Mask for the face honey and olive oil - The best useful recipes

  • Mar 09, 2018
Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_04 Face mask made from honey and olive oil is a real storehouse of vitamins and nutrients

The face mask made of honey and olive oil, the beauty and health of the skin, when applied, become the main result of cosmetic procedures, is sold today in any specialized stores. Nevertheless, we should not forget that any means of this type are prepared on the basis of extracts, and not natural products. Therefore, home masks are an excellent alternative to shop masks, because they can create a more effective effect.

Mask-for-face-honey-and-olive-oil_08 Homemade masks made of honey and olive oil will please your skin


  • 1 Effect of honey and olive oil on the skin
  • 2 Mask without additives: natural honey and olive oil
  • 3 The strength of the egg yolk
  • 4 mixtures peeling
  • 5 Fruit honey and olive mask
  • 6 Therapy for the skin based on olive oil, honey and vegetables
  • 7 masks for face onHoneyAnd olive oil with dairy products

Effect of honey and olive oil on the skin

Olive oil is an integral component of many cosmetics, in particular masks, face creams, neck. It is also used in folk cosmetology for making various useful compositions for the skin at home. The olive oil has a special effect on the skin due to the fact that there is a large supply of vitamins E, A in the skin. The skin needs them, because these vitamins:

  • promote elasticity;
  • prevents the growth of wrinkles.

Oil is universal - it is perceived positively by all types of skin, including extremely sensitive, thin and excessively over-dried, which has lost its natural shade and shine. Plus olive oil is a unique property not to cause allergies( except extreme cases of personal intolerance).

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_05 Special impact on the skin of olive oil is able to provide due to the fact that it has a large supply of vitamins E, A

Concerning the medicinal qualities of honey, they are also extremely wide and varied. It contains groups of vitamins: K, C, PP, H, B, A, etc. Honey is a source of boron, potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, aluminum. All these components take part in the renewal of the skin of the neck, face, provide for its tightening( lifting effect).

Honey effectively retains moisture in the cells. This allows you to forget about unwanted premature skin aging. As an antioxidant, it is able to protect the skin from sun exposure, under the influence of what happens a process called photoaging. As an antiseptic, honey treats both sensitive thin, and fatty problem skin, as much as possible cleansing it.

Honey, as well as olive oil, is combined with any type of skin. But the difference is that it can cause allergic reactions.

Mask-for-face-honey-and-olive-oil_11 Honey effectively retains moisture in the cells. This allows you to forget about unwanted premature skin aging

Tip! The use of honey as a cosmetic product should not be started without preliminary testing on the wrist.

In combination, honey and olive oil are the most powerful cosmetic products that can be used by women of all ages.

Mask without additives: natural honey and olive oil

This is a kind of nourishing facial masks. It is prepared only and using two components:

  • olive oil;
  • honey.

To make such a mask-mix at home, you should use one spoon of honey, two tablespoons of oil, connected in one container, and mix them with each other.

Tip! The container with the mixture obtained is best placed in hot water and let the mixture warm up.

Apply a warm mask and keep on the face for up to fifteen minutes. When the specified time expires, it must be washed off with warm water.

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_01 should be applied warm mask and save the face of fifteen minutes

strength of egg yolk

mask for the face, for the preparation of which is used egg yolk added to honey and olive oil, is able to provide a complete therapeutic effect on the skin:

  • moisturizes the skin of a dry type;
  • nourishes normal skin;
  • relieves inflammation of the problem skin;
  • returns a natural shade for the skin with a faded color;
  • rejuvenates the skin.

Yolk is considered a known natural moisturizing element, therefore the mask with its use is contraindicated in girls with oily skin. If there are propensities to allergic reactions, it is better to experiment with a mask on the delicate skin of the wrist.

In preparation, the mask is simple. It is necessary to use one egg yolk, previously separated from the protein, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. Everything should be mixed thoroughly with each other, and afterwards, cover the face with a clean face. Up to ten minutes the mask is recommended to be kept, and then to wash off, using pure water.

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_02 Yolk is considered a known natural moisturizing element, so the mask with its use is contraindicated in girls with oily skin.

Advice! The healing properties of honey for the skin are best revealed in conditions of high humidity, therefore cosmetologists advise to apply a face mask from honey, egg( yolk) and olive oil during bathing.

Mixes for peeling

The most popular for cosmetic masks is oatmeal. Such a tool will help:

  • soften the skin;
  • moisten it;
  • eliminate wrinkles, smooth skin( rejuvenating effect);
  • remove all cells that are dead( peeling effect).

, should be taken with a prescription all the necessary components, namely, to make a mask for the face of oatmeal, melted honey and olive oil, one spoon( tablespoon) olive oil, two tablespoons( tablespoons) of honey, half a cup of oatmeal( cereal), quarterA glass of milk, one egg, pre-whipped. All the ingredients must be mixed and left for about five minutes to soften the oatmeal. After this, you need to add to the mask two spoons( tea) of sugar and again carefully mix until the disappearance of the crystals of sugar.

The mask should be applied to the skin, previously cleaned. The composition is superimposed, but neatly, so as not to get into the delicate zone around the eyes. This agent must be rubbed into the skin in order to get rid of dead elements. It is necessary to keep this remedy for fifteen to twenty minutes, and to wash off - using warm water.

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_03 Peeling with oatmeal flakes will help clear the skin

Tip! It is recommended that you wash your face with hot water before using this mask, using a washing gel. It is necessary that the pores are opened, and the mask can cleanse the skin of dead cells more effectively.

Fruit honey and olive mask

One of the most popular variations such face masks are considered cosmetics on the basis of honey and olive adding:

  • lemon juice;
  • apple.

To prepare at home facial masks of honey, fresh lemon and olive oil should take two tablespoons( tablespoons) butter, one spoon( teaspoon) of honey( if thick, you need to pre-melt using a water bath)As well as two tablespoons( table) of lemon juice, previously wrung out of citrus. All components must be mixed as thoroughly as possible in the container with each other, and only after obtaining a homogeneous mass apply to the skin.

It is recommended to apply it on the cleansed skin not only of the face, but also of the neck. Just avoid the zone around the eyes. The mask lasts for about twenty-five minutes. Wash off the product with warm water. To fix the effect on the skin, you can apply a cream with the effect of moisturizing.

The mask has a miraculous effect on the skin of the face, affected by acne, pimples, black dots, as well as smoking, rays of the sun. Lemon is able to give the skin a radiant appearance.

To prepare apple-honey-olive mask will need one teaspoon( dining room), vegetable oil, one spoon( teaspoon) of honey and one teaspoon( dining room) shredded mass of green sour apple. After mixing to a uniform mushy state, the mask is ready for use with the aging time on the skin for up to fifteen minutes. It is also washed off with warm water. The effect of this mask for a woman's face is similar to the previous version - with a lemon.

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_10 Mask with limnom and olive oil has a miraculous effect on the skin of the face, affected by acne, pimples, black dots, as well as smoking, rays of the sun. Lemon is able to give the skin a radiant appearance

Advice! Sour apple green in case of its absence at hand can be replaced with two spoons( tea) of apple cider vinegar. The principle of preparing the mask and its use is the same as in the previous version. This product makes the skin soft and silky.

Therapy for the skin based on olive oil, honey and vegetable

Among vegetables used as an additional ingredient to olive-honey mask palm belongs tomatoes. The mask with the addition of a tomato differs in three important facial features:

  • protective;
  • is nutritious;
  • is moisturizing.

If honey role in the cosmetic product is to provide a humidifier effect and olive oil - in the creation of anti-vlagopoter, the tomatoes are also capable of performing miracles - their function includes providing a rejuvenating effect due to saturation of elements such as lycopene, beta-carotene.

Based on the properties of the mask, it is advisable to apply it if the skin is of a dry and thin type.

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_09 In the preparation of a vegetable mask with honey and olive oil, the onion is also used. This is ideal, allowing revive the face and neck, dry skin

To prepare it, you need in a single container to mix two spoons( teaspoons) of olive oil, two tablespoons( tablespoons) of honey and two spoons( cutlery), tomatoes, pre-chopped atHelp grater. After careful mixing, a homogeneous mixture should be obtained, which should be applied to the skin of the face. The mask should not be aged for more than fifteen minutes, and rinse with slightly warmed-up clean running water.

Advice! Use the tomatoes for home growing for a mask. If there is no such option, then the best option will be the height of the tomato season, when they are on sale a lot. Then you can only buy a vegetable, really saturated with nutrients.

In the preparation of a vegetable mask with honey and olive oil, the onion is also used. This is an ideal option, allowing you to reanimate dry skin on your face and neck.

It is necessary to bake one onion in the oven( you can replace it with a microwave oven), which you can rub into a mushy state. It should be added to onion gruel one teaspoon( tea) of olive oil and the same amount of honey, mix all ingredients until smooth. Apply it to the pre-cleaned skin for about twenty minutes, after which you can wash it off with warm, clean water.

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_06 Combined honey and oil olives are the most powerful cosmetic product that can be used by women of any age

Face masks based on honey and olive oil with dairy products

include honey-olive masks with dairy products in the home of cosmetology famousRecipes with the addition:

  • cottage cheese,
  • sour cream,
  • milk.

Nourishing and moisturizing effect has a mask based on honey with olive oil when adding sour cream. To make such a mask at home, you should first melt 30 ml of natural honey on a water bath. Then you need to add a half tablespoons( table) of sour cream( fat content - 20%, but it is recommended to put a natural home product in the cosmetic product), as well as olive oil in a volume of 50 ml.

All components must be mixed in a container until the consistency of the mixture is completely uniform. After ready mask can be imposed on the face. It should stand on the skin for about half an hour, no longer, and then rinse with warm, clean water. In addition to the nutritious and moisturizing effect on dry skin, it has one more effect - it helps to eliminate the peeling of the overdried skin of the face.

Similar facial mask features, prepared also for this recipe. Take one spoon( table) of olive oil, add to it two teaspoons( tea) of honey - this is the basis for the remedy. Mix the ingredients together. After this, you should enter into the composition of the future mask three tablespoons of( warm) milk( but not hot).Add the crumb of white bread to the resulting liquid mixture in such a quantity to turn the liquid mixture into a thick, mushy consistency. Apply a mask on the skin is recommended very abundantly, and withstand - only ten to fifteen minutes. Such a cosmetic product is also washed off with the usual clean, warm water.

Mask-for-a-face-honey-and-olive-oil_07 Nourishing and moisturizing effect is provided by a honey mask with olive oil with the addition of sour cream

For this type of leather is an excellent option - the application of a mask made on honey-olive basis with the addition of cottage cheese. To make a cosmetic mixture you will need one spoon( dining room) of olive oil, one spoonful( tea) of honey and two tablespoons of cottage cheese( soft).All the ingredients must be added to one container and thoroughly wiped until a homogeneous mass is obtained. After that, the mask is considered ready. Apply it is recommended in this way: on the skin of the face densely applied, thirty minutes to stand, rinse with clean slightly warm water after a specified time.

Tip! Women who are extremely sensitive skin, it is recommended to use as a means to remove this cham tea from chamomile.

The richness of the formula makes it possible to prepare a useful mask on a honey-olive base for the face of any woman - regardless of age and skin type. The therapeutic and cosmetological effect of such masks, which has been repeatedly tested in practice, makes them more and more popular every day.

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