Delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes - Proper care at home

  • Mar 09, 2018
Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 1) Delicate, thin and her so quickly wrinkles are formed - it is the skin around the eyes

Delicate, thin and her so quickly wrinkles are formed - it is the skin around the eyes. Care at home should be high-quality, high-grade, to suit her needs.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 3) Home care should be quality, high-grade to suit its needs


  • 1 The main rule of competent care
  • 2 How to achieve a radiant look?
  • 3 Proper purification
  • 4 Toning
  • 5 Complete hydration
  • 6 Effective gels intended for the comprehensive care
  • 7 Massage care zone eye
  • 8 Home effective masks for eye area rejuvenation
  • 9 Performing a massage
  • 10 Prevention of age-related changes

The main rule of competent care

The goal is to preserve the elasticity, turgor of the skin of the lower and upper eyelids. Tasks are moisturizing, nutrition and protection of tender delicate areas.

For the care of it is not suitable:

  • Conventional creams
  • Facial Gels
  • Nutrient Serums

The main reason for which it is necessary to use makeup cosmetics is that the skin in this zone is thinner, On it wrinkles are formed early, therefore the concentration of active ingredients should be higher.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 10) The main reason due to which you want to use cosmetics purposeful action - this is what the skin in this area is more delicate, her early wrinkles formed

How to achieve radiant look?

«crow's feet" just can not ruin your young and beautiful face if you stick to some exceptional rules:

  • Go to bed on time, get enough sleep. Before night rest it is necessary to wash off carefully cosmetics with use of caring means. They should be designed specifically for this area of ​​the face. Among the ingredients there should be no alcohol and soap.
  • Every day and evening you need to perform a special massage: try to pat your fingertips near the eyes. Such manipulations are necessary to ensure the flow of blood.
  • Use only high-quality cosmetics from proven manufacturers. It is important that they fit your age and needs.

Tip! Apply the product in small amounts with patting movements. Do not stretch the skin.

  • Decorative cosmetics should be safe. Do not buy the means of dubious manufacturers
  • In the summer, use sunglasses that protect against UV rays
  • Use masks exclusively from natural ingredients that nourish and refresh the delicate areas
Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 2) Use only high-quality cosmetic products trusted manufacturers. It is important that they are right for your age and needs

Proper cleansing

important to always clean the eye area from the makeup. This operation is necessary for skin care after 20 years. For these purposes, you need to use delicate milk with a large content of natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal plants.

New items in this field involve two-phase fluid which, mixing with each other to form an oily agent. As part of these products, extra light oils, plant extracts. Such remedies remove cosmetics quickly, without stretching the skin and not irritating it. You can also use skimmed lotions for make-up remover.

Do not remove make-up from eyes with preparations intended for another area - they can provoke irritation. To dissolve waterproof cosmetics, it is recommended to use a fat cream, in which you will find oils, special soothing ingredients.

  • To remove mascara recommended by a cotton pad on the growth of eyelashes
  • Then clean the eyelids, the skin around the eyes
  • Do not use hot water to remove makeup
Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 5) residues is important to always clean the eye area from the makeup. This operation is necessary in the care of the skin after 20 years


Tonics solve disadvantages such as dark circles, eye and make the skin more fresh, it becomes stronger, there is the elimination of irritation. Of course, such drugs can be purchased at the pharmacy, but tea bags are especially popular. They need to be brewed, and then chilled to put on eyelids. Such a mask will eliminate traces of lack of sleep, and also cope with signs of fatigue.

Ice cubes also work effectively. But you need to freeze a decoction or tea. Particularly popular are parsley, lime blossom, chamomile. After washing the cube should be carried out on massage lines, but refrain from freezing, because it will narrow the blood vessels, and also complicate microcirculation.

Complex moisturizing

miracle creams and gels must penetrate to the deepest layers, but it does not provoke irritation of the eyelids. The cream is the best tool for caring for the zone of the eyelids, especially if it is dry or dehydrated. It will help to cope with wrinkles, to give the surface smoothness, elasticity.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 1) cream - is the best means to care for the area age, especially if it is dry or dehydrated

Do not use creams containing lanolin, which trigger inflammation or irritation. If you have sensitive and allergic skin, then you need to use gels. When choosing a cream, you must take into account the age, as well as the composition. Look for a tube of chamomile, aloe, shea butter. And more expensive analogs contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, black caviar.

Tip! Do not save on this tool, because it is the look that gives the age of the woman.

It is important that the cosmetic agent contains concentrated ingredients that update elastin and collagen. So you can return the skin elasticity and elasticity. Up to 30 years, the skin requires plant extracts, juicy fruits, as well as vegetable oils. That is why it is necessary to choose those means which will prevent occurrence of mimic wrinkles. In addition, the product will help you get rid of swelling, bruises and signs of fatigue.

Collect some remedy, and then lightly patting movements, start rubbing the texture. So you will improve local blood circulation, and the cream will absorb better. Begin from the outer corner, gradually moving towards the inner corner.

Effective gels intended for complex care

Such cosmetics is designed to eliminate dark circles, puffiness and swelling. The product provides shine to the skin. Gel - this is the ideal drug to give the look of freshness, make it rested. In addition, the remedy:

  • Increases microcirculation
  • Slows aging
  • Tones up
Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 7) Gel is the ideal preparation to give freshness look, to make it rested

It's very simple to use: it must be applied for both eyelidsAnd under the eyes. Some manufacturers produce such a cosmetic product along with a roller.

Tip! Apply this remedy every morning to relieve edema and the effect of a glowing look.

Eye care massagers

These are necessary for the purpose of better penetration of gels or creams into scrapping of the skin. The device is able to smooth wrinkles, as well as overcome dark circles, swelling. It is a roller that combines the following functions: massage, iontophoresis, and microcurrents.

Ionophoresis is designed to make cosmetic products better penetrate the skin, improve blood circulation and lymph flow. There is also a rejuvenation of cells. Massage gives the skin covering a tightness, elasticity, increases elasticity. Microcurrents renew the skin, and also produce energy - it is responsible for maintaining the vitality.

Home effective masks for eye area rejuvenation

They are able to give:

  • Necessary power supply
  • Tighten the skin
  • Absorb important elements
  • Vitamins
  • Minimize wrinkles

Advice! Perform them a couple of times in 7 days to ensure full nutrition, moisturizing and lifting - effect. With their help you eliminate swelling, and you can prepare excellent formulas with the help of improvised means.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions-11 Home masks will help to nourish the skin with moisture and vitamins

Moisturizing burger mask

Fresh gherkin, previously cut into slices, must be applied to the eye area. Such a mask is capable not only to lighten, but also to tone. Add nutritional value can dry milk - it should be mixed with grated cucumber.

Mask with the addition of avocado( nutritious)

Avocado is considered a useful fruit, which contains various vitamins. It also contains natural valuable acids that play the role of antioxidants. Their role is the synthesis of collagen, useful for the skin.

For the preparation of a useful and healing mixture, it is recommended to cut the fruit into a couple of parts, and then knead it to obtain gruel. Mix is ​​effective for moisturizing, as well as nourishing the skin. It is important to apply a thin layer. Soak for 19 minutes, and then rinse the area with water.

Alternative to Botox: gelatin mask

This is a quality and proven method of toning the skin. At the same time, even the deepest wrinkles begin to smooth out.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 8) To avoid wrinkles, swelling and other troubles, it is necessary to take care of the skin constantly and thoroughly

To prepare the product, it is recommended to dilute the gelatin, and then warm it in a water bath, stirring. At this time, add an important ingredient - a fruit pulp, oil or vitamin. Now the composition is recommended to be applied to the eyelids for about 17 minutes.

Mask made of banana( lifting effect)

To get rid of unpleasant wrinkles, it is necessary to prepare a mask from this fruit, which favorably affects the skin, eliminating wrinkles, crow's feet.

To make an effective mix, you need to mash a banana to make a gruel. Add the yolk and a little sparse sour cream. Components should be mixed together, and then distributed over the upper and lower eyelids. It is important to stand up to 21 minutes, and then remove it with mineral water.

Laminaria against skin stiffness

The secret of the popularity of the drug lies in the large content of important enzymes responsible for the synthesis of collagen. This protein can not be absorbed fully, but the substances that increase the process of collagen synthesis is an effective technique for effective control of wrinkles.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( i) For prophylactic purposes, the skin should be actively moistened, and also drink

To prepare the formulation, it is recommended to pour 1 tbsp. Spoon a plant, and then wait a little to make the plant soak. After a while, close your eyes, put on the mask on your eyelids. The composition of the mask will be heterogeneous.

Mask using parsley and dill

In the decoction of the herbs you need to moisten the wadded disk, and then put it on your eyelids. The mask is able to rid of dark circles, strengthen the skin, it is essential to refresh it.

Mask with grape

It is necessary to stretch the grapes in an amount of 3 pieces and apply to the eyelids.

Mask from potatoes

For this purpose, grate the vegetable on a grater and then apply to the area near the eyes. The juice contains starch - it nourishes, moisturizes, sates with important elements, vitamins.

Performing a massage

It is necessary for this sensitive area. Such a simple procedure helps to eliminate many troubles: dark circles that appeared due to microcirculation disorders. Along with this, the massage will help to eliminate swelling, relax the skin of the eyelids, and eliminate wrinkles.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 4) Massage helps eliminate swelling, relax the eyelid skin, eliminate wrinkles

Tip! If you carry out manipulations regularly, you can significantly rejuvenate the skin, give it beauty and adolescence.

Prevention of age-related changes

The skin in this area deserves attention. To avoid the appearance of wrinkles, swelling and other troubles, it is necessary to take care of the skin constantly and thoroughly. Due to the fact that in this area the skin is deprived of fatty layer, and the muscles are actively contracting, the zone is subject to aging. For preventive purposes, the skin should be actively moistened, and also be absorbed.

Ideal for this purpose are cosmetic oils: peach, apricot, wheat germ, evening primrose. They differ in the presence of peptides, vitamins, amino acids, can boast a pronounced antioxidant effect. In the vial, you can add Aevit in capsules, a little retinol. But you do not need to add essential oils to the formulations - they will provoke an allergy.

A good pronounced effect will give hyaluronic acid as a solution. It guarantees the filling of the skin with the necessary moisture, providing cell nutrition. Also increases the turgor. The solution should be applied just before bedtime - this will provide an opportunity to cope with the first wrinkles, as well as prevent new ones from arising.

Skin-around-eye-care-in-home-conditions_( 6) To prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area are considered to be the ideal choice cosmetic oils: peach, apricot, wheat germ oil, evening primrose

From early withering protect hydrating mask. For these purposes, it is recommended to use the following ingredients:

  • Olive oil
  • fresh egg yolks
  • Fatty cream

Rinse mask must warm running water or mineral. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to apply nutrient-rich cream for a suitable type of face. During the day, use thermal water to increase the level of moisture.

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