Beauty Secrets - Banana Face Mask at Home

  • Mar 09, 2018
Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 11) Face banana mask at home, depending on the added ingredients, suitable for any skin

In order to make the skin of your face more beautiful, it is not necessary to spend a prohibitive amount of money, because all you need is found in your fridge, And an example of this can serve as any mask you made from a banana for a person at home. We all know and love bananas from the very early years, but few know about their useful cosmetology properties. Today, we will discuss what is so useful for this delicious fruit, and also learn many interesting recipes for maintaining the skin of the face properly.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 12) This fruit can be called a real pantry of useful substances


  • 1 What is a banana?
  • 2 Who needs banana masks?
  • 3 Important contraindications
  • 4 Banana recipes

What is a banana?

This fruit can be called a real storehouse of nutrients. We all know that every fruit is rich in vitamins, and that's what a banana boasts:

  • C. Helps the whole body stay in a state of youth longer. Do not allow the skin of the face to get wrinkles.
  • B. Maintains the skin itself, as well as nails and hair in proper condition, strengthening them and giving them a healthy color.
  • E. Does not allow aging at the cellular level.

In addition, the banana fruit itself has a very pleasant fibrous structure, which in no way will irritate the skin and prevent mechanical damage. This, combined with useful substances, allows the banana to become an excellent base for any mask. Based on this, we can decide who should do these cosmetic assistants.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( i) The banana fruit itself has a very pleasant fibrous structure, which in no way will irritate the skin and prevent mechanical damage.

Advice! All these useful components of a banana are found only in natural and quality fruits. That's why we strongly advise you to buy fruits, vegetables, berries, and at the same time, dairy products in farm stores.

Who needs banana masks?

First of all it is clear that such masks are simply mandatory for women at the age of 30. The banana perfectly tightens the skin, smooths the oval face and removes facial wrinkles. Even if you have not yet complained about the fading skin, prepare in advance and fight the rest with your beauty.

Also banana mixes well with products that help to nourish and moisturize dry skin. Nutrients needed in winter frosty or hot summer weather can only give such fruit skin care. In addition, peeling, for example, after an unsuccessful tanning zone will be restored immediately after one or two applications of such natural cosmetics.

It can be noted and good cleaning properties of banana. He will certainly deal with the harmful pigmentation of your skin, especially if in addition you take a lemon. Also, it is an excellent protection against greasy shine, and, consequently, acne. Normalization of the sebaceous glands says that you can forget about various inflammations.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 4) Banana perfectly tightens the skin, smooths the face oval and removes facial wrinkles

Advice! Although banana masks are very effective and have a variety of medical indications, learning about other masks and starting to do them regularly, you can achieve the best effect.

And although you can note how much the banana is universal and almost ideal, it has both bad, harmful sides, which we now and will disassemble.

Important contraindications

Of course, the most obvious and logical contraindication to any banana mask will be an individual allergy to this product. We absolutely do not want you, trying to get rid of some skin problems, got others, and, perhaps, even aggravated the first. That is why we strongly advise you to consult a specialist beforehand to find out if you are intolerant to a banana.

Advice! In general, this refers to any of the ingredients of each mask described below. Check with your doctor for allergies to a variety of foods, so as not to get unnecessary problems.

Otherwise, the banana no longer has any limitations, either by skin type, by age, or by any other category.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 5) most obvious and logical contraindication to any banana mask will be an individual is allergic to the product

Banana recipes

And here we finally come to the essence of our today's article - directly to the recipes of masks on the basis of such fruit, As a banana. Recipes based on bananas are generally famous for their ease of manufacture. Since this fruit itself contains many useful substances, it does not need a lot of other ingredients to mix with them. In general, in folk collections there are too many combinations of a wide variety of ingredients for mixing, but today we will analyze only the most basic and simple recipes for home-making.

Tip! For a better understanding, we divide all the recipes items according to the types of skin for which they are most useful. Be sure to pay attention to this, and if you do not have a combined type, then do not make masks designed for the opposite of your type.

Let's get started.

Banana tricks: for oily skin

Oily skin never gives rest to its owners. Because of her, girls are often shy about their appearance, because a greasy shine, a lot of acne, inflammation, enlarged pores of the skin, in which acne is formed, are visible to the naked eye. And in fact, besides this, oily skin is very harmful in itself. So let's cope with these problems!

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 2) Banana suitable for solving the problems of oily skin

Mask for tightening and whitening effect


  • tablespoon banana fruit pulp;
  • Raw egg yolk;
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice.


all pre-prepared components are thoroughly mixed using a blender( if not, it will be enough and forks).Next, the mixture must be applied to the previously cleaned face. The mask is washed off after a lapse of fifteen minutes.

mask, eliminates the oily sheen and heal the inflammation


  • grated half banana fruit;
  • Tablespoon of lemon;
  • A teaspoon of honey.


Mix our products and spread the resulting slurry on the face, leaving it there for the next twenty minutes. This mask is not washed off with water, but is gradually removed with a clean cotton pad, previously soaked in broth from the herbs of chamomile, calendula and sage.

Tip! For the best restorative and curative effect, buy vitamin A beforehand in droplets. Before each use of the mask, add to it two drops of this vitamin.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 10) Banana plus honey equals nutrition and hydration

Whitening Mask and narrows enlarged pores


  • Flesh half a banana fruit;A tablespoon of lemon juice.


Both ingredients are simply mixed together. Further, what has come out of this is applied to the face and left there for fifteen minutes. To wash off the mask is slightly cool boiled water. The course of applying this mask is recommended to be carried out regularly several times a week.

Mask that narrows the pores and tightens the skin


  • Flesh of the half of the banana fruit;
  • Raw egg yolk.


The products are mixed together and applied to the face skin for twenty minutes. To wash off a mask it is necessary in advance prepared broth of a camomile or usual warm boiled water.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 1) Do not wash any mask tap water

Recipes for dry skin

Dry skin is not worse than a fat gives its owner a lot of problems. Dryness can be felt even by a person who has not previously complained about it. Usually, the skin can begin to peel, irritate and dry from frost, from intense heat or from frequent transitions from one temperature to another. It is better to understand how it is possible to fight this problem and help your poor skin, giving it the necessary nutritional and moisturizing substances.

mask that soothes skin


  • tablespoon of natural yoghurt;
  • A couple of teaspoons of flower honey;
  • Fruit of a banana.


All three ingredients must be kneaded and stirred until a thick sour cream. The mixture is applied to the face for ten minutes, after which it is gently washed off with warm boiled water.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 8) Banana mask will give dry skin the necessary hydration

mask, giving dry skin the necessary hydration


  • teaspoon of olive oil;
  • Tablespoon of banana pulp;
  • Lemon juice.


Mix the butter and banana together, add a few drops of lemon juice. Strain the banana pulp, carefully spread and spread all over the face. Keep this mask for about ten minutes, after which it can be washed off with water. You can do it strongly not later than two hours before going out.

Tip! To increase the overall effect, and give the skin more nutrients, add to the mixture your moisturizer.

mask, moisturizing and toning the skin dry


  • Grated flesh of half a banana fruit;
  • Two tablespoons of natural milk.


The pulp that has absorbed milk is applied to the skin of the face and left for the next fifteen minutes. After that, it is gently washed off with a clean cotton pad moistened in the same milk.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 7) Keep the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes

Mask, to get rid of facial wrinkles and dry aging skin


  • The pulp of banana fruit;
  • A teaspoonful of sour cream;
  • Raw egg yolk.


All components of the mask are thoroughly mixed together. The resulting mixture is applied to the face for fifteen minutes, after which it is washed off with boiled warm water.

Banana for normal combined skin

Of course, problems also occur in people whose skin is normal, that is, a combined type. Sometimes there are small inflammations, sometimes peeling, sometimes just do not have enough banal protection. All these are not the biggest problems, but they also need to be learned to fight. That's why we offer you masks for general skin regeneration.

Tip! All the following recipes should be regularly performed, even though you may not have any of these problems.

Fruit mask, which tones the skin


  • Flesh half a banana fruit;
  • Slice of pre-cleaned oranges without pits( or two mandarins).


Mix both fruits to the state of gruel. The mixture is applied to the face and left for fifteen minutes, after which it is removed with a wet clean cotton swab. Further, it remains only to wash with cold boiled water and apply a moisturizing cream.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 6) Fruit masks will result in the tone of your face

Nourishing Mask


  • Flesh half a banana fruit;
  • Two tablespoons of fresh home-made sour cream( or kefir).


Banana with sour cream mix very thoroughly with each other. After that, the mixture is applied to the face and lasts about fifteen minutes. Then it is enough to wash it off with ordinary boiled water.

mask nourishes, protects and moisturizes the skin


  • tablespoon banana pulp;
  • Teaspoon of flower honey;
  • Two tablespoons of homemade yogurt;Small oat flakes.
  • .


first three products to be mixed with each other, gradually sprinkling mixture flakes. The mask is very neat, so as not to make mechanical damage, is applied to the skin of the face and left there for the next fifteen minutes. It is also washed off with gently cool boiled water.

Mask-of-banana-for-face-in-home-conditions_( 3) Do not be afraid to experiment with combinations of products, if you are sure that they will not harm

mask, protect from frost


  • third banana pulp;
  • Olive oil;
  • Moisturizing cream.


we did above mask-like, so the implementation of this will not be much different. All its components are mixed and applied to the face for fifteen minutes. After that, the mixture is washed off with warm boiled water. It is better to do the mask after the face thawed after the street.

So, today we have learned about the incredible useful properties of such a bright fruit, like a banana. In addition to face masks, a banana can be used for the body and even for hair, be sure to read about it. Do not be afraid to experiment with product combinations if you are sure that they will not harm you. Be sure to follow our advice and try different masks on yourself, comparing their effectiveness with your example. Share our article with your friends and family so they can also try these home-cooked recipes.

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