Unusual red-black manicure( 50 pics) - Fresh design ideas

  • Mar 09, 2018
Red-black-manicure-photo_( 53) provocative red in combination with strict black ceases to be converted to the caller and refined and sophisticated color

provocative red in combination with strict black ceases to be converted to the caller and refined and elegant color. After all, together they give birth to an original ensemble, easily combined with solemn evening, and youth or even office bows. Today we will tell you how to make a beautiful red-black manicure, its types and methods of application.

So, let's get started.

Red-black-manicure-photo_( 45) Red in 2017 becomes more relaxed and less aggressive
Red-black-manicure-photo_( 48) It turns into a saturated scarlet, the color of the red dawn, red with an admixture of coral, bard, raspberry, etc.
Red-black-manicure-photo_( 5) The options for combining red and black in manicure can be thousands


  • 1 New items of nail art
  • 2 French and lunar red and black manicure
  • 3 Ideas for long nails
  • 4 The combination of red and black nshort nails
  • 5 How to make a gradient?
    • 6 original drawings
    • 7 aqueous red-black art
    • 8 openwork red-black
    • 9 Sand red-black art nail

    New items nejl-art

    This season can rightly be called the most loyal. Almost all ideas for the design of nails will be appropriate in it, with the exception, perhaps, of the cutting eyes of neon shades and excessive decoration. Red becomes more relaxed in 2017, and less aggressive - it turns into a rich crimson, the color of the red dawn, red with a touch of coral, burgundy, crimson, etc. It is these colors, we will use..

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 49) Manicure in peas
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 46) Gradient red-black design
    Red-black-manicure-photo-36 Manicure with geometric patterns

    Today's nail art with the presence of red and classic black can have the following options:

    • French black or moon coat;
    • gradient;
    • cosmic Galaxy-art: gradient with the addition of "star dust" with the help of glitters( sparkles);
    • abstract: with the application of geometric patterns;
    • with marble effect( water);
    • Hollywood with foil or special heat-resistant films;
    • using stamps;
    • aquarium: acrylic with various inclusions, giving the effect of drawing within the nail( although acrylic this season is used less frequently and only for the creation of patterns calm);
    • with patterns such as "broken glass";
    • photo-art: drawings are applied by printers for nails;
    • art painting;
    • delicate, including velvet sand patterns;
    • volume: 3D-design is still welcome, but it should not be too cumbersome
    • , flowers, monograms and patterns it has less volume;
    • stickers, ribbons, feathers and rhinestones are also used at a minimum.
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 32) Art painting
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 25) Ombre Manicure
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 21) ring finger adorned with Abstract drawings

    As you can see, ideas for black and red manicure set. It remains only to choose the right one.

    Tip! Do not forget to use the final coating for gloss, depth and fixation of the varnish.

    French and moon red and black manicure

    Today jacket long outgrown the classic, in which contrasting painted over a regrown nail tips. In 2017, the red-black manicure( see photo) has the following types:

    • the basis, as in a usual jacket, is covered with black or red, and the grown marigolds are contrast;
    • lunar inverted: except for the tips, the area near the hole is covered with a contrasting varnish;wherein the color transition is not necessarily pass through exactly the smile line( line of the oval base of the nail), this line may be performed polygonal, triangular, concave arc having a larger size, performed diagonally, etc.;
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 41) Black and red French manicure
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 52) Red base and slightly slashed black smile line
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 37) Transparent base and red-black smile line
    • with the addition of any combination with black and red;
    • gradient( ombre): with a color transition along the selected line;
    • one or more nails performed in a different technique, different from the jacket;
    • part regrown marigold may be decorated( but already at a minimum) shines, pastes, "liquid" stones, mica, etc. gradient.

    Multifaceted jacket and variability very tolerant to the length and shape of the nail. On short nails, it looks as good as on long nails. It can be done and complicated, to decorate it with all sorts of drawings, including not too large 3D.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 38) Moon manicure with a double lunula
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 30) Bright jacket
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 31) Moon manicure that combines red, black and white lacquer

    Tip! Rough square nails, fortunately, have long been not relevant. Last year in vogue more neat and feminine "pointe", the method in which the almond plate is cut horizontally only at the tip. A small square is formed only at the tip of the nail.

    ideas long nails

    Despite the fact that the fashion beginning to enter short nails, feminine hands with extended manicure hardly ever cease to be trendy. The only condition - too long, unnaturally pointed or rough square is no longer relevant. Their length becomes average. Grown nails must protrude only 3-5 mm.

    Fashion gradually disappears from acrylic and gel, which unnecessarily spoils the nail plate. Now you, finally, have the opportunity to escape from their monotony and change their image every day.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_-2 Despite the fact that short marigolds start entering fashion, feminine hands with an elongated manicure are unlikely to ever cease to be trendy.
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 51) However, too long, unnaturally pointed or rough square ones are no longer valid
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 24) Fashion is gradually disappearing fromacrylic and gel, which unnecessarily spoil the nail plate

    combination of red and black on short nails

    The main trend of today's fashion - convenience. That is why short nails become in 2017, finally, relevant. And red-black varieties of manicure are quite appropriate on small nail plates.

    Options for black and red manicure on short nails set. With these colors, you can create a variety of contrasting geometric patterns:. Triangles, diamonds, squares, etc. The red and black can be applied in strips inclined to divide the nail into two equal( or unequal parts) by filling each one a different color. The center - the contrast line - can be further emphasized with "gold".The combination of these colors with classic gray looks original. To soften the image to dilute the black and red can be neutral white.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 29) The main trend of today's fashion - convenience
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 4) That is why the nails are short in 2017, finally, the actual
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 8) And red and black versions of manicure is quite appropriate and small nail plate

    Tip! Short nails in this season are made with a slight rounding. Rough sections and transitions are no longer welcome.

    How do I make a gradient?

    This kind of nail painting in the style of ombre transitions is one of the latest trends for today. And it is easy to apply and at home using a normal sponge. Gradient is considered and the alternate design of each of the nails in different shades.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 1) This type of dyeing nails style transitions Ombre today one of the latest trends
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 3) And it is easy to apply and at home with the help of an ordinary sponge
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 10) transition from black to red

    Ombre does not have to be monotonous. It can be completely modified:

    • make the transitions black and red more or less sharp, change the location of the line itself;
    • issue monotonous part of the nail varnish( do this is convenient using the stencil), the tips of the nails middle length region or wells can be arranged in a simple pattern or zigzag wave made contrasting black or red lacquer;
    • make the transitions on each nail different in shades;
    • cover the entire ombre with a contrasting pattern;
    • issue the tip of the nail water stickers, drawings, sequins or glitter, etc.
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 14) This manicure looks very unusual
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 28) Matte option Ombre

    Tip! For the soft and natural transition of black and red ombre, an intermediate dark gray lacquer can be used.

    original drawings

    to the nail plate can perform the simplest or the most large-scale patterns. At the same time, the base can either completely paint over, or remain semitransparent. The latter option can be used to create everyday bows.

    It's possible to draw ideas for red-black manicure anywhere, not only in the network. The patterns for the marigold can be easily transferred from your own blouse or dress.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 50) On the nail plates it is possible to perform the simplest or most large-scale patterns
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 43) The base can either be painted completely or remain translucent
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 42) The marigold patterns can be easily transferred from your own blouse or dress

    For a similar nail art at homeYou can buy stencils: floral, geometric shapes, in the form of peas, bows, consisting of a combination of lines, etc. To draw points and curls by hand, it is better to purchase the following special tools:

    • dots: a small metal rod with balls of different sizes at both ends;
    • thin brushes for nail art;
    • Scotch tape: it is cut out and used as stencils to create geometric patterns;
    • Floral or patterned stencils: they can be and only the basis on which more thin patterned lines will be applied manually.

    To create a red-black manicure with a design, you will also need a pair of tweezers for placing rhinestones, pieces of fabric and glue to fix them.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 40) For such nail art at home can purchase stencils: floral, geometric shapes in the form of peas, bows, consisting of a combination of lines, etc.
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 39) Such patterns can be performed independently
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 35) Beautiful circles of different sizes

    More complex drawings and even whole pictures are performed in the salons. At home, this laborious work can only be done by units.

    Tip! When working with stencils, it is necessary to observe the main condition - stick them only after the lacquer-substrate has dried completely. Remove after covering with a colored compound they should be fast, until it has not even managed to grab a little. Otherwise, the pattern will be smeared.

    Water red and black art

    to create it at home only need:

    • any capacity;
    • water;
    • toothpick for stirring;
    • greasy cream;
    • lacquer base for protecting marigolds from aggressive compounds and obtaining a uniform coating;
    • liquid decorative black and white lacquer( thick gel-varnish is not suitable here);
    • fixing a transparent or semi-transparent composition.
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 44) Stylish variant of nail design
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 34) Combining red and black is possible not only on one nail, but also within the entire manicure
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 47) Varnishes with glitter

    So, let's consider the process in more detail:

    • naturally, the marigolds before the manicure must be prepared and carefully processed;
    • we cover the nails with a base base and thoroughly dry;
    • now the most interesting: the first drip, for example, the red color in the center of a container with water and stir it with a toothpick;
    • until the color is "stretched", then we immediately add to the center a drop of the second;
    • stir again, trying to keep one color sign on the other, creating all sorts of patterns;
    • we apply any cream to the skin, so that excess lacquer does not have to be scraped off;
    • we lower one finger so that it lies horizontally, parallel to the water surface;
    • with a certain skill at once you can have time to paint 2-3 nails;
    • replace water and repeat the procedure for the rest of the nails;
    • fix the result obtained with a fixing compound.
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 33) Smooth glossy iridescence
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 27) manicure combination Ombre and patterns on the ring finger
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 26) Black and red flowers

    Tip! Many people try to replace protective greasy cream with scotch tape. However, in this case, lacquer can form in the gap between the skin and the nail, and it will still have to be scraped off. It is better to carefully distribute the cream on the skin, trying not to touch the nails. If it still gets on the plate, be sure to dissolve it completely with liquid to remove the varnish - otherwise the varnish will get blurry.

    openwork red and black

    Lace on nails - another hit-2017.Today they came out of the usual wedding art and, thanks to the use of bright colors, got a second wind. Of course, to repeat the most complex design works which are carried out on the nails by hand using the finest brushes, without the presence of skills and drawing experience is almost impossible. But you can imitate such drawings.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 22) Lace on the nails - another hit-2017
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 23) Today they came out of the usual wedding art and, thanks to the use of bright colors, got a second wind
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( i) Repeating the most complicated design work without the skills and drawing experience is almost impossible

    Home conditions for obtaining fishnet marigolds it is quite possible to use stickers( sliders).Such patterns can be added neatly pasted with tiny bows, ribbons from satin or several pastes.

    Very original look at the nails and openwork patterns from the fabric. For a similar nail art, you will need:

    • lacquer;
    • red lacquer;
    • lacy fabric of black color;
    • tweezers;
    • scissors;
    • clear lacquer.

    After the application and drying of the base, the marigolds are covered with red lacquer. Then the lace is prepared. It is cut out according to the shape of each nail( so as not to spoil the fabric every time, it is more convenient to make a paper stencil).

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 6) A French with a beveled smile
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 12) French manicure on rectangular nails
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 13) This manicure can not be easily done independently

    The nail is covered with a base or any clear varnish and, until it is dry, quickly and neatly with tweezers onHe is laced, tightly pressed to the base. From above, it is again covered with a varnish-fixative.

    Sand red-black art nail

    With sand manicure art also possible to create complicated lace patterns and topical. For this purpose, special varnishes are used with a tiny powder introduced into them. Sometimes to create special effects in such compounds is added viscose. The result is an original velvet effect.

    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 11) With the help of the sand manicure technique it is also possible to create complex thematic patterns and laces
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 7) For this purpose special varnishes with the fine powder

    are introduced. Let's list the main stages of creating red manicure with black sand pattern or contrast black and red:

    • nails are covered with red and black matt varnish: as usual, combine form a coating paint over alternately these colors of the nail or nail cover one red, the second black, etc.; .
    • better to choose matte varnish, in such a case, the velvet sand will be easier to be fixed;
    • inflict velvet composition using a patterned stencil otrosshie only on the tips or distribute pattern over the entire length;
    • fix the result with a special lamp, holding her hands for at least half an hour.
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 20) Nail design with decorative stones
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 19) Art painting nails
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 18) black hearts on a red background
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 17) Dark shades are suitable for winter manicure
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 16) Thematic love pictures
    Red-black-manicure-photo_( 15) trim red and black nail polish should be moderate

    Tip! Replace velvet lacquer can be via administration in the usual acrylic powder composition. Obtained effect is better to first check on one of the marigolds, and only then create patterns from it.

    Summing up, we only note that, as with any form of contemporary art, decoration of red and black nail polish should be moderate.

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