What should I bring with me to the baths?- List of necessary things for comfortable rest

  • Mar 09, 2018
What-take-with-yourself-in-the-batu_( 1) Besides rest and positive emotions, steam will help you get rid of the extra kilos, tighten the skin and improve the condition of the body

more women than men are wondering what to pack in a bath, because it depends on us to a family vacation. We are worried about food, drinks, towels and other small details. Dear women, do not neglect visiting the bath. In addition to rest and positive emotions, the steam will help you get rid of extra pounds, tighten the skin and improve the body. Therefore, we also do not forget about cosmetic products that will enhance the effect.
Today we will find out together what objects will be superfluous, and what can not do without.

What-take-with-yourself-in-the-banyu_( 8) Women are more likely than men to ask themselves what to bring to the sauna because family rest and comfort depend on us


  • 1 List of necessary items
  • 2 On the issue of snacks andbeverages
  • 3 Transform bath in SPA
  • 4 How to choose a bath broom?
  • 5 effective aromatherapy

List of needed items

When you first visit a bath, do not forget to take a mandatory set of items that will be useful for men and women. Of course, in respectable establishments you will be offered all this for an additional fee, but you will agree that it is much more pleasant to use your things.

  • Bath slippers are necessary for comfort and hygiene. Do not forget that a bath is visited by many people, so keep your feet from fungi and other unpleasant diseases.
  • Towel, and preferably two. Because after repeated wiping, it will become wet. Before the release it is better to wipe dry.
  • The bath cap protects against overheating, and also keeps your hair shiny and vibrant.
  • Bath pareo, which can be replaced with a sheet. Even if you steam up undressed, do not neglect this thing, because in the rest room you have to sit on a sofa or in an armchair on which there were visitors before you( if the bath is public).
  • Brooms( 4-5 pieces) for massage. A classic bath attribute that promotes circulation stimulation, and accelerates the process of losing weight, which is very important for us, beautiful women.
  • Shampoo and soap will be useful to you before leaving the bath. It is better to immediately wash off sweat and moisture before you put on clean clothes.
  • Washcloth is effective for removing from contaminated skin contamination. It also helps warm up subcutaneous fat, which leads to the disappearance of cellulite( with regular use).That is, it has a scrubbing effect.
  • The comb is simply necessary for women after visiting the steam room. Hair, though hidden under the hat, still from the steam become wet, because of what can be puffed up and difficult to lay down. Do not forget that we must look good in all circumstances.
  • Drinking water will restore the body's water balance. Under the influence of high temperatures, we sweat, losing fluid. Therefore, it must be replenished in a timely manner.
What-to-take-in-yourself-in-the-batu_( 11) Bring hygiene and cosmetic items

This list of items is suitable for women and men. Of course, depending on your individual preferences, you can add a few more items. But to clean up any definitely not worth it.

Tip! Before you visit the bath completely remove makeup. Your skin should breathe. Only so the healing properties of the steam will give the desired result.

the question of snacks and drinks

If you go to the bath by a noisy, try not to abuse alcohol. The heart can not withstand the simultaneous loading of alcoholic beverages, high temperature and massage with a broom. Herbal teas are best for detoxifying the body.

Before visiting the sauna, you should not use such products:

  • fried meat;
  • products based on animal fats( lard, ice cream, cake);
  • smoked products( fish, cheese and others);
  • snacks with synthetic additives( chips, crackers and the like).

Please note that synthetic additives are not only in snacks and snacks. They are in large quantities found in carbonated drinks. Especially avoid drinking water with dyes.

What-to-take-with-yourself-in-the-banyu_( 6) The best way to detoxify the body is to use herbal teas

What foods can I eat before visiting the bath?

  • fruit;
  • vegetables;
  • seafood;
  • baked fish of any kind;
  • porridge;
  • dairy products;
  • soup on vegetable broth;
  • eggs;
  • sour-milk products.

Fans of noisy companies are sure to be upset when they learn that it is better to take food intake for three hours before visiting the bath or 1.5 after. Such strict rules are indicated by the fact that in order to obtain the maximum effect and benefit from the steam room it is possible to obtain only on an empty stomach when the organism is not overloaded. Just do not forget to drink. Herbal teas, juices, fruit drinks not only have a beneficial effect on health, but also delicious.

But still, if you are going with friends about the birthday or another holiday in the bath, you can treat your guests with light snacks:

  • cheese sliced;
  • fruit slicing;
  • fresh vegetables or grilled;
  • vegetable salads dressed with olive oil( if possible, eliminate mayonnaise);
  • canapes or sandwiches;
  • rolls and sushi.

If you decide to order meat, give preference to shish kebab. It is delicious and not as fatty as a dish cooked in a frying pan. You can also order a pizza, with the expectation of a guest for 1-2 pieces.

What-take-with-yourself-in-the-banyu_( 7) If you decide to take food with you, let it be vegetables

As we see, when visiting a bath, it's better to limit yourself to eating so that it does not harm the body. But of all the rules there are exceptions, so go to the choice of food and beverages wisely.

Tip! Do not go to the bath for a full stomach, as the blood will depart from the internal organs to the skin. The food will simply start wandering, which will lead to abdominal pain. After a feast, you can visit the steam room not earlier than 4-5 hours.

We turn sauna into SPA

To get the most out of visiting a bath, go there to the first couple. In the morning he is the most healing. Therefore, gather in advance, so as not to waste precious minutes. What should I take with me to the bathhouse?

  • Felt hood. A knitted woolen hat is also suitable. The effect of heat on the hair is unfavorable. Especially if they are over-dried or chemically stained. In order not to go to the hairdresser the next day, be sure to hide your hair in the steam room, even if you do not like the hat.
  • Natural loofah of loofah. It has an exfoliating effect, and is also effective in combating stretch marks and cellulite. In addition, it opens the pores, so that the skin is saturated with oxygen and the tissues improve blood circulation.
  • Sisal gaiter has a scrubbing effect and is suitable for all types of skin. With its help, prevention and control of cellulite is most effective. It can be replaced with horsehair mittens, which helps regenerate skin cells.
What-take-with-yourself-in-the-banyu_( 4) Natural loofah loofah has an exfoliating effect, and is also effective in combating stretch marks and cellulite. Be sure to grab it
  • Pumice for heels easily removes the coarsened skin of pre-steamed legs.
  • Massage oil with aromatic additives.
  • Clay for face care. After steaming the skin it is very useful to treat it with clay for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with water and feel how the dermis has become clearer and denser.
  • Essential oil of lemon, oregano spruce will help to soften the crusty skin on the knees and elbows.
  • Tar soap is suitable for face and body care. Effective in dealing with blackheads and blackheads. If you have weak and damaged hair, the birch tar in the soap will strengthen their structure and prevent hair loss. The only drawback of the remedy is an unpleasant smell. But you can get rid of it with the help of a balm-rinse with a citrus extract.
  • Salt or honey helps to accelerate the release of toxins through the skin. To sweat appeared immediately after entering the steam room, treat these components with your body beforehand.
  • Hair dryer is very useful for drying hair before leaving the bath. Especially in the winter on the street with wet hair is dangerous to go out. So be ready for anything.
  • Broom for home drying. We'll talk about this irreplaceable sauna attribute separately.
What-take-with-yourself-in-banyu_( 5) All anti-cellulite masks and creams are most effective in the bath

To get the most benefit from visiting the bath, prepare in advance skin care products. After steaming, they act faster.

Tip! All anti-cellulite masks and creams are most effective in the bath. Hot temperature speeds up metabolic processes, and the fluid that accumulates in the fat layers gradually evaporates.

How to choose a sauna broom?

A broom is an important sauna attribute. First of all, it is intended for massage, as a result of which blood circulation in deep tissues improves. Interstitial fluid and lymph are redistributed throughout the body. Also, any branch kills pathogenic bacteria due to the release of phytoncides. Prevent the aging of essential oils contained in the leaves.

Let's find out together a broom from which tree to choose in order to get the maximum benefit from it.

  • Birch is considered the most common, due to the fact that it is flexible and durable. In folk medicine have long been aware of the healing properties of wood. In birch sap contains anti-inflammatory, sudorific and wound-healing enzymes. Expand the bronchi and contribute to the escape of phlegm ether substances, allocated by the branches. Branches of any sort are suitable, but it is best to use a fluffy birch. It is preserved for a long time, and the leaves will not slide. One broom enough for two trips to the bath.
What-take-with-yourself-in-the-banyu_( 3) A broom is an important sauna attribute. First of all, it is designed for massage, which improves blood circulation in the deep tissues of
  • Oak is more durable, so it can be used 3-4 hikes in the bath. The leaves of oak are convenient to catch up with steam, since it has wide dense leaves. Due to the moderate dryness of the broom, the stepping is facilitated. Tannins are effective for skin diseases, as well as sweating of the feet. This broom is especially good for women with a fatty skin type. After the procedure, it will become firm and matte. Also with the help of oak branches you can remove stress and any inflammation.
  • Eucalyptus is more commonly used in the Caucasus, as the plant is most common there. An infusion of sheets is used as an antiseptic. In addition, the aroma in the steam room has inhalation properties. Sprinkle the walls with a decoction of eucalyptus, breathe in your nose and feel how the bronchi, trachea and larynx warm up. The only drawback of such a broom in too thin rods, which is difficult to swing. Therefore, combine the branches: add them to the birch or oak broom.
  • Krapivny , properly cooked broom perfectly eliminates lumbar and joint pain. Therefore, if you have radiculitis, gout or rheumatism, choose nettles. However, before use it must be prepared beforehand: shift twice for 2-3 minutes in cold water from hot water. After these procedures, you can safely use a broom.
  • Coniferous broom is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. Even if you pre-steam it, it can cause discomfort. But the essential oils that are contained in the needles, have a beneficial effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular system of man.
  • Juniper broom perfectly stimulates blood circulation and increases sweating. Effective means in the fight against pain in the spine and radiculitis.
What-to-take-in-yourself-in-the-banyu( i) It is important not only to choose a broom, but also be able to use it. Senseless claps will not lead to the desired result

It is important not only to choose a broom, but also be able to use it. Senseless claps will not lead to the desired result. You need to stroke their back, pat them. Compression technique and feathering are also common.

Please note that you do not need to steam a new broom, otherwise it will become damp and will not be suitable. To evaporate a dry broom, you need to lower it for 15 minutes in cold water, then immerse it for 2-3 minutes in hot water.

Tip! Do not lie under a broom if you have heart problems.

effective aromatherapy

essential oils in the bath is used for more than one millennium. With their help, you cleanse the nasopharynx, expand the bronchi, and improve the state of the heart system if you visit the bath regularly. Usually, the oils are diluted in warm water. Dripping them on hot stones is prohibited, since unpleasant odors will be released.

Thus, take a bath with such essential oils:

  • eucalyptus;
  • lavender;
  • geranium;
  • is rosemary;
  • grapefruit;
  • fir;
  • lime;
  • is cypress;
  • sandalwood.
What-take-with-yourself-in-the-banyu_( 10) Using essential oils will clear the nasal passages, the bronchial tubes expand and improve the condition of the cardiac system

Tip! Do not sit in the steam room for too long. If you abuse it, you will not get a stronger effect from the procedure, but the risk of a heat stroke is increased at times.

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