How to use cedar oil for the face?- Recipes and reviews

  • Mar 09, 2018
Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 12) Using cedar oil for the face not only rejuvenates it, but also provides long-lasting therapeutic effect

cedar oil for the face - a pledge of youth, freshness and elasticity of the skin for years to come. Cedar is considered the main feature of Siberian forests, taiga nature reserves. Since the time of the formation of the first civilizations, the cedar quickly found application in medicine, cosmetology, construction and many other spheres of human life. The properties of the cedar are truly amazing, which is confirmed by centuries-old legends. The air in the cedar forest is especially clean, saturated with the soothing smell of cedar tar.

Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 4) All components of oil components are indispensable to ensure correct regenerative processes in the skin's structure, recovery at the cellular level, nutrition and rejuvenation


  • 1 Cedar oil: important characteristics and value
  • 2 Effect on skin
  • 3 Application in cosmetology
  • 4 Masks on the basis of cedar oil
  • 5 nourishing mask for the face Reviews
  • 6 women about the use of cedar oil

: important characteristics and value

Basic valuable cedar products - bark, resin, Needles and nut kernels. Today, there are many medicines and cosmetic products, which contain cedar nut oil. Using cedar oil for the face not only rejuvenates it, but also provides a long-term therapeutic effect. Cedar oil is also produced as an independent product for use in a variety of purposes.

As it is known, analogues of cedar oil do not exist in nature in terms of amino acids, microelements, useful cosmetic and medicinal properties. Oil is made from kernels of nuts by primary cold pressing. From certain parts of the tree, various product groups are made:

  • balsams( resin with essential oil);
  • essential oil( a product from the pomace of wood);
  • cedar oil( nut kernels);
  • means with extracts of cedar products for various purposes.

Cedar oil for the face is of great value in cosmetology. All the constituent components of the oil are indispensable for ensuring the proper regenerative processes in the structure of the skin, recovery at the cellular level, adequate nutrition and rejuvenation. Amber color of the oil due to high contents of nitrogen components( about 10%), which relate to basic amino acids:

  • linoleic acid( about 58%);
  • linolenic acid( about 20%);
  • is oleic( up to 14%).Analogues
Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews-6 cedar oil does not exist in nature, the content of amino acids, trace elements, mineral cosmetic and medicinal properties

addition of amino acids, oil enriched with phosphorus, calcium, manganese, vitamins A, B, D. Another feature facial oil is considered optimum ratio of all componentsIn the composition. In dermatology and medical cosmetology antibacterial properties of cedar oil are very appreciated. This makes it possible to facilitate the patient for chronic skin diseases( eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis lesion), to cure acne, pimples, scratches, allergy and inflammation foci.

Tip! The use of pine nut oil for face can be combined with aromatherapy. The aroma of cedar resin and ethers restores the emotional background, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves stress and any emotional tension.

Effect on skin

use of cedar oil in cosmetics for the face suitable for women of any age, with any type and structure of the skin. When used properly at home, cedar oil is particularly effective on the skin:

  • activates the processes of cellular regeneration;
  • heals small cracks and wounds;
  • nourishes and saturates with the necessary moisture;
  • relieves itching, allergy, redness;
  • treats acne and acne;
  • removes makeup very well.
Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 5) The use of cedar oil in facial cosmetology is suitable for women of any age, with any type and structure of skin.

Besides the advantages, oil has its contra-indications and disadvantages. The product is not recommended for skin sensitivity to any component of the remedy, infectious diseases of the skin, pregnancy and lactation.

Important! It is necessary to monitor the quality of cedar oil, because when the structure is destroyed due to improper storage, the expiry date or the manufacturing technique, it is possible to harm the skin on the face. In the best case, a poor-quality product will not bring any benefit.

Application in cosmetology

Squeeze from cedar nucleoli can solve a number of cosmetic problems. The features of the application in each case may differ, but this will allow to directly influence the existing imperfections. Specialists recommend the use of funds with nut oil according to cosmetic tasks:

  • Local application. Cedar extracts of any composition can be used as a daily face care cream. Treatment of minor skin problems allows for spot treatment of lesions.
  • Dermatological treatment. To prepare the medicinal mixture, it is necessary to combine cedar ether( about 4 drops) with wheat germ oil( about 10 drops).The composition is ideal for eliminating rashes of any nature, eczema, atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases. The number of applications per day is about 3-4 times. The duration of the course varies from 7 to 10 days.
  • Enrichment. Extracts of cedar in any pharmacological form can enrich the skin with a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements. To do this, just add 3-5 drops to the base product( lotion, night or day cream, tonic solutions).
Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 11) Cedar extracts of any composition can be used as a daily face care cream
  • Cleansing and antibacterial protection. For maximum efficiency before application, the ester must be slightly heated. Massage movements with cotton wool can cleanse the face. Oil of pine nuts is ideal for care of eyelids, a zone around the eyes. For antibacterial protection, it is recommended to apply a little etherol to the cleansed skin. Usually the procedure is performed before bedtime.
  • Skin smoothing. Age-related skin changes and mimic wrinkles always cause anxiety for many women. The tendency to naturalness and naturalness in everything has paid attention of modern women to oils, ethers and other prescriptions against withering of the skin. Nut butter is ideal for beginning wrinkles. To eliminate them, it is enough to apply a little etherol on the folds( "crow's feet" around the eyes, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead) and hold for about an hour.
  • Protective action. Piling cedar nucleoli is ideal to protect against direct sunlight burns. Before sunburn, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of cedar essence to the skin of the body and face. Sunburn will lie flat, will not leave burns and stains.
  • Prevention and nutrition. Nutrition is necessary to prevent the early appearance of age-related changes, to normalize the general condition of the facial skin, increase its elasticity. The aging of the skin well prevents the application of warm ether and the application of compresses. This compress should be kept for about 40 minutes. The course of procedures is not limited in duration. To achieve the effect, it is enough to conduct warm appliqués about 3 times a week.
Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( i) Nut butter is ideal for wrinkles that begin with

Important! The effectiveness of procedures directly depends on human discipline. If the use of oil is systematic and regular, the results will not be long in coming. Beautiful and young skin will last for many years. After one application and a two-week break, of course, no tangible effect is to be expected.

Masks based on cedar oil

Face care in the form of masks is considered preferable, as long-term exposure of a certain composition to the deep structure of the skin. Home masks can be called compresses, applications and other terms, since the principle of the effect of the therapeutic composition on the skin is practically the same. Of cedar oil, there are many masks, but the following are considered particularly effective.

cedar sap acne

Mask perfectly removes pimples, any skin imperfections associated with rashes. To prepare the mask, you will need:

  • cedar ether( up to 4 drops);
  • butter nut( about 12 drops);
  • yeast( about 10 gr.);
  • decoction of nettle pharmacy( 20 ml is enough).
Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 1) Facial masks is considered as advantageous, since there is prolonged exposure of a certain composition to the deep structure of the skin

Yeast heated broth is poured nettle then combined with the remaining components in the indicated proportions. The finished composition is applied to pre-steamed and peeled skin. It is important to take care of the protection of eyelids and mucous areas of the face. The mask is held for 20 minutes, after which it is washed with clean cool water. In the water, you can add lemon or lime juice. After that, dry the skin with a paper towel and treat the pimples with an antibacterial drug( you can antiseptic).

mask "Cedar rejuvenation»

mask can be used as prophylaxis against the first signs of aging and therapeutic agent against beginning wrinkles. Against the background of the regular intake of cedar oil facial wrinkle smoothing observed even facial irregularities, rich in vitamins and organic acids skin. To prepare the formulation for application, you will need:

  • starch( about 15 gr.);
  • essential oil of lemon balm( 4-5 drops);
  • cedar oil( up to 15 drops).

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and infused for about 15 minutes. During this time, you can prepare the skin, steaming and cleaning it from make-up and dirt. The mask should be applied for 20 minutes. Then wash off, after adding a few drops of grape ether and lemon juice into the water.

mask for aging skin

Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 7) Homemade masks can be called compresses, applications, and other terms, as the principle of the impact of the therapeutic composition to the skin almost

same In adulthood, the main task of anti-aging is to accelerate the regenerative processes in the skin, the oxygen saturation of all layers of the epidermis, improving elasticityAnd maintaining a normal pigment. Cedar oil fully meets the requirements of mature skin. To prepare the composition of the mask you will need:

  • cedar oil( about 6-10 drops);
  • rice flour( up to 20 gr);
  • quail egg( enough 2 pieces);
  • ethers of shea tree( 3-4 drops).

All components must be mixed thoroughly. If rice flour is difficult to obtain, you can grind the ordinary rice croup to a powdery state. The butter of the shea tree before the addition should be melt a little. Before application, the skin should be steamed, peeled with a scrub( oat flakes suitable).Apply the mask better with a cosmetic trowel in the direction up the cheeks. The mask is recommended to keep from 20 minutes to half an hour. Rinse better with a warm broth from hips.

intensive moisturizing facial skin with normal moisture ratio in all structural layers looks healthy, well-groomed, her rarely show signs of peeling, various rashes. Cedar oil promotes the maximum preservation of moisture in the epidermal layers. Before applying the mask, the following composition should be prepared:

  • cedar oil( about 15-20 drops);
  • aloe juice( about 15 ml);
  • sour cream fat( enough 10-15 gr).
Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 3) cedar oil helps to maximize the retention of moisture in the epidermal layers

After connecting all the components of the composition can be applied to the face avoiding the eye area, eyelids. The mask should be kept for up to half an hour, after which it should be removed with a foam sponge. The face is washed with cool water and additionally moistened with coconut oil.

Nourishing face mask

Nourishing mask of cedar oil is ideal for face care at home. Normal lipid metabolism is very important, so subcutaneous fatty tissue needs a full-fledged diet. Nourishing face mask requires the combination of the following ingredients:

  • cedar oil( about 10-15 drops)
  • glycerol solution( 5 ml);
  • potatoes baked in the oven( 1 medium root vegetable);
  • egg yolk( 1 piece).

Cooled potatoes must be peeled and crushed in a mortar. Add yolk, glycerin and cedar nut oil. It is important to apply the composition to the peeled skin with a cosmetic spatula, tightly pressing the potato gruel with ethers to the face. Keep the mask better 30-40 minutes.

After the procedure, it is necessary to wash with warm running water. To achieve the best effect, the skin can be covered with a thin layer of pomegranate oil.

Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 10) Nourishing mask of cedar oil is ideal for face care at home

Deep cleansing and regeneration

Cedar mask is intended for women with oily skin, but will also be useful for women with a different skin type. The mask is an excellent prevention of acne formation, acne and pustules. To prepare the mask, the following ingredients will be required:

  • cedar oil( about 25 drops);
  • chamomile pharmacy( in dry form - 5 g);
  • blue clay in powder( about 10 g);
  • activated charcoal( 2 tablets).

Carbon absorbent must be powdered with an ordinary spoon, mixed with clay and other components of the future mask. The composition should resemble a mash of medium density. The mask should be kept for 30 minutes. After the procedure, the person can be rinsed with a decoction of plantain, water with the addition of a few drops of tea tree ether or grapefruit.

Tip! Any mask requires preliminary steaming of the skin and its deep cleansing. The pores are opened and the penetration of the medicinal composition improves. Masks can alternate between each other, but the frequency of use should not exceed 2 times a week.

Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 2) Cedar mask is intended for women with oily skin, but it will be useful for women with skin of a different type.

Any facial skin care product, even the most useful and safe, requires moderation. The skin takes only what it needs, leaving excess unnecessary. The combination of several skin care recipes with cedar oil will allow the epidermis not to be oversaturated with food, and the effectiveness of the methods will only increase.

Reviews of women about the use of

Elina, 25 years old: I use oil to prevent wrinkles 3 times a week. Just add a few drops in the night cream. This is enough to moisturize and smooth the skin. The result is satisfied and you do not need to buy expensive creams.

Anna, 32 years old: Cedar oil is used by my mother, and I think the most effective cosmetic preparations containing cedar extract. First, it is convenient to apply. Secondly, you do not have to walk around an hour with a mask on your face. I have a busy schedule, so I want to devote my free time to my family.

Anastasia, 23 years: The result of the application of cedar oil as an enrichment of face creams is satisfied. I have expanded pores from adolescence, and there was no money at that time for hardware procedures. For 5 years I have been using cedar oil in various forms, and the pores have become almost invisible.

Oil-cedar-for-face-reviews_( 8) Cedar oil should definitely be in every woman's cosmetic bag, as it helps to get rid of many skin problems.

Veronica A., 27 years old: The acne mask with cedar oil completely solved the problem of my skin. Of course, it took time, but the result was worth it.

Inna, 24: I started using cedar oil for the face after a surprising effect on my hair. Enriched with creams, I use it in its pure form. Results like, almost do not use voice-frequency creams.

Marina, 23 years old: My first husband tested my first cedar oil. He has a problem skin, and all drugs and products brought only a temporary effect. He decided to let go of the problem and accidentally on the recommendations began to apply for the night an extract of cedar oil on the skin. The result came in a week, and the effect of treatment is still preserved.

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