Microblueing eyebrows - Reviews of the procedure, photos before and after

  • Mar 09, 2018
Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_07 Mikrobleyding eyebrows - special technique, implying applying a pigment eyebrow zone by progressive application of manual method

Mikrobleyding eyebrows - special technique, implying applying a pigment eyebrow zone by progressive application of a manual method. The main advantage of the technique is the absence of the need for a long and painstaking application of makeup in the subsequent time. Every morning after waking up, it will be enough to look in the mirror and enjoy the already available attractive form of eyebrows.

Microblasting-eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_11 main advantage of the technique is the lack of need for lengthy and laborious applying makeup in the subsequent time


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  • 2 nuances in carrying tattoo
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4Peculiarities of the procedure
  • 5 Recommendations before mikrobleydingom
  • 6 main part
  • procedure 7 Microblueing eyebrows: photo "before" and "after"
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Advantages of the procedure

The first feature is the lack of used machines. It is for this reason that the technique has the name of manual tattoo. In modern beauty salons the procedure has arisen recently, and the quality of the result obtained is 100% dependent on the skills of the master who, using special devices, applies permanent pigment in the form of fine hairs on his eyebrows. Thanks to this technology, you can get a visual volume, and the eyebrows will eventually become beautiful without the need for tinting using artificial methods.

Currently makeup artists who can make mikrobleyding maximum quality, is small enough, because of the newness of the procedure, not all have been trained to conduct operations in a professional manner. Often the price of the method is not too long, but this will save on pencils, gels and shadows, traditionally used for tinting eyebrows. The growing and extensive popularity of this technique is due to the fact that it has a set of advantages.

  • It does not take much time and lasts half as much as tattooing.
  • Absence of painful sensations during the procedure due to the use of a thin needle and traditionally professional tools.
  • Minimal damage to the skin, thereby reducing the likelihood of traumatic injury.
  • The short duration of the rehabilitation period after rehabilitation allows you to conveniently carry out the procedure without the need for a long "coming to life".
  • The result is qualitative, which ensures naturalness and naturalness of the eyebrows, and since the needle does not penetrate deep under the skin, you can control the beauty of the process and result.
  • Skin and other problems will not persist on the skin after the operation, as is usually the case after applying permanent make-up.
Microblasting-eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_01 absence of pain during the procedure by using a fine needle and traditionally professional tools
  • age-based indicators for the procedure is not available, so every woman, regardless of age, can easily carry out the procedure.

After mikrobleyding eyebrows, you can easily forget about worry about makeup, because even in the morning, he is almost ready to use.

Nuances in carrying tattoo

Although features, this procedure involves a number of nuances on the application. You need to know about this before deciding to make an appeal to the master and hold the coveted procedure.

  • A sufficiently high price range for conducting procedures, therefore, not every girl can afford these techniques.
  • At present there are not many masters of this business, especially in Russia.
  • Two years later, the type of eyebrows obtained as a result of the procedure is no longer relevant, therefore, a re-run procedure and therefore additional financial costs will be required.
  • The final result of the procedure can not be detected immediately after it is carried out, as it manifests itself after a month, after the crust has gone and the peeling of the upper layer of the skin is eliminated.
Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_09 final result of the procedure can not be detected immediately after the conference, as it manifests itself in a month, after leaving the crusts and eliminate the peeling of the top layer of skin
  • During the procedure may also occur painful sensations plan, so they just need to endure.
  • After conducting the procedure, it is important to follow several recommendations from the masters, which can fundamentally change the routine that you usually used to live in.

In addition, there is a list of individual contraindications to the application of the methodology in practice, and each of them must be taken into account in detail.


  • presence of a history of diabetes;
  • The presence of abrasions on the body, especially in the area of ​​the face, eyebrows;
  • Presence of diseases, inflammations;
  • Significant increase in patient's body temperature;
  • Diseases that can be transmitted through the blood;
  • Presence of an individual allergy to coloring composition.

Taking into account all the moments, considering them, you can achieve a good result in terms of improvement and create excellent opportunities for realizing yourself in a new image.

Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_06 Before starting the procedure, make sure that does not enter the zone of risk

Features of

procedures Considering the translation of the name mikrobleyding procedures, it may be noted that it sounds like "thin blade."The procedure itself is performed by the master and does this in manual mode, due to which a qualitative and accurate result is obtained. It is the skills and knowledge of a professional that determines the appearance, stability and reliability of the result obtained.

recommendations before mikrobleydingom

As a first step to conducting techniques will serve the choice of form and color scheme of the future eyebrows. Given the fact that the model can not be washed away and repainted, conducting experiments is not the best option. There are several types of coloring of the eyebrows, they all depend on the color and type of face, the hair of the girl.

  • Blondes are shown to use gray or brown tones;
  • Redheaded girls are suitable for copper or brown shades;
  • Brunettes are ideal for gray, black or brown versions.

Moments that have been considered are general guidelines, but also before the procedure it is important to consult with the master, which will hold an individual consultation and help to opt for one particular embodiment. The fact is that during the healing process, a part of the pigment disappears, and the color of the eyebrows starts to sweep away. Accordingly - the more vivid the result will be in the beginning, the more long it will last on the eyebrows.

Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_04 Mikrobleyding eyebrows - a photo before and after

A few days before mikrobleydinga recommended to create conditions for the smooth running of the process:

  • Abstain from the use of antibiotic agents that cause irritation of the blood and other unforeseen undesirable reactions and phenomena. Some material compounds block the pigment, and it can not settle down on the skin.
  • It is important to remove alcoholic beverages from the diet, which usually dilute blood. If you neglect this advice, then the procedure can have complex consequences that will have a negative impact on the result.
  • At that time prohibited access to the beach, a sun deck, as due to exposure to ultraviolet light skin may become more rough and not very correctly perceive introduced pigment.
  • For 14 days before the procedure it is forbidden to pluck your eyebrows, it is important to know how each hair grows, what length and thickness it has.
  • Immediately before the procedure, it is prohibited to drink coffee drinks and products containing caffeine.

Each of the moments is especially important to compliance, and a real professional should tell you about this before the session.

main part

procedure Mandatory condition - the knowledge of the master of what color and shape of the eyebrows you want to get after the procedure, and it should have the information about the defects that you want to hide.

Based on the customer's personal data, the professional will offer several basic solutions and will necessarily take into account all your wishes.

Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_08 After the entire eyebrow may slightly pripuhnut procedure, but this phenomenon will be eliminated after some hours

After the reservation items must be disinfected at which through a special solution completely processed work area of ​​the master.

Anesthesia of the entire area around the eyebrows is then carried out, which will eliminate the main pain sensations during the work.

At this stage, the master injects a pigment under the skin, using a toolbox that is a spatula. This tool consists of several needles, allowing to control the depth of introduction of the element.

Two main techniques are widely used for qualitative and controlled pigment administration.

  • manikin of European type has distinctive features in the form of a hair length, thickness and color, as a result - obtained voluminous thick eyebrows, but some near visible artificiality.
  • Eastern technology involves the creation of hairs of different lengths, as well as elements that are different in terms of color and volume. As a result, complete naturalness is obtained. Presence of the requirement of perseverance does not allow to apply this technique everywhere.

After the whole procedure, the eyebrows may swell a little, but this phenomenon will be eliminated after a few hours. In order to obtain the desired effect, a 5-fold repetition of the procedures is necessary. After the process, the master will give several recommendations regarding eyebrow care.

Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_02 mikrobleydinga The course consists of five

procedures Tip! It is necessary to carry out all recommendations without exception, in order to obtain the proper result and to create conditions for effective technique.

Eyebrow microblueing: photos "before" and "after"

If you choose a good salon, you will be asked to take pictures of your face before and after the procedure, because it is not always possible to evaluate the result at a glance. To consider the features of the procedure can only be with a close look at the eyebrows. If before the decision was made to conduct the procedure, you did not have enough of your own hair in the eyebrow area, then the result of microblasting will pleasantly surprise you and surprise you.

Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_03 Pictures before and after procedure mikrobleydinga affect the result of

Healing eyebrow care

Healing takes place quickly if the skin surface to provide adequate attention and meticulous care. To ensure that the result is sufficient for as long as 2 years, it is necessary to use proven eyebrow treatment options after the main procedure. Of course, every master has his own methods.

Use of Vaseline: a healing ointment is applied immediately after the final stage of the procedure, it can not be washed off categorically. During the first day, you need to spread your eyebrows 3 more times, on the remaining days the number of cycles is reduced. At the stage of healing, it is strictly forbidden to use cosmetics and compositions, take hot baths, visit the pool. The total recovery period lasts about a month.

Microblasting-eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_10 For faster healing of the eyebrows, lubricate them with petroleum jelly

Reviews on microblasting

Tatyana: I did the procedure 2 weeks ago, I know that until the result has finally emerged, but I'm very glad that I decided to do it. Eyebrows became more dense and expressive.

Olga: I never thought that my eyebrows are so beautiful. I advise everyone to try the procedure. Although it is expensive, but the money spent is definitely worth it.

Inna: I liked the interior, which I did mikrobleyding. By the way, this is 80% of the success of the procedure. Before proceeding, read the recommendations and contraindications that may be important on the way to decision-making.

Microblasting eyebrows-reviews-photo-to-and-after_05 Mikrobleyding - optimal treatment for beauty eyebrows

Oksana: Mikrobleyding advised me to make a friend, and I have no regrets. Eyebrows became more expressive and beautiful. Now I want my other friends to do the same procedure .

Katya: I'm glad I will not have to use gels and pencils for coloring eyebrows because it is terribly inconvenient, especially in the morning when in a hurry to work.

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