Should I buy a healing bracelet from black jade?- Reviews

  • Mar 09, 2018
Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( 3) Bracelet bjanshi from black jade helps to cope with many diseases, improves an internal condition of the person and its appearance

Today sales of this miracle of the Chinese medicine beat all records. So is there really a bracelet from black jade so good, or are they just tricks of advertising? Let's try to figure it out for ourselves.

So, let's get started.

Bracelet-bianshi-of-black-jade_( 2) In the market, more than 30 constituent elements of it have been discovered, with such important elements as iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus and potassium


  • 1 What is bianshi?
  • 2 How does the "stone of life" work? Which diseases can I get rid of?
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  • 4 Weight loss and recovery of the female body via byanshi
  • 5 Magic properties byanshi
  • 6 Contraindications for wearing the bracelet
  • 7 Care bracelet
  • 8 How to distinguish the fake?
  • 9 Bracelet bjanshi from black jade: reviews

What is bianshi?

This bracelet is made from an extremely rare semiprecious stone of black jade, found in the only place of the globe - the Chinese province of Shandong. It was at this point, sometime a long time ago - 63 million years ago - was the fall of the largest meteorite. It is believed that precisely because of a powerful explosion at high temperature, when a interstellar plasma and minerals merged, a stone with absolutely new properties was born.

To the touch, it is perfectly smooth, but as soon as it enters the water, its surface becomes rough. It is his needle structure, according to the beliefs of the inhabitants of ancient China, helps to "polish" the health.

However, even in this country, because of the lack of industrial extraction, the mineral has not been widely used for a very long time. Only in the Shaolin monastery, biansha was used for gouache massage and acupuncture massage. With the help of him, the monks were treating bruises and swelling. However, they argued that even without a massage with prolonged wearing, it can increase the energy of a person and cure many diseases.

For a long time to buy a bracelet from black jade bianshi it was possible only at a fabulous price. After the beginning of the industrial development of its field in 2009, the stone finally appeared and is on sale. But unfortunately, its reserves have already begun to dry out. That is why the price of it starts to grow again.

Bracelet-bianshi-of-black-jade_( 2) The bracelet is made of an extremely rare semiprecious stone of black jade, found in the only place of the globe - the Chinese province of Shandong

Advice! In ancient China, jade was considered a stone of courage and wisdom and was valued above gold. Astrologers argued that he is able to confer on his owner these qualities.

How does the "stone of life" work?

This is the name of the bianshi in China. Scientists interested in this rare mineral, conducted his complete chemical analysis. Surprisingly, more than 30 constituent elements of it, including such important ones as iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus and potassium, have been found in biansha. None of the known minerals contains so many components.

The study also found that it emits infrared radiation, similar to radiation coming from the human body. If you take the biansha in your hand, you will feel the warmth yourself. It is the resonant phenomena that go in unison with our body, help him cope with most diseases and endow his owner with strength and peace of mind.

Another interesting property of black jade is ultrasound, which occurs when the stone rubs against the skin. And we know that ultrasound therapy has long been widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

If you take the biansha in your hand, you will feel the pleasant warmth

However, all the properties of this amazing mineral have not yet been unraveled. He continues to conceal a lot of mysteries. After all, scientists have never found a true explanation of his magical properties.

Tip! Bracelet from biansha should be worn on the left hand. It is on it are the most important biological points, whose massage contributes to the overall improvement of the body. What diseases can I get rid of?

Chinese healers claim that the curative bracelet of bianchi from black jade first of all increases the overall energy of the person and improves his state of health. He "launches" the reserve systems of our body, helping him to cure all kinds of illnesses on his own. Here are just a few of them:

  • improving blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • stimulation of the immune system;
  • pressure normalization;
  • headaches, including unclear etiology;
  • removal of toxins and toxins;
  • skin diseases, even such severe as psoriasis;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • heart disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • eye diseases;
  • overweight and other hormonal disorders;
  • prostatitis and reduced potency;
  • insomnia;
  • infectious diseases;
  • normalization of hair and skin.

This pebble is useful for elderly people. Studies have shown that its owners look much brighter and younger than their peers. It is desirable to purchase it and those who spend hours at the desk and move little.

Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( i) Chinese healers claim that the curative bracelet of bianishi from black jade first of all increases the overall energy of the person and improves his health

The property of jade is also used in cosmetology. From it, special rollers are made for smoothing wrinkles and returning skin elasticity and freshness to the skin.

Advice! When buying stones from biansha, you should choose only cut into silver or platinum. Gold does not like this mineral very much.

Weight loss and recovery of the female body with the help of biansha

Excessive fullness is a disease of the century. But it is not only a cosmetic defect. Fat squeezes all the organs, preventing the body from functioning normally. Perhaps, in the world there is no full person who at least once did not try to go on a diet. But most often to no avail. Weight returns again.

To regain one diet is not enough. After all, the reason for completeness lies in the violation of metabolism and hormonal disorders. Want to lose weight - completely change your lifestyle. Help and shake yourself and your body and run mechanisms of self-healing will help and our magic bracelet.

According to reviews, a bracelet made from black jade bianshi is also suitable for improving women's health. It is noticed that critical days during its wearing are much easier and without pain. It is able to cope with cellulite and even age-related skin changes.

Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( 4) Can bianshi cope with cellulite and even age-related skin changes

Want to have healthy and beautiful curls? Brush the stone at least half a year. After all, hair is the indicator of all our health. Therefore, they will glisten only when the body completely cope with the ailments.

Tip! Feel the real effect of the bracelet will be at least a couple of weeks. At this time, the stone will come into full resonance with the body.

Magic properties of the bañshi

This stone is considered to be the strongest amulet. No wonder the rulers from China did not part with him even for a second. But the secret knowledge and spiritual insight comes only to those who do not have negative thoughts.

If you follow a horoscope, then this mineral is ideally close to the energy of Libra and Virgo. The first one expands the knowledge of the world and gives new ideas, and also guarantees a long and measured life without shocks. This stone was very popular with ancient scientists.

A virgin who possesses an amulet can be sure of a calm and cloudless flow of personal and family life. Favorably applies to jade and Aquarius. He helps him to fully reveal his potential abilities.

Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( 1) This stone is considered to be the strongest amulet. No wonder the rulers from China did not part with him even for a second

Any of the signs of biansha instills peace of mind. In ancient times, nephrite often saved its possessor from death, wounds and gave strength for battles.

Tip! It is recommended to wear biansha and indecisive people - it "infects" their will to victory, courage and the desire to conquer new peaks.

Contraindications for wearing a bracelet

Since biansha only has a beneficial effect on the body, there are no contraindications for wearing it. During clinical trials, a positive effect of the cardiac, respiratory and endocrine system of man was noted. No one from the control group noticed any negative manifestations during his wearing. Patients noted only an improvement in the general condition, a surge of energy and vivacity.

Tip! Another great feature of biansha is helping to release from negative emotions. If someone spoils your mood, put on a bracelet for a while, and it will open your mind and free up traumatic memories.

Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( 6) Since bianshi only has a beneficial effect on the body, there are no contraindications for wearing it

Bracelet care

  • as the bracelet can be easily scratched, it should be protected from strong shocks and falls;
  • store it better in a separate box or casket;
  • to protect the mineral follows and from contact with excessively aggressive substances: acids and alkalis;
  • stones can be "charged" with energy if left for a while under the moonlight or the sun's rays;
Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( 11) Since the bracelet can be easily scratched, protect it from strong shocks and falls.
  • clean the bracelet by hand using a normal sponge or brush using soap;After washing, decorate the rinse with water and polish with a suede cloth;
  • for removing strong contaminants, you can use special formulations designed to care for jewelry.

Tip! If you lower the nephrite for a day in water, then it will give it its healing properties. With it, you can clean the blood and strengthen the muscular and bone systems.

How to distinguish a fake?

  1. We have already mentioned the first unusual property of biansh. When it gets into hot water, biansha is covered with tiny needles and becomes like nazhdachku.
  2. The bracelet must necessarily come with heat. The skin in the place of contact takes a slight pink tinge.
  3. This black mineral can have a small color tint from reddish to green. It depends on the proportions of the content of iron and copper in it. But the color of the stone must be uniform, without light veins.
  4. If you take this pebble in your hand, you will notice that it weighs a little less than ordinary minerals.
  5. It's easy to scratch it - just hold it over a soft stone with any metal object.
  6. This bianshi is worth a lot. The price of a bracelet of black jade bianshi - from 3000 r. It is unlikely that any of the sellers will sell it too cheap. If you are offered a magic bracelet for a symbolic price - this stone is an obvious forgery.
Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( 1) If you get into hot water, biansha is covered with tiny needles and becomes like

. In the network there are quite negative reviews about the stone of biansha from people who came across a fake. In order not to fall for the bait of dishonest merchants, buy it on the manufacturer's website.

Tip! Since biansha is a rather powerful stimulant for the body, it is not recommended to wear it for too long without removing it. Sufficient 5-6 hours a day.

Bracelet of black jeans from black jade: reviews

Galina, 46 years old: I received a bracelet from my friend for a birthday present. Of course, I have no special illnesses, but I felt the effect of the bracelet on the first day by evening. Fatigue did not happen. I do not know, maybe it's a coincidence. But I really like feeling of lightness and some weightlessness. I begin to feel every cell of my body.

Lida, 33 years old: The bracelets in the bracelet are very pleasant even to the touch. I just fell in love with this bianchi at first sight. I've been wearing it for half a year already. Over the winter, I never got colds, although I always managed to get infected several times in a season. It seems to me that the vision is a little better still. Although checked until it went.

Alexandra, 23 years old: She asked for a banshee from her boyfriend. Stylish, from it the heat is very pleasant. Sometimes a little tingling. The session passed perfectly well. I think the stones helped. The mood of the last time just wonderful. Even the hair somehow looks special. In the hair style fit better and shine in the sun. Yes, another interesting effect found. Has grown thin noticeably. Although I do not complain about my appetite and eat everything.

Bracelet-bianshi-from-black-jade_( 10) This bianshi is worth a lot. Price for a bracelet of black jade bianshi - from 3000 r

Irina Vitalevna, 51 year: I have a serious problem with arthritis. Son decided to make a gift and gave biansha. I recently began to trust Chinese medicine more than our Russian. Therefore, I am wearing a bracelet, not taking off, for half a year already. Improvements are for sure. At night I can at least sleep, the pain was much less. But with my arthritis this time is not enough to completely heal. I will continue treatment until I win.

Daria, 37 years old: I have long dreamed of buying myself a bracelet from black jade. Finally decided. I do not regret it yet. First, the adornment is awesome. Well, I will treat illnesses, I have saved them enough for my life. In a couple of months I'll sign off how I acted. For now, well-being and mood are just excellent .

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