Useful castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes - Reviews, use, recipes

  • Mar 09, 2018
Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes_-5 Often castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes is a source of beauty and strength of the hairline

For a long time, the beauty of female hair captivated and delighted men. It was sung, praised in poems, heroic ballads, secular novels by poets and prose writers. But many songs are sung and poems are written on the attractiveness of women's eyelashes and eyebrows. Representatives of the strong half of humanity hardly think about the price at which certain groups of women's faces get such praises. Often, castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes is a source of beauty.

Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes-3 castor oil commonly used in cosmetics to impart skin mildness and strength of hair


  • 1 Y castor oil own history
  • 2 Therapeutic components and properties
  • 3 Spectrum application
  • 4 Features strengthen hair eyebrows and eyelashes
  • 5 Benefits castor oil before other drugs
  • 6 precautions for use
  • 7 Interesting facts
  • 8 Castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes: reviews

Castor oil has its own history

Thick eyebrows and eyelashes are an indispensable attribute of women's confidence. But behind this is the painstaking work on the exterior, the study of the market for cosmetic products and home care products. Among the numerous products of pharmaceutical, perfume, chemical industries, successfully promoted to the beauty industry, it is difficult to distinguish between a magical elixir called castor oil.

On the beneficial effect of castor oil on skin cells, Herodotus wrote in her historical medical works in the 5th century BC.E.The ancient Egyptians used this oil not only to treat wounds and suppuration, but also to preserve the moisture of the skin and give strength to the hair. Inhabitants of the Middle East have been aware of such a wonderful property of castor oil since the earliest times, as the ability to not dry out. Using this feature, they turned oil into a basis of cosmetics.

Castor oil( castor oil) has always been widely used in medicine. Successfully used in dermatology, with inflammatory processes in the intestine, it was also introduced to treatment for furunculosis, acne, mycoses of various etiologies.

Tip! Adding a few drops of castor oil to your favorite hand cream, you will be pleasantly surprised by the skin condition after the first application.

Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes_-8 Vitamin A contained in castor oil is able to prevent the loss of cilia and hairs from the eyebrows and enhance blood microcirculation, which in turn ensures saturation of the follicles with curative oils of castor oil

Therapeutic components and properties

Pharmacology( scienceAbout medicines) considers castor oil not only as a panacea for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, but also as a means of caring for the body as a whole. After castor is a storehouse of natural nutrients:

  • vitamin E, accumulating in skin and hair cells, regenerates and restores the structure of the surrounding space;
  • vitamin A is able to prevent loss of cilia and eyebrow hairs and enhance blood microcirculation, which in turn provides saturation follicles medicinal substances castor oil;
  • ricinoleic acid brings disinfecting and antimicrobial action to castor, thereby ensuring the vitality of the treated hairs;
  • palmitic acid is an indispensable conductor of useful components into the intracellular space;
  • oleic acid protects the recovery, moisturizing and strengthening processes, helping the process of collagen production and improving lipid-fat metabolism of the skin;
Castor-oil-for-eyebrows-and-eyelashes_-2 ricinoleic acid in castor oil adds disinfectant and antimicrobial activity, thereby ensuring the viability of treated hairs
  • stearic acid is multifaceted: it softens, moisturizes, regulates water-fat metabolism and serves as a barrier to the death of epidermal cells;
  • linoleic acid performs a protective function and stands guard over the prevention of moisture loss by skin and hair.

Advice! Frequent and prolonged use of castor oil can provoke a negative effect. This is due to the increased content of ricin, a toxic component that can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, anti-hair loss masks should be limited to a certain length of time and frequency of application.

Spectrum application

as castor oil benefit for eyelashes and eyebrows found extensive application. A tangible effect can be achieved using the recipes of masks, the content of which is not limited only to castor oil. In

  • bottle from the carcass, previously washed and dried, pour mixture of two oils - olive and castor - a 1: 1 ratio. The resulting composition is regularly applied with a brush on the eyebrows and eyelashes in the direction of hair growth. Holding time is 2 hours. A positive result will be reflected in the mirror after about a month.
  • A similar procedure can be carried out using burdock oil mixed with castor oil.
Castor-oil-for-eyebrows-and-eyelashes_-7 The carcasses can add a few drops of castor oil, then your makeup will still care-
  • mask of egg white, glycerin and castor oil can be equally used for both eyebrows with eyelashes, and for the scalp. Apply the product on eyebrows and eyelashes with a brush for the carcass or a cotton swab from the base of the hair to its end. The exposure time of the mask can vary from 2 to 4 hours. Efficiency will prove itself in a month and a half. Using
  • balsam of calendula broth supplemented with castor oil and the content "Aevitum" capsules wake dormant follicles lashes.

Tip! All the above mentioned products must be applied to eyelashes and eyebrows, cleaned of make-up, preventing eye contact.

Features strengthen hair eyebrows and eyelashes

important link in the chain, reducing the following recommendations are for the eyelashes and eyebrows care:

  • Strictly observe the exposure time strengthen masks and balms. In case of deviation from the time frame, one may encounter irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye and swelling of the eyelids.
  • After each of the above sessions, it is necessary to wash with warm water with slightly alkaline soap. Let it be "Children's".
  • Heating oil up to 38 degrees will contribute to the comfort of the procedure and will enhance the healing effect.
Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes_-6 Conducting restoration procedures to improve the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows implies regularity. Their daily execution is necessary
  • The brush for the carcass must be cleaned beforehand and applied to the paint before applying the mask.
  • Conducting restoration procedures to improve the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows implies regularity. Their daily execution is necessary.

Tip! When buying castor oil, be sure to check its composition. If the instruction indicates that alcohol is an additive to the oil, then such a product is not suitable for the treatment of cilia.

Advantages of castor oil in front of other products

Excessive fascination with cosmetic procedures - plucking eyebrows, staining with chemical reagents, build-up and curling of eyelashes - steadily leads to a deterioration in the overall well-being of hair follicles. But eyelashes and eyebrows will feel a rush of strength after a thorough exposure to castor oil.

Why is castor oil gaining popularity among other herbal and pharmaceutical products? What is the increased attention to this, at first glance, inconspicuous and, it would seem, the usual drugstore? The answers are simple to platitudes.

  • viscous, viscous oil with a characteristic odor, skillfully and deftly bypasses relay strengthen hair specially designed shampoos, gels, creams.
Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes_-4 for density eyebrows and eyelashes castor oil - the best assistant
  • castor oil cost is so small that its purchase is available in any strata of the population. Its unattractively low price causes manufacturers to avoid falsification.
  • For the thickness of eyebrows and eyelashes, castor oil is the best assistant.

The diversity of the impact, the universality of the constituent components, the centuries-old practice have made an undeniable summary for castor oil.

Tip! not recommended to use castor oil with parallel application of cosmetic substances that enhance hair growth on the eyelashes and eyebrows, e.g., Kareprosta, due to random side effects.

precautions when using

Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes_-10 Castor oil before application is desired heat in a water bath, t. K. For performance use it must have a body temperature or slightly above

In light of the foregoing may be surprised that the use ofCastor oil requires responsibility. But this is more of a recommendation than a warning:

  1. If you use castor oil for the first time, you should conduct a sensitivity test. To do this, drop the castor oil on the inner side of the elbow fold and wait about 2 hours. If the skin in this place does not blush, does not itch, and the temperature of the area under examination remains the same to the touch, then the further application of the product to the eyebrows and eyelashes for you has no contraindications.
  2. Castor oil before application is preferably heated in a water bath, because for the effectiveness of the application it must have a body temperature or be slightly higher.
  3. Applying castor oil to the eyelashes should not be "under the root".This will provoke the ingress of oil into the eyes. Apply castor oil from the middle of the eyelashes to their tips: a prolonged stay of oil will inevitably lead to its flow to the base of the hair. This is enough to make the eyelashes recharge.
  4. The only negative property of this product is the loss of useful substances during long-term storage.

Contraindications for use are:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • susceptibility to skin rashes;
  • individual intolerance;
  • age under 1 year.
Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes_-1 Apply castor oil to be from the middle of the eyelashes to the tips of their

Tip! Uncorking the bottle with castor oil to improve the zone of eyebrows and eyelashes, perform additional preventive measures using this drug on the scalp. So you "kill two birds with one stone": heal the hair and do not let it spoil the precious drops.

Interesting Facts

Owners of thick, black eyelashes and eyebrows is no need to go to the pharmacy for castor oil. The hormone estrogen, which predetermines the hair covering, provokes hair growth on the desired and unwanted parts of the body. And vice versa: those women who can boast of a prolonged lack of vegetation on legs, as a rule, are deprived of the density of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Castor oil, or castor oil, is named so due to the similarity of its seeds with mites.

Ricin is a powerful toxin contained in castor oil. The loss of toxic activity contributes to the heating of the oil during the manufacturing process. But severe malfunctions of the nervous system can cause the collection of castor beans, since the texture of the plant is extremely poisonous.

Kleshchevina occupies the top line of the Guinness Book of Records by its virulence for 2007.The poison of the grains is toxic and lethal to humans. The lethal outcome will come from the use of 4-8 bean castor beans. Rabbits are most vulnerable: for them, the lethal dose is 4 grains. The horse will die from 6 pieces. Ducks have an amazing immunity to the poison of beans up to 80 pieces!

Castor-oil-for-eyebrows-and-eyelashes_-i If you use castor oil for the first time, you should perform a sensitivity test.

Seeds of plants that have undergone cold pressing are absolutely harmless and are successfully used for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Tip! Castor oil has the ability to cause premature birth and unauthorized lactation. This property places a ban on its use inside pregnant and lactating women.

Castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes: reviews

Elizabeth, 44 years old: plucking eyebrows once upon a time. Then I regret, of course, but it was too late - they stopped growing. The girlfriend once advised: they say, do the applications of castor oil. Say, it will not be worse. Maybe, it will help. I, frankly, without special enthusiasm took up these procedures. I smear a week, the second. And by the end of the 4th week she had found small hairs in her long-thinned eyebrows. How much joy it was! Since then, it has been about a year, and my eyebrows are the same as they were not at 17!

Castor-oil-for-eyebrow-and-eyelashes_-1 convenient to apply castor oil with the brush from the carcass

Elvira, 19 years old: I always complexed about the short lashes and always hoped to find in the internet some worthwhile recipe to grow eyelashes. Expensive cosmetics did not bring anything but disappointment. Deciding to use castor oil, and applying it only a couple of months, I was shocked by the result. Castor oil is in the first place in my arsenal of cosmetics.

Victoria, 38 years old: Castor oil I use not so long ago - 2 weeks, but eyebrows - just chic! Hair on them thickened, lengthened, and now also the fluff makes its way. I am delighted!

Evgeniya, 41 years old: Often winding eyelashes. Almost every day. The result: broken and thinned hairs on the eyelids. The cosmetologist advised masks from castor oil with the addition of aloe juice. I make them for the night. The result is pleasantly pleasing: eyelashes grow and visually thicken. I will continue.

Castor-oil-for-eyebrows-and-eyelashes_-11 result from regular use of castor oil will be noticeable within a few weeks

Milena, 50 years old: Another 2 months ago I had no idea that my eyebrows can buy old shape. But it happened. And all thanks to castor oil. Recently this oil is my favorite cosmetic product.

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