Orthopedic plaster Zb pain relief - Negative feedback

  • Mar 09, 2018
Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_04 Advertising information and real feedback about the patch Zb pain relief diverge. Users note a lot of negative aspects of

Commercials claim that the orthopedic patch Zb pain relief has a miraculous effect in diseases in the joints and internal organs. Negative feedback says the opposite.

Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_03 patch is designed for people who have lost faith in traditional medicine, and wish a speedy healing


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What Constitutes Zb pain relief

patch is designed for people, Who lost faith in traditional medicine and wish a speedy recovery. The patients forget that it will not work out miraculously and believe that preparations from the category of health products can eliminate even long-term illnesses.

In online stores selling Zb pain relief it is indicated that the certificate is accompanied by the certificate of the Ministry of Health. The availability of the document allows us to believe that the Chinese medicine has passed clinical trials and will help to recover. But is it really so?

Adhesive is unlikely to harm health, because it is made of natural ingredients. The extract of medicinal plants, which is a part of the preparation, can be used for preventive purposes.

The composition of Zb pain relief includes:

  • Miletia net. The plant helps to remove swelling and swelling due to stimulation and strengthening of the blood system. Chinese folk healers claim that all diseases are caused by a lack of blood supply. Grass allows you to restore and start the process of updating the blood. Patients are often used to treat anemia, numbness in the limbs, a sharp change in blood pressure, acute pain during menstruation and pain relief in the stomach.
  • Ginseng. Especially the root of the plant has fortifying, toning properties. Improves the efficiency of sexual organs, mental and physical activity, cardiovascular system. In eastern medicine, the use of the whole plant, including stems and flowers, is used to treat diabetes mellitus, hypotrophy, neuropsychiatric diseases.
  • Cisanech solonchak. The plant is used as a tonic. It is recommended in folk medicine for the treatment of frigidity, infertility, impotence. Also, the healing components relieve the weakness of bones and tendons. In Central Asia, decoction of cystange is used to relieve edema, as a sedative and to normalize blood microcirculation. Traditional healers insist on the possibility of restoring kidney function and strengthening the urinary tract.
  • Drinaria. The plant calms vertebral pains due to the presence of biologically active substances, carotene, fructose, flavonoids and manitou. After regular use increases the function of the bone marrow and accelerates the process of producing red blood cells.
Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_05 The plaster does not harm your health, because it consists of natural components, however, delayed treatment will not be the best way to affect your problem areas.
  • Cibotium is a rare plant that can be found only in Asian tropical forests, Central America, Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands. Apply as a dressing and a means to restore blood.
  • Great gray ditch. The root of the plant contains useful essential oils, active active enzymes, medicinal organic acids that quench pain with rheumatism, inflammation, and tumors.
  • Safflower. Plant flowers are used as a choleretic, effective laxative and quick-acting diuretic. Decoction of the plant in Chinese folk medicine is used for stomach ulcers, gastritis, enterocolitis and jaundice. Strengthens the local blood flow and helps with heart disease, rheumatism. Strengthens the lymph nodes.
  • Cicatina of the cicatrice .The root of the plant has curative properties. It accelerates the process of wound healing, improves blood circulation and helps with snake and animal bites, injuries and bruises.
  • Crested dubious. In folk medicine of the East is used to treat pain in the stomach and stomach, chest, hernia and during the female menstrual cycle. Excellent painkiller and anti-inflammatory. With topical application, it relieves swelling and swelling.
  • Borney camphor helps with blood flow disorders. It contributes to the destruction of blood clots, strengthening of blood vessels and restoration of the affected tissues of internal organs.

Each healing plant that is part of Zb pain relief is widely used in folk medicine. However, it is better to use the drugs for preventive purposes, and not for the treatment of serious diseases. The main advantage of a mixture of plants is that they can not harm their health. The temporary effect is achieved through analgesic components that have a temporary effect. Curing serious and chronic diseases of herbs is impossible.

Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_11 Each healing plant that is part of Zb pain relief is widely used in folk medicine. However, it is better to use the drugs for preventive purposes, not for treating serious diseases

Advice! Trusting in traditional medicine, always remember that curing chronic diseases with medicinal herbs is unlikely. The best recommendations will be given only by a qualified doctor.

Areas of application of orthopedic plaster

Healing properties of medicinal plants that are part of the plaster are enhanced due to the use of modern technologies in the production. Widely used:

  • for the treatment of the spine and intervertebral discs;
  • for healing lumbar sciatica, weakened joints and dilapidated muscles;
  • with radiculitis and pains in the lower back;
  • for the treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis of knee joints;
  • with calcaneal spurs, onoptosis;
  • for the removal of pain in the displacement of the vertebral disc, injuries and fractures;
  • during pain during meteorological dependence and numbness of limbs and other diseases of the spine, extremities, chest.

The advertising brochure states that the Zb pain relief patch removes pain, affects the causes of the disease, thereby guaranteeing a lasting health effect.

Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_09 Plaster is used for joint and back pain

Among the unique properties of the orthopedic patch, rapid elimination of acute and aching pain, increased blood circulation, removal of edema and an obstruction of complications arise.

Tip! Medicinal plants have been used for centuries to heal even serious diseases. But in the age of technology and the development of medicine, it is important not to start the process of self-destruction in self-treatment. Always follow the recommendations of doctors so as not to harm your health.

How to use

The manufacturer claims that the Zb pain relief patch has the greatest healing effect, if properly applied. Let's take a step-by-step instruction:

  • prepare the business site for the plaster( wash, remove from hair and dry);
  • open the packaging and separate the protective film;
  • Adhesive put a plaster on the skin;
  • to be worn in one place 2-3 days;
  • 2-3 days later, remove the patch and rinse the place where it was applied;
  • after three hours repeat the procedure of applying Zb pain relief.

The course of treatment should be done until you use 5-6 patches. Repeat treatment is necessary if necessary.

Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_08 The advertising leaflets indicate that the Zb pain relief patch removes pain, affects the causes of the disease, thereby guaranteeing a long-lasting wellness effect.

For the treatment of various diseases, you need to use a patch in several ways. For example, with back pain it is recommended to use two plasters at once. One of them is attached in the neck and scapula, and the second - in the lumbar region. The method is effective for pain relief in the spine and cervical region.

  • To eliminate the intervertebral hernia it is also better to use two patches simultaneously: on the left and on the right side of the spine.
  • With low back pain, it is effective to attach one patch in the sacral region and the other from the outer side of the foot.
  • Arthritis of the knee joint and arthrosis can be cured with two plasters, if they are attached from both sides of the knee at the same time.
  • Inflammation of the internal organs is eliminated by a patch, which is pasted on the back in the area of ​​the lesion.
  • With gynecological problems, one patch is fixed on the sacrum, and the other on the abdomen. Bronchitis and airway problems are treated with a patch on the chest and back.

During the use of the plaster, it is necessary to completely eliminate alcohol from the diet. You can not also apply Zb pain relief to open wounds and legs that are prone to varicose veins. Acute and salty foods, meat and milk are also banned.

Tip! With proper use of the patch, you can achieve an analgesic effect. The drug is most effective if you follow the instructions exactly.

Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_07 You can not also apply Zb pain relief to open wounds and legs that are prone to varicose veins

Feedback from real users of

You can not believe all the comments that users write on the Internet on profile sites. For example, about the patch Zb pain relief, you can mostly find positive feedback. Most likely, they are paid for and are of an advertising nature.

To search for real reviews, you need to study information on forums and social networking groups. There the exchange of experience is real and there is no doubt.

Inna, 38 years old: "Always trusted in folk medicine, until the back of the lower back began to ache heavily. Sharp pains did not allow to do housework and games with my niece caused terrible discomfort. I bought bandage zb pain relief, naively believing that medicinal plants will help me. I took the course twice, that is, in total I used about 16 patches. The effect was exclusively anesthetic. When the drug was on the inflamed place, discomfort disappeared. But when I took it off, it seemed to me that the pain was even increasing. In general, eventually put me in the hospital with acute inflammation. After drug treatment, the problem disappeared in just two weeks. I do not trust more wonderful plasters. "

Alexei Ivanovich, 55 years old: "And I tried to cure the intervertebral hernia myself. It was two years ago, and I still regret the spent nerves and money. The decision led me to distrust traditional medicine and terrible pains that prevented even quietly sitting behind the wheel. In general, I read positive reviews on the Internet and ordered four packages of zb pain relief immediately. Stuck to the skin remarkably, the clothes did not interfere. I did not notice the healing effect at all. Maybe a little calmed the pain, but not for long. And in advertising they promised to cure. The wife screamed and led her hand( literally) to the doctor. Well, there they scolded me that I did not immediately come and helped. My problem does not bother me anymore. "

Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_02 Many users note that the patch has a short-term analgesic effect, but not the therapeutic

Alexandra, 25 years old: "People, do not buy this plaster! This is a fraud! For such money it is easier to go to the doctor and recover faster. I learned how my mother uses it for about 20 days, was shocked. Like, an intelligent woman, an academician, and all the same. In general, now her joints hurt less. But not because of plaster, but drug treatment. Do not believe all these miracle drugs. It's like eating and losing weight. It does not happen like this. "

Andrei Viktorovich, 47 years: "I have been given a bandage zb pain relief. Thank God, I did not spend my personal money, otherwise I would have regretted a hundred times stronger. Looked on the Internet, he would have cost me almost 2 thousand rubles. It's funny. I do not know what there is about increased blood circulation, but my knees ached and hurt. Especially on the weather. I'll probably go to the doctor. "

Irina, 32 years old: "I heard a lot of good reviews about Chinese medicinal herbs. I decided to try it, because of the drafts in the office, my lower back aches. In general, they did not help me a bit. Used a warming gel, here it really helped. A plaster is just a marketing move. Good marketers and air can sell. "

Orthopedic-plaster-zb-pain-relief-negative-responses_01 During the use of the plaster, it is necessary to completely eliminate alcohol from the diet

Olga, 50 years old: "I received zb pain relief from China. I thought that we, most likely, sell fakes, but there is certainly a natural drug. I do not trust Chinese medicine now, because after the passed course, the joints did not stop to hurt. "

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