photo):

Contouring-face-step-instruction-photo_( 10) Instructions for contouring the oval face
  • select the cheekbones: to do this, find the hollow between the ear or mouth, drawing in the cheeks;
  • apply to this place a small amount of correction means of a darker shade;The area above, on the contrary, brighten;
  • put a little bright highlighter with reflective particles in the place of the speakers when smiling a dimple;
  • add a slightly darker shade to the center and sides of the chin.

Advice! Oily skin owners with highlighter should be extremely cautious. With its excess, light-reflecting particles can play with you a cruel joke and visually enhance the shine. Especially you need to be careful with the T-zone( nose-forehead).

Sculpting a round face

With this type of face, its features are always too smooth and have almost no pronounced boundaries. We offer step-by-step instructions for rounding the round face with a photo:

  • of light tones on the skin in this case should be slightly less than with normal make-up;
  • the dark corrector is applied on the sides in the form of an arc with a call on the cheeks;
  • the distance from such an arc to the nose is 2-3 cm;Its central part should be located in the ear area;
  • chin is machined in the center and along the sides with neat movements;
  • if you have a double chin, it should also be slightly darkened;
Contouring-face-step-by-step instructions-photo_( 6) Make-up for round face
  • less flat and more voluminous to make the face possible by sculpting in the nose area;To do this, apply a lighter tone to the triangle, the corners of which are on the outer corners of the lips and nose;
  • cosmetics of the same shade distribute in the area of ​​the triangle between the beginning of the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose;On the sides of the nose apply a darker make-up.

Tip! Never distribute the dark contours on the cheekbones to the lips and chin. The optimal distance to them is two fingers.

Sculpting a triangular face

There are two types of triangular faces: with a vertex pointing up or down. Depending on this, it is also corrected. Its main techniques are provided in the next step-by-step instruction( with photo) on the contouring of the triangular face:

  • imagine that in the center of the face you have an oval;Apply a darker tonal tool on all areas that protrude beyond its contour;
  • chin can be smoothened with the help of dark shades, distributed along its center and a slight highlighting of the skin along the edges;
  • to narrow the upper part obscure not only the whiskey, but also convex bumps on the forehead;And the center of the forehead and chin;
  • with a broad forehead and pointed chin, shadows on the cheeks are applied in the form of a diamond.
Contouring-face-step-by-step instructions-photo_( 4) Face contouring of the triangular shape

Advice! You can hide wrinkles with a light highlighter. Slightly stretch the skin, so that the product is evenly distributed even in the smallest wrinkles, apply it, and then thoroughly blend.

Contouring a rectangular or square face

In this case, we need to slightly soften the sharp lines and "round off" the face.

To achieve this, it is necessary: ​​

  • carefully and accurately obscure the jaw area;The wider the face, the larger the surface must be occupied by the dark corrector;
  • is the darkest tonal remedy to apply and in the area above the temples, as well as along the hairline and at the corners of the jaw;
  • the chin should not be obscured, as this will make the face pointed;
  • the area of ​​application of rouge should be round, they are imposed from the edge of the cheekbones slightly obliquely and down the place of the hollow;
  • to bring to the foreground the rest of the face, a light highlighter should be distributed along the middle line of the forehead, the area under the eyes and in the lower chin zone;To get a natural make-up, this backlight should be a minimum amount.

Tip! To make the makeup perfect, the brushes and sponges require thorough care. They are washed with soap at least once a week and thoroughly dried. If the brushes and sponges are worn, the powder and cream will not be applied smoothly, so they should be replaced on a regular basis.

How to remove circles under the eyes?

Eyes are made especially carefully. After all, with the slightest mistake, the whole face will look unnatural:

  • dark circles are brightened and shaded even before the application of the rest of the cosmetics;
  • agent used for such purposes is selected only for a lighter skin tone;
Contouring-face-step-by-step instructions-photo_( 1) Eyes are made especially carefully. After all, with the slightest mistake, the whole face will look unnatural
  • highlighter with reflective particles is carefully applied from the inner corner to the outer one in such a way that a small triangle is formed;After careful shading, it is fixed with powder;
  • if there are under the eyes of bags at the inner corner of the eye a shadow is formed;If the neatly thin beveled brush brightens it, the bags will be less noticeable;Most importantly, do not apply concealer to the very area of ​​the edema, otherwise you can aggravate the situation.

Tip! The skin of the reddish shade under the eyes can be masked with a remedy with a greenish sublimate. Violet circles are masked with a concealer with a slight yellow tinge. Yellowness, in contrast, can be removed using correctors with a purple tone.

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