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  • Mar 09, 2018
Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Games for girls, in which you can create hair and makeup, very popular with small women of fashion. They develop fantasy and teach women's wisdom

Games for girls, where you can create hair and makeup, very popular with small women of fashion. On the Internet, you can download many such applications for computers and smartphones. Such toys are not only a means of entertainment, they form a taste and style for girls, an understanding of the combined and incompatible in the image. In addition, it is the safest way to experiment with the appearance for both the baby and the contents of my mother's cosmetic bag. Consider the fifteen most popular types of games about hairstyle and makeup for girls.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ such toys - not just a means of entertainment, they form a girls taste and style, the understanding and the combination of incongruous in the image


  • 1 Games with cartoon characters and movies
  • 2 personal stylist star
  • 3
  • 4 Games with Barbie in the office beautician
  • 5 Games with non-standard meyk-apom
  • 6 makeup and hairstyles for the fans subcultures
  • 7 Games hair and makeup with unusual characters

Games with cartoon characters and movies

most entertaining toys this direction - the ones in toYou can feel yourself a stylist of your favorite heroine. Therefore, the most popular games are projects in which heroes of cartoons and films serve as objects for changing clothes, hairstyles and make-up. Change hair, makeup and outfit can be subjected to almost any cartoon heroine. Popular flash drives with cartoon characters who have recently gone out for hire, but there are also heroines who remain in demand for every generation of girls.

game for girls to dress up, hair and makeup Disney princes, who are idols girls for decades, is the first line in the popularity ratings.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Do you like Disney princesses? The game "Disney Princess" is just for you

game "Disney Princess» offers Disney beauties dress up for a party, choose clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, etc., creating an image of entirely on your taste, and guided by their imagination. There are also similar applications in which Disney heroines need to be prepared for a hike to school, for shopping, for a photo shoot, for a wedding. Accordingly, the set of clothing and accessories is changing. You can find an app with any of your favorite princesses, like those who have already become classics, for example, Cinderella or Belle, or with Disney newbies, for example, Princess Anna.

Another group of popular heroines - Monster High dolls are game characters no less often. They can be and dress up for the wedding in the game «Wedding Monster High» , and even make them tattoo games «Tattoo salon Monster High» and «Monster High: Tattoo Salon Gigi» .These dolls are very popular among girls, so flash games for make-up and hairstyle with them also have a lot of fans.

Girls older will be interested in the game with the character of the movie "ugly", which carries the saying name "Transformation ugly" .In it, you can come up with a new image of Betty, who will conquer all around and completely transform her. Many girls watched Russian or Mexican version of this soap opera, sympathized with the main character and her happy transformation, so it will be interesting to try their hand and transform a plain girl, check if it will have to make it beautiful.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Monster High dolls are frequent characters of online games

All these games have the following advantages:

  • Available online;
  • Free;
  • You can play without registering.

Tip! When choosing an online game, carefully read the accompanying texts and explanations, do not click on links whose content is unclear and looks suspicious. The first launch of the entertainment should necessarily take place in the presence of an adult. These measures will protect your computer or smartphone from malicious programs.

Personal stylist of the star

Agree, it's great to feel like a personal stylist of your idol. The next group of our review is online games for girls with the transformation of hairstyle and makeup stars.

Game "Justin's Hairstyle" gives the opportunity to give the hair of the idol of all the girls Justin Bieber the desired shape, color and length. Experimenting on the image of celebrities can be completely free of charge and without registration on Internet sites.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Agree, it's great to feel like a personal stylist of your idol. Pokolduyte over the make-up Taylor Swift

popular are similar toys «Hairstyle Selena Gomez» , «Makeup Taylor Swift» .Create a new style for your favorite singer or actress, share the result with your girlfriends, compete, whose bow will collect more likes and just enjoy the creativity - these are the possibilities of these games.

On the Internet, you can find many such games. Probably, there was no celebrity left, the prototype of which was not involved in any application. This is good news for the fans. Well searching the network, you can certainly find a game with your favorite star.

Tip! During the game, you must not forget to take breaks every 15 minutes to give your eyes a little rest. This is very important for maintaining their health.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Game "Hairstyle Selena Gomez" will be interesting for fans

Star Games with Barbie

Barbie - doll, which is every girl. Playing in it, girls can change clothes and change s doll, a new way to lay the hair, but they shorten or change the make-up Barbie dare not everyone, because the return to the original type of doll will be impossible. To safely change the image of your favorite doll, you can make a transformation in the game for girls with the heroine of Barbie about the hairstyle and makeup.

Convert hairstyle Barbie possible applications «Hairstyle Barbie» and «Make Barbie hairstyle» .In these games, there is a possibility:

  • dyed her hair
  • put them hairdryer
  • Curl
  • cut
Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ To safely change the image of your favorite dolls, you can hold the conversion of the game for girls with the heroine Barbie on hair and makeup

The result is a new image of your favorite dolls, alwaysHaving the opportunity to change it again.

Create a complete image of Barbie, choosing, except hairstyles, and even make-up and outfit can be in thematic games «Barbie - superheroine» , «Dream job Barbie» , «Wedding Barbie» , «Barbie in school forPrincesses », etc. Each of these toys suggests preparing a doll for the appropriate event.

Choose a suit for a particular theme, for example, create an image of a Barbie superheroine, or choose a bow of the bride-Barbie. Do not forget that by creating an interesting thematic image on your computer, you can transfer it to your favorite doll by sewing a similar suit.

Tip! Share the created images with your friends, it's always fun to play together.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Create a complete image of Barbie, choosing, except hairstyles, and even make-up and outfit can be in the theme game "Barbie - a superheroine»

in the office beautician

Those suited to the creation of the image of the heroine of the game very carefully, like toy, which, in addition toSelection of hair and make-up, there is a preparatory stage - cosmetic procedures.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Game for Smartphones and Computers "Beauty Salon" will introduce a young fashionista with various cosmetic procedures that can be performed before applying makeup and performing a hairdo

Game for smartphones and computers "Beauty salon" will introduce a young fashionista with various cosmetic procedures that can be performed before applying makeup and performing hairstyles. The game will tell you about the stages of cleansing the face, applying a mask and preparing for make-up. Introduces the girl with the basics of skin care for the example of a pretty dancer salsa - the heroine of a flash drive. The game has several parts:

  • Cleansing the face of the heroine
  • Applying a mask and cream
  • Make-up
  • Choosing a hair style
  • Choosing a dress
  • Choosing a shoe.

«Cosmetology with the Muse» - a game in which you need to help the fairy Vinsky Muse to cure the problem skin: clean the face, apply masks and other procedures that will help the fairy's face shine with health, the final stage of the procedures also carries out the makeup and hairstyle of the Muse.

Tip! Playing these games, it is useful to remember the order of the performed procedures, it will be useful in skin care.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ "Cosmetology with the Muse" - a game in which you need to help the fairy Vinsky Muse cure the problem skin

Games with non-standard makeup

In addition to games that offer a standard set of make-up cosmetics, there are games in which it is suggested to make not ordinary make-up and hairstyle, But to paint the character's face. Children are very fond of aquagrim and paint faces with pleasure, trying on images of animals and fairy-tale creatures, so they will be interested in acting as artists, masters of body art.

Games "Face Drawings" and "Riley draws on the face" will allow you to show all your imagination by drawing some funny mask on the face of the heroine, and then to her to choose a hairstyle and makeup. The first game offers an unusual make-up, decorating the face of the princess, and the second suggests creating a funny painted mask on the face of a little girl.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ The Games "Drawings on the face" and "Riley draws on the face" will allow you to show all your imagination by drawing some funny mask on the heroine's face, and then to her to choose a hairdo and makeup

Game "Anna and her mask for Halloween" offers you to transform the face of Princess Anna, the heroine of the cartoon " Cold Heart ", to a mysterious holiday. It has the ability to select a drawing, paint it, pick up the details of the image to the painted mask.

Tip! Playing these games, you can save or print specially liked masks, which will then be useful as templates for the image for a school party for Halloween or New Year.

Makeup and hairstyles for fans of subcultures

For adherents of subcultures, too, there is a niche in the variety of games about make-up and hairstyles. Express yourself in the guise of emo, goth or rocker, without spoiling the nervous system of parents, will allow appropriate themed games.

Fans emo or simply wishing to charge a character in this style, will be interested in games "Emomania" or "Elegant Emochka" .In these flash games there is an opportunity to try on the character of the game things in the emo style, make a hairdo and choose makeup. Create an image emo-gerl, share the result with your girlfriends, experiment with eccentric outfits and just have fun.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ For adherents of subcultures, too, there is a niche in the variety of games about makeup and hairstyles.

There are games for fans of Gothic style "Gothic Lolita Dress Up" , "Dressing Two Sisters and Brother" .They will introduce players to the peculiarities of this style in clothes, show that Gothic, it's not just all things black, in this trendy direction, too, has its own characteristics, which will be interesting to meet the girls.

Another class of these games is the fashionable opposition of the images of different subcultures. For example, "Punks vs Emo" or "Goths vs. Lolly" .These games will allow the girls not only to dress up the hero of the game in a certain style, but also to compete with adherents of different subcultures.

Tip! Such games will help to choose an image that will match your favorite style, and will not shock others.

Games for hair and makeup with unusual characters

As the characters of most games for hair and makeup are dolls, prototypes of celebrities, cartoon princesses. But there are also toys with more original, but no less favorite characters, which also can change the familiar image.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ Create a new image for the fun Minion

Games "Minion in the cabin" , "Mignon's hair" , "SpongeBob: Hairstyle" , "Makeup Fluttershy" will transform the look of the characters with the same name. To invent a funny hairstyle for a minion, radically change the usual look of a sponge of Bob or decorate the mane of small ponies - an unusual and interesting entertainment. In the end, not everyone likes to dress up Barbie. Such games will please fans of these wonderful toon.

Tip! Allow your fantasy to unfold, maybe you are hiding the future famous stylist or fashion designer.

All listed games are available online on the Internet. They do not require a large capacity of a smartphone or computer. They can be launched immediately on the site. But do not forget about the precautionary measures, because for a seemingly simple link to the game, a malicious program can be hidden that can cause great damage to your computer or phone. All of them should be launched for the first time in the presence of an adult to protect not only the computer, but also the child from possible spam and information of inappropriate content.

If you can not play regularly online, then similar games can also be found and downloaded for free on Internet sites. Downloading and installing the application should be done by an adult or under his supervision. The volume of these games is very small, they do not take up much space on the computer and do not load memory and processor.

Games-for-girls-hairstyles-and-make-up_ How do you like this style of SpongeBob? Think of any other one for your taste in the game "SpongeBob: Hairstyle"

Another advantage of all these games is their simple, intuitive interface. The child will be able to quickly master such a game, and having dealt with one, no problem will play any toy of their series.

In addition, these games do not contain any negative impact on the psyche of the child moments, do not excite the psyche of the girl, but, on the contrary, are aimed at creativity and quiet pastime. They promote communication with peers and adults, because a child will necessarily want to share the created images with others, get an assessment of their work.

Hair and makeup games - one of the most popular categories of games for children. Their diversity is so great that everyone can find a game that will appeal to them.

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