Beautiful make-up of a blue-eyed apple for green eyes( 50 pics) - Day and evening makeup

  • Mar 09, 2018
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_23 Smokey ice for green eyes - perfect make-up for day-time meetings and for evening emergencies

The unique feature of the smoky make-up for the green eyes is its ability to create attractive images, emphasize all the advantages of the eyes, successfullyTo mask flaws. This technique is one of the most common in the art of makeup.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_19 Smokey ice is one of the most common techniques in the make-up
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_10 It is based on the careful shading of several shades of shadows
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_07 The optimal option for "smoky makeup" is a combination of 4-5 shades


  • 1 Let's talk about the nature of the figs ice
  • 2 Basic rules of make-up
  • 3 Daytime smoky makeup
  • 4 Burgundy version of daytime "smoky makeup" for green eyes
  • 5 Evening gypsy ice for green eyes
  • 6 Riddle of emerald evening gypsy ice

Let's talk about natureDe tiki ice

The original makeup technique, including for green eyes, which is based on a thorough shading of several shades of shades, stylists call the smokes ice. From English it's "eyes in the haze".If we talk about the number of tones of decorative shadows, the best option for "smoky makeup" is a combination of 4-5 shades.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_04 There are a huge number of makeup options for ice figs that are ideal for green eyes
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_09 Eye wearers of this color can easily choose a palette of shadows for drawing a makeup in this style.
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_03 Makeup of gray-black shadows

There is a huge number of makeup options for the figs of the ice, Which are ideal for green eyes. Possessors of eyes of this color in general will not be difficult to choose a palette of shadows for applying makeup in this style. For green eyes are the most diverse combinations of shades:

  • brown and golden;
  • purple and plum;
  • of fresh and brown;
  • gray and black;
  • dark and light green, etc.

Initially, figs ice was conceived as a makeup for evening walks and events. But now the scope of its use has significantly expanded."Smoky makeup" has become a favorite technique of daytime make-up among women and girls with green eyes.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_05 Initially, the smoked ice was conceived as a make-up for evening walks and events. But now the scope of its use has significantly expanded
Make-up-tits-ice-for-green-eye-photo_14 "Smoke Make Up" has become a favorite technique of daytime makeup among women and girls with green eyes
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_29 The peculiarity of this technique is very careful shading of each layer of shadows to create the effect of an invisible transition from light shades to dark

When appliedMake-up smokey ice using flat brushes for applying shadows, soft brushes for shading, eyeliner. Eyeliner can be used on the penultimate stage of eye formation. The peculiarity of this technique is a very careful shading of each layer of shadows to create the effect of an invisible transition from light shades to dark ones.

Tip! The palette of shadows for a mustache must match not only the color of the eyes, but also the skin and hair. Dark-skinned green eyes do not face light "smoky makeup."Owners of green eyes, fair skin and hair do not fit a dark make-up.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_15 From this look goose bumps go on skin
Make-up-smokes-ice-for-green-eye-photo_13 Smokey ice is often used as a make-up for photo shoots
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_08 Smoky make-up using neon shades

Basic rules of make-up

It's important to know the general rules that will help you find out how to make make-up in the technique of a smoke ice, To emphasize the natural mystery of green eyes. The technique of "smoky make-up" is a platform for active creativity.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_25 Each girl with this makeup can correct the shape of her eyes according to her personal preferences
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_26 To narrow her eyes, the shadows "go" a little beyond the outer corner of the eye.
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_31. To widen the eyes, the tip of the eyes "finishes" above the outer corner of the eye.

EachA girl with the help of such makeup can correct the shape of her eyes in accordance with personal preferences.

Two basic techniques for applying shadows in "smoky makeup" are common:

  • for narrowing the eyes - the shadows "go away" a little beyond the outer corner of the eye;
  • for eye enlargement - the tip of the shadows "ends" above the outer corner of the eye.

Smokey Ice is applied in stages.

  • Step 1. Preparation for applying make-up on the face."Smoky makeup" requires a particularly careful approach to the implementation of skin preparation. He does not tolerate very prominent shortcomings. Used tools such as tonal creams, correctors, powder. It is important before applying the shadows to apply the foundation for make-up, so that it lasts longer and has an attractive appearance.
  • Stage 2. Eye line along the mucosa of the upper and lower eyelids. To do this, it is recommended to use soft eyeliner of the required shades. The line at the outer corner of the eye, obtained with a pencil, should be slightly thicker.
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_36 "Smoky makeup" requires a very careful approach to the preparation of the skin
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_35 It is important before applying the shadows to apply the makeup base so that it lasts an attractive look
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_33 Eye line along the mucosa of the upper and lower eyelids - for this it is recommended to apply soft eye pencils of the required shades
  • Stage 3. Applying several shades of shadows alternately, accompanied by a thorough shading to create a smooth and inconspicuous border between colors. The darkest shadows are superimposed along the line of growth of the eyelashes, the average shades are on the mobile eyelid, the light shades are placed on the sub-groove area. The inner corner is often distinguished by pearly light shadows.
  • Stage 4. Applying mascara with a volume effect to the eyelashes.

Tip! Dark shadows for the ice gypsy create the effect of an expressive look of green eyes. Most suitable for evening "smoky makeup."A bright palette, combined with green eyes - this is an option for a day-old fig-ice.

Daytime Smoky Makeup

Make-up Smokey Ice can be a variant of both daytime and evening makeup. One way to perform a day-time fig is ice make-up using brown-beige motifs for green eyes. To implement this idea, shadows of 4-5 shades can be used, for example:

  • beige;
  • gray-brown;
  • black;
  • white mother-of-pearl.
Make-up-tits-ice-for-green-eye-photo_01 Makeup Smokey Ice. Step 1-4
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_02 Makeup Smokey Ice. Step 5-8

Step 1. The foundation for make-up( or powder) is applied to the eyelid to prevent further rolling of the shadows. For most of the upper eyelid, beige light shadows are superimposed over the center.

Step 2. A soft pencil of black color draws a line on the upper eyelid along the growth of the upper lashes.

Step 3. The line thus obtained is shaded with a soft brush. Then another line is drawn a little more than half, along the upper eyelid. Also carefully shaded.

Step 4. On the upper eyelid in the outer and inner corners of the eye black shadows are applied with the help of patting movements. To do this, use a tapered brush for make-up.

Step 5. For the remainder of the upper eyelid, shades of a gray-brown hue are applied.

Step 6. The corners of the eyes, where black shadows were applied and shaded, are also shaded with the help of a dark purple color.

Step 7. The sub-shaded area is shaded using a flat brush with white pearlescent shadows. This gives the eyes a visual magnification effect.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_34 On the upper eyelid, black shadows are applied to the outer and inner corners of the eye with the help of the pattering movements
Make-up-smokes-ice-for-green-eye-photo_32 The finishing touch of the makeup is staining the cilia with ink

Step 8. The lines of the upper and lower eyelashes on the eyelids outline the black soft pencil for the eyes.

Step 9. The final note of makeup - staining the cilia with mascara.

Tip! Girls with eyes planted close, with the design of the lower eyelid on the line of eyelashes with a dark pencil should not bring the line to the inner corner of the eyes. This visually brings the eyes closer together even more. You can use light shadows instead.

Burgundy variant of daytime "smoky make-up" for green eyes

We offer step by step to consider making make-up ice-cream in burgundy-gray shades for green eyes. For him, shadows for eyelids of such shades are necessary: ​​

  • dark brown;
  • black;
  • is dark gray;
  • maroon pearl;
  • white mother-of-pearl.
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_30 Always before the application of the shadows, you need to prepare the face with a make-up base
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_18 Step-by-step instruction for the green-eyed gyroscope
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_16 The languid and mysterious view of the

Step 1. First, the face skin is prepared for applying make-up. For this purpose, a foundation, a foundation for make-up, powder are used. Once the preparation is completed, you can proceed with the direct imposition of shadows.

Step 2. On the upper eyelid, a dark gray shade is applied. Matte shades in dark brown tones are superimposed on the crease of the upper eyelid. Then this makeup ball is thoroughly shaded. This helps to give extra depth to the look.

Step 3. In the middle of the lower eyelid, pearl shadows are applied.

Step 4. The water line of the upper and lower eyelids is highlighted with an eyeliner of black color. Also, the shadows of the gray are superimposed behind the claret pearly layer, closer to the outer corner of the eye, but not reaching it. Gray pigment is shaded.

Step 5. Following the shadows of gray color, already in the outer corner of the eye, decorative black shades are applied. They need to be thoroughly shaded.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_26 You can add a make-up arrow with the arrows
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_20 Touche plays an important role in creating a successful make-up
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_28 Smokey ice in green tones

Step 6. The inner corner of the eye is highlighted with white pearly shadows. Also, a white pearl shade is fed by the lower eyelid.

Step 7. Using a black eyeliner in the upper mobile age, a not very thick arrow line is drawn.

Step 8. Eyelashes are painted with black ink with the effect to increase the volume. Smokey ice in burgundy tones is ready. The owner of gray-green eyes can successfully fascinate and conquer others.

Tip! To make the eyes look more expressive, and the look seemed deeper, it is recommended to use a soft eyeliner to draw a water line of both eyelids. But this technique visually narrows the eyes, therefore, women with small eyes should avoid using it.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_06 Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions for Make-Up Smoke Ice for Green Eyes

Evening Smoke Ice for Green-Eyes

This version of the Ice Smoke can serve as an evening make-up for green eyes( photo).For him, you should use these shadows:

  • coral;
  • are golden;
  • is dark brown.
Make-up-tits-ice-for-green-eye-photo_38 Step-by-step photo-instruction of the make-up of the blue-and-white tart of ice-cream. Step 1-4
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_39 Step-by-step photo-instruction of the make-up of the blue apple in white and blue tones. Step 5-7

Step 1. After preparing the skin for make-up, align and clearly outline the eyebrow line. For this purpose, a pencil is used for the eyes of a shade of dark brown color or an eyebrow that is close to the color of the eyebrows.

Step 2. It is necessary to apply shadows of coral color with a soft brush on the upper eyelid, as well as half the height of the sub-groove area and blend well. The same luminous shadows are superimposed on the lower eyelid.

Step 3. Thinner brushes should be applied pearl golden decorative pigment on the upper eyelid, which is mobile.

Step 4. The mucosa line along both eyelids should be highlighted with shadows of dark brown color, using a thin brush.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_40 Scented figs ice. Step 1-4
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_41 Non-Smoked Smoke Ice. Step 5-8
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_42 New-Year Smoke Ice. Step 9-12

Step 5. Then it is necessary to draw a line-arrow along the upper eyelid with the help of black thread. From the inner to the outer corner of the eye, the line of the eyeliner should be slightly widened.

Step 6. The next step is to draw an eye along the lower eyelid with a soft black pencil.

Step 7. At the final stage of the makeup in the technique of coral-golden smock ice, you need to make up cilia with bulk ink. And fascinating make-up is ready. For parties perfect and magnificent false eyelashes.

Tip! Do not use this type of make-up for green eyes with bright lipsticks. In the makeup, the emphasis should be on one thing. If we selected eyes, then the ideal option for the lips will be a colorless shine or neutral tones of lipstick.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_27 Smokey eyes in green
Make-up-tits-ice-for-green-eye-photo_37 Smoky eyes in green - details
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_24 Say what you like and makeup in green colors to green eyes is most suited
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_22 Stylish and vivid image of

Enigma of emerald evening gypsy ice

Very interesting and unique variant of making a fig is ice makeupIn emerald tones for green eyes( photo).It will require decorative shades of several shades, namely:

  • light brown, nude, close to the color of the skin;
  • light green, light green;
  • dark green, emerald;
  • is dark brown.
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_17 Makeup in emerald tones for green eyes
Make-up-smokes-ice-for-green-eye-photo_11 is a very interesting and unique variant of making ice-cream
Make-up-smokes-ice-for-green-eye-photo_11. How to draw eyes for make-up of a fig.

Step 1. At this stage, traditionally with the help of special tools it is necessary to prepare the face and eyelids in particular for applying make-up.

Step 2. After performing the preparatory actions, the shadow of the nude shade is superimposed on the lower eyelid, as well as the sub-groove area, up to half its height. They are thoroughly shaded.

Step 3. Using a black soft pencil, apply a black line on the upper eyelid along its line.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_45 Dark Smokey Makeup
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_46 Dark Smokey Make-up. Step 1-4
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_47 The dark smokey of the makeup. Step 5-8
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_48 Dark smokey make-up - the result of

Step 4. With a soft brush for make-up, the shadows of the dark emerald hue are superimposed on the movable eyelid above the black line drawn in the pencil, not reaching slightly to the inner corner of the eye. Then they are shaded.

Step 5. After that with a soft brush, light green shadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye, as well as to the lower eyelid. Also they need to be shaded.

Step 6. A soft black pencil along the mucosa is distinguished by both centuries - the lower and upper.

Step 7. Using a pearl green eyeliner, a thin line is drawn on the moving eyelid.

Step 8. The final touch of makeup - staining the cilium ink with a volume effect.

Make-up-tits-ice-for-green-eye-photo_43 Feather Pencil for Smoke Ice
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_44 Feather Pencil for Smoke Ice

Tip! Green eyes should be very careful to use shadows of green shades. It is necessary to choose a green palette of only such tonality, which will differ significantly from the shade of the eyes themselves. Because the make-up should not merge with the eyes, but shade and emphasize them.

It is obvious that the richness of make-up, made in the technique of the ice-cream, is not limited to the interesting techniques discussed. Owners of green eyes can give vent to their imagination in combining the color palette of shadows.

Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_21 Smokey Ice will accentuate the beauty of your green eyes
Make-up-pitch-ice-for-green-eye-photo_12 Step-by-step instructions for applying the make-up of the ice fig in lilac shades

It is in this connection that the stylists consider this eye color to be universal. However, in their experiments, green eyes should also be based on some rules for choosing shades, especially green, blue, gray, to avoid the merging of the eye color with the color of the shadows. Combining the right shadows, with the help of "smoky makeup" a green-eyed girl can create for herself a fascinating, captivating image.

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