Methods of treating the nail fungus on legs with folk remedies

Methods of treating the nail fungus on legs with folk remedies

  • Mar 09, 2018

Fungus is the second name of mycosis, and this disease is now quite common. The main concern is that the disease is perfectly transmitted by contact with infected areas. Most often, this occurs when contact with contaminated shoes.

If a person is an amateur of such places as swimming pool, sauna, bath, the probability of infection is great. If you are already infected with a fungus, then you need to start fighting with it very quickly. In this case, treatment with medication can be combined with folk methods of getting rid of the fungus.

When the infection of the nail occurs, it indicates that the initial stage of infection of the foot disease has already passed. The nail plate begins to break down and change color if the disease does not start to heal on time. Now you can read a huge number of different folk techniques in the fight against fungus. You must decide for yourself which method to use.


  • 1 Household soap
  • 2 Vinegar in combating fungus
  • 3 Soda
  • 4 Iodine
  • 5 Coffee

Household soap

It is this tool that does not require huge expenses, so most often it is used. In addition to the fact that the price is low, even soap laundry is considered to be completely safe and harmless.

Laundry soap against fungus

No harmful ingredients are included in the soap. You can not worry about the presence of preservatives and various fragrances.

When choosing soap, it is worth paying special attention to its color. It is the brown color that says that there are no additives in the composition. Of course, now to choose any other soap with a more pleasant aroma is quite simple. But the laundry soap will protect you from problems of various kinds.

Soap does not affect the human skin as an allergen. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Even in maternity hospitals it is recommended to use soap as an antiseptic. Numerous experts strongly recommend at least a couple of times a month to completely wash with laundry soap. As a result, you will not be afraid of microbes and other various pests. Foot bath with soap

You can use special steam baths to remove the fungus. To do this, heat 1 liter of water to 40 degrees. Now you need to rub 1 tablespoon of laundry soap, add to warm water.

You also need to add a tablespoon of soda. The legs are dropped into the solution and kept there for about 20 minutes. The upper layer of the skin must be removed with pumice. Also very carefully removed using scissors edge nails. A special cream is applied to the entire leg. You can also prepare it yourself.

On video treatment of nail fungus on legs folk remedies:

In 1 liter of water add 3 tablespoons of pre-grinded laundry soap. Usually on soap its concentration is written, 72% is necessary. As for the bath, add 3 tablespoons of soda. Also this compound can be carefully processed by the basin itself, and the scissors and pumice need to be soaked in the medium.

Vinegar in combating fungus

If you use vinegar to treat the fungus, then the concentration should not exceed 9%.Acidic environment is fatal for the fungus, so there it just dies. If the stage has long passed beyond the first line, then vinegar will help fight the disease. Of course, the problem will not be fixed immediately, but long-term treatment will give a good result.

If the skin is very tender, then contact with skin may cause burns. Vinegar in the fight against fungus

  1. The most common and easy way is to moisten the nail plates with vinegar. After that, wear socks on their feet, leaving their legs in this condition for the night. Mandatory condition: no synthetics in the sock, only natural substances.
  2. Vinegar and iodine can be mixed in proportions of 1 to 1. This tool treats nail plates, suitable for processing and feet.
  3. You can make baths, which contain vinegar. In a basin with water add 0, 25 liters of apple cider vinegar, you can also use table vinegar. It is best to do a bath in the evening before going to bed. Soar your feet for 15 minutes. Rinsing your feet is not necessary. At the end of the procedure, the nails are treated with cream against the fungus. Baths are recommended to be done every other day.

Based on vinegar can make lotions .This will require vinegar with a concentration of 9%.Vatka or cotton pad should be soaked with vinegar and squeeze well. The cotton wool is applied to the nail and fixed with a plaster. Based on vinegar can make lotions

You need to put a sock on top. And one more nuance: the cotton disc should lie only on the nail plate and not go beyond it. One course is 7 days. Then usually take a break in 2 days. Lotions need to be changed daily.

There is another effective recipe for compress. In one container you need to mix 2 large spoons of vodka, 1 tablespoon of glycerin or 3 squirrels of chicken eggs and 2 tablespoons of acetic essence. For compress use a cotton disc or piece of gauze, which is then moistened in the prepared solution. Then the tampon is applied to the nail for 15 minutes. Such lotions need to be done daily. The course of treatment will be long, ranging from six months to a year.

Another solution for lotion consists of apple cider vinegar and vegetable oil, mixed in equal quantities. It is necessary to take a cotton pad and moisten in the prepared preparation.

The cotton wool is fastened to the nail plate with a plaster. Such lotions do until the new nail grows. Vinegar

You can make an ointment, which will contain vinegar. It is necessary to mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 spoon of dimethyl phthalate and a spoonful of glycerin.

After mixing, the composition of the homogeneous structure should be obtained. This ointment is applied to the nails with light movements, you can even apply cotton wool. After applying the ointment, the legs are wrapped in cellophane and the socks are worn on top. In the morning, the remains of the ointment should be removed with the help of laundry soap, preferably in warm water.

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Soda and the preparations prepared on its basis, also perfectly cope with the fungus. For example, you can make foot baths based on soda and soap. But it is worth to know that it is impossible to use this bath as the only means for treatment, it can be only an addition to the main treatment.

Soda against fungus on legs

Very well, these baths soften the nail plate. As a result, you can then apply a cream that can penetrate deep into the nail.

To prepare a bath you need to take about 7 liters of water, then add 3 glasses of soda and 3 tablespoons of laundry soap. You can use tar soap. All components are dissolved, a homogeneous liquid is obtained. Foot baths with soda

Now you can soar your feet for 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, all softened nail plates and other integuments should be removed. Repeated bath can be done no earlier than 3 days later.

You can prepare pasta based on soda. You need to make a composition of water and soda. When connecting, you should get a gruel. The structure should be uniform or homogeneous. For each affected nail is applied paste, the thickness of the applied layer should be the same. Now you need to drip some juice from the lemon on top.

Do not be frightened when you feel a slight tingling. Also bubbles will start to form.5 minutes is enough for the action of the facility. After that, you need to rinse your feet with water and soap. After any treatment with soda or soda solution, you must always apply special ointment against the fungus.


The useful qualities of iodine have long been known. It is able to show both antiseptic properties and antibacterial properties. Iodine restores not only the nail plates, but also can remove the fungus from the area between the nails and the foot.

Iodine against fungus

Before using iodine, it is important to note some of its features:

  1. Iodine, although it copes well with fungal diseases, but there is such a kind of disease that it can not defeat.
  2. Allergy can occur in those who are acutely sensitive to such substances. It is recommended that a special test for the appearance of an allergic reaction be made about a day. If after some time after getting a few drops on the elbow there was an itch or something else, it is best to replace iodine and choose a different technique.
  3. It is worth knowing that iodine gives the nails a yellow color.
  4. Sometimes, after using iodine, dermatitis or a burn may occur.
  5. Most often, iodine copes effectively with a fungus that has developed recently, and only a third of the nail plate remains affected.

With the help of iodine there is a huge number of options for healing, you need to choose the right one for you.

The easiest method is applying an alcohol solution of iodine. The concentration of the solution should be 5%.It is enough 1-2 drops for drawing on one nail plate. If there are fears of getting dirty, then in this case the usual cotton swab will help. As a preventive measure and for a healthy nail, iodine should be applied, it's just necessary to do it less often.

On video iodine against fungus:

You can make a bath based on iodine. In enough hot water you need to drop a little iodine. In the resulting solution, the legs are hovered for about 10 minutes. This time will be enough for the keratinized or affected nail plates to become very soft. With the help of scissors these areas are well cut. Hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 3% is subsequently treated with trimmed nails. And the last step is the use of a bandage with cream against germs.

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For someone it's amazing, but even very strong coffee can help fight the fungus. This method is considered truly popular.

Coffee against fungus

The treatment requires very strong coffee and, of course, warm. The feet are lowered into the resulting coffee solution.

It is recommended to use this method of getting rid of the fungus only for the night. It will be necessary to do several similar procedures. They will help get rid of the fungus. In addition, coffee very well rejuvenates the skin and makes it smooth and soft. Those who suffered from pain cease to feel such discomfort.

When choosing a method of treatment that is acceptable for you, you need to take into account the features of your skin. But whatever the method, it is necessary to read reviews about it. Sometimes very neglected cases, even with the help of medications, are treated for a long time. If you correctly combine both treatment with medications and treatment with prescriptions from traditional medicine, the result will be complete disposal of the fungus.