Women's perfume Kenzo - Variety of fragrant palette( photo)

  • Mar 09, 2018
Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_09 The Kenzo range includes 111 fragrances

The Kenzo perfume line was launched for the first time in 1988.Since then, the whole world knows about the manufacturer of quality spirits. There are 111 fragrances in total. Consider the most popular of them.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_07 The perfume line Kenzo was launched for the first time in 1988.Since then, the Manufacturer of high-quality spirits the whole world knows


  • 1 Citrus chords give the morning freshness
  • 2 vanilla: femininity and tenderness
  • 3 Flower fragrance will awaken the imaginationAnd will reveal the image of
  • 4 Wood chords for passionate women

Citrus chords give the morning freshness

10:10 AM in Sicilia

The fragrance can be usedWomen and men. Among its main chords are citrus and wood. The main characteristic is that it is fresh, like a breeze.

The product was launched in 2011 by perfumer Sophie Labbe. Among the upper, barely perceptible notes are bergamot, mandarin and bitterish grapefruit. Medium notes are characterized by the smell of white freesia, peonies and flowering figs. The composition is completed by the woody base of vetiver and cedar.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_03 In different weather the fragrance is revealed in different ways. On a summer sunny day citrus is heard, in the rainy autumn the cedar

is more strongly exposed. Connoisseurs 10:10 AM in Sicilia indicate that the fragrance is resistant, with a not very strong trail. However, if you are near a person, the smell of spirits can be seen throughout the day. Among the advantages also stand out the fact that in different weather the fragrance is revealed in different ways. On a summer sunny day, citrus is heard, in the rainy autumn the cedar is more open. As the mood of the girls changes, so also 10:10 AM in Sicilia sounds on the skin in a different way.

The choice of fragrance is recommended for girls who prefer freshness and naturalness. An excellent option for day use.

Tip! Scientifically proven that odors affect the mood. To make it easy and at ease, use 10:10 AM in Sicilia Kenzo line.

Time for Peace Kenzo

The feminine fragrance with the basic chords of citrus is excellent for daily use. For the first time, the world tested perfume in 1999.He conquers hearts thanks to the firmness and strong trail of base notes of musk and amber. Among the upper shades are traced bergamot, mandarin and black currant. Finishes the composition of a note of jasmine and white freesia.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_13 Time for Peace Kenzo conquers the hearts thanks to the stamina and strong stitching of the base notes of musk and amber

The fragrance excellently reveals itself on the skin, and the bottle is stylish and original. At the bottom of the bottle there is a hole with a message on papyrus.
Desired and fabulous scent deserves respect for girls and women. Men are also pleasantly surprised if the skin of a sweetheart unobtrusively exudes a fresh spicy aroma.

Tip! Store perfume in a dark, cool place. Great drawer drawer or chest. The bathroom humidity is increased, so you should remove the vial from there.

Vanilla fragrances: femininity and tenderness

5:40 PM in Madagascar

In Madagascar in the evening, aromas of flowers and vanilla are in the air. In the presented model of perfume there are also barely perceptible notes of wood. The general composition collected the smells of such plants:

  • the upper soft note of the blossoming lotus flower;
  • middle notes of the heart of white freesia and cedar from Virginia;
  • basic hint of spicy vanilla.

5:40 PM in Madagascar differ in durability and medium stub. After using the perfume, there is an associative feeling of a summer tropical rain. Vanilla in the aroma is sweet, but cold. The absence of cloying is one of the main advantages of the model. There are also no confectionery and synthetic notes that are cut. After using perfume there are only pleasant sensations of lightness, freshness and youth.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_01 5:40 PM in Madagascar is characterized by its sturdy and medium stub. After using the spirits, the sensation of the summer tropical rain

is associated associatively. It is recommended to test the aroma in warm summer weather, because at this time all the notes of the composition are fully revealed and the fragrance lives its own life. If you postpone the use until the winter, only the smell of vanilla will be felt on the skin.

Tip! The choice of perfume is recommended in the morning, since at this time the olfactory receptors are most sensitive.

7:15 AM in Bali

Since 2008, Kenzo produces a daytime flavor of 7:15 AM in Bali. It is suitable for men and women and refers to citrus fruits. The composition pyramid consists of:

  • of the upper notes of grapefruit and passion fruit;
  • medium shades of flowering jasmine and orchids;
  • base - vanilla.
Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_02 7:15 AM in Bali refers to summer flavors, but in the cold autumn and winter it is also interesting.

Daphne Bugey has presented a bottle in which the spirits are of medium stamina and the same plume. Fans of dessert smells are delighted with the model. In the composition, vanilla does not cause soggy, so it is perfect for use in the summer.

7:15 AM in Bali refers to summer flavors, but in the cold autumn and winter it is also interesting. Has a pleasant aftertaste. The aroma really reminds the morning air in Bali.

Advice! Do not select perfume during the menstrual cycle, as the ability to correctly perceive flavors is reduced. It is better to pick up time several days before the start of critical days.

Peace Kenzo

Universal perfume for men and women. With basic musky, vanilla aromatic woody chords. Suitable for use at any time of day and for different weather. The aroma is well revealed on the skin thanks to the top notes of mandarin. Among the notes of the heart is a white cedar. And the basic shades of beans are thin, musk, vanilla and heliotrope ideally complete the composition.

Perfume was released in 2008 by perfumer Annick Menardo. Long lasting on the skin and clothes, has a train of medium power. Users point out that Peace Kenzo smells of night flowers in the summer garden.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_11 The aroma is well revealed on the skin thanks to the top notes of mandarin

The fragrance opens gradually, giving the wearer a light charm and mystery.

Tip! It is not recommended to aromatize clothes with perfume, as the real smell of perfume is audible only when exposed to warm skin.

Flower fragrance will awaken the fantasy and reveal the image of

Ca Sent Beau

Female spring perfume in 1989 attracted more and more female fans. They belong to the flower fruit, which emphasize femininity and tenderness. Perfume Francoise Caron has developed the perfect fragrance for daily use. Here such notes are perceptible:

  • patchouli, bergamot and mandarin;
  • coriander, tuberose, African blooming orange, ylang-ylang, jasmine, gardenia and juicy peach;
  • amber, vanilla and vetiver.

Mixing many odors results in the persistence of Ca Sent Beau. After application, there is a strong stub. The bottle is used slowly, but the aroma does not change even with the years.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_04 Mixing many odors leads to persistence Ca Sent Beau

The benefits of Kenzo's aroma are that it warms, intoxicates, gives a positive mood and at the same time envelops with a gentle soft train. An excellent option for a gift to your girlfriend.

Tip! In order not to be distracted by extraneous smells during the selection of perfumes, you do not need to use deodorants, other perfumes or toilet water on this day.

Floralista for women

The first Floralista vial was released in 2014.He belongs to the floral representatives, because the composition clearly traces notes of apple-colored, pear and peony. The basic smell is the color of a peach. This combination gives resistance to the spirits and a very strong train.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_05 Floralista is great for a background that will beautify everyday life and drive away boredom

The smell of pink peonies framed in a sweet pear blows to the summer mood. The aroma is calm, not sharp. Great for a background that will beautify everyday life and drive away boredom.

Advice! Do not buy perfume on the market or in the underpass. Products of questionable quality will not bring you any joy.

Kenzo World

The original bottle with stylish design hides an excellent day and evening fragrance Kenzo World, which is already appreciated women around the world.
The fragrance was released in 2016 by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Among the main notes is a blossoming peony and Egyptian jasmine. The key ingredient is wood arborea. Finish the composition of red ripe berries.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_10 The original bottle with stylish design hides an excellent day and evening fragrance Kenzo World

Members note that odor resistant and has a strong train. It awakens femininity, sensuality and sexuality. Attracts men.
Kenzo World - a novelty in the perfume world. Do not disappoint, but vice versa? Gives faith in the fact that a proven manufacturer does not cease to take care of its customers and embodies all the secret fantasies in life. Helps to reveal the secret side of modest girls.

Tip! Young girls should choose fresh fragrances that emphasize lightness and youth. Eastern shades fit mysterious mysterious women.

Summer by Kenzo

In 2005, thanks to the perfumer Alberto Morillas world saw a new women's fragrance Summer by Kenzo. He has already conquered the hearts of the flower podrovymi chords. Well suited for daytime use in spring and summer.

Pyramid composition consists of:

  • top notes of lemon, citrus and bergamot;
  • medium notes of mimosa, flowering violets, white freesia, almond milk, jasmine and tender lily of the valley;
  • base notes of musk, lemon, white cedar, styrax and wood.
Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_12 To choose this positive fragrance is necessary for lifting the mood

Users note that the fragrance is created by nature. Natural, low-key. It refers to summer sunny happy days. Sincerity of perfume amazes and returns the female soul to youth. Choose a positive fragrance to raise your spirits.

Tip! Coco Chanel recommends putting perfume in places where a woman wants to be kissed. And Este Lauder offers to bathe in the fragrance. To do this, it must be splashed in front of you and step into this scattered cloud.

Wood chords for passionate women


Women's perfume Kashaya by Kenzo in demand from the issue date( 1993).Perfume, which produced an excellent persistent fragrance - Sophia Grojsman. Who, if not a woman, can invent an ideal mixture of notes of different plants to obtain an excellent flavor with a stubborn stub?

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_06 kasaya by Kenzo stored tenderness and feminine

composition consists of:

  • top notes pineapple, apricot, mandarin, a peach, anise, geatsinta and bergamot;
  • heart middle notes carnation, tuberose, orange blossom, lily, orchid, narcissus, rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine;
  • basic shades of sandalwood, amber, musk, white cedar, benzoin and, of course, vanilla.

Kasha of Kenzo is remembered with tenderness and femininity. Suitable for daily use and despite the fact that the aroma is 25 years old, it does not lose popularity due to its sensitivity. The perfumer at creation has worked on glory.

Tip! Do not smell all the perfume at a time. If any of the options in the store did not attract, it is better to postpone the purchase until the next day. The nose must rest from the abundance of aromas.

King Kong from Kenzo

A persistent evening scent was released in 1978.It differs by its saturation. Users point to the intimacy of the fragrance, which is excellent for romantic encounters. He excites the imagination, thereby attracting men.

Composition includes notes of spices, banana, cloves, mint, rose, amber, resin and oak moss. On the skin King Kong from Kenzo keeps for a long time. There remains a plume of medium strength.

Kenzo-female-perfume-photo_08 Users point out the intimacy of the fragrance, which is excellent for romantic encounters.

King Kong combines the wild energy of an indomitable animal. But despite this, the flavor is spicy, with oriental accents. Flower motifs ennoble the smell.

The delicate sound on the skin attracts more and more fans of the Kenzo brand. For years of existence, spirits have not changed precisely because, so, are harmonious in their combination.

Tip! Apply perfume to clean, dry skin in gentle areas: wrists, earlobes, under the chest, under the knee, at the elbow bends, the neck of the neck.