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  • Mar 09, 2018
Removal-hair-forever-in-home-conditions-02 A modern, caring girl, knows about hair removal forever at home. And if you do not know, read below

A modern, caring girl, knows about hair removal forever at home. Unwanted hairs can appear not only on the hands and feet, but also on the face, in the bikini zone. To look always delicious, you need to think through the image to the smallest detail, including depilation and hair removal. Salon procedure for hair removal is expensive, so fashionistas adopt the experience of previous generations and use folk remedies.

Hair removal-forever-in-home-conditions_11 It is rarely possible to remove hair permanently, however it is possible to make them light, soft and invisible quickly and easily

It is rarely possible to remove hair permanently, but it's quick and easy to make them light and soft and inconspicuous. The main thing is to be patient and the goal will be achieved. Before a detailed study of the issue, it should be clarified that depilation involves the removal of the visible part of the hair, and epilation means the elimination of vegetation along with the follicle. Therefore, the second method is considered more efficient and practical.


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Traditional hair removal recipes

KPeople always treat people's means with high confidence, because they gladly adopt the experience of previous generations. So in this case. Of the most common methods for hair removal, our grandparents recall such methods:

  • Juice made from rind or kernel of immature walnut. They handle problem areas. It should be borne in mind that the product paints the skin in a bronze-brown color, so it's better to experiment in the cold season, when the body is hidden under clothing. There are two ways to use the walnut shell. In the first case, it is ground and diluted with water. And for the second method, the material needs to be burned to get ash. For some time, the mixture is applied to the skin. It is necessary to use the methods regularly until the hair completely disappears.
  • Manganese is also actively used for hair removal. Saturated solution is applied to the skin before going to bed after taking water procedures. The main thing is not to overdo it so as not to overdry the skin. It can also stain areas of the body, so it should be used in closed areas.
Hair removal-forever-at-home-conditions_05 People are always treated with people's trust with high confidence because they are happy to adopt the experience of previous generations
  • Iodine tincture leaves only positive feedback. To create a solution, you need to mix 1.5 grams of substance with 5 grams of castor oil. Add to the components 2 grams of ammonia and 50 ml of alcohol. Insist the solution should be several hours before it discoloration. Use the remedy for 3-4 weeks to remove the vegetation permanently.
  • Seeds of nettle destroy the structure of the hair bulb. An infusion of crushed freshly harvested seeds comes up. They are mixed with vegetable oil and regularly applied to exposed areas for 2-3 weeks.
  • Roots and seeds of datura must be grinded and mixed with alcohol until a gruel is formed. Insist the mixture should be 2-3 weeks, and then use until the hair disappears completely. It is important to remember that plant juice is toxic, so it can be applied very carefully, without getting inside, otherwise you can burn the mucous membranes of the organs.
  • The juice of the green grapes gives a positive effect. It is necessary to wring out unripe berries. Can be used for face care.
  • Quicklime is used on insensitive areas of the skin. Ten grams of lime is mixed with calcium sulphite and applied for half an hour. Wash off with warm water. Overexposure is not recommended.
Removal-hair-forever-at-home-conditions_09 When conducting the procedure for the first time, test its effect on a small area of ​​the skin

Tip! Before using folk remedies for hair removal, you need to consult a dermatologist so that you do not get a side reaction in the form of an allergic reaction or burns to the skin.

wonderful properties of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

lasting effect after hair removal treatments at home is by using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. These are medications that can be purchased at every pharmacy.

Among the shortcomings of the drugs users emphasize the lack of immediate effect and the difficulty of fighting black hard hairs. However, low cost, lack of pain and exclusion of infection causes frequent safe use of folk remedies.

Recipes infusions for hair removal, the core where there are ammonia and hydrogen peroxide:

  • In glassware pour 25 ml of a 6% peroxide, two ampoules of liquid ammonia, 1 tsp..Soda and warm water. With a solution, moisten the cotton pad and process the problem area. Rinse the mixture in an hour with water and soap.
  • In equal proportions, it is necessary to mix the water with hydrogen peroxide in order to obtain a 3% solution. After a week, the facial hair will lighten, become thin and completely disappear.
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with shaving foam and applied for 20 minutes. Wash off with soap and use regularly.
Removal-hair-forever-at-home-conditions_08 lasting effect after hair removal treatments at home is by using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide
  • To eliminate hair in an intimate mixture suitable zone of 2 grams of 30% hydrogen peroxide, 8 g vaseline, 12 g lanolin, Drop of ammonia and shampoo. The main thing is that the mixture is not too thick. Keep on the problem area until completely dry. Wash off with warm water and soap.
  • 6% peroxide is mixed with 5 drops of ammonia and cream-soap. Keep on the problem area for about 20 minutes. It is recommended to wash off the aggressive composition with an infusion of chamomile or a decoction of marigold.

Tip! To check the reaction of the skin to the composition, it must be applied for 15 minutes to the zone of the elbow bend. If there is no redness and itching, the drug can be used on other areas of the skin.

How to remove facial hair?

Removal of hair from the face by household methods should be extremely cautious. You can damage the skin and spoil the gentle image. Among the most problematic areas are the upper lip, chin and cheeks.

Grandmother's recipes offer waxy bioepilation, plucking, hydrogen peroxide and infusions of medicinal herbs.

Removal-hair-forever-at-home-conditions_01 regularly plucking hairs on the chin, you can get a stiff bristle

Among the effective recipes experienced women secrete:

  • alcoholic solution, which consists of 35 grams of rubbing alcohol, 5 grams of ammonium chloride, 1.5 grams of iodine and 5 grams of castor oil. Treat the skin at least twice a day to get a quick effect.
  • A solution of baking soda is obtained by mixing one teaspoon of dry soda with a glass of boiling water. A cotton swab dipped in a solution should be fixed on the skin and left overnight.
  • Bioepilation resin is carried out after heating the substance. It is applied to the hair and covered with thin adhesive paper. With a sharp movement you need to remove the sticker, and with it, pull out the hairs with the bulb.

Tip! Please note that by plucking the hair regularly on the chin, you can get a stiff bristle.

Removal-hair-forever-in-home-conditions_04 To remove hair from the face by domestic methods should be extremely cautious. Can damage the skin and damage the tender image

How to remove hair in the bikini zone

The skin in the bikini zone is more tender than in other areas of the body. Therefore, after hair removal, irritation may occur, accompanied by itching and redness.

Together with the root, hairs can be removed with the help of a special electric epilator .However, even he can leave lesions on the delicate skin of the intimate zone. Therefore, immediately after using the device, you need to treat the skin with moisturizers and antiseptic.

wax has been one of the most effective means of hair removal for several decades. However, this procedure, which causes severe pain, because at one time it can save all vegetation.

Today, the popular fashion procedure is shugaring .This product is made on the basis of sugar and can be used at home. To prepare the mixture you need 5 tbsp. L.Sugar, 2 tbsp. L.Water, 1 tsp. Honey, 1 tbsp. L.Lemon juice. All components are mixed and reach the desired consistency on low heat. It is important that a viscous adhesive mixture is obtained. It must be poured into a jar and cooled, after which it can be used. The resulting caramel should be slightly warmed, glued to the problem area and the hair growth sharply tear off. The procedure is painful, but effective. After such hair removal the hair will appear again not earlier than in 2-4 weeks.

Removal-hair-forever-in-home-conditions_10 Skin in the bikini zone is more tender than on other parts of the body. Therefore, after hair removal, irritation may occur, accompanied by itching and redness.

Advice! When using shugaring or aggressive means, the skin needs to be treated with soothing solution to avoid redness and irritation. A decoction of chamomile will do.

How to remove hair from the nose

Excessive vegetation in the nose prevents not only men, but also women. To solve the problem, special small scissors are sold. But they do not remove the hairs for long. The effect of short-term and the procedure of circumcision will need to be carried out at least once a week.

A longer way to remove hair from the nose is tweezers. The result will last for several weeks, and can last for a month. The procedure is quite painful and can damage the mucosa. To avoid mechanical damage, the inner nasal cavity should be carefully treated with hydrogen peroxide. It prevents microdamaging and protects against infection.

It is not recommended to use an ordinary razor, as the possibility of injuries is increased.

Cosmetic stores offer epilation creams. You can clean the nose of vegetation with their help. To do this, apply a thin layer of cream on the inner surface of the nose and leave it for 5-10 minutes. A special scapula will help remove the remnants of the remedy. After the procedure, you need to treat the nasal cavity with an emollient cream. The main thing during manipulations is to breathe through your mouth. Before using the cream, it should be checked on a small area of ​​the skin, so that there are no side effects.

Removal-hair-forever-at-home-conditions_06 A convenient method of eliminating hair from the nose - a special device called the trimmer

Wax epilation in this case is almost impossible, because it is extremely inconvenient to glue the adhesive strip on the uneven surface of the nose. Also, discomfort causes the need for tearing off the hair growth line. It is better to abandon this method and choose a more convenient means.

A convenient way to remove hair from the nose - a special device called a trimmer. It runs on batteries and is equipped with several nozzles. The main thing for self-use do not forget to handle the device with medical alcohol for disinfection. Nose should be washed with soap and wipe dry.

Tip! Hair in the nose performs a biological function. They protect the body from dust and dirt. Therefore, removing unwanted hairs from the nose, some part should still be left untouched.

Testimonials of home hair removal recipes

Numerous articles on the Internet do not confirm the effectiveness of hair remover. The best answers to the questions are available on the forums from the testers of home recipes.

Removal-hair-forever-at-home-conditions-03 Reviews will help you to make your own opinion about any procedures.

Мария, 23 years: "I used to use a razor, but I got tired of constant bristles on my legs. I decided to try hydrogen peroxide. The hairs first brightened, became softer, and in three weeks they completely disappeared. I am pleased".

Angela, 38 years old: "In winter, walnuts help me. I make a mixture according to the recipe from the burned shell. By the way, the composition is not so beautiful, as they say everywhere. You can suffer for a complete removal of vegetation. "

Elizaveta Alexandrovna, 45 years old: "From folk remedies for hair removal tried everything. But I do not like, honestly, the effect. That long, the skin is dyed. I go now to the salon. Although I'm not crying for little money, I'm completely satisfied with the result. "

Irina, 18 years old: "For removing hair in the bikini zone, I use an old tested wax. Painfully? Of course. But beauty requires sacrifice. The main thing then to process a children's cream the damaged sites. Ranok does not remain. "

Olga, 32 years old: "I use juice of green grapes for face care. The effect does not come soon, but I'm ready to wait. After two weeks of application, a visible result appeared. "

Removal-hair-forever-in-home-conditions_07 The regularity of

procedures is important to achieve the goal. Remember that home remedies often do not work instantly. It should take some time for an absolute effect. Therefore, to achieve the goal, the main regularity.

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