Skin care after 30 years - What do you need to know in order to prolong youth?

  • Mar 09, 2018
Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 7) important to ensure competent and high-grade skin care after 30 years, your skin could get a full and timely nutrition, hydration and intake of vitamins, minerals

After 30, many women are already beginning to notice the first mesh of wrinkles, dehydration tracks and crow's feet,but to remedy the situation, it is important to ensure competent and high-grade skin care after 30 years, your skin could get a full and timely nutrition, hydration and intake of vitamins and minerals. By following these simple tips, you will be able to look 30 at 20.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 4) Observing the simple tips described in the article, you will be able to look at 30 in 20


  • 1 Skin Cleansing - Basis of Basics
  • 2 Washing in the evening: grant skin relaxation
  • 3 makeup Removing: mandatory step in cleansing and care
  • 4 Rejuvenating procedure
  • 5 Nutrition and moisturizing tired skin
  • 6 Complete nutrition of delicate skin after 30
  • 7 Deep cleansing
  • 8 Lymphatic drainage massage: your way to elastic, supple skin
  • 9 Eye area care
  • 10 Masks after 30 years: how to make inHome conditions?

Skin cleansing is the basis of the basics

Enter in your everyday beauty procedures such an obligatory care phase as cleansing, which can be carried out with:

  • Air Foam
  • Light Mousse
  • Natural Gel for Washingherbal
  • Lotion for dry-type

similar procedure should be carried out both in the morning and evening. The fact that the gland is actively working at night, the skin breathes, moisture evaporates during the night on her accumulated toxins, waste products. That's why she needs careful care in the morning. For morning procedures, cosmetologists are advised to use non-fat lotion, whey and cream with essential oils. Ideally, if the products will not contain irritating sensitive skin alcohol.

Tip! sure after cleansing, apply a serum that will run all day, moisturizing, protecting the skin with active ingredients in the desired concentration.

After this, apply a light cream on the entire face, moving along the massage lines. Do not take large portions. Drive with your fingertips, distributing the texture. The same manipulations should be repeated with the cream intended for the eye zone. For oily skin, it is advisable to use those ingredients that narrow the pores, control the production of fat.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 6) For morning procedures, cosmetologists are advised to use non-fat lotion, whey and cream with essential oil content

Soothing in the evening: give the skin a relaxation

If your skin is prone to grease, then you should wash yourself with water at room temperature or with a cool mineral water. To do this, perfect and infusion of chamomile.

Tip! Cosmetologists recommend not to neglect a piece of ice made from the infusion of medicinal herbs. And if you add a little lavender in the cube, you can get rid of inflammation, redness.

For evening ritual may be used and organic foam with the oxygen content of the caviar collagen. Such ingredients will additionally take care of the skin during cleansing.

Use also air mousses for dry skin. They will saturate it with important elements, vitamins, minerals. To tone the skin alternate water: cool stir with warm - this is a kind of gymnastics for the face.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 2) For evening ritual may be used and organic foam with the oxygen content of black caviar, collagen

It is important to use a tonic after washing, which will help absorb a record number of active ingredients of the subsequent care. At the end of the process - serum, cream, and if desired - thermal water to calm the skin.

Make-up Removal: an Essential Step in Cleansing and Care

In order to eliminate eye make-up, you need to use two-phase means that are activated when mixing textures. Such funds include only a part of the natural and well-chosen ingredients:

  • Collagen
  • cornflower extracts to soothe the skin
  • Daisy

It is important to choose a tool that fits your style.

Tip! Special cleansing creams are available for dry skin. To activate them, you need to apply the texture for a few minutes, and then smoothly massage the movements with cotton swabs.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 9) In order to eliminate eye makeup, two-phase means must be used which are activated when the textures are mixed

Anti-aging procedures

Milk and herbal infusions

Some girls even have mature skin in mature age. Care after 30 years should imply the use of milk, which contains important valuable elements, vitamins. Blot the wadded disk into milk and wipe the face with it. This procedure can normalize blood circulation. In order to eliminate wrinkles, flabbiness and puffiness, use the aloe juice, which additionally normalizes the production of sebum.

After such washing, it is important to apply a hydrating, but not greasy cream, which will help fill the lack of water, fill small wrinkles. However, winter is better to use creams with a dense texture to protect the skin from:

  • drying
  • negative influence of frost, winds

But after a few minutes after applying it is better to remove a napkin.

nutrition and hydration of tired skin

normal type produces the optimal amount of fat, but periodically needs additional moisture. That's why for these purposes you should use a gentle cream on herbs and valuable extracts - these components will help to keep the liquid.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 8) Care after 30 years should imply the use of milk, which contains important elements of valuable vitamins

For oily skin, choose a moisturizing agent, which is characterized by the presence of antibacterial components. A light, pleasant consistency emulsion can protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment. It absorbs as quickly as possible without leaving a shine.

Dry skin does not have enough power. That is why it is necessary to use at once 2 agents: an easy remedy with vitamins for morning care, but at night look at the restoring remedy with a record content of essential oils, emollients.

Tip! If you combine these tools, you can provide the skin with elasticity, elasticity.

Good nutrition delicate skin after 30

In order to give the skin moisture, nutrition, and vitamins necessary to satisfy several times a week to perform special masks. To enhance the effect and lifting, you can perform masking by the course. They will present:

  • Elasticity Elasticity
  • well-groomed appearance
  • smartness

With this you will be able to align the tone face. The session does not exceed 14 days, but the effect will last up to six months. You can alternate such a beauty procedure with moisturizing, nourishing masks. Look for collagen, hyaluronic acid, kiwi extracts, algae on the packaging.

A prerequisite: the use of serums for age-related skin.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 10) In order to give the skin hydration, nutrition, and also to saturate with vitamins several times a week to perform special masks

Such a cosmetic product must be applied by the course. At the age of 25 years, their daily use is necessary. The tasks with which they are excellent at coping: increased elasticity, increased microcirculation, improved skin turgor. Serums are able to smooth out the shade of the skin. But you can also take a course lasting a month. But this aspect depends on the condition of the skin.

Advice! For better effect it is better to use the product after cleansing, toning, but before moisturizing or feeding.

Deep cleansing

To clear not only pollution but also the dead skin particles, polish the skin it is important to use a scrub or a special peeling - these funds will be able to maximize fully cleanse the skin, open the breath, and saturate with oxygen, essential substances.

This stage of care is also important because it makes it possible to improve the digestibility of important nutrients and moisturizers. In addition, metabolic processes also increase, blood circulation increases, new cells grow intensively.

The frequency of the procedure depends on the type of skin. When greasy, it is recommended to cleanse the skin at least once or twice every 7 days. With dry skin, the procedure is best performed no more than 3 times in 30 days. But before the beauty procedure, it is necessary to steam out the skin.
Gommages are well cared for by normal and dry skin due to delicate and delicate abrasive particles. Ideal for sensitive skin. Often they contain:

  • Important vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Soothing components
  • Humidifiers
Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 5) In order to clean not only dirt, but also dead particles, it is important to scrub the skin with a scrub or special peeling

Lymphatic drainage massage: Your way to elastic, supple skin

This procedure is extremely useful to pass a session: twice a year. The course consists of 7-8 procedures, which have a favorable effect on the skin. At the same time, blood circulation increases, the skin acquires a rejuvenated, rested appearance, wrinkles are eliminated. But if you can not visit a cosmetologist, then massage can be performed independently, having familiarized yourself with the technique.

Care Eye area

Age-related changes are especially noticeable around the eyes. So the skin becomes more tender, vulnerable and delicate. That's why the means of care must be selected, taking into account this aspect and age. Best of all, if the package will be marked with the following ingredients:

  • Parsley
  • Caffeine
  • Hyaluronic acid

Such components additionally help relieve morning puffiness, bags and overcome facial wrinkles. Of course, the cream and mask for the delicate area can be prepared by yourself.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 2) Age changes are particularly noticeable in the eye area. So the skin becomes more tender, vulnerable and fine

Advice! All products must be applied with massage patting movements, but do not stretch the skin.

Masks after 30 years: how to make at home?

Natural Yeast Mask

should be about 19 grams of yeast to introduce in the egg white. Such a formed mix should be combined with peach butter. But in advance it should be warmed up to 40 degrees. An important condition: the mass must be thick. Be sure to stand on your face for about 35 minutes.

Tip! Do not forget to wash off first with warm water, and to increase microcirculation - and cool.

Oily beauty mask

It is necessary to heat up on a bath about 90 gr. Vegetable oils. In it enter a rowan juice in the amount of a tablespoon, add both honey, and also a little chamomile flowers - they should be grinded beforehand, let stand for 18 minutes.

Take a thick piece of cotton wool and apply an effective mix to it. Put a thicket on the face, and on top - a towel. After 23 minutes, rinse with water. Following procedures apply non-greasy cream with a content of:

  • Algae
  • ethereal oils
  • softener
  • Moisturizing ingredients

Carrot refreshing mask - a radical remedy for wrinkles

This vegetable should be grated. Carrots should not be too large. It is important to mix it with starch and olive oil in a small amount. Introduce egg white into the mass and stir in the thick. Mass should be applied to the face, neck and neck. Eliminate residues with a wet swab.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 3) beautiful and effective face masks you can make yourself at home

mask with whitening effect

necessary to take lemon juice and add it to the protein. With this compound, treat the face with a special brush. But while the mask is not dried, it is important to apply another layer, consisting of: a few drops of vegetable oil, lemon juice. After 16 minutes, it is recommended to remove the residues.

Mask consisting of honey and clay

For this purpose it is necessary to use green or black tea leaves. Here add white clay in dry form and honey. Stir the product so that in the end get a thick slurry. Apply the product on a steamed face, soak 22 minutes, and then rinse with water.

mask to remove wrinkles on the forehead

important to take a spoonful of cream( but not fat), egg white. The latter should be well shaken, and then combined with cream and how to stir. Now the resulting dense skin should be treated. After 19 minutes, wash the mask with water.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 1) facial skin requires attention and respect

mask that softens the skin

should grind small banana and then falling asleep potato starch. Next, add a little thick cream. Apply the resulting thick to the face, and after 19 minutes, rinse.

mask with a record content

vitamins For these purposes, it is recommended to take spinach, lettuce and parsley. All these ingredients are recommended to grind, and then add potato starch. But this component can be replaced with oat porridge. The thicket needs to be treated face, but that it does not hit the eye zone. After 14 minutes, remove the residue with a tampon.

Uxod-za-kozhej-lica-posle-30-let_( 1) It is important to nourish the skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside

For the skin to be young it is important to observe the following tips:

  • It is important to consume vegetables, berries, fruit every day
  • Include in the daily diet greens
  • No need to lean onfatty foods, salt and seasoning
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke
  • Walk outdoors

By following these simple rules, beautiful, radiant skin will be very grateful to you.

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