Fragrant and healthy cocoa butter - Properties and application, reviews

  • Mar 09, 2018
In cosmetology
Cocoa butter-properties-and-application-reviews_07 women use cocoa butter from wrinkles, stretch marks and even hair loss

In cosmetology women use cocoa butter, the properties and the use of which is able to eliminate the wrinkles, stretch marks and even hair loss. Whether this is so, you need to learn from professional cosmetologists, so as not to harm your health.

Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_01 Cocoa butter contains antioxidant substances, through which stimulates the immune system and improves overall body tone


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what deal?

Cocoa butter is extracted from the grains of chocolate tree fruit. The hard and brittle structure of the oil remains at 16-18 degrees, but if the temperature is increased, a clear liquid of oil consistency is obtained.

Cocoa butter contains antioxidant substances, which stimulate the immune system and improve the general tone of the body. People all over the world use a means to strengthen immunity, for cosmetic purposes.

It is believed that it replaces many creams and body care products.

User recommendations will help determine whether you need to buy cocoa butter for daily use or give preference to profile means.

Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_05 Cocoa butter is extracted from the seeds of fruits chocolate tree

How to apply cocoa butter to strengthen hair

To restore the structure dry and brittle hair is perfect cocoa butter. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair follicle. Shine, due to fat, appears after the first application. The agent is rubbed into the roots, preheated on a water bath.

Recipes Cocoa application for hair oil:

  • One tablespoon of cocoa butter are mixed in the same proportions with burdock, add yogurt and egg yolk. Ingredients are thoroughly mixed and rubbed with massive movements into the scalp. After processing the surface, a film and a warm scarf are put on top for 1-1.5 hours, after which the product is washed off with cool running water. Repeat the procedure should be 2-3 times a week, with a total complexity of 12-16 masks.
  • In the infusion of rosemary add 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa butter, which is pre-melted in a water bath. After the uniform distribution of the mask, the head is warmed with polyethylene film. Shampoo washed off the composition from the hair after 2-3 hours. Use the tool can be 2 times a week, a total of 10-12 times. In
  • cocoa butter( 2-3 tablespoons) should be added burdock in the 1: 1 and 5 drops of vitamins A and E. mask evenly distributed through the hair, rinsed not less than 1.5 hours. The course consists of 12-14 masks.
Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_08 For the restoration of the structure of dry and brittle hair, cocoa butter is excellent. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair bulb

Tip! If you do massage with cocoa butter, you will relax the whole body, strengthen the nervous system, relieve stress and get rid of insomnia.

Anti-Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Cellulite and skin stretch marks spoil the appearance of the girl, reducing her self-esteem. Developed complexes and fear of intimacy with a man. Therefore, it is necessary to work on problem areas.

Stretch marks and striae appear mainly after childbirth or abrupt weight loss. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can use cocoa butter during fetal growth. It is enough to lubricate them regularly with problem areas.

To increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage, use cocoa butter. To do this, you need to mix cocoa powder with any base oil and apply chocolate mass to the skin. It should be such a consistency that it does not drain off and is not too thick. Massage movements need to be applied to problem areas. After kneading the skin, wash off the paste and treat the skin with anti-cellulite cream.

Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_10 To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can use cocoa butter during the fetal growth. It is enough to lubricate them regularly with problem areas

An unusual effective procedure based on cocoa butter is chocolate-pepper candles. To produce them, you need 400 grams of melted natural wax. It is added 40 grams of olive oil, 50 grams of cocoa powder and a package of red pepper. In the mixture, you can add sea salt to get the effect of scrub and stimulating effect. From the mass, candles are formed, the thickness of which is equal to the size of the finger. They are rolled on dry skin in problem areas.

Tip! Deodorized and natural cocoa butter does not differ in effectiveness. A saturated chocolate smell is only in the first case, so it's easy to distinguish two kinds.

The effect is evident

With age, the skin has problems. The face withers, the former freshness disappears, and wrinkles appear. Thanks to the content of vitamin A and beneficial acids in the composition of cocoa butter, it can be used to increase the elasticity of the skin and protect it from external adverse effects.

Users identify the three most effective facial masks based on cocoa butter:

  • You can refresh the fading skin with a mask consisting of a teaspoon of melted cocoa butter, a tablespoon of chopped green parsley. Apply the product on face on massage lines for half an hour. Rinse with cool running water.
  • To save dehydrated face skin will help a mixture of yolk, honey, cocoa butter, carrot and lemon juice. The mixture is evenly distributed on the face and held for 10-15 minutes. To wash off the mask cosmetologists recommend warm water, after which the skin is wiped with a piece of ice to close the pores.
  • For all skin types, a mask consisting of a teaspoon of cocoa butter, whole milk or fruit( vegetable) juice is suitable. The mixture is treated with face skin for 10-15 minutes and rinsed off with cool water.

You need to apply cocoa butter to your face if you have dry, gaunt skin. Restoring the elasticity and water balance will help regular masks. Also, the aging skin revives, and wrinkles disappear.

Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_02 You need to apply cocoa butter to your face if you have dry, gaunt skin. Restoring the elasticity and water balance will help regular masks

Eye care during the winter is not possible without cocoa butter. It helps to avoid airing and frostbite. In the warm season, it is effective to use the product from burns. They lubricate the shoulders after sunburn.

Among the benefits of cocoa butter is also the protection of the face from toxins and harmful substances in a large city. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, so it does not leave a greasy shine.

Advice! Cocoa butter in winter days prevents the face and lips from becoming airborne. The remedy heals cracks in the corners, if they are treated with the agent every night.

Application of cocoa butter in medicine

Cocoa butter is widely used in folk medicine. The natural product cleans the body and makes it work.

Cocoa butter-properties-and-application-reviews_06 Varicose veins, fungus, eczema, cracks in the nipples of nursing mothers excellently eliminate applications from cocoa butter
  • In case of digestive problems, one teaspoon of cocoa butter should be taken. Problems with the stool disappear.
  • You can cure hemorrhoids if you inject a teaspoon of cocoa butter into your colon after a bowel movement.
  • Gynecologic problems are also treated at home using cocoa butter. If you mix a teaspoon of cocoa butter with 10 drops of sea buckthorn oil and soak the mixture with a cotton swab, candles will be obtained that need to be introduced into the vagina to get rid of cervical erosion.
  • Angina and catarrhal diseases will cure a mixture of cocoa butter and propolis in a ratio of 1:10.Regular use of the drug allows you to get rid of pneumonia and even tuberculosis.
  • Suitable for the treatment of burns.
  • Varicose veins, fungus, eczema, cracks on the nipples of nursing mothers excellently eliminate the applications of cocoa butter.
  • Cocoa butter is also used as a preventative against atherosclerosis, constipation and dry skin. Therefore, the drug is recommended for the elderly.
  • From excess cholesterol, you should take half a teaspoon of oil twice a day for 15 minutes before eating.
Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_03 Cocoa butter is widely used in folk medicine. The natural product cleans the body and makes it work
  • As a cholagogue, cocoa butter should be used in the melted form. It is drunk on an empty stomach. A hot water bottle with warm water is placed under the right side and held there for 1.5-2 hours. It is enough to carry out the procedure once a week.
  • As prevention of cough and catarrhal diseases, cocoa butter is effective if they lubricate the nasal mucosa. Also, chest massage with the use of the drug, increases blood circulation and normalizes blood circulation. To prepare the preparation for cough, it is necessary to stir the oil in hot milk and take it as a medicine in a cooled form.

Advice! Natural cocoa butter can be bought in the shops of environmentally friendly products. When ordering a product in online stores, carefully read the instructions and the composition of the bottle.

Home cosmetics based on cocoa butter

Many cosmetics for skin care products are available in cosmetics stores, which contain cocoa butter. But you can not say exactly about the naturalness of such products, so cosmetologists offer recipes that you can prepare yourself.

To make a scrub, you need to heat 2 tablespoons of solid oil in a water bath, add a tablespoon of honey, oat flakes and raw ground nuts. To use the product several times, roll the mixture into balls and store in the refrigerator. Then melt them and apply them when needed.
With regular application of cocoa butter, eyelashes and eyebrows are strengthened in a pure form.

You can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays with cocoa butter, if used as a cream. To do this, you need to melt the product in a water bath and apply it to the skin of the body and face.

Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_09 You can make a scrub based on cocoa butter

Apply cocoa butter on the skin overnight. A greasy shine will not stay, especially if you get wet with a napkin in the morning. To care for the area around the eyelids, stir cocoa butter with vegetable( almond, peach, sesame).

From cracked lips help to get rid of balm on the basis of cocoa butter. A pleasant chocolate fragrance will please your man.

Tip! Store the open cocoa butter in the refrigerator so that it does not deteriorate.

User reviews

Helena, 32 years old: "After 27 years, I noticed how my skin ages. Therefore, began to make facial masks based on cocoa butter. After two weeks of regular application, I noticed that the skin becomes fresh and supple. I hope the wrinkles will soon be smoothed out. "

Oksana, 25 years old: "I gave birth to a beautiful girl a year ago. But unfortunately, during pregnancy I gained a lot of excess weight. Plus there was polyhydramnios, so my stomach was just huge. It is clear that the birth of a baby led to a sharp weight loss. As a result - terrible stretch marks. I began to feel shy. Even my husband pushed him away from the body. I found an article on the magic properties of cocoa butter on the Internet and decided to try it. I have been treating the affected skin areas for three months already and there is a visible result I recommend to everyone. "

Elizabeth, 17 years old: «cocoa butter, I helped in hair care. After experiments with painting, the hair became dry and dull. Now I advise everyone this way. "

Lyudmila, 53 years: «When I began to appear gray hair, I started to paint them. Even though I am a respectable age, I do not work full-time, so I should always be beautiful. But I no longer have beautiful silky strands, as before. My daughter advised me to try to rub cocoa butter into my scalp, mixed with kefir, egg and burdock oil. There was an attractive shine and I again became feminine and playful. "

Oil-cocoa-properties-and-application-reviews_04 From chapped lips to help get rid of balm on the basis of cocoa butter

Ulyana, 22 years old: «I cocoa butter cure hemorrhoids. After pregnancy, he became very inflamed and no ointments helped. Doctors advised surgery. It's good that I listened to the recommendations of the older generation and took advantage of the available means. "

Dmitry, 28 years old: «I advised the wife to use cocoa butter during colds. I treated them with the nasal cavity, did rubbing, and the cold passed in just a few days. I will continue to follow the recommendations of his wife. "

Ekaterina, 34 years old: «I really like the candles on the basis of cocoa butter. The effect is visible the very next day after use. However, it is a little necessary to spend time for their manufacturing, but the home massager is worth it. "

Despite the naturalness of the components, always check the prepared cosmetic product on your wrist or elbow before use. So you will protect yourself from unexpected skin reactions.

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