Is kefir useful at night?

  • Mar 09, 2018

Doctors consider kefir to be one of the most useful sour-milk products, because it can be consumed by everyone: both toddlers and elderly people. Many people like to take it for the night. What is more in this habit - useful or harmful?


  • 1 Composition and calorie
  • 2 Use of yogurt at night before bedtime
  • 3 Damage by eating overnight
  • 4 As well consume
  • 5 Aids for constipation
  • 6 Recipe with garlic from parasites
  • 7 Cinnamon from pressure

Composition and caloric content

Kefir is made by ripening milk with pomschyu special fungi. The composition of these fungi includes about 22 species of various beneficial microorganisms. The most important of these are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

Kefir contains 12 vitamins. Especially many in its composition of components such as B2, B4 and B12.

Also in the fermented milk product are macro and microelements( there are more than fifteen).Quite a lot of calcium in the drink( as in any sour-milk product) and phosphorus.

The calorie content of the drink is low. Depending on the fat content of the product, it can range from 31 kcal to 59 kcal. From these indicators it is evident that even the most fatty kefir remains in the category of low-calorie products.

It should be noted that with such a low calorie content in the drink contains quite a lot of protein.

Kefir Kefir contains plenty of calcium, protein, vitamins, and other beneficial components

BZHU ratio table for kefir

content of 100 g ratio enters calories from fat, carbohydrates proteins
Proteins 3 g 33,5%
Fats 1 g 14,1%
Carbohydrates 4 g 52,4%

Benefit of kefir at night before bedtime

The human body is restored during sleep, when there is no expenditure of energy for movement, digestion of food, etc. It is not without reason that there is a stable expression: "Sleep is health."People who fully sleep, are much less susceptible to various diseases.

Specialists recommend to use before bedtime those products that provide an additional resource for all recovery processes. The drink contains a "light" protein, i.e., a protein that quickly breaks down and is easily digested and, thus, allows the body to gain new strength.

Thanks to the lactobacilli and bifidobacteria included in the drink, the balance of the intestinal microflora is normalized. As a result, there is a powerful counteraction to harmful microorganisms. This means that immunity increases, the body renders resistance to many diseases, that is, kefir taken for the night helps to speed up recovery.

If you drink a glass of drink before going to bed, it helps to improve the peristalsis of the intestine( again due to lactic acid bacteria).By morning, the body gently clears naturally.

There is another argument in favor of using kefir before bed. It contains a lot of calcium. At night, the excretion of calcium from the body is accelerated, so kefir drunk before bedtime will slow the loss of the mineral.

This is interesting. In 1 cup of yogurt contains more than 2 trillion of fermented milk bacteria and other useful microorganisms.

Weight loss

Kefir is included in the diet of many diets to lose weight. Scientists from the West Australian University Curtin conducted an experiment and found out the following fact: those who consumed 5 servings of kefir per day, dropped more kilos and lost more fat on their stomachs than those who consumed 3 servings. At the same time, all participants observed a low-calorie diet.

Benefit from taking yogurt during the slimming period is as follows:

  • drink has a low caloric value, ie eliminates the risk of gaining excess weight;
  • "light" proteins quite quickly and effectively satisfy hunger;
  • useful bacteria contained in kefir, promote the processing and assimilation of foods that are rich in fiber;
  • body during a period of weight loss may experience a deficiency in many useful substances, yogurt helps replenish the reserves of some of them;
  • product gently cleanses the intestines, which is important in the fight against excess weight;
  • drunk in the evening, kefir dulls the feeling of hunger and protects from additional food intake.
Kefir at night with losing weight Kefir for the night effectively helps to lose excess weight During the carrying of the baby kefir is a constant product in the menu of the pregnant woman. For this there are reasons:

Pregnancy period

  • The high content of calcium and phosphorus in the drink helps the formation and mineralization of the bone tissue and teeth of the baby's future, and also keeps the strong skeleton and bones of the pregnant woman;
  • with the use of kefir at night replenishes the supply of protein, which is the building material for all cells and systems. It should be noted that the protein does not accumulate in the body, so for the normal development of the fetus, it is necessary to ensure a constant supply of this component;
  • vitamin B12 promotes hemopoiesis and prevents the development of anemia, which is often diagnosed in expectant mothers;
  • in the second half of pregnancy, many women develop swollen limbs. Remove this problem will help kefir, taken at night, because it has an easy diuretic effect;
  • The first months of pregnancy are often accompanied by nausea, especially in the morning. If you drink kefir at night, the condition of a woman is much easier;
  • expectant mothers should follow the regularity of the stool, so many doctors recommend that they use the product before bed;
  • kefir has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system due to tryptophan. Thanks to this amino acid, a pregnant woman improves her mood, eliminates the tearfulness that is characteristic of this period.

Childhood age

The children's organism is in constant development and growth. Accordingly, it requires a regular supply of all necessary components. Kefir is one of those products that must necessarily be included in the menu of the child. With the use of the drink before a night sleep, the child's body receives the following benefits:

  • the supplies of calcium and phosphorus are replenished, which favorably affects the normal development of the skeleton and prevents the emergence of rickets;
  • the baby's organism receives the "light" protein required for the construction of all organs and systems;
  • if the child before going to bed uses yogurt, then the probability of dysbacteriosis( imbalance of useful and harmful microflora in favor of the latter) is significantly reduced;
  • is strengthened by immunity;
  • growing body receives vitamins and amino acids;
  • with the use of kefir increases appetite;
  • taken at night drink allows the child to calm down, relax and fall asleep.

Important! Kefir can be introduced into the baby's diet not earlier than 1 year after its birth, since until this time the baby's organism is not prepared for the use of this product.

Video: kefir for children

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When playing sports

Kefir is always present in the diet of people involved in sports. Its use at night in this case brings the following benefits:

  • exercise takes a lot of effort. Phosphorus in the composition of the drink effectively removes fatigue and promotes the rapid recovery of muscles and energy;
  • for the strengthening of the muscles and the creation of the relief of the body is important enough protein intake;
  • product will not allow you to gain extra pounds due to its low calorie content;
  • drink at night allows you to strengthen the cardiovascular system, which is very important in sports, because the load on the heart in this case is increased;
  • kefir for the night promotes mineralization of bones that allows to avoid undesirable fractures;
  • strong sleep helps to recover the athlete as much as possible, and kefir promotes it;
  • bodybuilding classes provide for increased nutrition, why the digestive system experiences overload. Kefir also restores useful intestinal microflora, normalizes metabolism, removes toxins and toxins. In addition, with this sport it is necessary to maintain a sufficient level of proteins, especially in long breaks between meals. Slow casein, which is part of kefir, effectively copes with this task.

For allergies

Kefir is made from milk by ripening. But if there is a sufficient amount of allergens in milk, then at the leaven of kefir they perish. Kefir is a hypoallergenic product, therefore it can be used for various allergic diseases. In doing so, it has a therapeutic effect on the body:

  • normalizes the intestinal microflora, eliminates dysbacteriosis, which is closely related to allergic manifestations( atopic dermatitis, food intolerance, eczema, bronchial asthma).To date, the basis of treatment of hypersensitivity of the body is correction of intestinal microflora. For this purpose, it is recommended to eat kefir at night;
  • is often associated with the slagging of the body with harmful components. In this case, to cope with the problem, it is necessary to clean the colon, because it is through the walls of this body that water is sucked along with toxic substances. Therefore, the use of kefir before bedtime is recommended, so that by morning the intestine is cleared naturally.

Harmful of overuse

In some cases, kefir drunk at night can cause some health damage.

If a person has a tendency to disrupt the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, then the product should not be taken before bedtime. Otherwise, kefir can cause diarrhea, which leads to dehydration of the body. In addition, along with the liquid stool from the intestine, a useful microflora is washed out, and this provokes the appearance of a dysbacteriosis and the consequent consequences.

It is not recommended to use kefir for people suffering from chronic gastrointestinal diseases during an exacerbation: gastritis with high acidity, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer. During the remission, the drink can be taken before bedtime only with the permission of the gastroenterologist.

With a lot of kefir drunk at night, excessive gas formation and bloating may develop.

If the drink taken before bedtime was cold, the likelihood of developing respiratory diseases is high.

Harm to health can cause stale product, and then instead of normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract, there will be its frustration. In more serious cases, poisoning is possible, which manifests itself as nausea, dizziness, stool, vomiting.

How to use

Kefir for the night should be drunk 2 hours before bedtime. During this time, he will have time to digest in the stomach and will not create uncomfortable sensations in the person lying down.

The drink should not be cold or hot. The optimum product temperature is room temperature.

That after drunk yogurt before going to bed, there should not be any unpleasant manifestations on the part of the body in the morning, you should observe the norms of product use. At night it is enough to take one glass of drink.

Help with constipation

As mentioned above, kefir helps the body normalize the stool and gently cleanse the intestines from stagnant masses. But, it turns out, this does not always happen.

This cleansing effect on the body renders kefir, which is one or two days old. If the product is more than two days old, it holds the intestines. Therefore, when you drink a drink to eliminate constipation, you need to know the "age" of kefir. If this moment is not taken into account, then the problem will not only be resolved, but even more will be exacerbated.

So, to eliminate constipation, you can use at night only one-day or two-day kefir.

recipe with garlic from

parasites The word "parasites", many are just worms. However, this concept is much broader and, in addition to worms, it includes protozoa, various fungi that colonize the human body and live at his expense.

For the removal of parasites, professor and doctor of traditional medicine AT.Ogulov suggests using Genghis Khan's method. For this it is necessary to take:

  • peeled garlic cloves - 1 glass;
  • kefir - 0,5 liters.

Tooth cloves should be cut and dried for 30 minutes. Then in a teaspoon you need to collect garlic and swallow it without chewing and washing down with a mouthful of kefir.

The procedure should be performed before bedtime. In fact at night all extraneous "inhabitants" of an organism are activated, therefore and it is desirable to influence them during this time of day.2 hours before the beginning of cleansing, it is recommended not to eat or drink anything. In this case, garlic will fill the whole space of the intestine and, advancing to the exit, will destroy all parasites, their eggs and larvae.

Toothpicks of garlic should be swallowed whole. If they are chewed, then they are digested directly in the stomach, and there will be no proper effect from the treatment. On the contrary, such a large amount of garlic can burn the mucous membrane of the mouth, esophagus and stomach to create an increased burden on the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas, and to obtain a very halitosis.

Professor A.T.Ogulov Professor AT indiscriminately recommends that fight parasites by garlic and yogurt

In the same case, when the teeth are not chewed and swallowed, they are processed in the intestines and have a detrimental effect on the parasites. Promote this phytoncides - substances that are part of garlic, which have a pronounced smell.

Tip. To get the most effect from the treatment, kefir with garlic should be consumed before going to bed on an empty stomach.

If it is difficult to use at one time a glass of garlic, it is possible to cleanse the body from parasites every day to eat a vegetable head for a month. Then, according to Professor AT.Ogulov, the body will completely get rid of all parasites.

This method of treatment can not be used in an inflamed bowel. In other cases, you can safely rely on such cleansing.

means cinnamon pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, creates a serious threat to the health and even the life of a person.

An effective recipe for the treatment of hypertension is the consumption of kefir with cinnamon for the night. As part of kefir, there is lactic acid, which helps normalize and lower blood pressure, as well as calcium, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and preventing their narrowing. Scientific studies have shown that in 75% of cases this mineral is able to prevent the development of hypertension. In addition, to prevent disease requires a correct balance of calcium and phosphorus( it is also sufficient in kefir).

Cinnamon has a wide application in cooking and cosmetology. However, its benefits are not limited to this. This spice has a number of medicinal properties due to the fact that the composition contains many vitamins, minerals, tannins. So, cinnamon is used to lower blood pressure.

Cinnamon Cinnamon helps reduce blood pressure

To prepare a healing drink from hypertension, you should take:

  • kefir - 1 glass;Cinnamon powder - 1 tsp.

In a glass with kefir pour cinnamon powder, stir and drink before going to bed. Studies show that the use of such a drink can reduce the pressure by 3 mm. Gt;Art.

Taking kefir before bedtime is a useful habit. This helps the body to recover, improve the work of the digestive tract, strengthen muscle and bone tissue, normalize the CNS, solve problems with many diseases. However, contraindications and possible harm should be taken into account when using the product.

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