Effective SPA procedures for hands - Relaxation and care

  • Mar 09, 2018
Spa procedures-for-hands_( 1) hands rather face convey the woman's age, so spa treatments for hands needed

each person's hands rather convey the woman's age, so spa treatments for hands need each. They are "on the front line" in our life, because they are affected by chemical detergents, bleach, dirt, dust, hot water and so on. In fact, the skin is very sensitive and thin. She suffers from frost in winter, in summer from dry hot air. Hands require no less careful and careful care than the face.

Spa procedures-for-hands_( 3) On the hands, the skin is very sensitive and thin. She suffers from winter frost, summer, dry hot air


  • 1 Types salon
  • 2 spa Therapeutic manicure
  • 3 spa treatments for hands
  • 4 home Walkthrough for spa hand care at home
  • 5 Recipes rejuvenating masks
  • 6 Recipestrays
  • 7 compositions for scrubs at home

Types salon spa

spa offers a variety of treatments for moisturizing, nourishing the skin, restoring the cellular composition for the skin, forStrengthening of nails. All these manipulations help to save and return youth to women's pens.

Modern methods of care combine not only useful, but also pleasant pastime during the procedures. Used aromatic oils, fragrant decoctions and infusions of herbs. Preference is given to the use of natural remedies. Each woman, having consulted with the cosmetician, can choose what will suit her more. In case of severe damage to the epidermis, a whole course of procedures is developed.

  • most familiar and sparing procedure - a bath for the hands hands with minerals, sea salt, herbal extracts. This event prepares the skin for more radical actions.
  • Hand skin peeling - mandatory cleansing from dead cells. This removes the upper layer of the epidermis with scrubs containing soft abrasive particles or amino acids.
  • masks solve specific tasks to eliminate skin problems. They heal, heal lesions, discolour pigmentation. Depending on the tasks, the composition of masks contains different ingredients - bleaching, antibacterial, regenerating. An effective mask can not be multifunctional. After cleansing the skin, channels are opened through which the necessary substances are absorbed more quickly into the cells. It is better to choose as the main one component to eliminate the main skin problem.
Spa procedures-for-hands_( 5) spa offers a variety of treatments for moisturizing, nourishing the skin, restoring the cell structure of the skin of hands, to strengthen nails
  • Massage hands - a pleasant and useful procedure, relaxing muscles, providing blood flow to the skin cells. Simultaneously with physical influence on muscles and a superficial layer of an epidermis during massage in a skin natural oils or special creams for massage are rubed. They enhance the useful effect.
  • Treatment of the skin with paraffin especially helps in the winter. Deep layers of the skin warm up, the process of cellular metabolism is more intensive. Cold air dries the skin, it cracks, flakes, loses moisture. During one session of paraffin therapy, skin revives and becomes lighter and becomes elastic and youthful.

Paraffin for wrapping is mixed with aromatic oils. This procedure should be done with great care. It can not be carried out with inflammatory processes on the skin, deep scratches and wound. The skin of the hands is degreased and disinfected with alcohol, and then covered with a protective cream so that the hot paraffin does not burn the skin.

Paraffin bath is a long procedure. The processed hands are several times immersed in molten paraffin. After the formation of a thick layer, a polyethylene and a duffle glove is put on top. Half an hour later the composition cools and you can free your hands. You will be surprised by the soft and delicate skin after this wrap.

Spa procedures-for-hands_( 6) Treatment of the skin with paraffin especially helps in the winter. Deep layers of the skin warm up, the process of cellular metabolism passes more intensively.

Nourishing, moisturizing creams have a preventive effect, comprehensively healing the cuticle and nail plate. The use of creams only complements spa treatments, maintaining a long time effect from them. In the composition of caring creams manufacturers include natural ingredients - oils, extracts and infusions of herbs. Such compounds protect the skin from an aggressive environment. Rejuvenating creams contain seaweed.

Therapeutic manicure

Spa manicure is not only the processing of the cuticle and shaping the nails. The task of this procedure is to revitalize the skin around the nail and strengthen the plate itself. Thin layers of skin near the nail have a tendency to dry out, loss of moisture. And then even the most beautiful varnish and exquisite shape of the nail will not look neat.

For spa treatments, the following products are needed: balm or infusion for a relaxing bath, regenerating cream for massage, nourishing mask, moisturizing balm at the end of the procedure. Hand care consists of four stages:

  • Softening bath with balm;
  • Cuticle treatment;
  • Massage with nourishing cream;
  • Application of nail polish.

More thorough care involves after the bath peeling and nourishing mask.
The master must thoroughly examine the client's hands before beginning any manipulations and determine what care is needed, how much the skin is damaged. If there are lesions on the skin, then a number of procedures will have to be canceled, for example, paraffin wrap.

Spa procedures-for-hands_( 4) Spa manicure is not only the processing of the cuticle and shaping the nails. The task of this procedure is to revitalize the skin around the nail and strengthen the

plate. If you are unable to visit the spa for skin care, you can do it at home, but the procedure algorithm is generally preserved.

SPA procedures for hands at home

If you care about how your hands look, then entrust their care to specialists. Self-care is a measure of maintaining the effect obtained at the spa. To care for handles is better on the day off, when household chores are completed, and there are 2-3 hours free.

Houses all procedures will be easier. For spa care at home, you need to stock up with a set:

  • Cotton napkin or linen towel - terry cloth leaves the villi on the skin and nails, so it's best not to use it. Linen towels - natural, soft and dense;
  • A wide, deep bathtub so that the hands in it can fit freely;
  • Sea salt or herbal teas for adding to water;
  • Vegetable aromatic oils;
  • Peeling means - scrub with soft abrasive particles, shallow sea salt, algae, therapeutic mud;
  • Nourishing cream, you can add a drop of your favorite oil.
Spa procedures-for-hands_( 2) To care for handles better on a day off, when household chores are completed, and there are 2-3 free hours

Paraffin bath can be done at home, only you should follow the precautionary measures. For relaxation and relaxation of muscles, it is good to use an electric massager. He will simplify the care and save your strength.

Step-by-step guide for performing skin-care for hands at home

Have time, patience, care for yourself in a relaxed environment. Turn on the relaxing music and begin:

Step 1. Preparatory

Erase the old varnish from the nails, rinse your hands with warm water. To remove varnish, use gentle fluids with the addition of herbs and emollients. If you constantly use it, then remember: acetone destroys the protective layer of the nail plate. After its application, hands must be washed.

Step 2. Cleansing

Apply a scrub to the skin of your hands, gently rub it in a circular motion. Aggressive particles can damage the skin, so choose a cleanser appropriately. Leave it on the skin for 3-4 minutes, then rinse well without soap. These actions will prepare the epidermis for more thorough care.

Spa treatments-for-hands_( i) Stock up with free time, patience, take care of yourself in a calm environment. Turn on the relaxing music and start

Step 3. Bath

You need to steam your hands to soften the cuticle and relax. Pour water at a comfortable temperature. Too hot water will greatly ripen the skin, it swells and turns red. This effect is completely undesirable. Add mild detergents, flavorings or sea salt. So, after a five-minute steaming, you can proceed to further action.

Step 4. Massage

Nourishing cream or oil is applied on the hands and in circular movements from the fingers to the base of the brush rub it into the skin. Massage movements should be soft, but dense. As a result, the skin comes to life, the blood flow to the cells increases, tired muscles are straightened. Doing a massage, you should not forget about the nails. Rubbing the cream in the cuticle, you give thin dried skin to the food.

Paraffin bath at home can be done, knowing some features of the procedure. Before it is carried out, hands should not be steamed. After cleansing in Step 1, apply a protective cream and proceed to wrap. To do this, you need a container for the preparation of paraffin, additives, polyethylene thin gloves and a heater( you can take woolen mittens or gloves)

Spa treatments-for-hands_( 11) Paraffin bath at home can be done knowing all the features of the procedure

Paraffin is sold in pharmacies or cosmetics stores.

Warning! Do not use candle wax! It has many chemicals.

Melt the substance in a water bath before dissolving. You can not bring it to a boil. Carefully try so that it does not burn the skin. Clean hands for a few seconds in the melted paraffin. Wait until it freezes on your hands. Try not to wiggle your fingers, so that the "gloves" remain intact. Then repeat the procedure a few more times until the layer becomes quite dense. Ask the household to help put on the rubber gloves, then pull on the hands of warm gloves. The procedure is 20-30 minutes.

After removal of paraffin, the skin becomes soft and smooth, but the nourishing mask is needed for cleansed skin. After all, the paraffin bath itself does not give nutritional care, it simply helps to open the pores and get rid of the stratum corneum.

The mask is applied after the bath. Compositions can be different depending on what purpose you pursue in care - bleaching, intensive nutrition or hydration.

Spa procedures-for-hands_( 7) The mask is applied after the bath. Formulations can be different depending on what type of goal you are pursuing in the care


  • rejuvenating masks with potatoes - Boil potatoes in their skins and mash it tolkushkoy. Squeeze the juice of one cucumber, mix the puree with juice and dilute it with warm milk. It is necessary that the composition is quite hot, so that its ingredients penetrated the enlarged pores. Keep the mask on your hands for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Mix 2 tbsp. L.Olive oil with 1 tsp. Lemon juice. Carefully mix the composition and rub into the skin of the hands and fingernails. After regular application of this remedy, the nails will cease to separate, the skin will be elastic and light.
  • Protein the egg well beaten and add a little olive oil and lemon. Apply the mixture on the skin for 15 minutes. It will help to eliminate sunburn and peeling after it. Sea water draws moisture from the surface of the skin. On the one hand, it supplies minerals to the epidermal cells, on the other hand it makes the skin dry. Therefore, even on vacation by the sea, it is necessary to nourish the skin with oil or cream.
Spa procedures-for-hands_( 8) Most ingredients for nutrient masks are in every house.
  • Cucumber lotion is made from vegetable, alcohol and glycerin. Cut sliced ​​cucumber with diluted alcohol or vodka, leave in a dark place for 2 weeks. Then merge the resulting composition and add to soften 3 tbsp. L.Glycerol. At night, wipe their hands.
  • Thorough nutrition gives a honey mask. Natural bee honey is mixed with ground oats flaked in flour. Add the yolk and stir everything until smooth. She is spread on her hands and put on gloves. For a good effect, the mask is left on hands for the night. For the aging skin - this is effective nutrition, peeling and moisturizing at the same time.

Bath recipes

In water, dilute 1 tbsp. Spoon of sea salt, add a few drops of rosemary oil or orange. Such a composition contributes to the treatment of dry skin.

  • Almonds and rosehips tighten and smooth the skin. It is useful to add a few drops of vitamin A and E. to the bath.

Compositions for scrubs at home

It is not necessary to look for a suitable scrub in the store. You can do it yourself for home care.

  • Mix cane sugar with any vegetable oil and apply to the skin of hands. Rub with light movements for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and mild soap and make a contrast shower for five minutes.
Spa treatments-for-hands_( 10) You do not have to search in the store for a suitable scrub. It can be made for home care
  • Grape scrub - peeled and peeled berries are ground in a blender, mixed with coffee grounds. Massaging movements distribute the composition on the hands and leave for 5-7 minutes.

No matter where you will hold spa procedures for the hands and feet - at home or in the salon. The main thing is to give yourself time and attention to look attractive and feel confident.

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