Wormwood - Medical properties and contraindications, reviews

  • Mar 09, 2018
Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 1) Wormwood is bitter, has medicinal properties and contraindications. It kills parasites in the intestines, successfully spreads out with worms, other harmful microorganisms

"Glistnik", so in the people called wormwood bitter, has medicinal properties and contraindications. It kills parasites in the intestines, successfully spreads out with worms, other harmful microorganisms. But this plant has many other advantages, which we will talk about today. Modest habitual in our latitudes the plant fights with terrible ailments, has long been used by herbalists for the treatment of cancer, stomach ulcers, parasites. So, all in order.

Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 6) For a long time, wormwood is used by herbalists for the treatment of cancer, stomach ulcers, parasites


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About heroine of our story

Wormwood - a perennial plant with gray bloom on the stems and leaves. It refers to the family of Compositae, has a specific smell( which, however, many like it) and a bitter taste, for which the wormwood and got its name. This plant needs lactone, except for which other useful components are included:

  • Ascorbic acid;
  • Calcium, potassium, bromine, magnesium;
  • Organic acids.

Application in folk medicine find all parts of the plant. They are used in the form of broths, compresses, tinctures. They stop bleeding, have a healing effect. Here is an incomplete list of medicinal properties of wormwood:

  • Anesthetic;
  • Removes cramps and muscle spasms;
  • Treats the nervous system;
  • Eliminates inflammation in the urogenital system;
  • Beats cravings for alcohol;
  • Helps with pain in the stomach and intestines;
  • Reduces gassing;
  • In combination with other drugs treats cancer.
Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 2) Application in folk medicine find all parts of the plant. They are used in the form of broths, compresses, tinctures

The most popular application of wormwood is its ability to fight worms.


Any person can infect worms or other parasites. But more often they suffer from children. Their immune system is not yet formed, so most adults are exposed to harmful microorganisms. Glaive invasion is the most common of them. The reason may be unwashed vegetables or fruit directly from a branch or a bed, dirty hands, communication with domestic pets. Disease, as a rule, overcomes people with a weak intestine.

Artemisia grows in many places, but for the manufacture of medicines, you must choose environmentally friendly vegetable raw materials away from industrial plants and car exhausts. You can buy ready-made dried herb in the pharmacy.

The tincture of wormwood prevents the reproduction of parasites, neutralizes toxic emissions of their vital activity. In addition, wormwood activates the body's natural strengths to fight infectious parasites, speeds up digestive processes, restores tissue cells that have suffered from helminths, and purifies blood from toxins.

Minor discomfort may occur during the course of treatment. They are expressed in the weakening of the stool, short-term fever, lack of appetite. All these phenomena are the results of the struggle against helminths, the disintegration of their destroyed individuals, entering the bloodstream. Negative manifestations are temporary, they disappear along with the destroyed parasites.

Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 4) Wormwood tincture stops the reproduction of parasites, neutralizes toxic emissions of their vital functions

Wormwood has many beneficial properties for the human body:

  • It clears all the internal organs of the slagging, the toxins entering the blood from the slow digestion, and stagnation;
  • Has a calming effect on the nervous system, heals insomnia;
  • Reduces the temperature caused by the development of inflammatory processes;
  • Helps the liver function by activating the choleretic process;
  • Accelerates the absorption of carbohydrates, regulates the processes in the spleen;
  • In respiratory diseases, it helps to cope with microbes and viruses that cause disease;
  • Purifies blood, fights against atherosclerosis, destroying cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

Types of parasites, which successfully fights wormwood:

  • roundworm, pinworm;
  • lamblia;
  • bovine tapeworm;
  • fungal infections.

When entering the human body, parasites lay eggs in the intestines, liver, lungs. They poison all their organs with the products of their vital activity. A man loses his appetite, grows thin, his protective properties become weaker. Reproduction of parasites is life-threatening.

Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 5) Wormwood cleans all internal organs from slagging, the toxins entering the blood from the slow digestion, and stagnation

How to get rid of parasites using wormwood

Wormwood exhibit therapeutic properties in the recipes. There are many ways to treat wormwood. You can use powder from a dry plant, use decoctions, infusions. The powder tastes very bitter, it is seized with honey or washed down with sweet tea. After taking a long aftertaste. But they quickly get used to it and there is no reason to refuse treatment because of the bitter taste.

  • Preparation broth - 5g of a dry powder is filled in 200 ml of boiling water and heated on a steam bath for 15 minutes. Then you have to cool the broth, bring its volume to 200 ml and drink in small sips throughout the day. This is the most convenient and traditional method of treatment. It is used for 10 days.
  • Alcohol tincture is prepared from three packs of chemist's raw materials and 200 g of pumpkin seeds. All the ingredients must be ground in a blender or coffee grinder and pour three glasses of quality vodka. Infuse the medication in a dark place for 7 days.
  • oil composition is taken orally, and is prepared so - stems, leaves and flowers of crushed and stacked tightly tamping in a glass container. Pour unrefined vegetable oil and clean in a dark place for a month. Ready medicine can be taken for 1 tsp. On an empty stomach or add to ready meals.
  • When removing helminths, cleansing enemas should be done. They will help you get rid of the decay products faster. During the cleansing course, parallel daily enemas should be done. For 1.5 liters of warm water, add 5 g of wormwood and boil for 15 minutes. Cool to 40C and apply fresh.
Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 1) Wormwood decoction is suitable for use for 10 days

To enhance the effect of wormwood treatment, it is combined with other plant components:

  • Wormwood + clove seeds with the addition of flax are ground into powder and taken on an empty stomach for 1 hour. L.Washed down with fresh carrot juice. And the useful properties of the carnation persist for a limited time, so every week should make a new portion of the powder.
  • Wormwood + tansy flowers - the mixture has a germicidal property, destroys helminth eggs.

Applications drugs from Artemisia

Broth effectively acts on an empty stomach. It is drunk for 100 g 15 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 15-20 days.

Powder is taken in small portions of 2-3 grams six times during the day. Wash down with water or carrot juice. The course of treatment is 7-8 days. This intensive method of eliminating helminths is accompanied by their powerful excretion from the body. Therefore, during the course, it is necessary to apply cleansing enemas.

The tincture is indicated for adult patients. It is consumed 40 g before meals two to three times a day. The course of treatment is 15-20 days.

Troychchatka tansy, wormwood, carnation - the most popular remedy for worms. She is treated for 30 days, taking 1 tsp.in the morning and in the evening.

Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 3) Trojka tansy, wormwood, carnation - the most popular remedy for worms. She is treated for 30 days, taking 1 tsp. Morning and evening

At first glance, the components of the medical formulations are harmless. But each organism, especially weakened, reacts in a special way to the sharp taste and essential oils of wormwood, tansy, carnations. Therefore, before using the compounds it is necessary to consult with a doctor.

Anti-oncology tool

Patients with a terrible diagnosis "grab for a straw."Along with the treatment of injections, radiotherapy, they apply all possible methods of traditional medicine. The press and the Internet feature the opinions of patients who completely overcome the disease with the help of wormwood variations.

What do doctors think about this?

Glycoside in the plant improves digestion, and activates the outflow of bile. Essential oils calm nerves. In addition to the properties listed above, wormwood fights against tumors of different nature, it stops the process of multiplying pathological cells.

Wormwood helps cure cancer. You should know the correct dosage and timing of the courses. For the preparation of medicines, an annual plant is most effective. It contains Artemisin, which inhibits cancers. Thus, the development of cancer stops.

Preparations based on Artemisin are not chemical, which means that they do not adversely affect the patient's internal organs. Toxins of chemotherapy drugs kill not only pathogenic cells, but also part of healthy ones. Targeted therapy with wormwood medicines does not require the recovery of the body after the course. On the contrary, such treatment has a healthy effect on all organs of a weakened organism. The toxins are excreted, the metabolic process is intensified, all the cells come to life.

Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 8) Annual wormwood contains Artemisin substance, which inhibits cancers

It has been proved by laboratory tests that the inhibiting effect of wormwood substance on oncological formations.

What kind of oncology can be treated with wormwood drugs

Extract from the plant kills cancer cells, regardless of their location in the body. Wormwood cures cancer of respiratory organs, urogenital system, stomach.

Wormwood contains many active ingredients that can cause a negative reaction. In large quantities, this plant can be a poison. In pregnancy and breastfeeding, women can not use it. Also with caution, and only on the recommendation of a doctor can be treated wormwood preparations for diseases of the intestine and stomach, as well as for mental illness.

How to treat wormwood from cancer at home?

An effective medicine for such a serious illness can not be done on your own. We can not waste time fighting against oncology, following the advice from the Internet. You should understand that the efficacy of a medicine based on wormwood depends on the amount of Artemisin in it. And the desired concentration of the substance at home can not be achieved in any case.

Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( 10) It's better to buy ready-made products from wormwood

in pharmacy. Everything is balanced and safe in pharmacy. So do not waste time experimenting, but use pharmaceutical products.

Who can not be treated as a wormwood

Wormwood wormwood has not only healing properties, but contraindications( photo).
It is not recommended to change the dose of ingredients when preparing tinctures and decoctions. Also, you can not increase the amount of medicine. This causes headache, loss of coordination, weakness. A lot of wormwood can simply be poisoned.

To exclude worms and other parasites, you can not use wormwood to children under three years of age, pregnant and lactating women( wormwood can give bitter taste to breast milk).

If a person is prone to frequent allergies, you should take a small amount of wormwood decoction and observe the body's reaction. If there are signs of suffocation, there is a rash or reddening of the face, it is necessary to immediately take an antihistamine and refuse treatment with wormwood.

Do not take the herb in patients with diabetes mellitus of any type, with ulcers and erosions of the stomach and intestinal walls, blood diseases.

Wormwood-bitter-medicinal-properties-and-contraindications_( i) If a person is prone to frequent allergies, you have to take a small amount of broth sage and observe the reaction of the organism

After correctly the course of treatment, patients reported not only to get rid of parasites, but also improve the general condition of the body. Increases vitality, work of all internal organs. An indispensable condition for applying sagebrush is the correct dosage and a limited course of admission.

Wormwood: therapeutic properties and contraindications consumer reviews

Marina: I am an adult, but once was horrified to find that itching in the anus - not an accidental phenomenon. Kal was sick with helminths. I always considered myself a clean person. It was a shame to go to the clinic. On the Internet, I found information on the treatment of parasites with a "troch".I bought herbs, ground them in equal proportions in a coffee grinder, and began to take it. The stomach was unhappy - there were not strong rez, nausea. But I courageously continued to drink thrice a day. Honestly, I was desperate to get the result, but after 14 days the itch disappeared, and all the signs of the presence of uninvited guests - too. This recipe is for the patient. Who wants to kill the worms quickly, let him go to the pharmacy.

wormwood Wormwood wormwood will help maintain your health at the required level

Oksana: I drink a decoction of wormwood annually in courses. I have been taught by my grandmother since childhood. I even like a bitter, refreshing taste. After each course I feel a rush of strength, vivacity. Wormwood removes not only parasites, but also toxins that have settled in the organs. Once a year, you have to cleanse the body, if there are no contraindications to the use of grass.

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