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  • Mar 09, 2018
Table-sizes-shoes-usa-russia_( 1) Shoe size table USA Russia will be useful to you if you are planning to buy imported shoes on the website

The table of shoes sizes USA Russia will be useful to you if you want to buy imported shoes on the website. In previous years, when the choice of shoes was small, and it was sold exclusively in stores, we went there and chose shoes and boots, trying on every model. Now it is often a pity to spend a lot of time choosing a purchase, and the service of shopping service has become more mobile. We are used to using the services of Internet services, where you can choose from the catalog of your favorite shoes, and you will be delivered directly to your home. In order not to overshadow the joy of buying, you need to choose the right size of shoes, so you do not have to send it back or look for where to attach small or large shoes.

Table-sizes-shoes-usa-russia_( 3) In order not to be mistaken in the choice, it is necessary to know the features of the dimensional grid in each country, and be able to translate the import parameters into our familiar figures.

Thanks to Internet purchases, not only the product range expanded, but also the geography of its production. Now it is available to buy shoes of Chinese, American, Czech, Austrian production. In this regard, there are difficulties with the choice of a suitable size. After all, each country has its own standards. For example, Chinese shoes, even manufactured for export, are almost always small. American models are even slightly larger than ours, Russian. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, it is necessary to know the features of the dimensional grid in each country, and be able to translate import parameters into our usual figures. On each selling site you will find a dimensional mesh for imported shoes.


  • 1 Different sizes
  • 2 How to practically measure the foot?
  • 3 Table of conformity of sizes of children's shoes in the USA and in Russia
  • 4 Table of conformity of shoes sizes USA and Russia for adults

Different sizes

The footwear industry is oriented to three measuring systems - CIS numbering system, French footbed and English inch system.

  • The CIS system is expressed in millimeters. The length of the leg is determined from the projection of the heel to the tip of the longest finger. Usually this is the big first finger, but for some people the longest finger is the second finger. Means on it and we define a final point of measurement. This method of determining the easiest, so they use it more often.
  • French insole - a measurement traditional and understandable to the French, it is difficult to accurately determine without a knack. It is expressed in determining the size of the insole. The neighboring dimensions differ from each other by a stroke of 6.6 mm. Allowance is taken for the finishing edge with a width of 1 cm. This is a complex and inconvenient way for us to determine the size of the foot, but you need to know about it if you buy French shoes.
  • In English, the leg is also determined by the insole, but with a smaller margin of error than in the French system. The starting point in increasing the size is taken by the length of the foot of the newborn baby. On average, it is 4 inches - 10.1 cm. The subsequent numbers increase in comparison with the standard by a third of an inch, and reach 13. Then the values ​​are counted from the thirteenth number. This is the size of the second stage. This is also a difficult method for establishing a dimensional grid.
Table-sizes-shoes-usa-russia_( 6) The footwear industry is focused on three measurement systems - CIS numbering system, French insole and English inch system

No less confusing is the American measurement system. And since the parameters are taken different in different systems, then their correspondence is relative.

The table shows how the French and European dimension grid differs in relation to the long foot:

Metric( foot size, cm) Shtihmassovy( French) size English( EP) size
17 26 10
17,5 27 10 1/2
18 28 11
18,5 29 11 1/2
19 29 12
19,5 30 12 1/2

AsPractically measure your legs?

First let's see how exactly the foot size is determined. Each person has his own anatomical features of the structure of the legs. But we rarely make shoes to order. Therefore, in order for it to be convenient, you need to correctly take measurements and learn from them your size.

With bare feet, we stand on a sheet of white paper. Assist the assistant to circle your leg with a pencil. Try to tighten the pencil closer to the foot and keep its point at an angle to the body of the foot. The reality of determining the size of shoes depends on the accuracy of the figure.

Table-sizes-shoes-usa-russia_( 7) foot size is better known by a painted on a sheet of paper trail. Or use a measuring sheets

Now attach the line drawn by the projection heel to the big toe. If the indicators on the right and left leg differ, take a larger value, round it up to 0.5 cm upwards. Get your shoe size.

But that's not all. To accurately determine the individual size, you need to know the fullness of the foot. Centimeter tape is laid from the outer side of the foot to the inner one at the highest point. In practice, this line is about the fold of the foot on the top. The concept of "lifting" is well known to the ballerina. Pull out the sock and you will see this convex place. There are 10 levels of completeness. In Example 35, show a size which corresponds to the fullness measurement in cm:

Size Weight( rise) in cm
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
35 19.7 20.2 20.7 21.2 21.7 22.2 227 23,2 23,7

measure parameters of the foot should be in a standing position. Then it densely presses to the floor and the outlines become more realistic. If you do this sitting, the figures will be less, and the shoes of the size you received will be too small for you. It is better to wear a kapron toe, then the outlines of the foot will be more accurate. If the feet of the hotel, wait until the swelling subsides.

In the same way, it is necessary to take measurements from a baby's leg.

Remember! Kids grow fast, shoes should be replaced every six months. And the choice of two options you like should be more.

table corresponds to the size of children's shoes in the United States and Russia

on the US site branded stuff sometimes cheaper than Russian Internet resources. This is explained by the fact that Americans do not overstate the value of the goods for the brand. Who buys American clothes and shoes, it's probably noticed. This also applies to children's shoes. The problem for beginners of such shopping is choosing the right size.

What is the difference US and Russian children's shoes sizes:

  • For kids the smallest size in the United States 0.5, and in Russia - 16.
  • step between adjacent dimensions in Russia - 1, as in the US - 0.5.

Completeness of foot in children's indicators is not taken into account. Usually, it is standard for any length of the baby's sole. But there is one more dimension that will allow you to select exactly the children's shoes. If the child's foot is wide, then you need to measure it through your fingers. To denote this value, Latin letters B, D, E and EE are used, of which A is the smallest.

Table-sizes-shoes-usa-russia_( 5) Children's shoes are always better to buy for growth

There is no specific algorithm for calculating correspondences of American and Russian children's sizes. They are conditional and relative. Foreign dimensions can be divided into three classes:

  • infants from 0.5 to 5;
  • from one year to six years - dimensions No. 6 - 13.5;
  • from 7 years old and higher, the numbering of sizes takes place on an adult scale from 1 to 7 sizes.

From the big to the inner edge of the shoe, there should be a space of up to one and a half centimeters when buying new shoes.

Table of approximate sizes of children's shoes in the USA and in Russia:

Approximate age Foot length, cm Size, USA Size, Russia
1-1,5 years 12,7 5,5 20
13 6 21
13,3 6, 5 21
14 7 22
14,3 7,5 22
2 years 14,6 8 23
15,2 8,5 24
15,6 9 24
4 years 15,9 9,5 25
16,5 10 26
16,8 10, 5 26
5 years 17,1 10 26
17,8 11,5 28

Table of conformity of the sizes of footwear of the USA and Russia for adults

Internet purchase of import footwear can turn out to be a disappointment if one does not know individualsnnosti marking foreign sizes. We examined the approximate match for children's shoes, but more often on virtual sites, purchases of women's and men's shoes are carried out. The correct knowledge of the size of the shoes you need from the United States will be helped by the knowledge that we provide to you.

As mentioned above, everything is easier with children's products, children do not take into account the fullness of the foot. Those 4 parameters of the width of the foot complicate the choice of the size of shoes a little, but it is not difficult to understand with them. The letter A denotes a narrow leg, B a little wider, and so on. With adult shoes, everything is much more complicated. Especially carefully it is necessary to study foreign sizes, if you buy boots or high boots. You need to know the fullness of the foot, measuring it along a line close to the rise. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to pull the boot onto your foot, even if it perfectly fits your foot. Frustration and in vain spent money in this case can not be avoided.

The size system reflects the anatomical features of the inhabitants of the region where shoes are produced. Europeans have a narrow foot, which means that the fullness of such footwear should be chosen with reserve. It is better to hedge, and buy shoes of British or French production for a larger size. As you remember, the bar to increase their is only 6 mm, so hang on purchased exclusive shoes, in any case, will not.

Table-sizes-shoes-usa-russia_( 1) If it is not possible to accurately measure the foot, you can use the insole of a suitable shoe size

With Chinese shoes, things are much more complicated. From this country shoe is supplied in huge quantities, as well as other goods. It must be borne in mind that not only quality in mass production can suffer, but also standards of footwear sizes. Chinese goods have an undeniable advantage - they are much cheaper than analogues from Russia or European countries. Chinese shoes are small. Producers often focus not on the inhabitants of the countries where the shoes are exported, but on their traditional anatomical parameters. The Chinese, as you remember, are shorter, shorter, have miniature legs. On them, they sew their shoes. There is no longer a step to increase the choice of size, but at least two.

Here, the correspondence table will also help you. It indicates the length of the foot, and it is the same in cm from the Chinese and from the European. And then you can see the size label, which corresponds to this value.

If you can not make an accurate measurement of your feet, you can use the insole of the right size shoes.

Sizes for men's shoes Men

lead an active lifestyle, plus they wear closed shoes, in which the legs are not getting enough air flow. In men, the feet sweat more often, especially in the summer. After all, to work in the office they can not like girls put on open sandals or light shoes. Therefore, the choice of men's shoes and shoes should be approached especially carefully.

to foot feel comfortable shoes should choose a classic or sports style of genuine leather. And this is not cheap purchase. The more offensive to make a mistake with the size.

Table-sizes-shoes-usa-russia_( 4) your man will be happy sitting perfectly on the leg shoes

Hangman Russian and foreign dimensions are taken into account all the parameters - the length of the insole, the fullness( the rise).

In the United States adopted the British system of shoes sizes. It starts at 0.5 for the smallest child's leg. It comes to 13 and makes a second circle, which corresponds to the adult size. In the table you can see it:

Length of insole in cm Russian size American size
25 39 7
25,5 39,5 7,5
26 40 8
26,5 40,5 8,5
27 41 9
27,5 41,5 9,5
28 42 10
28,5 42,5 10,5
29 43 11
29,5 43,5 11,5
30 44 12

Table size women's shoes USA - Russia

For modern women's shoes are relevant about the same principles for determining the value of the shoes. Quickly and accurately translate the length of the insole into the size of American shoes you can, even without knowing your Russian size. Just measure the outline of your leg with a ruler and see what foreign size corresponds to these values. Thanks to the table, you can choose the exact parameters of the liked shoe in the online store.

Feel free to buy shoes from the US, referring to this table:

Insole length in cm Size RF Size US
21,5 35 5
22 35,5 5,5
22,5 36 6
23 36,5 6,5
23,5 37 7
24 37,5 7,5
24,5 38 8
25 38,5 8,5
25,5 39 9
26 39,5 9,5

When choosing shoes on the Internet, use the online calculators that are available on many selling websites. It is necessary to enter the indicator of the fullness of the foot( the width of the foot), and the calculator will determine the exact size of the imported footwear.

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