The best folk remedies for smoking - How to get rid of addiction at home?

  • Mar 09, 2018
National-means-from-smoking_( 2) Looking for effective folk remedies for smoking? In this article, read the best methods of

How effective are these tools? Can I get rid of nicotine addiction without using expensive drugs from the pharmacy? In this article you will find not only answers to these questions, but also pick up for yourself the national means of smoking at home. These and other questions will be answered in this article.

National-means-from-smoking_( 1) The main reason for smoking is the addiction of the body to nicotine contained in tobacco smoke


  • 1 Once again on the dangers of smoking. ..
  • 2 What happens in the body during smoking?
  • 3 All the will to the fist! Quit smoking
  • 4 Help novice smokers
  • 5 What do smokers with the experience: folk remedies smoking
  • 6 cleanses the body from the effects of smoking

again about the dangers of smoking...

Tobacco smoking is the inhalation of smoke from dried tobacco leaves. The main reason for smoking is the addiction of the body to nicotine, contained in tobacco smog. But it's foolish to believe that you can not quit smoking just because of the need. Scientists have long established that smoking is for the most part psychological dependence, rather than physical.

If a smoker tries to give up cigarettes even for a short time, he has the first signs of depression, there is aggression, anxiety, anxiety, sometimes apathy. It is extremely difficult for him to concentrate on something concrete, since all thoughts are only concerned with the desire to drag on a cigarette. After receiving a "regular dose" of nicotine, the body calms down, but this is not for long. After 15-60 minutes a person again has a desire to smoke. Have you still decided not to quit smoking?

It's easy to be dependent when you think about cigarettes, as a way to relax and relieve stress. But probably every smoker begins to think about the addiction of the habit at a time when it comes to the serious illnesses that cause nicotine and related substances in tobacco smoke.

National-means-from-smoking_( 3) Being in captivity is easy when you think of cigarettes as a way to relax and relieve stress

What happens in the body during smoking?

Nicotine has a significant effect on the performance of certain organs, which lead to serious consequences. Unfortunately, not all people understand this, and therefore do not rush to part with dependence.

  • Smoking is the main culprit of blood clots. A person after another "smoke" increases blood pressure, there is a sharp narrowing of the vessels, there is rapid heart beat, which subsequently leads to the formation of blockages.
  • Airway narrowing during smoking leads to sputum discharge from the bronchi. This provokes a cough and an exacerbation of asthma.
  • Nicotine is the best assistant in the reproduction of deadly cancer cells in the respiratory and oral organs.
  • Visual impairment, incurable changes in the eye day are gradually occurring.
  • Most male smokers develop impotence, in women - infertility.
  • Nicotine can cause ulcers and stomach cancer.
National-means-from-smoking_( 4) Nicotine is the best assistant in the reproduction of deadly cancer cells in the respiratory and oral organs

Important! Lovely ladies, if you have not decided to quit smoking, think about your skin. Undoubtedly, there are diseases, the existence of which a smoker may not even suspect. But nicotine spoils the complexion and causes premature aging. If you decide to abandon a pernicious habit, changes in your body will, as they say, "be evident".A few days later, without cigarettes, you will notice how the skin of the face will change, the yellowish hue will disappear, a healthy glow will appear.

All will in the fist! We quit smoking

Still want to be addicted to tobacco smoke? With this it's time to finish! This is perhaps the best decision you have ever made. In pharmacies at the moment, sold a huge number of drugs that allow in a short time to forget about the cigarette. But most of them are very expensive, and often this is the only reason justifying the unwillingness of a smoker to abandon a addiction.

But the problem of smoking is relevant for a hundred years. People's wisdom and everyday experience have saved people from diseases and bad habits more than once. At the moment, a huge number of recipes belonging to the category of "folk healing."As experience shows, they are not inferior to the miraculous power of expensive medications.

National-means-from-smoking_( 1) At the moment, a huge number of recipes belonging to the category of "folk healing", helping to get rid of the nickel addiction

Remember! Any medicine, be it herbal or nicotine tablets, will not do any good if the person does not want to quit. This process requires a lot of effort on the part of man, both psychological and physical, so you can not do without a maximum concentration of willpower.

Help to novice smokers

To get started, let's turn to those who have had affection not so long ago. People in this category usually smoke no more than half a pound a day, and then in moments of stress and anxiety. For those who have already realized that tobacco smoke is "not cool", we have prepared the following folk remedies against smoking:

  • In the morning, do not rush to take a cigarette. Having woken up, eat on an empty stomach a dessert spoon of honey and go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and take a shower. After ten minutes, drink half a glass of warm milk. Also a good oats broth. Repeat the procedure whenever you want to smoke during the day. Soon you will forget about cigarettes forever.
  • Salad from boiled potatoes, fried eggplant and fresh tomatoes. Ingredients mix, season, add garlic and butter. Use the dish only in cold form several times a day.
National-means-from-smoking_( 5) Pineapple is a delicious, blocking desire to smoke
  • Fresh pineapple. This fruit can act not only a delicious dessert, but also a product blocking the desire to smoke. It contains bromelain, which helps the body to tolerate the absence of nicotine more easily.

What to do for smokers with experience: people's money from smoking

There is a huge amount of folk remedies from smoking cigarettes and for those who have not suffered for a year from addiction.

Oat decoction is the most famous and widely used

This recipe is currently considered to be the most effective. The use of a decoction really reduces the craving for smoking. But I must say that the process of treatment is very laborious. Oat broth very quickly turns sour and spoiled, so it is prepared immediately before consumption.

  • Oat groats - 1 tbsp. L.;
  • Boiled water - 2 cups;
  • Calendula( marigold) - 1 tbsp. L.

Oat grains are poured in cool water, the liquid is put in a cold place for 8-12 hours, then the composition is boiled for 10-15 minutes. After that, calendula is added to the liquid and the broth is infused for 45 minutes. Pour the liquid into a thermos and drink the broth whenever you want to drink water or smoke.

Once again about oats

Also no less effective is the infusion of a young oat grain on high-quality vodka or alcohol. Two tablespoons of green oats pour a glass of high-quality vodka and let the infusion fill in a dark place for two weeks. The course of treatment - 15-20 drops per half a cup of water three times a day. It is advisable to use the infusion for half an hour before meals.

Traditional means of smoking Oat broth not only reduces cravings for smoking, but also frees the body of

Air and Icelandic moss

The given recipe works as follows: the use of aira in a combination to cigarettes causes a nausea, that is the strongest provoker of easing of psychological dependence. This simple technique was developed by Dr. Filatov, who spent a year searching for an effective medicine for smokers. It's simple: periodically chew calamus or Icelandic moss, or a twig of bird cherry. After ten days, the body develops a special reflex: after a prolonged cigarette, you will feel a strong emetic desire.

Plantain tincture

In the morning or in the evening collect the leaves of plantain large or lanceolate, rinse them and pound them in a container with a volume of 200-300 ml. Pour into the jar of vodka to the neck and leave the composition infused for two weeks. Avoid direct sunlight. At the end of the time, pour the liquid into a dark plastic bottle and take several drops of 4-6 drops a day. It is recommended to use a composition with water, on a piece of bread or sugar. Use the formula as many times as you want to smoke.

Raspberry is the best healer

This recipe should be prepared in the height of summer when raspberry blooms. Collect 100 grams of fresh flowers, put them in a container, pour 0.5 liters of vodka. After the infusion stays in a dark place for 10 days, begin the course of treatment. Every day, take the formula for 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is not limited, use the infusion to the last drop.

National-means-from-smoking_( 7) Decoction of raspberry flowers will also help to cope with the problem

In this article we learned how to get rid of smoking by folk remedies. You only need to choose a suitable recipe, prepare the compound and begin the process of getting rid of the addiction. Every day, following simple rules, you will feel how the addiction to nicotine is gradually weakening.

We clean the body of the effects of smoking

After quitting smoking, you need to think about the fact that there are harmful substances left in your body. Their specific concentration is observed in the lungs and respiratory tract. Below are several ways to clean the lungs after smoking with folk remedies.

  • The Bay Leaf. This plant has rare healing properties and is widely used in recipes "from the people".And you knew that with a simple seasoning you can improve immunity and clean the air in the apartment. Lay out laurel leaves in each room, this will help make the air in the room cleaner and fresh. To prepare a decoction that will help you put your lungs in order after many years of smoking, you will need a thermos, boiling water and 6-7 leaves of the plant. Pour the bay leaf with boiling water and leave to stand for the night. Use the resulting broth 3 times a day for one third of the glass. The only negative: the bay leaf is contraindicated in pregnant women.
National-means-from-smoking_( 10) To prepare a decoction that will help you to fix the lungs after years of smoking, you will need a thermos bottle, boiling water and 6-7 leaves of a laurel
  • Lemon and honey. Let the lemon, together with the rind, pass through the meat grinder. Add honey to the mass in the ratio 1: 1.Each time before eating, eat one tablespoon. The course of use of the composition is 1 month. Do not be afraid of the appearance of an intense cough. Lemon provokes a rapid withdrawal of sputum from the bronchi.
  • Milk. The most famous method of getting rid of harmful substances that have accumulated in them. It is for this reason that in many factories in Soviet times the workers were given milk. On this occasion, even a phrase appeared - "for harmfulness."
  • Oregano and coltsfoot. Buy at the nearest pharmacy marshmallows medicinal, oregano and mother-and-stepmother. Make a ratio of 1: 2: 2.It is better to make a large stock and store the mixture in a special container, this will simplify the process of cooking the broth. Herbal mixture( 1 tbsp.) Pour 500 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 30-40 minutes. Eat 100-120 ml of medicinal liquid several times a day after eating.
Folk-means-from-smoking_( i) Mother-and-stepmother is a famous folk physician

It is very difficult to quit smoking, especially when a person gave this habit several years. In this matter, the presence of self-control and willpower is extremely important. Only thanks to the strength of character you can forever say goodbye to your addiction. No drugs, breathing exercises, plasters and sprays will not be helpful if a person does not want to quit smoking.

Having decided to forget about cigarettes once and for all, you make the right choice and in this matter it is important to bring the matter to an end. The folk recipes given in this article will help you solve the main problem and cope with nicotine addiction. In the early days and even months, it will be hard, because together with the physical need you have time to acquire psychological attachment. The main thing is the understanding of a specific goal and its systematic achievement. And the goal in this case is to improve the health status and prevent diseases that can be triggered by smoking.

National-means-from-smoking_( 8) The main incentive in the process of getting rid of cigarettes is your strong desire to

. Do not take prejudice to popular recipes, believing that they can not fully help get rid of tobacco. Such medicine is based on the use of medicinal herbs, and people have used them since ancient times to treat many diseases. In addition, the cost of herbs in the pharmacy is much lower than the price of newfangled drugs. In addition, by purchasing one of these means, there is a risk of becoming another victim of advertising. If you have already found in your medicine chest the necessary fees for making one of the above recipes, stop smoking right now!

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