What is the best way to grow eyelashes and eyebrows?- Reviews, recommendations

  • Mar 09, 2018
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 3) If you are looking for an effective tool for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, you will benefit from advice of professional beauticians

If you are looking for an effective tool for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, you will benefit from advice of professional beauticians. Unfortunately, there is no universal drug that will transform your eyes at one time. Only regular use of cosmetics will help to accelerate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. It is also important to take into account the individual skin characteristics, since allergic reactions are often impossible to predict without a preliminary test. Let's find out together what cosmetics to use for lengthening eyelashes and eyebrows.

Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 2) eyebrows and eyelashes - frame our face, it is important to take care of their beauty


  • 1 Overview cosmetics
  • 2 Traditional recipes for accelerating the growth of eyelashes
  • 3 homemade methods to facilitate faster growth eyebrows
  • 4 Reviews real users

Overview cosmetics

to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows manufacturers Cosmeble means of developing the whole line of hair care products. They have different composition, price and quality. What is the drug to choose?

  • Ardell Brow &Lash Growth enhances the growth of hair and eyebrows due to the content of wheat protein.
    Price: 330-500 rubles.
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 13) Ardell Brow &Lash Growth
  • Advance is a German preparation intended to strengthen hair follicles. Use it every day on clean eyelashes. Manufacturers recommend to apply at night. Contraindication( hormonal): pregnant women, minors.
    Price: 4 thousand rubles.
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 12) advansed
  • Alerana - stimulant growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. In the composition of the drug vitamins and extracts, which help to strengthen the roots and improve the density. Chestnut activates growth and darkens the hairs that are.
    Price: 700-800 rubles.
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 1) Alerana
  • Kareprost Volyum eliminates dryness of mucous membrane, accelerates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. The manufacturer claims that the drug can be dripped into the eye. Apply eyebrow in several layers on eyebrows. Doctors notice side effects.
  • C price: from 950 rubles.
  • Buy the product at a bargain price here.
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 6) Kareprost Volyum
  • Satur Aylash accelerates hair growth and contributes to their darkening. The first results are visible after a month of use. If you want to speed up the process, apply more often than once a day. There are no side effects.
    Price: 3 thousand rubles.
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows-8 Satur Aylash

Should I buy a cheap product for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows?

So, Ardell Brow &Lash Growth. The manufacturer claims that the product enhances the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, protects them from falling out. The composition includes components that nourish the skin of the eyelids and hair follicles( panthenol, castor oil, plant extract, water and others).Apply the drug at night after removing cosmetics for a month. You need to repeat the course 2-3 times a year. Among the advantages users note:

  • acceleration of the growth of small eyelashes;
  • no smell;
  • is not noticeable on hairs;
  • availability( you can buy in a pharmacy and a supermarket);
  • budget;
  • efficiency( the product has a positive effect, claimed in the advertisement by the manufacturer);
  • economy( enough for 1-2 months).
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 11) The product contains components that nourish the skin of the eyelids and hair follicles( panthenol, castor oil, vegetable extract, water and others)

In turn, Alerana for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows has also established itself in the market as a quality product. Its advantages include:

  • efficiency;
  • compliance with advertising;
  • convenience( with a bottle and brush comfortable to use).

Please note that one tube contains two products: day and night. If they are used correctly, namely, at the right time of the day, the effect will come immediately. Note that the night remedy should only be applied to the tips. Otherwise, it can drain onto the mucous membrane, which can lead to an allergic reaction.

Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 4) Please note that one tube contains two products: day and night. If they are used correctly, namely, at the right time of the day, then the effect will come immediately

Advice! Before buying a product for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, carefully study its composition. It should be rich in vitamins A, B and E. Supplements of natural vegetable oil enhance the effectiveness of drugs.

Traditional recipes for accelerating the growth of eyelashes

If you do not trust cosmetics, believing that they are harmful to the eyes and skin, we suggest you pay attention to folk remedies. They are easy to prepare at home from improvised components. They are absolutely safe for you, since they do not contain chemical additives. Plus a good economy.

Cosmetologists produce eyelash oils, as they contain a lot of fatty polyunsaturated acids. They nourish the skin of the eyelids, thereby speeding the growth of hairs.

Which oil should I choose?

  • Use almond and peach oil to stimulate the growth of eyelashes;
  • for strengthening hairs, which means reducing the loss, castor oil is suitable;
  • any natural oil can be used for eyelash nutrition, including sunflower oil;
  • universal remedy is considered burdock oil, as it takes care of the skin of the eyelids and saturates it with useful substances to accelerate the growth of hairs.
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 7) Cosmetologists secrete oil for eyelashes, because they include a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They nourish the skin with age, thus accelerating the growth of hairs

If you opted for the oil, follow these rules:

  1. for applying oil, use a clean brush from the old brasmatika;
  2. The oil must be preheated to make it more efficient;
  3. Apply only for an hour, remove with a tissue;
  4. To distribute oil on eyelashes it is necessary only after their clearing;
  5. It is important to carry out the procedure daily, then you are guaranteed to get the desired result;
  6. The minimum period of use of oil for growth of hairs is 30 days.

To increase the efficiency of oil, beauticians recommend further twice weekly apply special masks made manually:

  • Castor oil and sea buckthorn mixed in equal proportions with rosehip oil, carrot juice and vitamin A. A mixture stimulates growth of eyelashes.
  • Black tea with castor oil makes the black color of the hairs rich, thereby visually lengthening the eyelashes.
  • Complex care for eyelid skin and eyelashes provides a mask of castor, almond or peach and olive oil. Effective means in the fight against fine wrinkles around the eyes.
  • A mixture of vitamins A or E with any natural oil perfectly strengthens the eyelashes.
  • sunflower or olive oil with the juice of aloe parsley go left on 15 minutes, significantly accelerate the growth of eyelashes and give them strength.

In addition to oils, you can use herbal infusions. They tonify and nourish the skin, stop the inflammatory processes, remove toxins. This leads to the fact that eyelashes are more quickly updated and grow. Benefit brings infusion of chamomile, cornflower, sage. Even ordinary black tea favorably affects the tone of the skin of the eyelids.

Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( i) universal remedy considered burdock oil, as it takes care of the eyelid skin and enriches it with nutrients to accelerate the growth of hair

Do you know why your eyelashes grow much slower than in childhood and break fast? Our eyelids are affected by the environment. We are constantly in front of the TV screen, computer, tablet. Eyes quickly get tired, and on eyelids there is hardly appreciable puffiness. Also we regularly paint eyelashes, by the way, not always with quality mascara. All these factors lead the hairs into a deplorable state. And if you are building them up! Therefore, be sure to arrange cilia without a weekend makeup, make masks from cucumbers or raw potatoes, and you will immediately get a positive result.

Advice! Food affects the health of the body. To lashes received necessary for the growth component, Diversify the diet of foods rich in the vitamin A, E and B.

Pets methods for facilitating faster growth eyebrows

You might ask, why should accelerate the growth of eyebrows, if they need to constantlydelete? Notice that we only pull out those hairs that break the eyebrow line. Now it is fashionable to paint eyebrows so that they are brighter. Some girls even use the service of permanent make-up, so that the color lasts a long time. But why give yourself in question to cosmetic procedures, if you can just speed up hair growth? Thick eyebrows look darker and do not need additional staining.

Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 5) Mix in equal proportions, peach, walnut and almond oil, and get a great compress eyebrow

We have considered cosmetic products offered by renowned manufacturers. But even at home, you can help yourself with your own brow. Let's consider the most effective methods:

  • A tube of lanolin cream should be mixed with 1 tsp. Olive oil, castor oil and liquid vitamin E and A. Vitaminized oily composition can be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Mix in equal proportions a peach, nut and almond oil, and get an excellent brow compress.
  • Universal agent for accelerating hair growth - a mixture of castor and burdock oil.
  • Jojoba oil in combination with essential oil of juniper or rosemary nourishes and strengthens hair follicles.
  • Against hair loss effectively apply a mask from the flowers of calendula. They need to be poured with olive oil in a proportion of 1:10 and insist 8-10 days in the refrigerator. Wet cotton wool in the resulting solution and put them on the eyebrows for an hour. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times a week.
  • A rum mask helps to grow a thick and healthy shine of hair. For its preparation you must mix the art. L.Castor oil and linseed, add 1 tsp. Roma. Cocktail should be preheated in a water bath. Leave on the eyebrows for half an hour - 40 minutes.
Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 14) Olive oil is also beneficial for your eyebrows

Tip! The easiest way to stimulate the growth of eyebrows is daily combing them aside and against hair growth. The nutrition of the bulbs is also enhanced after the usual warming up of the skin with the help of a massage.

reviews of real users

Advertising cosmetics does not always reflect the real effect. He may not even come. Therefore, we trust the reviews of real users who used drugs and folk remedies on their own. Let's get acquainted with them.

Christina, 28 years old: I use Ardell Brow &Lash Growth for about two weeks. I noticed that my eyelashes became thicker and softer. They are more pleasant to dye with ink, they even seem longer. For the night I work with eyebrows. Another effect is not felt, because not much time has passed.

Irina, 46 years: I use for growth Aleranu hair. I like the result. During the month of regular application, eyelashes became noticeably stronger and began to grow faster. By the way, now almost do not fall out.

Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 10) It is important to choose your vehicle and use it regularly

Tatiana, 37 years: I do not trust modern cosmetics. For the last five years I have been treating the eyelashes every three months with a mixture of castor oil and sea buckthorn oil. My eyelashes look much better than other women of my age.

Albina, 23: For eyebrow growth, I use a mask of jojoba oil. My remedy is much cheaper than shop. And the effect is simply gorgeous. Eyebrows are bright and thick, do not need additional staining.

Daria, 35 years old: I think that Ardell Brow &Lash Growth is the best remedy for eyelashes and eyebrows. I use hardly more month, and already I see an excellent result. I used to try to make masks according to folk recipes, but it bothered me. It is easier to take the finished product and handle the problem areas of them.

Oksana, 23 years old: I have been building up my eyelashes for a year. During this time, my own hair was in a terrible state. I read reviews on the Internet, and chose the means of Aleran. For two months my cilia not only fully recovered, but also became thicker and more beautiful than before.

Means-for-growth-eyelashes-and-eyebrows_( 1) Your beauty is in your hands

Ludmila, 32 years old: Honestly, I'm lazy in terms of taking care of myself. But recently noticed that eyelashes began to fall out. And with such speed that it made me think. A friend told me that she was just putting sunflower oil on her hair. Since I cook for the home every day, I decided to take care of the hairs at the same time. I do not know about growth, but after two weeks of regular treatment with oil, cilia almost fall. Very satisfied.

To see the effect of cosmetic or folk remedies for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, apply them regularly. If the effect is not noticeable in a month, try other drugs.

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