Perfume Dolce Gabbana for women - Bright and memorable perfume( photo)

  • Mar 09, 2018
Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_04 Perfume Dolce Gabbana women - a sign of good taste and affluence

style directions ask the spirits, "Dolce Gabbana" women whose varieties include the variety of tastes and price amplitude. There are also paired compositions. Men's smells are unique and unique. The creators of trend spirits Dolce & Gabbana, working on the creativity and charisma of odors, embody in their notes perfection, charm and individuality of each composition

  • 1 Charm of fragrant compositions
  • 2 Sweet summery of
  • 3 Spice of meadow symphony
  • 4 Sweetness of hot nights
  • 5 Freshness of royal breath
  • 6 warm honey and motives
  • 7 whiff of freshness
  • 8 contrasts of bitter and sweet
  • 9 Flower gamma freshness

Charm fragrant comozitsy

Fashion is unpredictable and fleeting. And the fashion for fragrance perfume is unsteady and elusive, like a woman's mood. Each of the fair sex suits the choice of spirits in its own way. For one, the brand is important, the other will give preference to the price proposal, and the third will pick up the fragrance for your soulful mood, relying on minor or major heart notes.

creators trend perfume Dolce & Gabbana, working on the creativity and charisma odors, embody the notes of his perfume refinement, the charm and individuality of each composition. Perfume by Dolce Gabbana contains female and male textures of fragrances, the price of which is an absolute indicator of the exclusivity and quality of the contents of the bottle.

Sweet summer

call you want to plunge into the magical world of scents symphony, curtain and reveal carelessness and calling to the sea adventure? Perfume of the brand "Dolce Gabbana Light Blue" - this is a woman's dreams, fantasies and coquetry, flavored with the enticing aroma of the ocean open spaces and sunny tropics.

Light Blue from D & G celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, firmly entrenched in the perfume market. Such a long stay in the hearts and on the skin of the fans is explained by the enchanting ensemble of Mediterranean flavors, allowing to touch the summer heat, juicy fruit, flower meadows.

Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_01 perfume brand "Dolce Gabbana Layt Blyu" - a women's dreams, fantasies, and coquetry, seasoned with alluring aroma of ocean space and sunny tropics

in one package, complementing each other, came together:

  • exciting trail of vintage songs, woven from a combination of white cedar, Amber and musk notes;
  • smells of ripe fruit - a green apple, lime;
  • blending of carefree colors of jasmine, cornflower, white rose.

Aroma rather day, rather than evening. It differs by its durability, reveals its peculiar shades on the skin, raising the mood and giving confidence.

Tip! Price range in online stores for 100 ml of the bottle varies from 1500 to 3500 rubles. Having stopped the choice on "Dolche Gabbana", be interested, what spirits conclude in themselves female aromas, after all a series "Light" happens and man's.

Spice of a meadow symphony

Perfume The One saw the world in 2006.The demand for this fragrance inspired its creators to the next series of spirits of this line, which was the emergence of the brand L'Eau The One from D & G.It was presented in 2008.

2013 was marked by the emergence of a true masterpiece perfume "ZeUan" composition: cosmopolitan mix of oriental motifs and floral sweets under the name of a landmark The One Desire .

The year 2014 was the next milestone in the development of this line of perfume. A stylish pair of fragrances, framed in a strict brown color - for men and bright ruby ​​- for women, caused success with external and internal contents of the vials.

Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_02 perfume The One series includes men's and women's fragrance

The One - which means "the only one" - gives the fair sex a charming mix of intoxicating scents:

  • fragrant peach and solar mandarin, bergamot and heady exotic lychee;
  • bouquet of a graceful white lily, proud jasmine and a modest lily of the valley;
  • unexpected shades of vetiver and amber-musky sprays.

These features of the style of the Ze Zhaan spirits impressed their demonstration of such notable personalities as Naomi Campbell and Matthew McCannagh.

Tip! During the day, the fragrances from Dolce Gabbana are revealed with a different intonation. Therefore, to begin with, experts recommend that you purchase a probe in order to avoid disappointment in the smell. Moreover, the price for perfume is quite high: for 75 ml a bottle of perfume will have to pay from 2 thousand to 5 thousand rubles.

Sweetness of hot evenings

The most delicious aroma, created in 1992, made a furor among gourmet perfumery. His reissue in 2012 is not a retrospective. D & G Pour Femme is a remake of the harmony of smells, a modern look into the past.

Soft, moderately sweet texture of perfume, filled with a range of fruit and flower-spicy bouquets:

  • pastured marshmallow - the basis of the composition;
  • vanilla, raspberry, heliotrope and sandalwood - secondary flavor chords;The
  • completes the picture of seductive jasmine and neroli.
Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_07 soft, moderately sweet texture spirits, full range of fruity and floral-spicy

bouquets in every drop of this perfume lies aromamagiya taste, it entangles carriers sunny charms of summer. The smell will touch the most hidden corners of the sense of smell and make you reconsider the flavors to the flavors.

Tip! Using D & Pour Femme is equally suitable for both daytime and evening time. The cost per 100 ml of volume in online stores ranges from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rubles.

Freshness Royal breathing

sensuality and seduction, passion and wildness, royalty and grandeur - this fragrance palette filled a bottle with spirits from the "Dolce Gabbana" sign under the brand name "Empress".The royal name of the Italian creators was inspired by the Third Tarot card. The image is based on luxury and power. These qualities are inherent in the bouquet L'Imperatrice 3 .

Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_10 Owning this will give odor determination and peculiar way

breakneck meadow color and odor exciting tropical fruit mix rim serve main features of the composition:

  • rhubarb allied with cyclamen contribute to texture freshness notes;
  • harmoniously intertwined chords of sandalwood and musk;
  • fragrant fruit creek of grapefruit, watermelon and kiwi caresses the sense of smell.

Possessing this smell will give the resolution and originality of the image. The spirits of the Italian masters "Dolce Gabbana" emphasize truly feminine qualities and personality so much that men, looking back, will sigh: "Empress!"

Advice! The official website has information about the sales network practically all over the world. The price for this series can not be low: it varies from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rubles.

Warm honey and motives

frank and erotic trail leaves behind a woman, dressed fragrance D & G Sicily .Excitingly attracting smell included the traditions of the East and the stylistics of the West. Elegant and delicate flower inclusions range, enthusiastic spray tsitrusovyhi sexy notes of musk to create a holiday in mind and involve nirvana.

The epic flavor package included a fruity floral flair:

  • banana and bergamot serve as the lead notes of the orchestra;
  • rose, honeysuckle, jasmine and hyacinth are secondary, but not secondary;
  • conductors are maestro heliotrope, sandalwood and unforgettable musk.
Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_11 A frank and erotic plume leaves behind a woman wearing the fragrance D & G Sicily

The creation of this version of the spirits is inspired by nostalgia: Domenico Dolce - one of the co-authors of the collections - was born in Sicily.

Tip! The fragrance is unobtrusive, but resistant. Cheeky, but not sharp. Can be used at any time of the day. Suitable for summer. The cost in online stores is quite high: from 5600 to 15 thousand rubles per 100 ml.

The freshness of

"Bai" from "D & G" was opened to the world in 1999.Aroma is suitable for charming seductresses and females. He will immerse his possessor in the embrace of passion and give sex appeal. Each note of aroma D & G By is a temptation, sensuality, sensuality, character, playfulness. The perfume pyramid is defiantly unique:

  • floral motifs of lilies and violets, like a timid flute, made a modest contribution to art;
  • coffee, cedar and sandalwood, like the sounds of an organ, serve as the basis and the key link in performance;
  • the classic violin of this perfumery orchestra is musky-ginger fluids.
Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_05 Every note of D & G By's aroma is a temptation, sensuality, sensuality, character, playfulness

Advice! It does not matter what will be highlighted - the perfume or toilet water from Dolce Gabbana - women's fragrances, the price of which in Letual will seem to someone high, range from 10 thousand to 14 thousand rubles per 30 ml volume.

Contrasts of bitter and sweet

Velvet Desire - velvet desire - there is only one intention: to envelop with passion. This smell contains the aroma of a luxurious and voluptuous tuberose, beckoning to stroll through medieval Italy, to plunge into the Renaissance. Then the tuberose was symbolized with depravity, carnal pleasures and was forbidden for young people.

The successful interweaving of exotic components played a decisive role in the success of this perfume. Gardenia and plumeria serve as an excellent complement to the fragrance and as if they call their possessor to unbridled and thirsty adventures.

Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_06 Velvet Desire has only one intention: to envelop with passion

Italian Lake Como inspired Dolce and Gabbana to create a unique series from Velvet - "Velvet Love".Milan - the city in which the authors-stylists work, is a neighbor of the lake and the progenitor of one of the ingredients of the aroma - cloves. The town of Bellagio, located near Milan, is famous for the cultivation of the flower of the aristocracy.

To create unique compositions perfumers from far away used clove essential oil, mixing its texture with various components and achieving power on the soil of aromas.

Velvet Love served as a palette for combining three colorful strokes: a charming carnation, refined ylang-ylang and tart pepper. Together they appeared as a fascinating painting and a real masterpiece of art.

Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_08 Velvet Love served as a palette for combining three colorful strokes: a charming carnation, refined ylang-ylang and turkey pepper

Advice! The perfume caps of this series differ in the color of velvet: in Velvet Desire it is brownish-red, and Velvet Love has pink. The cost of these perfume compositions in online stores varies from 3500 to 6500 rubles per 50 ml.

Flower scale freshness

Dolce Floral Drops is a flannel of the aroma of 2014, retaining almost all shades of its predecessor, Dolce Eaude Parfum and enriched with the nuances of morning freshness and weightlessness. In every drop of the updated song of 2015, you can feel the breath of spring and the awakening of nature.

The pyramidal structure of the constituent spirits draws the foundation in such sources of inspiration as:

  • leaves of orange and inflorescences of papaya;
  • white buds of flowers of narcissus, amaryllis and water lilies;
  • sandalwood, musk-kashmeranovymiks.
Perfume-dolce-gabbana-female_03 Dolce Floral Drops perfume water from Dolce Floral Drops will lift the mood on the most gloomy day and will give coquetry to any woman

Dolce Floral Drops perfume water from "Dolce Gabbana" Dolce Floral Drops will lift the mood on the most gloomy day and will give coquetry to any woman. The aroma is so nice and charming that love at first breath ensured.

Tip! The price of this series may seem somewhat inflated for online purchases, but it directly depends on the country of origin. These are the Arab Emirates, Sweden, China and even England. Consequently, the price ranges with good amplitude of 3 thousand. 7 thousand. Rubles per 75 ml volume.

Magic scents have always worked wonders: scents surround people everywhere and affect the mood, attitudes and feelings, also touching the secret strings of the soul. With "Dolce Gabbana" hearts are filled with the scents of love, happiness and success.

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