What used to care for the skin Chanel - All the secrets of beauty

  • Mar 09, 2018
What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 8) Coco Chanel is the greatest French couturier who surprised the world with her ideas, innovation, and inspiration for the men's fashion.

. What you used for Chanel skin care - you will learn from this article and you will be surprised at the simple advice we give you. After all, for your fresh look you need to put very little effort.

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 1) Aging is a natural process, according to Coco, but, "even wrinkles should be beautiful!", As stated by Chanel


  • 1 Why Coco
  • 2 Trace Chanel
  • 3 Beauty Secrets
  • 4 body scrubs
  • 5 Facial
  • 6 Rules healthy body

Why Coco

Koko Shanel, inIn fact, the nativity of GabrIael Boner Chanel, was born on August 19, 1883, and lived 87 years. This is the greatest French couturier, who surprised the world with her ideas, innovation, and inspiration for men's fashion. Everyone knows three things from Chanel:

  • perfume;
  • small black dress;
  • fitted jacket.

No less popular and aphorisms Chanel. They have so entered the people that many use them in everyday speech, without even assuming that their author Koko. This woman significantly influenced the high fashion, and the edition of "Time" made only one of her in the list of the hundred most influential personalities of the 20th century.

Tip! If you are interested in the details of Chanel's life, you can watch films about her and read a biography. The story of her life is amazing - tragic and happy at the same time.

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 6) Coco believes that "self-care should begin with the heart", keeping in mind that the state of mind is always reflected in

face in the family at Gabriel had four children, his father abandoned them, the mother died young, and Chanel was raisedIn the monastery-shelter. At the age of 18, Chanel worked as a saleswoman in a clothing store, and in the evening she performed simple songs in a cabaret. At the time of execution of her songs "crowing»( «Ko Ko Ri Ko») and «Qui qua vu Coco», in the hall, men often shouted to her, "Ko-ko-ko", depicting a chicken clucking. So there was her nickname, which later became her second name, famous throughout the world.

Chanel trace

Chanel was the first to display the 20th century in fashion. The ladies of that time worshiped her, the popularity of Gabrielle was incomparable with nothing. Koko herself, loved to be alone, outdoors, adored fishing, loved dogs. I preferred to get up early and go to bed early.

Loved to sit back and work with enthusiasm. As she said, "Only work can give a cheerful spirit, and the spirit can give cheerfulness to the body."And about the sleep, Chanel sincerely believed that he who goes to bed later than midnight does not regret himself."Personally, after 12 hours, nothing interests me," she said.

Tip! If you really want to look great, do not despise sleep. Remember, all the lack of sleep is reflected in the woman's face. Scientists have proved that nothing so intensifies the aging of a woman as lack of sleep or insufficient period.

Beauty Secrets

What used to take care of Chanel leather? First of all, she believed that "care for oneself should begin with the heart," meaning that the state of the soul is always reflected on the face. Aging is a natural process, according to Coco, but, "even wrinkles should be beautiful!", So Chanel declared.

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 4) use of natural resources in the care of the skin while a normal phenomenon, because then the cosmetic industry has not yet been highly developed

Chanel prefer natural products in skin care:

  • flour from corn,
  • oil from olives;
  • salt not cooked, but sea;
  • strawberries.

However, the use of natural products in skin care while a normal phenomenon, because then the cosmetic industry was not yet well developed.

Body scrubs

Daily taking a shower, she used a soft corn scrub.
You can cook it yourself, it's a very simple recipe and thus feel like a famous Frenchwoman. So, here's the recipe:

Home corn scrub for the body

On the wet body massage movements are applied corn flour in dry form, you need to start from the face, and finish - with your feet. As follows to massage the body, then, all the scrub is washed off under the shower. After applying the scrub, you do not need to wash yourself, and the entire body should just be soaked with a soft towel. Result: velvet silky skin.

Tip! You can buy corn flour in large supermarkets, it's possible you did not pay attention to it earlier. You will be surprised how inexpensive it is, and the effect of its application is stunning, as from expensive scrubs.

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 2) Once a month Chanel scrubbed the skin with a salt scrub based on olive oil and salt

Cellulite scrub

Once a month, Chanel scrubbed the skin with a salt scrub based on olive oil and salt. In modern self-care, this is a recipe for cellulite. It is not known for sure whether Chanel had cellulite, but the fact that she applied this prescription to skin care is a fact.

This scrub, unlike the previous one, is applied to steamed, cleaned and wet skin. After applying this scrub, you can perform other procedures related to the fight against cellulite - for example, massage, wrapping and so on. You can simply just use this recipe, because it gives excellent results, and helps maintain the skin in an elastic and beautiful state.

So, you need to combine in equal parts sea salt and olive oil. For flavor, you can add citrus essential oil, not more than 5 drops. With a spatula, the mass is thoroughly mixed and rubbed onto the skin with rubbing movements.

Tip! During the procedure, there may be a slight burning sensation, or tingling. This is a normal phenomenon that must pass after you wash the scrub and apply a soft soothing cream on the body.

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 5) Coconut corn scrub under the recipe Koko will give your skin smoothness and silky

Facial care

Although Chanel believed that the beauty of the figure is superior to that of the face and age, nevertheless, she carefully looked after the skin of her face. She even prescribes the creation of a yeast mask for the face, which is suitable for nourishing the skin of mature women.

Yeast mask

It will require live yeast( in briquettes, sold in the market), warm water.

In the cup, yeast is slightly dissolved, diluting them with water to the consistency of sour cream. Hand mix the mass, it should be plastic, like liquid clay. Then, the mass is applied to the face, and the top is covered with a napkin. After 15 minutes, the mass is washed off, and the face is wiped with an ice cube for a tonic effect.

Strawberry scrub

It will require:

  • strawberry( three tablespoons);
  • almond oil( two tablespoons);
  • honey( 1 tablespoon).
That-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( i) Strawberry scrub will benefit not only your skin, but also will lift the mood

In a glass bowl mixed mashed strawberries, oil, honey. Stir thoroughly. It is better to perform the procedure in the bathroom. Hands scrub is applied to the face, gently rubbing it into the skin. After rinse with warm water.

Chanel paid special attention to honey: it was one of her favorite ingredients in the creation of cosmetic masks for skin care.

Softening mask for fading skin

You will need:

  • 1 tablespoon of honey( better than flower);
  • 1 tablespoon of flour;
  • 50 milliliters of milk of any fat content.


The flour is mixed with honey, and diluted with milk until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The mask is applied to the pre-cleaned face for half an hour. To wash off the mask you need a chamomile broth.

Tip! If you are allergic to honey, it is better to refrain from a mask.

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 12) Chanel paid special attention to honey: it was one of her favorite ingredients in the creation of cosmetic masks for skin care.

Healthy body rules

Chanel was a true woman, and said that to be beautiful and young is the merit of every beautifulLooking lady. It's not difficult to be beautiful in youth, to keep the beauty in maturity is work, and every lady needs to work on herself. So, the basic simple rules, to preserve youth, health and attractiveness, they tried to adhere to Coco Chanel.


Sleep is the basis for a healthy complexion, maintaining a hormonal background without disturbances, and the secret of a woman's youth. What a young girl can easily do( not to sleep all night), a mature woman should be avoided in every possible way.

And, it turns out, lack of sleep leads to obesity. Before going to bed it's better how to properly ventilate the room, it is advisable to sleep with a dark bandage in front of your eyes, this will increase the production of the melatonin hormone, which promotes proper rest.

Tip! If there are problems with sleeping, then it is better to consult a therapist so that he can prescribe suitable medications.

Go in for sports

The easiest way is morning exercises. It's never too late to study it, you will gradually get used to it in the morning, and after a while, with surprise, note what impact it has on you, helping to be cheerful, cheerful and healthy.

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 7) Sport - a pledge of cheerfulness, beauty and health

Advice! You can preliminarily consult a doctor so that he excludes possible contraindications for practicing one or another sport for you.

Breakfast for energy charging

Even if you are not a fan since the morning, you need to accustom yourself. Instead of strong coffee - drink freshly squeezed juice, instead of a sandwich with sausage - eat a handful of berries. Do not like oatmeal - eat muesli. A very tasty breakfast will come from a sandwich of whole wheat bread, a lettuce leaf, and a boiled chicken laid on a slice of tomato.

Important! Remember that those girls who have breakfast, over the years are not positioned to weight gain!

And those girls who are dieting, and do not refuse breakfast, lose weight more effectively than those that do not eat in the morning.

You can treat yourself to a simple salad, which is called "Coco Chanel".

So, you will need:

  • chicken boiled breast - 400 grams;
  • fresh tomato - 400 grams;
  • boiled potatoes - 400 grams;
  • pepper is sweet( preferably red) - 300 grams;
  • hard cheese( type "Parmesan") - 250 grams;
  • half a lemon - juice;
  • olive oil - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • at your discretion, salt and pepper.
What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 3) Those girls who have breakfast are not disposed to the weight set

over the years. Preparation:

Cook chicken in small pieces, cut the potatoes into small pieces, cut the peppers into strips, cut tomatoes into cubes, grate the cheese on grater. All the ingredients are mixed, and add the dressing: oil + lemon juice + salt( pepper).On the dish lay out the leaves of lettuce, and on top lay out our salad. Bon Appetit!

Tip! If you do not have olive oil, you can take unrefined sunflower oil.

We care about

skin Chanel believed that a person given to us by nature in twenty years, and that's how it be fifty - depends on us. The skin needs our care, and this should be a useful feature of every self-respecting girl.

A true lady will never go to bed with make-up applied, nor will she appear in public without him. In the morning and in the evening, the face needs to be cleansed, and the older the lady, the more delicate remedies are recommended for this. In no case can you apply to mature skin funds for alcohol: lotions, as well as soap - these funds only dry the skin and pull it together.

Tip! Choose skin care products according to your age.

Do not forget about water

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 10) Water should be drunk before the appearance of signs of thirst, because when it appears, it's already talking about dehydration

You have to drink water. This is seemingly a commonplace advice, but if you stick to it, you can get amazing results:

  • Lose weight. Entering into the body of water contributes to the acceleration of metabolism, as a result, fat reserves melt before the eyes;
  • The skin turgor improves, as a result it always looks taut and elastic.

In order not to forget to drink water, you can download a special application on your smartphone that will remind you of drinking. Of course, in the time of Chanel there were no smartphones, but she herself remembered the need to drink more water to maintain a good skin condition.

Water should be drunk before the appearance of signs of thirst, because when it appears, it is already talking about dehydration. By the way, the cause of small wrinkles is just a shortage of water, and dry air.

Tip! If you have kidney disease, you need to consult a doctor about the possibility of drinking water in the amount of two liters per day.

Be an optimist

Chanel said that the worse a girl's business, the better she should look. We parted with a guy, the boss scolded, and what do we see? A mournful girl, with a dirty head, without make-up, dressed in something inexpressive.

What's this for? If you suffer so, then it will be clear to those around you that everything is bad for you: the relatives will be upset for you, and the enemies will be only happy! Do you need this? Surprise everyone, do the opposite. Go to the salon, make a new amazing haircut!

What-used-for-care-for-skin-shanel_( 11) Chanel said that the worse the girl's business is, the better she should look

Pamper yourself, learn how to take advantage of negative situations. Did the guy drop it? Well, you will find another, but you do not need to look any more hateful football!
Problems at work? Or, maybe it's a sign that you should stop doing something you do not like?

The most important thing:

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself;
  • Do not seize problems;
  • Remember that the output is always there!

Tip! If you feel that you are unable to cope with the problems yourself, you can seek help from a psychologist.

As Coco said, there are no ugly women, they are lazy. Allow your beauty to play with new colors.

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