How to choose a good anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes?- Reviews, recommendations

  • Mar 09, 2018
Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-8 A good anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes will help keep your skin toned

According to reviews, a good anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes does not have to be expensive. The "correct" composition for each age can be different. The best cream is one that is able to provide full protection for a particular type of skin and saturation of its vitamins and minerals.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-5 Any quality cream should reduce puffiness, improve the texture of the skin and smooth fine wrinkles


  • 1 Can I use a regular cream?
  • 2 What should be on the label?
  • 3 What should not be in the cream?
  • 4 What is hyaluronic acid?
  • 5 Daytime, night and wide range of formulations
  • 6 Composition of the cream for a specific age
  • 7 Top best products in low price category
  • 8 Ideal medium price category
  • 9 Best premium price creams
  • 10 Skin massage in the eye area with creams or gels
  • 11 A good anti-wrinkle cream for the eyes: Feedback

Mobut I use my usual cream?

Any high-quality age cream should reduce puffiness, improve the texture of the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles. The compositions for the eyes are isolated in a separate category only because most women have skin in this area too tender, and the usual remedies often cause irritation. That's why these kinds of cosmetics are trying not to include allergenic drugs.

In most cases, such creams do not have a special formula. If you look at the list of ingredients, it differs little from the list present in conventional creams. Serious manufacturers can include in them more moisturizing and decongestants and substances that bleach the skin and make the dark circles under the eyes less visible.

Tip! If the skin is not too susceptible, you can lubricate the area around your eyes with any high-quality moisturizer with the addition of vitamins A and E, mint or rose petals.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-11 In most women, the skin in the eye area is too tender, and the usual remedies often cause irritation, so they have created special creams for them

What should be on the label?

Before buying a cream, you should carefully study the composition. After all, its effect directly depends on the substances that it contains:

  • vitamin A, regenerating the skin and promoting the production of new cells of callogen;Sometimes on the packaging indicated retinol, which is a more perfect, finished form of vitamin A;
  • vitamin C: an antioxidant that strengthens the walls of the vessels and removes radicals;
  • Ester-C: one of the forms of vitamin C;
  • Vitamin PP: activates the production of callogen;
  • vitamin K: strengthens the capillaries;Improves blood circulation;
  • vitamin E: improves skin structure, fights free radicals;
  • Manganese: removes swelling, removes toxins and removes dark circles under the eyes;
  • essential fatty acids: moisturize, prevent wrinkles;
  • hyaluronic acid: helps to retain moisture;
  • linolenic acid: restores the protective layer;
  • tocopherol: antioxidant, preventing aging;
  • dextran sulfate: moisturizes, improves drainage;
  • alpha-lipoic acid( ALA): antioxidant, smooths wrinkles, increases skin density;
Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-4 Before buying a cream, you should carefully study the composition. After all, its action is directly dependent on the substances it contains
  • haloxyl: accelerates the exchange of bilirubin, bleaches the skin;
  • Eyeliss: relieves inflammation, strengthens small capillaries;
  • acetyl hexapeptide-3: it repairs the nerve signals, making the muscles less visible, contributes to the prevention of wrinkles;
  • Resveratrol: antioxidant;
  • is arginic: "freezes" the small muscles, preventing from facial wrinkles;
  • alpha hydroxy acid( AHA): exfoliates dead cells;
  • copper peptides: heal micro-trauma, remove radicals and damaged cells;
  • coenzyme Q10: stimulates immunity, removes radicals;
  • Kinetin: retains moisture.

Advice! Be sure to pay attention to the order of the listed ingredients: the most active component should be the first.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-1 Depending on your needs, choose a cream with one or another component

What should not be in the cream?

In order that the cream does not harm the skin, it should not contain aggressive substances:

  • parabens: disturbing the hormonal background;
  • caffeine: temporarily can tighten the skin, but it can dehydrate;
  • Octyl Stearate: due to pore blockage after application, the skin becomes dull;
  • Isopropyl Myristate: often causes allergies, may even temporarily impair vision;
  • Propylene Glycol: also causes toxic and allergenic reactions;
  • Sodium Chloride: Overdrying the skin, it can cause irritation and inflammation.

Tip! Early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes can trigger muscle spasms in this area. Helps them relax special exercises with a fitness machine or lifting massage.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-7 Sodium Chloride, which can be seen on the label of many cosmetics, overdrying the skin, can cause irritation and inflammation.

What is hyaluronic acid?

With age, the metabolism slows down. By reducing the production of collagen and elastin( proteins responsible for elasticity), the turgor in the skin decreases. It also reduces the content of hyaluronic acid, which ensures their correct interposition. In this case, the skin begins to lose moisture.

Of course, no cream can accelerate the production of such proteins. After all, this requires a restructuring of the whole organism. However, the introduction of hyaluronic acid in creams allows the creation of a breathable film on the skin that retains moisture. This substance fills and free space between small wrinkles, so outwardly the skin looks more taut.

There are contraindications for such formulations: they are not recommended for people with high skin sensitivity or inflammation. Hyaluronic acid of animal origin is more toxic and allergenic. In addition, its effect is less prolonged. The compounds with biosynthetic hyaluronic acid included in them are safer and more effective.

It is used mainly in age-related cosmetics for women of 30 years. To apply creams with its maintenance to young girls simply does not make sense - the effect will be hardly noticeable. Moreover, according to most cosmeticians, such compounds can even cause significant harm.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews-10 Introduction to the composition of hyaluronic acid creams allows the creation of a breathable film on the skin that retains moisture

Advice! The anti-wrinkle cream is not an injection of a botte, it does not give an instant effect. To understand if it suits your skin, you should use it daily for several weeks.

Daytime, night and wide-range creams

Apply any cream to a clean and slightly damp skin, necessarily removing after 10-15 minutes of its excess:

  • effect of daytime creams is mainly temporary, due to the gel structure they smooth out fine wrinkles and are able to bleach dark skin under the eyes;Qualitative compositions should have UV-filters absorbing ultraviolet radiation;
  • night creams contain nutritional components, with long-term use, improve the structure of the skin and rejuvenate it;
  • broad-spectrum creams are mostly moisturized, quality compounds, as well as daytime ones, contain UV protection;They often include special light-reflecting particles that protect the eyes.

Store creams better in the refrigerator. In the warmth, some of the substances in their composition quickly decompose. In addition, the application of cold cream on the eyelids gives an additional tonic effect.

Any cream is applied by the pads of the index and middle fingers first to the upper eyelid from the bridge of the nose to the temple, and then, continuing the movement, to the lower back to the bridge of the nose. In any case, you can not get too close to the line of the eyelashes - otherwise the composition can get into your eyes. To avoid edema, do not apply the cream before bedtime - it should be done an hour and a half before falling asleep.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-2 Store creams better in the refrigerator. In the heat, some of the substances that make up their composition quickly decompose

Advice! Do not wash the cream. It is enough to "drive" it with the help of light slightly patting movements. This should be done by ring fingers - they are weaker than others, so the risk of striking strong blows will be minimal.

Composition of the cream for a specific age

At a young age, the use of skin care products in the eye area is required only with excessive dryness and a tendency to edema. After all, a prolonged lack of moisture can provoke the early appearance of "goose" paws in the eye area.

The use of creams with the addition of potent agents, including hyaluronic acid, up to 25-30 years can cause harm to the skin. If necessary, you can use only the formulations containing moisturizing ingredients, vitamins, beeswax, fruit extracts, floral acids and phytoestrogens: chamomile, calendula, green tea, etc.

To start actively use anti-wrinkle creams should be after 30. Such formulations are marked anti-age( anti-aging).Aging skin is suitable for creams containing peptides, lactic and succinic acid, which relieve stress at the cellular level and stimulate the synthesis of calligens.

Top best tools in low price category

Russian GOSTs and standards of the former CIS countries are very vague, that's why the quality of cosmetics often remains on the conscience of producers. According to Internet users, the best inexpensive skin care products are:

  • Green Mom;
  • "Garnier";
  • "Clean line";
  • "Black pearl";
  • "Vitex";
  • "Belita Q10".
Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-6 To start active use of anti-wrinkle creams should be after 30

You can make yourself an anti-aging night cream for the skin in the eye area. To do this, mix cocoa butter( dessert spoon), sandalwood( a couple of drops) and fennel( also 2 drops).

Tip! If you have allergies, conjunctivitis, or a runny nose, consult a doctor. To help the eye area in such cases, you can use special cooling gels or masks.

Ideal medium price category

Creams costing from 500 RUB:

  • L'Oreal;
  • Mizon;
  • "Bark";
  • "Doliva";
  • "Merz".

Compositions costing more than 1000 rubles:

  • Clinique;
  • Vichy Liftactiv Yeux;
  • Benefiance;
  • Uriage IsoFill.

Tip! Qualitative creams must necessarily contain the inscription: Ophthalmic certified, meaning that they have passed ophthalmic control and are absolutely safe for the eyes.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-2 The use of creams with the addition of potent agents, including hyaluronic acid, up to 25-30 years can cause harm to the skin

Best premium price category

. Ideally moisturize and nourish the skin creams of the following manufacturers:

  • ShiseidoJapan): contains qualitative hyaluronic acid, as well as elastin and callogen;Are considered to be practically ideal care products;
  • Skin Doctors( Australia) with retinol, hypoallergenic agents that make the skin more elastic and taut;
  • Brandt( USA): also contain retinol, able to even out the color of the skin and its structure in just a month of application, when applied there may appear a slight luster on the eyelids;
  • Guerlain( Germany) with honey and royal jelly, able to cope with fine wrinkles, but is not recommended if you are allergic to honey;
  • Ahava( Israel): contain extracts of dates, calendula, centellas and aloe, B5;Effectively nourish the skin and quickly eliminate traces of fatigue.

However, the cost of one jar of any of these creams is often $ 40-50 or higher.

Tip! known manufacturers in the series of eye care skin include, but are creams, special balms, serums, exfoliating discs etc.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-3 Produce anti-aging night cream for the skin around the eyes can be on their own. For this it is necessary to mix the cocoa butter( dessertspoonful), sandalwood( a few drops) and fennel( also 2 drops)

massage the skin around the eyes using creams or gels

for outflow of excess fluid accumulating in lymph and removing bagsUse a special lymph drainage massage. It can be either manual or hardware. It can be carried out at home:

  • Any suitable cream, serum or mask is applied to the area around the eyes.
  • Massage is performed simultaneously on both eyes with pads of index or middle fingers or with all four fingers( except for large ones).
  • The circular motions are clockwise.
  • Pressing on the skin should not be too intense, without shifting the skin.
  • First, 10 circular motions are done at the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Further 3 light pressure on the eyelids from the temple to the nose, and then 3 more in the opposite direction.
  • For a few seconds, the lower one is pressed down, and then the upper eyelid is pressed with 4 fingers.
  • The next stage is a light flicking movement for each eyelid( at the bottom from the temple to the nose, on the upper from the nose to the temple).
  • By the centuries, one by one, the middle fingers "rolling" gently.
  • Light pressure is produced at the outer and inner corners of the eyes.
  • Pushes are made along the circular muscles.
  • The last movement is the effacing of each of the eyelids from the temple to the nose and in the opposite direction.
Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-12 Massage will help the cream penetrate the skin better

The average duration of the entire procedure should be about 3 minutes.

Tip! If the cream is completely absorbed during the massage, it is necessary to apply it again. This will protect the skin from stretching.

good wrinkle cream around the eye: reviews

Angelica, 27 years old: I use Clinique( US).Excellent moisturizing and even slightly lightens the skin. True, it costs about 2000 rubles. But if you regret the money now and do not care for the skin - in 10 years will be too late. No expensive drug will not save.

Olga, 41: For a couple of years, I have been softening the skin around the eyes with almond oil. True, not regularly. But the effect from it is not worse, than from the most steep creams-liftings. In any case, according to colleagues, I look about 35 years old from strength.

Tatiana, 32 years: Cream filler Librederm, which I use, the list is not found. It's a pity. The price at it is comprehensible( last time has paid 600 rbl.), And quality above any praises. Three types of hyaluronic acid. The apparent improvement - the reduction of fine wrinkles - can be seen already two weeks after application. A convenient and very economical dispenser.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-i aging skin suitable creams containing peptides, lactic and succinic acid, relieves stress at the cellular level and stimulating the synthesis of kallogenov

Anna, 19 years old: Beautician said that in my 19 years simply awful facial wrinkles( go toHer about acne).And the most part of a skin fat, and in the field of eyes dry. Advised me the simplest L'Oreal for the eyes and massage. She said that he has no age restrictions, you can even use a 20-year-old. Month I put every day, but I still do not see the result, unfortunately. If someone has a similar problem, respond.

Olesya, 33 years: After the appearance of a pair of wrinkles around the eyes horrified and rushed to her beautician. She explained to me that it's better than Japanese cosmetics. Such compositions not only protects against new wrinkles, but also to remove( !) Are already available. I chose Forlle'd. I use half a year. Of course, this can be a self-suggestion, but I see the effect with my own eyes. Wrinkles seem to fade and are less conspicuous.

Good-cream-from-wrinkle-around-eye-reviews_-13 quality and a good wrinkle cream for the skin around the eye is able to replace the whole arsenal of cosmetics

Natalya, 44 years old: «Merz" I was quite happy. Contains hyaluronic acid. The skin no longer dries and does not peel off. Well, then, that with the cream wrinkles can be removed, to be honest, I do not believe. Maintain the skin in a more or less normal state - yes, you can.