Table lamp for manicure - Which is better to choose?

  • Mar 09, 2018
Table lamp-for-manicure_( 6) Table lamp for manicure is an important attribute ensuring the safety and quality of the procedure.

The table lamp for manicure is an important attribute that ensures the safety and quality of the procedure. This is a special device that helps to avoid strong eye strain. Such lamps differ in power and stylish design. There are special models for drying nails and even for disinfection of tools. Let's figure out what to look for when choosing the right model, and also learn how to properly equip the workplace for maximum comfort.

Table lamp-for-manicure_( 4) lamp manicure board has a simple design: a body with lamps and panel control


  • 1 What is a reading lamp for manicure
  • 2 Pluses equipment
  • 3 Varieties
  • 4 Which model to choose?
  • 5 What you should pay attention
  • 6 Browse popular models
  • 7 How much time to dry the nails?

What is a reading lamp for manicure

Before you buy such a device, you need to learn in detail what it is. Lamp for manicure tabletop has a simple design: the body with bulbs and a panel for control.

Special attention should be paid to models with the effect of drying. Some products are equipped with additional functions. It can be a fan or a timer.
Desk lamps for drying are luminescent or are made on the basis of LEDs. Their effect is based on intense radiation, which is directed to the nail plates. This allows you to quickly dry the gel layers of manicure. Power is provided by an autonomous or dedicated source.

Advantages equipment

Select high-quality table lamps for manicure reviews help other users. It is better if such a device will be attached to the side of the desktop. This will leave more room under the work surface.

Let's take a look at the advantages of lamps for manicure:

  • Compact.
  • Low price.
  • Durable construction and robust housing.
  • Turned direction of light, which can be changed.
Table lamp-for-manicure_( 2) There are also lamps for drying nail polish with effect
  • not flicker and do not heat up.
  • The movable tripod allows you to adjust the height and angle of the lamp installation.

Tip! Using energy-saving lamps allows you to provide 8 thousand hours of operation without interruption.


fluorescent or LED bulbs are used for lighting of such light sources. Luminescent variants are different in functionality and size. They can be used in the salon, as well as for novice users.
UV lamps can effectively dry materials of any production.

LED models are characterized by long service life and significant radiation intensity. In addition, they have a small level of energy consumption, as well as high strength. LED table lamp for manicure quickly dries lacquer coating, for 20-30 seconds.

Tip! LED lamps are known for their ecological compatibility. They do not create pulsations and are not as harmful to the skin. There are no harmful components in them.

functional differences

lamps deciding which table lamp for manicure better pay attention to the Neon model. They provide natural light that is harmless to the eyes. This light does not cast a shadow and evenly illuminates the surface. They can be attributed to professional technology.

Table lamp-for-manicure_( 7) It is worth paying attention to neon models. They provide natural light that is harmless to the eyes

Table lamps can be of different types:

  • Halogen lamps can last longer than incandescent lamps.
  • Fluorescent variants are distinguished by a high level of illumination.
  • Ultraviolet models are often equipped with a special fan, which provides a more even glow. For drying, A-type lamps are used, which do not cause sunburn.
  • Ice-glow is provided by light-emitting diode connections, which drastically dry the nail surface.

In addition to table lamps, a good master requires a magnifying glass. There are table and floor models. In desktop versions there is the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination. Floor structures are often equipped with mobile tripods, with which they can be easily moved. With the help of such devices it is possible to consider mimic wrinkles, cuticle residues and other shortcomings.

These models are equipped with special hinges, which allow the design to unfold 360 degrees.

Tip! Lamp magnifiers have a diameter of a window, the size of which determines the brightness of the lamp. It is important to take into account that the brighter the glow, the more heated the device. It is better to choose a fluorescent lamp.

Which model to choose?

There are all kinds of table lamps for manicure for drying. To select a suitable device, you need to know the features of the design, advantages and characteristics. A function such as a nail dryer increases the cost of the device.

Lamp-table-for-manicure_( 1) Fluorescent variants are distinguished by a high level of illumination

An important parameter is the size of the lamps. Some models allow drying the coating on two hands simultaneously. Such devices can be small in size and take up very little space.

For drying, the following lamp versions are used:

  • UV-dryers assume the use of ultraviolet radiation for drying nails covered with different types of varnish. Such models have a short service life.
  • Work well with shellac led devices that have a high drying speed.
  • Gas-light constructions with cold cathode are used. Such models operate due to gas. In this case, the radiation is performed using an electrode. These lamps are known for their durability and economy.
  • Hybrid constructions are made from several devices. It can be gas-light and LED constructions.
Table lamp-for-manicure_( 8) Work well with shellac led devices that have a high drying speed

Tip! Polymerization of the coating with UV lamps uses a special temperature. Remember that the body of the product heats up from high temperature values. If the bulb wears out, the quality of the work is reduced.

What to look for

A professional table lamp for manicure or a design for home use involves certain device parameters.
The most important parameter is power. So, let's find out what options are available:

  • 9W provides simple and cheapest nail drying. Such models can be used at home. These are compact devices.
  • Lamps 18 W also apply with a limited budget. They can be used not only in beauty salons, but also for home procedures. Such models cope with the polymerization of acrylic, gel - lacquer or shellac.
  • More expensive options include 36W models. This is the perfect solution for a beauty salon. These devices are equipped with ventilation, a timer and a reflective coating.
  • In specialized salons, 45-54W devices are used.
Table lamp-for-manicure_( 3) More expensive options include 36W models. This is the perfect solution for a beauty salon. These devices are equipped with ventilation, timer and reflective coating

The speed of polymerization depends on the size of the instruments. Important additional functions are important. This can be a touch control, a sliding window or a timer.

Before buying the device, make sure that this product has been certified.
The device must have a closed housing and a special opening for hands. In the salons are often used devices that allow you to hold both hands at once. This saves time.

Convenient element - automatic time counter, which allows you to measure time, and not specifically to mark it. This will relieve the excitement, dried lacquer or not.

Some lamps for shellac are equipped with fans. This mechanism reduces the burning sensation when drying. An important parameter is the number of lamps. Be sure to specify what type of lamps are used in the device.

All these important features will help to make the right choice.

Tip! If the varnish does not dry, then it begins to chip and cloud. If you hold your hands under such light, then the coating becomes fragile. At the same time, the decorative layer will crumble even with a slight pressure of .

Overview of popular models

There is a wide variety of all kinds of lamps for manicure. Let's look at some models and their characteristics.

So, let's go:

  • J ess nail 36 W is an ultraviolet device that is useful for such a procedure as build-up. The device has four light bulbs and a timer. Also, the lamp is equipped with the "infinity" mode. For uniform drying, the device has a mirror bottom and walls. There is also a special retractable bottom, through which it is easy to change the lamps.
Lamp-table-for-manicure_ Jess nail 36 W is an ultraviolet device that is useful for a procedure such as the
  • Harmony Gelish Pro is used for manicure with gel varnish. This design is completed with LED elements. It was originally created specifically for the processing of Gelish brand gels, but also became popular with the polymerization of other coatings. The ergonomic design of the device and the correct arrangement of the lamps allow to dry the varnish from all sides of the nail. The procedure is performed as soon as possible. In this case, the basic coating can be dried in 20 seconds, and the colored varnishes in 50 seconds. Such a device is easy to use and equipped with a timer.
Lamp-table-for-manicure_ Harmony Gelish Pro is used for manicure with gel-varnish. Such a design is equipped with LED elements
  • OPI Led Light GC 900 is an LED design that is used for the treatment of gel varnishes. For a modern device, there is no need to replace the lamps. In addition, radiation does not adversely affect the surface of the skin. This new generation lamp allows the polymerization of the composition in a couple of seconds. Built-in ice elements are characterized by energy-saving properties. They can work up to 50 thousand hours. There is a metal case inside the structure, and high quality plastic is used from the outside.
Lamp-table-for-manicure_ OPI Led Light GC 900 is an LED design that is used for the treatment of gel varnishes. For a modern appliance, the replacement of
  • lamps is not required. The is a combined model with long lamp life and high drying speed. Lamp replacement is not required during the entire operational period. A successful combination allows the device to be used to work with different coating options. Such a device significantly reduces the polymerization time of the material. This allows you to reduce the total time allotted for the nail extension procedure.
Lamp-table-for-manicure_ Nailico-Optima represents the combined model having durability lamps and high drying rate
  • Jiadi 36W JD 818 is equipped with 4 lamps , power of each 9 watts. In addition, the device has a built-in timer for 2 minutes. The advantage of the device is the constant burning mode. Also there is a sliding bottom, which allows the use of the construction for pedicure. It is possible to completely replace the lamps. Inside the device is covered with foil.
Lamp-table-for-manicure_ Jiadi 36W JD 818 is equipped with 4 lamps, power of each 9 watts. In addition, the device has a built-in timer for 2 minutes

Tip! Regular maintenance and cleaning of the device will increase the service life. If the lacquer sticks to the wall, then it must be removed with some solid object. For these purposes, do not use a solvent.

How long does it take to dry my nails?

Special attention should be paid to the rules of drying nails. The duration of the procedure is determined by the layer and the power indicator of the device:

  • The base coat dries in 35 seconds.
  • The first coat of lacquer coating dries about two minutes.
  • The same amount of time is required for the second layer.
  • Polymerization takes place in 2 minutes.

Do not touch lacquer layers until the manicure is completed. If the lamp has a power of only 9 W, then the time must be doubled. If the device has a power of up to 36 W, then the exposure time is standard. When using the 54 W device, the normal period is 1-2 minutes.

Lamp-table-for-manicure_( i) High-quality and inexpensive lamp will allow you to perform excellent manicure at home

After each use of the device, it must be disinfected. This will avoid the development of fungal diseases. Special means are used for this. Do not overheat the lamp, and if the parts are blown, you need to quickly make a replacement.

A qualitative and inexpensive lamp will allow you to perform magnificent manicures at home. Which option to choose, you decide.

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